Memories of Ogburn Station

Mineral Springs Baptist Church

I'm certain that many living in the Ogburn Station area during the thirties, forties and fifties will remember the attached picture of the white framed Mineral Springs Baptist Church erected in 1935 following a fire that destroyed the first Mineral Springs Baptist Church earlier that year. The first church (built in 1922) was located on the east side of North Liberty Street at the end of Walker Road (Now Akron Drive). The second Mineral Springs Baptist Church (White Frame) was located on Ogburn Avenue behind the existing red brick sanctuary and educational building presently located at Akron & Ogburn Avenue.

The picture of the White Framed Church (erected in 1935) was a fixture in My Mother's old family bible for as long as can remember. It passed to me with my parents death. The other two photographs were taken by me during a 2002 family reunion visit to Winston-Salem. The background information concerning the church came from the 65th church anniversary directory published in 1987. A copy of this directory was given to me by church secretary during my 2002 visit.

The attached photograph (taken in 2002) of large oil painting of Jesus in the Garden was wall mounted over the baptismal of the Old 1935 White Frame Church. The white spots and streaks on the lower half of painting were caused by the splashing of baptismal waters. The painting is presently (2002) mounted on a wall in a downstairs classroom of the educational building.

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