Arrivals in 1766-1770

The year 1766 was noteworthy for the arrival of two groups of young people who walked all the way from Pennsylvania to North Carolina. On October 11, a company of eight boys, all about 12-13 years old, arrived with five adult men. The church diary records that "they arrived about five o'clock, and were greeted with trumpets." On November 1 of a party of 16 single women and older girls arrived with a married couple, Richard and Sarah Utley, and Anna Maria Schropp, wife of Mattheaus Schropp who had come in July of that year. Their journey took 29 and a half days. In 1981 a Salem college professor, Dudley Shearburn, repeated this trek, taking as nearly as possible the same route down the valley of Virginia. Her account of her trip is published in Three Forks of Muddy Creek, vol. 8.

The company of single women and their escorts:

Catharina Beroth

Elisabeth Biehler

Anna Rosina Boeckel

Anna Maria Brendel

Johanna Elisabeth Colver

Maria Elisabeth Engel

Magdalena Hirt

Maria Magdalena Höpfner

Maria Christina Jorde

Maria Elisabeth Kraus

Anna Maria Kraus

Salome Meurer

Elisabeth Oesterlein

Maria Schneider

Anna Maria Schropp (wife of Matthaeus Schropp)

Dorothea Schütz

Richard Utley

Sarah Utley

Anna Elisabeth Werner

Other arrivals in 1766:

Johann Friedrich Beck

Johann Heinrich Beroth

Johann Georg Biwighaus

John Birkhead

Johann Heinrich Blum

Johann Andreas Cremser

Johann Deling

Johannes Flex

Christian Renatus Heckewalder

Charles Holder

James Hurst

Johann Samuel Mau

Matthaeus Oesterlein

Niels Petersen

Gottfried Praezel

Johann Friedrich Priem

Bernhard Christoph Schille

Jens Schmid

Daniel and Susanna Maria Schnepf

Matthaeus Schropp

Franz Steup

Johann Georg Stockburger

Arrivals in 1767-1771

Traugott Bagge and wife Rahel

Magdalena Blar

Andreas Broesing

Juliana Carmel

Christine Dixon

Elisabeth Dixon

Marie Enerson

Johanna Elisabeth Eschenbach

Elisabeth Everitt

Petrus Glotz

Anna Johanna Graff

Elisabeth Jacke

Abraham Jorde

Johann Klein

Reinhard Peter Kockmann

Anna Leinbach

Frederic William Marshall and wife Elisabeth

Ludwig Meinung

Jacob and Catharina Meyer

Anna Münster

Johann Ulrich Muschbach

Maria Magdalena Natterman

Tycho Nissen

Anna Maria Quest

Martin Schneider

Gottlieb Schober

Maria Catharina Sehnert

George Soelle

Thomas Spisike

Johannes Steinmann

Anna Johanna Steup

Heinrich Stöhr

Samuel Stotz

Gottlieb Straehle

Paul Tiersch and wife Polly

Johann Heinrich Walther

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