Families from Other Settlements

The following are families who came independently to North Carolina, settled in Rowan County, and later affiliated with the Moravians. The Moravian Records [1:492-494] list individuals from these families as "receptions into Wachovia congregations from among neighbors."

Bethania and Bethabara

Maria Fiscus

Hauser family: Martin Hauser and his sons George, Michael, Peter, Martin Jr. and Jacob all joined the Bethania congregation between 1760 and 1765

Ludwig and Anna Barbara Leinbach

Johann Heinrich Spainhour Sr. and Jr., and their wives

Philip and Catharina Schauss

Heinrich, Barbara, and Margaretha Schor

Adam Soelle

Maria Margaretha Strub

Gerhard and Margaretha Zynn

The Friedberg or South Fork Society, formed 1771

Friedrich and Anna Barbara (Frey) Boeckel

Sarah Faber

Peter and Catharina (Walk) Frey

Valentine and Elizabeth (Binckele) Frey

Jacob and Catharina (Moll) Greter

George and Barbara Hahns

George and Maria (Hofly) Hartman

John and Maria Magdalena (Faber) Mueller (Miller)

Peter and Anna Walpurga (Koerber) Pfaff

Peter and Catharina (Müller) Rothrock

Adam and Maria Elisabeth (Hueter) Spach

Heinrich and Margaretha (Jaeger) Tesch

Andreas Volz

Martin and Elisabeth (Fiscus) Walk

Matthew and Anna Barbara (Giesy) Weesner

The Broad Bay, or Friedland Society

Most of these settlers came in 1769-1770 from Broad Bay, Maine, and signed a "Brotherly Agreement" as a community in 1771.

Peter Fiedler

Peter and Elisabeth (Fischer) Kröhn

Johann Friedrich Küntzel

Anders Lauer

Jacob Lauer

Jacob Reed

Jacob and Barbara (Sidelinger) Rominger

Michael and Catharina (Anton) Rominger

Melchior Schneider

Philip Christoph Vogler

George Wiliard


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 11 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Bethlehem PA Moravian Cemetery Records. Proceedings of the Pennsylvania German Society vol. 21 (1910).

Three Forks of Muddy Creek, vol. VIII, edited by Frances Griffin; articles by Dudley Shearburn (pp. 13-23) and Frances Griffin (pp. 24-29)

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