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Company E, 23rd Infantry

The ship Colon tranported as part of the Second Philippine Expedition from San Francisco to Manila, Philippines: 23rd U.S. Infantry, Companies D, E, F and H

1900 US Federal Census, Camp Gregg, Philippine Islands, District 176, 23rd Infantry
Island of Siasse, Philippines
Military and Naval Forces
Company E, 23rd Infantry
25 August 1900

Samuel W. Noyes 24, 2nd Lt., Nashville, TN

Thaddeus J. B. Stevens 30, 1st Sgt., Indianapolis, IN
Henry E. Folk 33, Q. M. Sgt., Columbus, Ohio
George W. Karlson (or Katson?) 23, Sgt., Gaston, OR
Wesley E. Golden 26, Sgt., Burkesville, Kentucky
John R. Weckler 34 , Sgt., Mt. Calm, Texas
John L. Wallace 23, Corporal, Texas

Thomas Hampton 30, Corporal
Charles B. Whites 23, Corporal, Chattanooga, TN
Albert E. Scruggs 20. Coporal, Chattanooga, TN
Ernest Dowell 20, Corporal, Ft. Wayne, IN
Edward H. Sha 18, Corporal, Salt Lake City, Utah
William Evans 34, Corporal
Clark F. Lichtenwalte 22, Corporal, Ontario, CA
James Barry 30, Corporal, Nashua, New Hampshire
Walter R. Foshe (Foster?) 27, Franklin County, MO
Michael Brula 29, Corporal, South Hadley Falls, MA
Walter Grimmer 23, Corporal, Texas?

Samuel Kirkwood 41, Cook
Orval J. Lampman 26, Cook, Plato, IL

James J. Roach 24, Musician, Menlo Park, CA
Edwin L. Smith 19, Musician, Kansas

Erhard Haller 28, Artificer, Philadelphia, PA

Leonard Akers 21, Private, IN
Oscar P. Allison 17, Private, WA
Edward Baldenecker 21, Private, Waterloo, Iowa
Isaac Barekman 23, Private, Mt. Carmel, IL
Herbert Barney 22, Private, NY, NY
Dorsie Barna 22, Private, Holiday, TN
Charles L. Bartholomew 28, Private, San Diego, CA
James W. Bartlett 22, Private, Gardner, Maine
Robert J. Barry 32, Private, NY, NY
John F. Bean 32, Private, Barton County, MO
Joseph Behrik 27, Private, Canton, OH
Floyd T. Blair 22, Private, Bradley Co., TN
Benjaman (Kinderman?) M Boblett 19 , Private, Forge, OH
Walter M. Bruff 19, Private, Los Angeles, CA
Arthur V .Boyd 19, Private, Terre Haute, IN
Henry Braden 18, Private, Peoria, IN
James B. Bresnahan 11, Private, St. Louis, MO
Charles Brooks 23, Private, Polk Co., GA
Arthur P. Braen 23, Private, Chattanooga, TN
Frank R. Brown 53, Private, Los Angeles, CA
William Brown 29, Private, New Castle, DE
Jim Bryant 21, Private, Birmingham, AL
Henry L. Bryant 20, Private, Nicholason, KS
Henry C. Peach 20, Private, Atlanta, GA
Olwen B. Cason 24, Private, Batesville, Arkansas
George N. Cassaday 23, Private, Milan, Indiana
John M. Clayton 28, Private, Mount Hue, Iowa
Joseph J. Coake 24, Private, Los Angeles, CA
Asa D. Collinsworth 22, Private, Humboldt, TN
George A. Condon 22, Private, Topeka, KS

James J. Connolly 31, Private, Kansas City, MO
Johe F. Cook 25, Private, Texas
Joseph J. Comans 23, Private, Kansas
Nail Carry 21, Private, Thomasville, GA
Charles W. Cutter 23, Private, Cutler, OH
Francis P. Dimond 22, Private, Philadelphia, PA
George J. Dodson 27, Private, Collan Co., TX
Wesley Donaldson 27, Private, Sand River, OH
Jeremiah H. Driscoll 27, Private, Victor, CO
Frank E. Emens 22, Private, Rossville, IN
Peter Entz 40, Private
Aron J. Engel 25, Privvate, Minneapolis, MN
Robert E. Fain 26, Private, Nicholsville, KY
Samuel S. Fonner 21, Private, Waverly, KS
Harry Foster 29, Private, Cleveland, OH
Harry Fox 25, Private, Dayton, OH
William T. Fox 23, Private, Maysville, KY
Bierne Flamer 48, Private, Rochester, NY
Christ Frank 22, Private, Buffalo, NY
Abra D. Free 24, Private, Ohio
Herman Fritch 24, Private, Oskalooha, Iowa
Edward J. Frowick 21, Private, Story Co., Iowa
Charles A. Fulkerson 26, Private, Blue Mount, KS
Clarence Galligher 18, Private, Reno, KS
Frank D. Galinat 25, Private, South Windsor, CT
William H. H. Garrett 28, Private, Richland Co., IL
Robert Gaylor 21, Private, Lexington, VA
Ora A. Glunt 25, Private, Indianapolis, IN
Joseph Glynn 22, Private, Leavenworth, KS
Richard H. Goddard 28, Private, Denver, CO
John W. Golleher 24, Private, Laure Co., KY
William M. Gray 19, Private, IL
Henry Granfield 22, Private, Peoria, IL
William L Hacker 36, Private, Dodgeville, Wisconsin
Wright Hoggert 30, Private, Philadelphia, PA
James M. Hall 34, Private, Cripple Creek, CO
David B. Harris 32, Private, Fulton, OH
William D. Hart 22, Private, Brookfield, MO
Christopher F Heck 31, Private, Baltimore, MD
William P. Hernandez 23, Private, New Orleans, LA
Henry R. Hissom 37, Private, Gold Gowda, Nevada
Amos Himan 29, Private, Olinsport, PA
James F. Hoard 35, Private, Woousocket, RI
Perry B. Hollis 23, Private, MD
John E. Huffard 26, Private, Hannibal, MO
Robert Hughes 23, Private, Brooklyn, NY
George W. Humphrey 23, Private, Lafayette, IN
Arthur P. Jameson 34, Private
Carlos H. Jenkins 22, Private, Maudeville, LA
Wayne J. Johnson 28, Private, Little Crab, TN
John Jolly 22, Private, Wheeling, WVA
Harry Kempke 22, Private, Pittsburgh, PA
Charles S. V. Karns 25, Private, Olathe, KS
James Kay 24, Private, Fall River, MA
Daniel Keefe 37, Private, Louisville, KY
William S. Kin 25, Private, Ripon, Wisconsin
Emil Kuehn 11, Private, Manchester, NH
Frank W. Landis 35, Private, Kalisfield, Montana
Norman B. Landes 22, Private, Berlin, PA
Jay Lane 25, Private, Red Boiling Springs TN
Roscoe C. Lane 22, Private, Ransome, IL
John Lapsley 26, Private, South Brookly, NY
George M. Lapeney 23, Private, Richland, MO
Aaron Lea 21, Private, San Antonio, Texas
William Lea 22, Private, Suffern, NY
Jacob C. Luckhoff 21, Private, Kenton, OH
Joseph Marshall 19, Private, Maysville, KY
Jacob Madley 22, Private, Books Co., KS
Frank T. Miller 28, Private, Minneapolis, MN
Frank A. Meredith, Private
John A. Minor, Private
Joseph E. Minor 32, Private, Wayne County, Iowa
Andrew M. Moore 27, Private, Pope Co., IL
Clinton A. McFadden 18, Private, Topeka, KS
Hugh G. McMey 21, Private, Kansas City, MO
John B. Neill 24, Private, Howe, TX
Joseph Nelson 26, Private, St. Louis, MO
Wilbern Oakes 25, Private, Elk Park, NC
Charlie E. Kory 22, Private, Oaklander, IN
Earl O Rourke 19, Private, Topeka, KS
William F. Parks 28, Private, Cattellsburg, KY
Arthur Parr 26, Private, Taylor Co., GA
Louis B. Payne 28, Private, Wernache, TX
Willis B. Parson 27, Private, Frankfort, IN
Alexander Peterson 25, Private, Des Moines, Iowa
William D. Rice 23, Private, McKinney, TX
Harry M. Riley 21, Private, Kansas City, MO
Ray Ruffner 19, Private, Des Moines, Iowa
Frank D. Ryan 21, Private, Sacremento, CA
Frank W. Secrist 25, Private, San Francisco, CA
Arville Shan 29, Private, IL
Ralph W. Sindler 27, Private, Wanda, IL
Charles Shinsick 26, Private, Michigan
Frank A. Stallings 21, Private, Alleghany Co., MD
Fred W. Stallings 22, Private, MO
Steve Stephens 22, Private, Minnesota
Walter W. Swann 22, Private, Coffeville, KS
Joseph F. Tesse 20, Private, Chicago, IL
George Waters 29, Private, Buffalo, NY
Robert T. Waycaster 22, Private, Carter Co., TN
Ellsworth Whitsell 37, Private, Albany, NY
John M. Welhaf 27, Private, Mahony Co., PA
Bert White 30, Private, Texas
Lewis Whisler 18, Private, Achillas, Texas
Fred Williams 29, Private, St. Louis, MO
Austin Widdows 22, Private, Indiana
James A. Woods 32, Private, Thurston Co., WA
Arthur Wright 23, Private, Dallas, Texas
Hugh Wiley 50, Private, Providence, RI
Lester K. Young, 27, Utah

Holland 40, Cook, San Antonia, TX

Detachment, Hospital Corps.
Edwin Tanner 26, Acting Asst. Surgeon, Kansas City, KS
Will G. Butta 30, Acting Hospital St?, Detroit, Michigan
Fred Baker 21, Private, Ashley, Ohio
Hugh B. Braden 21, Private, Wells Springs, TN
Maurice Kelly 21, Private, Larado, TX
William McDermott 19, Private, Cleveland, OH

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