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Vierling Family

First Generation

Samuel Benjamin Vierling (1765-1817) came from Pennsylvania to Salem as the new doctor in February, 1790. Less than a month after his arrival, he married Anna Elizabeth Bagge (1769-1792). She died of diphtheria in March, 1792, leaving an infant daughter. In August of that year, he married Martha Elisabeth Miksch (1768-1844), daughter of Matthew Miksch and Maria Christina Henrietta Petermann, who were among the first settlers in Salem. The Miksch tobacco shop is one of the buildings that has been restored in Old Salem. Martha was the only one of her parents' children to survive, and was the first little girl to live in the new town of Salem. Her life is profiled in an article by Frances Griffin, in Three Forks of Muddy Creek I, 31-41. Samuel Benjamin Vierling died in a typhoid fever epidemic in 1817.

Second Generation

Children of Samuel Benjamin Vierling and Anna Elizabeth Bagge
Maria Rosina Vierling

Maria Rosina was sent to the boarding school in Bethlehem in 1799 by her grandfather, Traugott Bagge, and remained in Bethlehem, where she later married Owen Rice.

Children of Samuel Benjamin Vierling and Martha Miksch
Henriette Friedericka Vierling (1793-1829) m. Gotthold Benjamin Reichel (1785-1833)
Carolina Juliana Vierling (1795-1879) moved to Bethlehem PA in 1814, married John Miksch (1798-1882)
Johanna Eleonora Vierling (1797-1836) m. Jacob Schulz (1792-1848)
Theodora Amalia Vierling (b. & d. 1800)
Ernst Augustus Vierling (1801-1858) m. 1) Sarah Louisa Towle (1798-1825), 2) Johanna Paulina Reich (1809-1861)
Friedrich Benjamin Vierling (1804-1827)
Traugott Theophilus Vierling (1807-?) m. Catherine Williams
Eliza Wilhelmina Vierling (1811-1899) m. Charles Kraemer (1805-1851)

Third Generation

Children of Ernst Augustus Vierling and Johanna Paulina Reich
Carolina Eleonora Vierling (1836-1915) m. Gustavus Adolphus Reich (1832-1915)


Children of Traugott Theophilus Vierling and Catherine Williams
Samuel Benjamin Vierling (1837-?)
William Edward Vierling

William Edward is named as grandson in Martha Miksch Vierling's will, written 1840, and as nephew in the will of Lavinia Williams in 1893.

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