White Rock Elementary School 1943-1944

First Row: Jack Ibraham, Bobby Sheets, Harold Dean Lewis, ______ Warner, Unknown, Norris Beeson, Donald Hayes, Harold Elliott, Jim Davis, Garvey Bauguess, Unknown, Unknown.

Second Row: Faye Collins, Junior Ball, Walter Bennett, Unknown, Unknown, Ethyl Carter, Jane Arrington, Iris Parker, Unknown, Betty Ball, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Madge Fulp.

Third Row: Fred _______, Luther _______, Tommy Johnson, L.J. Lunsford, Nancy Snow, Mary Lou Davis, Louise ______, Unknown, Wanda Hester, Unknown, Unknown. The teacher is Mrs. Miller.

A large number of those pictured, including myself, moved on to Mineral Springs High School and graduated in the class of '54.

Class photo courtesy of Garvey Bauguess, MSHS, Class of '54.

Courtesy of Ralph Tuttle.
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Faye Jarvis Moran