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Absher/Abshire Families of Wilkes County

Mrs. W. O. Absher wrote in the Heritage of Wilkes County Book that John Absher, Sr., William Absher and Sarah (Rhodes) Absher were siblings. Family tradition has it that the father returned to Ireland for some unknown reason and that the mother "managed" to marry a man by the name of Hall. Mr. Hall moved to Wilkes county with his Absher family about 1785. It is believed they came from Bedford County, VA. Mr. Hall and his family settled on Mulberry Creek. - Heritage of Wilkes County published by the Wilkes County Genealogical Society

First Generation

Children of William Absher and Nancy Jennings
Jeremiah Absher (abt.. 1789-1816) (did not marry)
John Absher (ca. 1792) (moved to Barren County, KY)
Elizabeth Absher (1798-1883) m. William Absher (1793-1848)
Gowan Absher (1797-1869) m. 1) Sarah Wheatley (abt. 1797-1822); 2) Jane Absher
Mary Absher (ca. 1798-1821) (did not marry)
Edmond Absher (1799) (moved to Barren County, KY)
Allen Absher (1801) (moved to Barren County, KY)

Second Generation

Children of Gowan Absher and 1) Sarah Wheatley
Susan Absher (1819) m. Ephraim Osborne


Children of Gowan Absher and 2) Jane Absher
William Absher (1823-1896) m. Milly Jennngs, d/o Elijah F. Jennings and Elizabeth Absher
Phebe Absher (1829-aft. 1860) m. Caleb Holbrook, s/o John H. Holbrook and Nancy Absher
Allen Absher (1828-1863) m. Nancy (1828-after 1860)
Ezekiel Absher (1832-1908) m. Elizabeth Crouse (1841-aft. 1860); 2) Nancy Gentry
Edmond Absher (1835-after 1860) m. Katherine Holbrook (1828-after 1860)
Abraham Absher (1838)
Jacob Absher (1840-1862)
Isaac Absher (1842) m. Miranda Eskew (moved to Johnson County, TN)
Milly Absher (1846)

Third Generation

Children of Edmond Absher and Katherine Holbrook
Nancy L. Absher (1852)
William H. Absher (1856)
John F. Absher (1858)
Abraham Absher (1860)


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