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Absher/Abshire Families of Wilkes County

Mrs. W. O. Absher wrote in the Heritage of Wilkes County Book that John Absher, Sr., William Absher and Sarah (Rhodes) Absher were siblings. Family tradition has it that the father returned to Ireland for some unknown reason and that the mother "managed" to marry a man by the name of Hall. Mr. Hall moved to Wilkes county with his Absher family about 1785. It is believed they came from Bedford County, VA. Mr. Hall and his family settled on Mulberry Creek. - Heritage of Wilkes County published by the Wilkes County Genealogical Society

First Generation

Children of John A. Abshire (1771-1846) and Eleanor Brown (1773-1857)
Elizabeth Absher (1792-1870) m. Elijah F. Jennings (1800-after 1860), s/o Luke Jennings, Sr. and Letes Townsend
William Absher/Abshire (1793-1848) m. Elizabeth Absher (1798-1883), d/o William Absher and Nancy Jennings
Keziah Absher (1795-1847) m. Walter Brown, s/o Aaron and Sarah Brown
Ezekel Asher (1797-1883) m. 1) Jane Brown, d/o of William and Mary Brown; 2) Elizabeth Brown
Walter Matthew Asher (1799-1863) m. Nancy Brown (1803-aft. 1860), d/o Aaron and Sarah Brown
Jane Absher (1803-1892) m. Owen/Gowan Absher
Nancy Absher (1805-aft. 1870) m. John A. Holbrook
Mary Absher (1807-1894) m. Caleb Church, s/o William and Martha Church
Jacob Absher (1809-1888) m. Sarah Hall (1815-aft. 1870)
Phebe Absher (1812) m. William Woody, s/o William Woody, Sr.
Susannah Absher (1813-1889) m. William Brown
John A. Absher, Jr. (1817-1906) m. Mary Vannoy (1814-1903), d/o Andrew Vannoy

Second Generation

Children of William Absher and Elisabeth Absher
John L. Absher (ca. 1820-1883) m. Amelia Shumate, d/o William Shumate and Amelia Ann McMillian
Mary Absher (1823-1894) m. John R. Long, s/o Jonathan Long and Susan Stamper
Alfred J. Absher (1824-1885) m. Martha Jane Johnson, d/o Eli Johnson and Sarah Wheatley (1803/4-1878)
Nancy Absher (1826) m. Dr. Solomon Long, s/o Jonathan Long and Susan Stamper
Wiley Patterson Absher (1828-1905) m. Sarah Lucinda Walker, d/o Willis Walker and Elizabeth Rhodes
Adam Absher (1830-1864) m. Lettie Jane Brown (1835-1891), d/o Wesley Brown and Letes Jennings
William H. Absher (1832-1863) m. Mary Jennings, d/o Daniel Jennings and Rebecca M. Powell


Children of Walter Matthew Absher and Nancy Brown
Abraham Absher (1831-aft. 1850)
Sarah Abshire (1832-aft. 1860) m. Leonard Wyatt (1825 -after 1860)
Alfred B. Abshire (1834-aft. 1860) m. Sarah A.
Nancy Matilda Absher (1836-aft. 1850) m. John Walker (1828)
Elizabeth Abhser (abt. 1837-aft. 1850)
Tobias Absher (abt 1838-aft. 1850)
Fannie Emaline Absher (1845-1920) m. Daniel M. Hall, s/o John Hall and Martha Shumate
Lewis W. Abshire (1848-1935) m. Phebe Abshire (1853-1935), d/o John A. Absher, Jr. and Mary Vannoy


Children of Jacob Absher and Sarah Hall
Emeline Absher (1834-1921) m. Church Owen Absher (1836-aft. 1850)
Benjamin F. Absher (1837-aft. 1880) m. 1) Sarah Ann (Nancy) Brown; 2) Mary (abt. 1836-aft. 1880)
Caroline Absher (1838-aft. 1870) m. Jacob Hayes, s/o Jesse Hayes, Jr. and Susannah Adams
Charity Absher (1842) (not at home in 1850)
Jane Jenny Absher (1842)
Lina/Leanner Absher (1849-aft. 1850)
William Absher (1851)
Candis Absher (1854-1942) m. H. A. Shumate
Louis McDaniel Absher (1856-1937) m. Martha Billings (abt. 1857-aft. 1937), d/o Jackson T. Billings and Margaret Clementine Porter


Children of John A. Absher, Jr. and Mary (Polly) Vannoy
Levi Abshire (1838-1920) m. Susan Handy
Susannah/Susan Abshire (1841-1905) m. John Toliver Handy
Nancy Abshire (1843)
Leanna Abshire (1845)
Isiah Abshire (1848-1905)
Tobias Abshire (1850-1900)
Phebe Abshire (1853-1935) m. Lewis W. Abshire (1848-1935)
Fannie Abshire (1856-1976)
Elizabeth Abshire (1859)

Third Generation

Children of Alfred Absher and Martha Jane (Patsy) Johnson
America Absher (abt. 1850-aft. 1860)
William F. Absher (abt. 1852-aft. 1860)
Eli M. Absher (abt 1855-aft. 1860)
Leander Absher (abt 1857-aft. 1860)
Felix Absher (abt. 1859)
Elisha (Eli) Absher (1854-1924) m. 1) Sarah (Sally) Sebastian; 2) Mary Jane Shumate (abt 1879-1931)


Wiley Patterson Absher and Sarah Lucinda Walker
William Matthew Absher (1852-1903) m. Nancy Jane Reynolds (1849-1916), d/o William Elisha Reynolds and Susannah Adams
Willis Mack Absher (1854-1900) m. Julia Emaline McNiel
Sarah E. Absher (1856-1882) m. Henry Harrison Reynolds (Nancy's brother)


Children of Levi Abshire and Susan Handy
Samuel Horton Absher (1861-1933) m. Cora (was she an Absher?)
J. T. Absher (1864-1934) m. Charity (was she an Absher?)
Rhoda Absher (1867-1937) m. Freeland Francis


Children of Benjamin Absher and Sarah Ann (Nancy) Brown
Daniel Alexander Absher (1865-1951) m. Martha Billings (1855-1942)
Sarah Malinda or Sarah Linda Absher (1867-1963) m. Owen Thomas Hall, s/o Robert Hall and Micah (Mickey) Reynolds

Children of Benjamin Absher and Mary
Charity E. Absher (abt. 1875)
Jacob O Absher (abt. 1877)


Children of Lewis W. Abshire and Phebe Abshire
Flora Absher (1874-1904)
Mary Emma Absher (1876-1963)
Maud Absher (1884-1947)
Walter Monroe Absher (1886-1968) did not marry
Cora Absher (1890) (twin)
Nora Absher (1890) (twin)
John Absher (1892-1903)
Cox Absher (1895-1978)

Fourth Generation
Children of Elisha (Eli) Absher and Sarah (Sally) Sebastian
C. D. Absher (1879-1941) m. Ida
Mollie Clementine Absher (1880-1964) m. Avery Brown


Children of William Matthew Absher and Nancy Jane Reynolds
Henry Oliver Absher (1872-1937) m. Minnie Matilda Absher (1879-1961), d/o George Winfield Absher and Amelia Ellen Buttery
Lucinda Clementine Absher (1874-1896) (did not marry)
Nancy Sophronia Absher (1878-1909) m. 1) William Thomas Paisley Ward, s/o S.M.D. Ward and Mary Ann Hutcherson; 2) Claude B. Gentry
Shober English Absher (1880-1966) m. 1) Cora Gray; 2) Beaulah Bollinger; 3) Mrs Felcie Whitaker Beaver
Madia Varina Absher (1882-1901) m. Charles A. Bowles
Garland Lamra Absher (1889-1968) (did not marry)


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