State of Tennesse
Anderson County

Personally appeared before me James Hall a Justice of the Peace in and for said County, David Hall, a resident of citizen of said county whose statements are entitled full credit and after being first duly sworn for that purpose on his oath states his deceaded brother Samuel Hall was a twin brother to himthe affieant. That they were born of the same parents at the same birth. The witness positively states that his said twin brother served fifteen months with him in the Revolutionary war he states that owing his old age he cannot state the dates of the periods of their said service but he staes that they served under the identical same officers and including the last of the Revolutionary war. The affiant was married the 20th day of January seventeen hundred and eighty four in Wilkes County, North Carolina agreeable to his calculation and the record of the same made by affiant’s son Richard Hall which is correct as affiant has no doubt couting the time as he can and he positively states that owing to his his great age he cannot state the precise time of the marriage but he cannot state the particulars of his said brothers marriage but he can safely say that it was before the expirition twelve months after the marriage affiant he positively states that they were married and had several children before the first day of January 1794. The witness positively states the his said brothers wife to wit Letitia Hall has remained a widow ever since his said brothers death. His said brother never had any other wife but said Letitia and died in the bounds of what is now Morgan County, Tennessee. The affiant is the identical David Hall that is now in the receipt of a pansion at the rate of eighty dollars per year and served under Captain Sams and Cleveland principally. Affiant lives about thirty-five miles from his said brothers widow. She living in Morgan, Morgan County, Tennessee joining the county the witness now lives in. Witness states that his memory is greatly impaired and that he cannot recollect the dates of his service being no ???? but well recollects his said brother serving with him in said war

sworn and subscribed David Hall
this 11th day of
October 1839 before me
James Hall
Justice of the Peace

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