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Samuel Hall Family of Wilkes County, NC

John G. Hall was born about 1690 and was the father of Samuel Hall who was born August 30, 1723. The name of John's wife is not known. Below are the descendants of John G. Hall and his son Samuel Hall and his wife Millian Webb.

First Generation:

Children of Samuel Hall (1723-bef. 1787) and Millian Webb (1723-1803), d/o Merry and Elizabeth Webb
Thomas Hall (1755-bef. 1830) m. Judith Dula
Merry Hall (died 1818 in Greenville SC) m. Mary
Martin Daniel Hall (1770-1831) m. Chloe Hendrix (1768-1848), d/o Garrett Hendrix and Mary Jackson Backwood
John Hall m. Barsheba (m. 1784 Wilkes Co. NC)
David Hall (1760-1842) (twin) m. Obedience Braswell, s/o James Braswell and Nancy Hall
Samuel Hall, Jr. (1760-1819) (twin) m. Letitia Hendrix (1784/5-1840), d/o Garrett Hendrix
Elizabeth Hall (abt. 1766-aft. 1850) m. Darby Hendrix (abt. 1763-1836)
Mary Hall (1761-1838) m. Julius C. Dugger (1760-1838)
Nancy Hall (1787-1857) m. James Brazeal (Braswell); 2) John Webb (?-1841), s/o Francis Webb

John Hall, Jr. was charged April 29, 1783 for begetting a bastard child on Sarah Adams. (Wilkes Co., NC)

(Note: David served six months in the militia under Captain Thomas Witherspoon, John Cleveland, Absalom Cleveland, and Eilbern. He also served two years as an Indian Spy under Captain Edmund Sale and was in the expedition against the Cherokee Indians under Colonel John Sevier)

Second Generation:

Children of Thomas Hall and Judith Dula
John Hall (abt. 1785-aft.1850) (did he marry Polly Holman in 1806 Wilkes Co NC?)
Jane Hall (abt.1786)
Milly Hall m. Philip Noland (m. 1806 Wilkes Co. NC)
Elizabeth Hall (abt. 1792) m. Philip Walsh, s/o Master Walsh and Miss Poteat (m. 1810 Wilkes Co.NC)
Judith Hall (abt.1794-aft. 1850) m. David Green (1798-aft. 1850)
Frances (Franky) Hall m. Andrew Walsh, Jr. (m. 1814 Wilkes Co., NC)
Mary Winifred (Polly) Hall (abt.1802) m. Martin Triplett (his second wife) (m. 1822 Wilkes Co, NC)
Thomas David Hall (abt.1806-aft.1860) m. 1) Elizabeth Hampton (?-bef. 1855),
d/o Jeremiah and Mollie Waters Hampton; 2) Elmira "Mira" Holder


Children of Martin Daniel Hall and Chloe Hendrix
Samuel C. Hall (1786-1865) m. Lucy Jane Laymance (abt. 1794-?)
Nancy Hall (1787-1857) m. 1) John Webb; 2) James Braswell, s/o Richard Braswell and Obedience Snow
Squire Hall (1791-?) m. Leah Lane
William Hall (1792-?)
Hopa Hall (1795-abt. 1860) m. Jonathan McPeters
Joshua Hall (?-1864)
Thomas D. Hall m. Amanda Wilkins
Martin Daniel Hall, Jr. (abt. 1800-?) m. Mary Bolling
Malinda Hall (1808-1872) m. James Martin Kelly (?-1872)
Elizabeth Hall (1810-abt. 1875) m. John Garrett
John C. Hall (1811-1864)
Rhoda Hall (1820-abt. 1870) m. Alexander Shelton


Children of David Hall and Obedience Braswell
Sara Hall (1792) m. Isaac Coward
Richard Hall
David Hall Jr (abt. 1800/10) m. Rebecca Garner
Samuel Hall
James Hall
John Hall m. Susanna Yarnell
Serepta Hall m. Edward Prince
Elmira Hall m. Daniel Yarnell


Children of Samuel Hall, Jr. and Letitia Hendrix
Garrett Hall (1785-?) m. Matilda "Talitha" Davidson (m. in Morgan County, TN)
Luke Hall (1786-1878) m. Agnes Cox (died in Morgan Co., TN)
Mary Hall
Alley Hall
David Hall (1794-1860) m. Barbara (died in Morgan Co., TN)
Elizabeth Hall (did she marry John Smith in 1824 Wilkes Co., NC?)
Elijah Hall (1799-1881) m. Lydia Scott (died in Bakerfield, Ozark Co., MO)
Elisha (1799-1878) m. Rebecca Mosier (died in Morgan Co., TN)

Samuel Hall fought during the Revolutionary War and is buried at Elizabeth Cemetery, Morgan County, TN next to his brother Martin. All of his children were born in Wilkes County, NC


Children of Nancy Hall and John Webb
Mary Nancy Webb (1811) m. Russell Scott (1808-1896)
Lewis Webb (1812-1880) m. Ruby McCartt
John Webb (1813-1863) m. Louisa McCartt
Willis Webb (1819-1890) m. Margaret Ann Stewart
Ryly Webb (1820)
Polly Webb (1821)
Samuel Webb (1824)
Martin Webb (1825)
Rhoda Webb (1828)
Hopa Webb (1829-1873) m. Christopher Dillon

Third Generation:

Children of Judith Hall before her marriage to David Green
Margaret Hall (1811-aft.1880) m. James Gilbert (1809-aft. 1870) (m. in 1830)
(brother of Sarah Gilbert who married Henry Hawkins)
William P. Hall (1818-aft. 1880) (fathered by Thomas Steed) m. Mary C. Pennell (abt. 1821-aft. 1880) (m. 1842 Wilkes Co. NC)
Rufus D. (Lex) Hall (1826-1887) m. Nancy Triplett (1831-1900), d/o Lewis Triplett and Nancy Hendrix


Children of Thomas David Hall and 1) Elizabeth Hampton
Oliver Hall (1828-1890) m. Elizabeth Grindstaff (moved to Hampton, TN)
Allie Hall (see next generation)
Orilla Hall (abt. 1830-aft. 1880) m. Elisha Cox (m. 1848 Wilkes Co. NC)
Samuel Hall m. Lydia Scott (1830-1907)
Thomas David Hall (1838-1914) m. Frances (Frankey) Miller, d/o John B. Miller and Nancy Triplett


Children of Thomas David Hall and 2) Elmira (Mira) Holder
Caroline Hall (abt. 1856)
Joel Hall (abt. 1859-aft. 1870)
Frances L. Hall (abt. 1862)
(Elimira had 2 daughters before her marriage to Thomas:
Mary Holder born about 1848 and Martha Holder, born about 1851)


Malinda Hall and James Kelly
Daniel Martin Kelly (1827-1905) m. Mary Frances Jones (?-1877)
Alminda Kelly (1828-1843)


Children of Mary Nancy Webb and Russell Scott
Nancy Emma Scott (1828-1901) m. Jess Freels
Lydia Scott (1830-1907) m. Samuel Hall
John Long Scott (1832-1908) m. Perlesia Holloway (1834- abt. 1921)
Chloe Scott (1834-1922) m. Jim Hall
Elizabeth Scott (1836-1900) m. Enoch Duncan
Samuel Scott (1838)
Mary Scott (1840-1895) m. Jim Moore
Letitia Scott (1843-1902) m. James Bryant
Rhoda Scott (1845-1928) m. 2) Charles Wilmore
Russell Scott (1846) m. Sarah Hurtt
Zachery Scott (1849-1931) m. Mary Patton Jones
Hopy Scott (1850) m. W.B. Angle
Julian Frazier Scott (1852-1932) m. Susan McCartt

Fourth Generation:

Children of Allie (Aly) Hall (not married)
William Hall m. 1) Aly Waters (m. 1867); 2) Mary Elizabeth Carroll, d/o Cleveland Carroll and Charlotte Triplett


Children of Margaret Hall and James Gilbert
Louisa Gilbert (1841-1915) m. James G. Melton, his 2nd wife
Capt. Larkin W. Gilbert (abt. 1838)
John Gilber (abt. 1839-1863) Levina Gilbert (1840-aft. 1860)
Nancy Clarinda Gilbert (1840-1915) m. William Henry Harrison
Asa C.(Acey) Gilbert (1845-aft. 1900) m. Lucy A. Brown
James Gilbert (1847-aft. 1900) m. Elizabeth
Caroline Gilbert (1849-aft. 1860)
Rufus Gilbert (1852-aft. 1870)
Robert Gilbert (1857-aft. 1870)


Children of William P. Hall and 1) Mary C. Pennell
John Henry Green Hall (1846-aft. 1880) m. Jane "Jinny" Simmons (abt. 1838-aft. 1880) (m. 1865)
Thomas Hall (1848)
Sarah C. Hall (1850-1880), single mother of John B. Hall
William B. Hall (1852-aft. 1900) m. Elizabeth
Joshua Calvin Hall (1855-aft. 1860)
Susan Hall (1858-aft. 1880) did she die in 1932?


Children of Nancy Triplett before her marriage to Rufus D. Hall
Morgan Thomas Triplett (1846)
Martha Triplett

Children of Rufus D. Hall and Nancy Triplett
Anna Hall (1853-1933) m. Willis McGhee (1850-aft. 1933)
Larkin Calvin Hall (1857-1939) m. Cynthia Jane Kendall (1862-1949), d/o John Wesley Kendall and Mary Foster
James Avery Hall (1861-1925) m. Edith Eda Dula (1857-1949), d/o Thomas Maguire Dula and Anny Triplett


Children of Daniel Martin Kelly and Mary Frances Jones
Rachel Arminda Kelly (1844-1916)
Elizabeth Francis Kelly (1845-1919)
Melinda Kelly (1847-1901) m. Levi Brasel (1849-1935)
James Benson Kelly (1850-1903)
Daniel Kelly Jr. (1852-1918)
William Church Kelly (1850-1903)
Sameul Walker Kelly (1857-1922)
(all children born in Morgan Co., TN)


Children of Zachery Scott and Mary Patton Jones
John Long Scott (1882-1961) m. Alta May Clark (1889-1979)

Fifth Generation:

Children of William Ira (Will) Hall and Mary Elizabeth Carroll
Martha C. Hall (1873-aft. 1880) Cornelia or Juenlia Hall (1876-1956) m. Alonzo Pennell James Blair (Jim) Hall (1878-1963) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Woods (1884-1927); 2) Mamie Smith (sister of Ed Smith) Grover Cleveland Hall (1886-1963) m. Jennie Hendrix (1883-1953), d/o Sam Ford Hendrix


Children of Larkin Calvin Hall and Cynthia Jane Kendall
Timothy Hall
Wesley Hall
Nannie Hall m. Luther Adams, Sr.


Children of James Avery Hall and Edith Eda Dula
Jessie C. Hall (1894-aft. 1900)
Franklin/Frank Hall (1895-1951)
Lidia Eunice Hall (1897-1973)

Children of Melinda Kelly and Levi Brasel
Dona M. Brasel (1877-1955) m. John Winton (1878-1919)
Daniel Brasel m. 2) Ruth Wilson, d/o Elijah Wilson

Sixth Generation:

Children of James Blair (Jim) Hall and Mary Elizabeth Betty Woods
George Folk Hall
Hattie Hall (?-aft. 1971) m. Granville Lee Hawkins (1894-1971), s/o John Hawkins and Ida Pipes
Clyde Hall m. Virgie Triplett
Rob Hall m. 1) Mamie Denny Hendrix; 2) Sanders
Bertha Hall m. Bill Triplett
Dixie Hall m. Joe Edmiston
Champ Clark Hall (1912-2002) m. Connie Edmiston
Jack Hall m. ? Hall, d/o Samuel Hall; 2) ? Sanders (sister to Rob's wife)
Ella Hall m. ? Testament

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