State of Tennessee
Morgan County

On this the 16th day of January 1840 personally appeared before me Thomas Jack a Jusitce of the Peace in and for said county Letitia Hall widow of Samuel Hall deceased, aged eighty-one years from undoubted calculation having no record of her age and after being sworn for that purpose on her oath and has the following decalaration in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed July 7th, 1834. An act entitling half pay and pensions to certain widows;

She states that to the best of her knowledge and belief that her deceased husband, Samuel Hall entered the service of the United States in Wilkes County, North Carolina a private soldier. She believes a volunteer though she is not certain whether a volunteer or drafted and entered the service she believes sometime in the year, the precise year not known but believes to be about three years before the fall of 1781 and served pretty much in secession the most of the time until the close and served under Captain Gilsep, a tour or tours and under Captain Beverly, sometime or time and some tours under Captain Sams, a tour or tours and under Colonel Cleveland. She states that owing to her great age she cannot now recollect now if she ever heard her husband say precisely how long he served in total but from every impression of mind she believes that he served two years at least. She cannot further state as to the precise times of his quiting and begging and the duration of his respective tours. She states that she was acquainted with her said husband before his first service in said war and in fact well knew of his going and returning from the service different times and of his speaking of being in a battle at one place where he could have walked on the slain some distance, she believes on the dead

She distinctally recollects of his speaking of being in service at a place called St. Augustine, and of seeing a certain soldier sink under the water there and drown, mainly ? stonecopher. Declarant states that her said husband was a twin brother to David Hall of Anderson County whom she states that she well recollects said David was in service some of the same time that her said said husband was. She states that the main particulars, one is the time of her said husbands service was tolerably well known to her at the time of the same. She states that she has no record of her age or marriage that she was twenty four years old in the month of the first February after she was married, married in the fall season of the year on the Stony Fork in Wilkes County, North Carolina by Esquire Brown. She cannot state the day nor month but the same was in fodder pulling time, and some months after the marriage of her brother-in-law to wit David Hall of Anderson County, Tennessee, before alluded to me this declaration and from her best calculation it was in the year seventeen hundred and eighty-five. She states that she can prove her said marriage by her sister-in-law Cloah Hall a widow wife of Martin Hall, deceased and the facts of her said husbands service as she believes. Declarant knowing that she was at her wedding and did have a chance of knowing of the service of said David Hall and her deceased husband. She states that her said husband departed this life the 9th day of June 1819. That she was not married to her said husband prior to his last period of service but the marriage took place prior to the first day of January 1794 to wit at the time and place above stated. She states she is wholly unable to attend court from bodily affirmity.

She states that she recollects of hearing her said husband speaking of being at the White House in time of his service and of crossing the Catawba River and Savannah and of stationing as while at Colonel Earles and of a great many other places not now recollected by her. She cannot recollect of his sevice as to designate each respective tour she will state she well recollects of his being in the service often of her own knowledge. She living four miles miles from the Hall family and knew well at the time of said David Hall , Samuel Hall being in the service.

sworn to and subscribed Letitia Hall
the 16th day of January
AD 1840
Thomas Jack
Justice of the Peace

Note: From the pension record of David Hall, twin brother of Samíl; SERVICE: Served six months in the militia under Captain Thomas Witherspoon, John Cleveland, Absalom Cleveland, and Eilbern. He also served two years as and Indian spy under Captain Edmund Sale and was in the expedition against the Cherokee Indians under Colonel John Sevier, (Revolutionary War Pension File)

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