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Phillips Family of Wilkes County, NC

John Phillips was born abt 1735 and died in Rowan County, (present-day Davie County) North Carolina in 1801. John Phillips married twice, his first wife's name is unknown. He married second, Diannah. On November 8, 1800 John Phillips executed his Last Will and Testament in Rowan County, (present day Davie County) North Carolina. The following children are named in his will:

First Generation:

Children of John Phillips
Thomas Phillips
John Phillips m. Sarah Rose (m. 1789, Greene Co., TN)
Gabriel Phillips (1759-1812) m. Milliah Keele (m. 1783, Henry Co., VA)
Ezra Phillips (1762-1836) m. Hannah Randolph (1761-1839) (m.1787, Greene Co., TN)
d/o Samuel Randolph
Jonathan Phillips (1765-1836) m. Mary Persons/Parsons (abt.1770-1844)
d/o Richard Persons and Elizabeth "Betsy" Feathers
Robert Phillips
Sarah Phillips m. unknown Buyley
Ruth Phillips m. William Spiers (m. 1793, Rowan Co)
Elizabeth Phillips m. unknown Viny
Ann Phillips m. unknown Cummins
Rebecca Phillips m. unknown William
James Phillips (1784-1790)
Mary Phillips (1790-1800)
Elijah Phillips (1791-1800)
Stephen Phillips (1792-1800)

Second Generation:

Children of Ezra Phillips and Hannah Randolph
Payton Phillips (1783-1836) m. Rebecca Phillips, d/o Jonathan Phillips
Nancy Phillips (1788-1879) m. Adam Elrod
Rebeckah Phillips (1791-1866) m. John Lieurance
Hannah Phillips (1794-1873) m. Peter Lieurance
Mary "Polly" Phillips (1797- aft. 1880) m. Fredrick Michael III
Amy Phillips (1799- ? ) m. Henry Michael
Sarah "Sally" Phillips (1802-1864) m.John Pond
Joseph Phillips (1805-1883) m. Jane
Elizabeth Phillips (1808-1830's) m. Tilman Hall
Elinda "Eleanor" Phillips (1811-1875) m. William Holt


Children of Jonathan Phillips and Mary Persons
Jonathan Phillips, Jr. (abt.1790, Surry Co., NC.)
Rebecca Phillips (abt.1789-1870/80, Ashe Co) m. Payton Phillips, s/o Ezra Phillips
Nathan Phillips (abt.1794-1833) (did not marry)
Caleb Raynor Phillips (1800-1865) m.Nancy Shoun
Nancy Phillips (abt.1800- aft. 1880) m. John Hawthorne
John Phillips (abt.1801-1870/80) m. Mary Shepherd
James Phillips (abt.1802) m. Charlotte Shepherd
George Lee Phillips (1805-1843) m. Rachel Louisa Councill
Richard Phillips (abt.1800-1836) m. widow, Ann Doss
Mary Phillips (abt.1810) m. James Baker

Third Generation:

Children of Payton Phillips and Rebecca Phillips
William Phillips (1806-1857) m. Jemima Yates, d/o Hugh Yates and Sarah Vannoy
Hannah Phillips (abt.1808-1870/80) m. George Shepherd
Fanny Phillips (abt.1812) m. William Tomlinson
Mary Phillips (abt.1813- aft.1880) (did not marry)
Eli Phillips (1814-1905) m. 1) Nancy Matilda Viars, d/o Robert Viars and Elizabeth Powell;
2) Jemima Benge
Nancy Phillips (abt.1816-aft.1880) m. Abraham Benge (died before 1880)
Nathan Phillips (1824-1900) m. 1) Isabel; 2) Mary E. Calloway Rouse
Rose Ann Phillips (abt.1825-?) m. William R. Hopkins
Rebecca Phillips (1830- aft.1870) (did not marry)
Elmira Phillips (ca.1832-?) m. William Tucker

Fourth Generation:

William Phillips, commonly known as "Billy", was born March 17, 1806 in Wilkes or Ashe County, North Carolina and died May 9, 1857. William married Jemima "Mima" Yates on April 4, 1828 in Wilkes County. Mima was born December 17, 1809 and died December 21, 1880. William and Jemima lived in Ashe County, North Carolina which is now just off the Blue Ridge Parkway. The marker shown on the Parkway named "Phillips Gap" was named for this large family well known and thought of in the area. The location of their home is said to have been on the county line and, therefore, sometimes referred to as in Wilkes County and sometimes as Ashe County on the census records. In William and Jemima's 27 years of marriage, it has been said that 24 children were born to them, however, only 19 can be positively identified.

Children of William Phillips and Jemima Yates
Elijah Phillips (abt.1829-1863) m. Matilda Martin
Payton Phillips (1830-1904) m. Rebecca Miller
William Hamilton Phillips (1831-?) m. Mary Mikeal
Martha Phillips (1832-1922) m. Edmund LeRoy Blackburn, Jr.
Hugh H. Phillips (1833-1915) m. 1) Fanny Caroline Fairchilds, 2) Laura Waters, 3) Elizabeth Griffin
Caroline Phillips (abt.1834-?) m. Adam Michael
Nancy Phillips (1835-?) m. Daniel Woodruff
Nathan Phillips (abt.1836-?) m. Elizabeth Michael (Nathan died during Civil War)
Frances "Franky" Phillips (abt.1839) m. Joel E. Fairchild
Sarah Ann Phillips (1840) m. Alphus J. Miller
America Jane Phillips (1844-1880) m. 1) Alexander Mikeal, 2) George Washington Miller
Mary A. Phillips (abt.1842-?) m. Larkin Walsh
Hannah Louisa Phillips (1846-1932) m. James Thomas Goforth
William Phillips (1847-?) m. Elizabeth Mikeal (was 1st m. to William's brother, Nathan)
Amanda Jane Phillips (1848-1878) m. Jesse Mark Miller
George W. Phillips (1849-1922) m. Martha Shepherd
Adelaide Phillips (abt.1852 -?)
Jemima Phillips (abt.1854-?) m. Alexander Kimberline
Male (name unknown)


Other children of William Phillips and Jemima Yates (not documented)
Harrison Phillips (1830)
Leonard Phillips (1839)
Hiram Phillips (1851)
Bethany Phillips (1853)
Rebecca Phillips (1856)


Pesonal communications with Shirley Phillips Friel, author of The Phillips Family, Our History Our Heritage, the definitive book on the Philliips family. The book includes many other families from Wilkes County: Beshears, Blackburn, Church, Miller, Sheperd and Lieurance. Unfortunately, the book is sold out and no longer available. Please email Shirley if you are interested in the Phillips family at: sfriel@mchsi.com

Personal communications with Linda Revis. Linda's email address is: Pllsr@aol.com

Special acknowledgment goes to Joyce (Dancy) McNeil and V. (Church) Taylor (deceased) who researched this family.

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