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Triplett Family of Wilkes County, North Carolina

William Triplett was born about 1738 in Prince William County, Virginia. He married Eleanor Harbin about 1757 in Falls Church, Fairfax County, Virginia. William Triplett died at Army Camp, Watauga Co., NC in 1782 from a measles epedemic during the Rev. War. Eleanor died in Elkvillle, Wilkes Co., NC between 1830 and 1840.

First Generation

Children of William Triplett and Eleanor Harbin
Thomas Triplett (abt. 1765-1851) m. Jane (Jennie) Ferguson
WilliamTriplett (1763-1850) m. Nancy Ferguson (1766-1858)
McKaja/Micajah Triplett (abt. 1759-1789)
Nimrod Triplett (abt. 1760)
Mason Triplett (1759-bef. 1806) m. Mary Mullins, d/o Elish Mullins and Sarah Triplett
Frances Triplett (abt. 1767) m. Jeremiah Ferguson (it is believed that Frances died shortly after her marriage)
John Triplett (abt. 1771-aft. 1818) m. Linda Ferguson
Verlinda (Linnie)Triplett (abt. 1775-1855) m. Richard Ferguson (abt. 1765-1854)
Nancy Triplett (abt. 1766) m. John Sanders (abt. 1772-abt. 1862), s/o Robert and Ann Sanders
Jesse Triplett (abt. 1777-abt. 1876) m. Dicey Gray (abt. 1787-1855), d/o John Gray
Priscilla Triplett (abt. 1780) m. John B. Ferguson (13 children)

Second Generation

Children of Thomas Triplett and Jane (Jennie) Ferguson
Louis/Lewis Triplett (abt. 1793-aft. 1880) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Church (abt. 1795-bef. 1850), d/o John (Yankee) Church & Jane Andrews
Willaim Triplett (abt. 1789-abt. 1847) m. Diniah Holman (abt. 1793-aft. 1880), d/o Thomas Holman & Elsa Tugman; 2) Mary Bishop
Frances Triplett (abt. 1791-abt. 1885) m. Thomas B. (Bell) Foster, son of George Foster Sr. & Sarah Childress
Nancy Triplett (abt. 1795-1866) m. William Brookshire
Sarah Triplett (abt. 1795) m. Joel Dyer, son of Elijah Dyer Sr. & Mary (Polly) Foster
Joel Triplett (abt. 1802-1864) m. Rebecca Gilreath, d/o William, Jr. Gilreath & Sarah Martha Jones
John J. Triplett (1804-1891) m. Susannah H Gilreath, daughter of William, Jr. Gilreath & Sarah Martha Jones
Amelia Triplett (abt. 1807-1861) m. William Watson Hagler (1806-?), s/o Wm. Hagler and Elizabeth Mullins
Thomas Triplett (1815-1877) m. Thedocia Carolyn (Lucy) Dula, d/o of William Beasley (Buck) Dula & Sarah Pogue
Edith Triplett (1801-1901) m. John Hagler (1808-1898), s/o Wm. Hagler and Elizabeth Mullins
Martin Triplett (abt. 1797-1822) (did not marry)


Children of William Triplett and Nancy Ferguson
Lewis Triplett (abt. 1792-1852) m. Betty/Patsy Stepp (1793-1830)
Nimrod Triplett (1787-1854) m. Matilda Jameson (1797-1853)
John Triplett (1788-1880) m. 1) Martha MacFarland (1791-1860), d/o Benjamin MacFarland and Ruth Jack; 2) Rosell Moore
William (Buck) Triplett (1789-1885) m. Rebecca Jones (abt. 1795-bef. 1850)
Macajah Triplett (1790-1784) m. Sarah Stepp (1795-1867)
Joel Triplett (abt. 1793-1873) m. Jane Jones
Thomas (abt. 1799) m. 1) Mary Moore; 2) Mary Winfrey
Alfred Triplett (1805)
Elizabeth Triplett (abt. 1806-1886) m. Adam Jackman (1789-1879), s/o William Jackman and Judith Moore


Children of Mason Triplett and Mary Mullins
Thomas Triplett (abt. 1786) m. Margaret Williams


Children of John Triplett and Linda Ferguson
Lewis Triplett (abt. 1796) m. Prudence Roberts


Children of Jesse Triplett and Dicie Gray
John (Major) Triplett (1802-1846) m. Sarah Ferguson, d/o John Ferguson & Frances Triplett
Mary (Polly) Triplett (abt. 1803) m. John B. Miller
Eleanor (Nelly) Triplett (1804-1898) m. John Foster (Brick House) Ferguson, s/o Thomas Ferguson & Edith Foster
Elizabeth Triplett (abt. 1808-1909) m. Wilson Fairchild (1807-1890)
Lindsey (Lee or Lu) Triplett (1809-bef. 1850) m. Frances (Fanny) Foster (abt. 1815-bef. 1890), d/o Ambrose Foster & Frances Jones
Frances (Franky) Triplett (1810-1889) m. Wyatt Rose (abt. 1813-) (m. 1846)
Thomas Triplett (1818-aft.1860) m. Susannah Triplett (1832-aft. 1880), d/o Russell Triplett & Elizabeth Hendrix
Anny Triplett (1822-1900) m. Thomas McGuire Dula (1819-1907), s/o William Lee McGuire Dula & Mary (Polly) Ferguson
Joel Triplett (1824-1910) m. Mary Adeline Gray (1827-1905)
William Triplett (1824-1863) m. Annie Emeline Waters (1829-1918), d/o Joel Waters and Rebecca Ferguson
Nancy Triplett (1826-aft. 1850) m. William Hodges (abt. 1824-aft. 1850)


Third Generation

Children of Louis/Lewis Triplett and Eizabeth (Betsy) Church
Luke Triplett (1812-1921) m. Martha Hampton
Cynthia (Sintha) Triplett (1817-bef. 1870) m. Harrison Harvey Dula (1817-1858)
Charlotte Triplett (abt. 1820-aft. 1880) m. Cleveland Carroll (1811-aft 1850)
Pernina Triplett (abt. 1825-1907) m. John Riley Hodges (abt. 1823-1912)
Elizabeth Triplett (abt. 1828-aft 1850) m. Thomas (Tom) Watson
Nancy Triplett (abt. 1831-aft. 1880) m. Rufus D. (Lex) Hall (1826-aft. 1880)
Christina (Tena) Triplett (abt. 1832-?) m. Eli Rhymer


Children of William Triplett and Dianah Holman
Charlotte Triplett (1812-1888) m. John Elbert Saintclair (abt. 1810-aft. 1860)
Irene Triplett (abt. 1814-?)
Horton Triplett (1815-1887) m. 1) Amelia Matilda James (1817-1846); 2) Lydia Selena Pearson (1828-1908)
Rebecca Triplett (abt.1818)
Asa Triplett (abt.1819-aft.1880) m. Belinda/Malinda Ford (abt. 1819-aft. 1900)
Emeline Triplett (abt. 1824) m. John Cottrell
William Triplett and Dianah Holman were divorced in 1827

Children of William Triplett and Mary Bishop
Hansen F. Triplett (abt.1828)
William Nelson Triplett (abt.1831)
Eliza Triplett (abt. 1833)
Mary Triplett (abt. 1834)
Louisa Triplett (abt. 1835)
Permelia Triplett (abt. 1835)
Jane Triplett (abt. 1840)
Milly Triplett (abt. 1842)
Thomas Henry/Harvey? Triplett (abt. 1847)

Jan 7, 1826, Wilkes Co., NC Bastary Bonds - Polly Bishop charged with being the mother of a bastard child and refuses to name father. William Triplett is not charged with being father, but he does sign bond. Abraham Bishop also signs - is he Polly's father?


Children of Joel Triplett and Rebecca Gilreath
Martha Jane Triplett (abt. 1834) m. John Wesley Gibbs
Susan Matilda Triplett (abt. 1836-aft. 1860) m. Thomas Chedle Carlton
Sarah Eliza (Sallie) Triplett (1837-1862) m. Momford Sidney Stokes (1810-1862)
Willliam Thomas Triplett (abt. 1844) (died during Civil War)

Children of John J. Triplett and Susannah H. Gilreath
Susan Jane Triplett (abt.1830)
Sarah Eliza Triplett (abt. 1829-aft. 1860) m. William Phillips
Martha Rebecca Triplett (abt. 1843) m. ? McHood
Mary Amelia Triplett (abt. 1834) m. Dr. James L. Messick
Thomas L. Triplett (abt. 1830) m. Martha S. Hendrix (1833)
Ann Catherine Triplett (abt. 1836-1916)
Lucy Eleanor Triplett (abt. 1838)
Adeline Triplett (abt. 1840)
Matilda Triplett (abt. 1843-aft. 1860)


Children of Thomas Triplett, Jr. and Thedocia Carolyn Dula
William Triplett (abt. 1837-abt. 1863) (died during Civil War)
Jane Appaline Triplett (1838-1914) m. Livingston Leroy Carlton, s/o Livingston Carlton & Elizabeth Triplett
James Triplett (abt. 1838-aft 1850)
Pickins Triplett (abt. 1840-aft. 1860) (died during Civil War)
Martha Triplett (abt. 1842-aft. 1860)
Asa L. Triplett (abt. 1843-1931) m. Amelia Laxton
John C. Triplett (abt. 1844-aft. 1860) m. Y. C. Triplett
Sarah Elizabeth Triplett (abt. 1845-aft. 1860) m. Thomas Bollick
Ann Triplett (abt. 1847-aft. 1880) m. Robert Church
Mary Lou (Louisa?) Triplett (abt. 1849)
Rufus Calvin Triplett (abt. 1852-aft. 1880)
Virginia Caroline Triplett (1853-aft. 1880) m. William R. Church
Joel C. Triplett (abt. 1854-aft. 1880)
James Triplett (abt. 1856)
Charles Triplett (abt. 1859)
Margaret R. Triplett (abt. 1861-aft.1880)

Children of Joel Triplett and Jane Jones
Angeline Triplett (abt. 1836)


Children of John (Major) Triplett and Sarah Ferguson
Lindsey Triplett (1826-aft. 1880)
Enoch Triplett (abt. 1828-aft. 1880)
Levisa (1829-1917)
John W. Triplett (1831-1863) (died during Civil War)
Jesse F. Triplett (1833-1862) (died during Civil War)
Selina Triplett (1835-aft. 1860


Children of Lindsey (Lee or Lu) Triplett and Fanny Foster
Ambrose Triplett (abt. 1834-aft. 1860)
Jesse/John Triplett (abt. 1839-aft. 1860)
Mary Triplett (abt. 1842)


Children of Thomas Triplett and Susannah Triplett
Wilson Triplett (abt. 1851-aft. 1880)

Children of Thomas Triplett and 2) Mary M.
Jesse Triplett (abt. 1856)
Ellen Triplett (abt. 1857)
Marshall Triplett (abt. 1860)
Lysa/Lzsa Triplett (abt. 1858)

Children of Anny Triplett and Thomas McGuire Dula
Edith/Eda Dula (abt. 1856) m. James Avery Hall, s/o Rufus D. Hall and Nancy Triplett
Ellen Dula (1850-1891) m. Sidney Walsh, s/o Andrew Jackson Walsh and Susana
Franklin Lafayette Dula (1854-1943) m. Mary Victoria Jones, d/o Joseph Henderson Jones and Pernina Dula
Jane Sophena Dula (1860-1926) m. William Thomas Land, s/o Linville Land and Rhoda Profit
John Thomas Dula (1863-1945) m. Savannah Adline Hendrix, d/o James Kelly Hendrix and Anna A. Dula
Martha Dula (1846-1910) m. William Franklin Barlow, s/o Braxton Barlow and Charlotte (Lotte) Carlton
Dicie Dula (abt. 1848)
Jesse C. Dula (abt. 1864-aft. 1880)


Children of Joel Triplett and Mary Adeline Gray
Joel Gray Triplett (1867-1942)
Thomas Lee Triplet (abt. 1866)
Rebecca Triplett (abt 1864)
Lavina Triplett (abt. 1862)
John/Jesse Triplett (abt. 1854-aft. 1870)
Amanda Triplett (abt. 1853-aft. 1860)
Bethany Triplett (abt. 1851-aft. 1860)
Dicey Triplett (abt. 1850-aft. 1860)
Anneta Triplett (abt. 1858)
Martha Ann Triplett (abt. 1860)


Children of William Triplett and Annie Emeline Waters
Mary Triplett (abt. 1851-aft. 1860)
Martha Triplett (abt. 1851-aft.1860)
John Triplett (abt. 1854)
Rebecca Jane Triplett (abt. 1857)
Amelia Triplett (abt. 1859)

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