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The Dooley/Dula Family

Thomas Dooley was born about 1725 in Ulster, Ireland and died 1783 in Augusta (now Rockingham) County, VA. Court records located in Orange County, VA indicates "he was shortly imported into this country from Ireland. This was an oath taken to enable him to obtain 50 acres of land in the Colony. In May, 1752 a Thomas Dooling proved his importation into Virginia from Ireland. He married Elizabeth Fennel in 1755 and shortly after, purchased 300 acres from John Goodall and then a 189 acre tract from Jonathan Coward.

Dooley, formerly O'Dooley and originally in Gaelic O'Dubhlaoich, is a common Irish surname, found principally in County Offaly (formerly called County Kings, southwest of Dublin.

It is not known when Elizabeth Fennel was born or exactly when she died. It is known that she had a daughter named Jane McMullan. It is possible that Elizabeth was some how related to Bennet Beasley of Orange County, VA. Thomas Dooley was one of the purchasers at his estate sale. If so, then Capt. William Dula, son of Thomas Dooley, and his wife Theodosia Beasley may have been related. In Rockingham Co., the Thomas Dooley family lived near Bennet Beasley's son, Capt. Jeremiah Beasley, who was married to his cousin Sarah Beasley, an older sister of Theodosia.

In 1840 the part of Wilkes County where the Dulas lived, became Caldwell County.

First Generation

Children of Thomas Dula and Elizabeth Fennell
Capt. William C. Dula (1755-1835) m. Mrs. Theodosia Beasley McMullan (1755-1844), d/o James Beasley and Anne Reynolds
Thomas Dula, Jr. (1760) m. Lucy Webb, d/o Merry Webb and Elizabeth
Margaret Dula (1765) m. John Rains, Sr. (abt. 1756-1847)
John Dula (1760-1846) m. 2) Mrs. Susannah Allison Brown (1759-?), d/o William and Lucy Allison
Judith Dula (abt. 1762-1809) m. Thomas Hall (1755-1831)
Bennett Dula (abt. 1764-1822) m. Anna Stowe (1772-?) (died in Wilkes County, NC)
Elizabeth Dula (abt. 1768) m. James Rea/Ray, Jr.
Mary "Polley" Dula (abt. 1774-1849) m. James Benjamin Kendall (abt. 1774-abt. 1857)
Jane Jean Dula (abt. 1777-?) m. John McMullan, Jr. (1776-?)

Second Generation

Children of Thomas Dula, Jr. and Lucy Webb
Jesse B. Dooley (abt. 1775)


Children of Margaret Dula and John Rains
Mary "Polly" Rains (1800)


Children of Capt. William C. Dula and Mrs. Theodosia Beasley McMullan
Capt. Thomas Beasley Dula (1782-1829) m. Elizabeth Hulme (1788-1865), d/o Maj. Hulme and Susan Patterson
Elizabeth Betsy Dula (1784-1864) m. Capt. John Witherspoon (1779-1863)
Ann Nancy Dula (1786-1846) m. Col. Catlett Jones, s/o George Jones and Phebe Foster
William Beasley "Buck" Dula (1788-1856) m. Sarah Pogue (1793-?)
Mildred Amelia Dula (1792-1869) Gen. William Horton, s/o Col. Horton and Elizabeth Eagles
Sarah Dula (1797-1884)

Willam Dula and Mrs. Theodosia Beasley McMullin eloped and after four children were born to them, they married. Thomas fought in Revolution and served under Capt. Hopkins, Capt. Laird and Capt. Jeremiah Beasley. The fought the British in VA, PA, NY and NJ. He is buried in the family graveyard on Dula Hill. His tombstone reads as follows:

"In Memory of Captain William Dula -- born September, 1755, died January 16, 1835. Captain Dula was a patroit and soldier in the Revolution and served in more than one engagemnet in the War for American Independence. He was a kind husband and father, ever ready to extend charity to the poort and much esteemed by those who knew him."


Children of John Dula and 2) Mrs. Susannah Allison Brown
Thomas Dula (abt. 1804-?) m. Elizabeth Foster (abt. 1807-?) (first cousins)
Bennet Dula (abt. 1806)
Alfred Dula (abt. 1808) m. Elizabeth (abt. 1810-1874) (died in Iowa)

Bennet Dula moved to TN and arrested for the murder of William Patton. On October 14, 1834, he was in the Jasper County jail awaiting trial. Results are not known

After the death of John Dula, his widow spent her last years in the home of his niece, Mrs. Milly Dula Horton, widow of General William Horton.


Children of Judith Dula and Thomas Hall
William Dula Hall m. Rebecca McKinney

(William Dula Hall was reared by Capt. William Dula. He was a natural son of one of the Dula women, probably Judith. He moved to Ebert County, GA shorty after his marriage in 1801.


Children of Bennett Dula and Anna Stowe
William Lee Maguire Dula (abt. 1785-aft. 1860) m. Mary "Polly" Ferguson (abt. 1795-aft. 1860, d/o Thomas Ferguson and Edith Foster
Judith Dula (1792) m. Lewis Waters (moved to McMinn Co., TN)
Thomas P. Dula (1794-1854) m. Mary Keaton (1800-aft. 1880), d/o Clifton Keeton and Sarah Parr
Sarah Dula (1795-1868) (died in Athens, TN) m. William Ferguson (abt. 1814), s/o Thomas Ferguson and Edith Foster
John "Jack" Dula (1800-1870/79) m. Mary Privett (1804), d/o Macarias Privett
Mary "Polly" Dula (abt. 1805-) m. Orrell Livingston
Jefferson Dula (1808-aft.1880) m. Ally "Polly" McGee (1810), d/o Bluford McGee and Mary Allison
Mary Eliza Dula (abt. 1812-?) m. Thomas Ferguson, Jr., s/o Thomas Ferguson and Edith Foster
Riley Dula (abt. 1815-aft. 1870) m. Susanna Thorington (abt. 1824-aft. 1870), d/o James and Charity Thorington
Bennett J. Dula (abt. 1820-aft. 1880) m. Minerva Adeline Brown (abt. 1820-aft.1880)

William Lee Maguire Dula is thought to be a natural son of Bennett Dula. William was about six years old when he arrived in Wilkes County, NC

Third Generation

Children of Capt. Thomas Beasley Dula and Elizabeth Hulme
William Hulme Dula (1806-1856) m. Sarah Howard Witherspoon (1803-1895), d/o Capt. Witherspoon and Elizabeth Dula
Susannah Adeline Dula m. Benjamin S. Martin
Sarah Caroline Dula (abt. 1815-aft. 1860) m. Joshua A. Dinkins (abt. 1816-aft. 1862)
Thomas Beasley Dula (1809-aft. 1880) m. Amanda Caroline Jones (abt 1812-aft. 1880), d/o Thomas Jones and Jane Robins
James Alfred Dula (1812-1884) m. 1) Elizabeth Evelyn Corpening (1814-1846); 2) Harriet Harshaw (1824-1907)
James Wesley Dula (abt. 1819-1855) m. Margaret Bradshaw (1823-aft. 1870)
Sidney Patterson Dula (1825-1876) m. Jane Eliza Connelly (1827-1876), d/o George Connelly and Myra Perkins
Elizabeth Ann Dula (1828-1900) m. John Randolph Catron (1819-1873) (died in Hamilton, MO)


Children of Elizabeth Betsy Dula and Capt. John Witherspoon
Col. William Pettigrew Witherspoon
Sarah Howard Witherspoon (1803-1895) m. William Hulme Dula (1806-1856)


Children of William Beasley "Buck" Dula and Sarah Pogue
Marthy "Patsy" Dula (abt. 1812-aft. 1900) m. James M. Hendrix (abt. 1804-aft. 1870)
Mildred Dula (abt. 1815-aft. 1850) m. George W. Hendrix (abt. 1814-aft. 1850)
Sanford Dula (abt. 1816-aft. 1860)
Thadocia Carolyn Dula (1818-1895) m. Thomas Triplett, Jr. (1815-1877), s/o Thomas Triplett and Jane Ferguson
Thomas Dula (abt. 1829-1862) m. Elizabeth (Thomas died during Civil War)
James E. Dula (1831-aft. 1860) m. Anna Lillian Hendrix (abt. 1840-aft. 1860)
Lucinda Dula (1838-1920) m. Wiley A. Winkler (1836-1919), s/o John Winkler and Mary Pennell


Children of Alfred Dula and Elizabeth Wadkins
Sylvanus Dula (1832-aft. 1870) m. Lucinda Caroline Holder 9835-aft. 1870) lived in Iowa
Larkin Dula (1834-aft. 1870) m. Sarah Jane Houston (abt.1836-aft. 1870) lived in Indiana
Amanda Dula (1837-1932) m. Nathan Horton (1823-1907)
George Hamilton Dula (1840-1905) m. Mary Amelia Woodford (1852-1926) (died in Iowa)


Children of William Lee Maguire Dula and Mary "Polly" Ferguson
Harrison Harvey Dula (abt. 1817-1858) m. Cynthia Triplett (1817-aft. 1870), d/o Lewis Triplett and Elizabeth Church
Thomas Maguire Dula (1819-1907) m. Anny Triplett (1848-1900), d/o Jesse Triplett and Dicie Gray
Mary Frances (Fanny) Dula (abt. 1826-aft. 1880) m. James McNeil (abt. 1818-aft. 1860)
William Leander (Lee) Dula (1821-1917) m. Thensay Ledosia Prior (1835-1921)
George Anderson (sometimes called Annison) Dula (1829)
Edith (Edy) Dula (1833-aft. 1860) m. Jesse O. Triplett (1829-1863) (died during Civil War), s/o Martin Triplett and Mary Winifred "Polly" Hall

In May of 1841 William M. Dula enrolled four children into the Wilkes County School System in District 55. They were: Lee, Anderson, Frances and Eady. The committeemen for District 55 provided a certified list to the County School Board for "each free white children over five years of age and under twenty-one residing in their district. The committee for District 55 in 1841 were: Thomas Kendall, J. C. Horton and Elbert K. Walsh.


Children of Thomas P. Dula and Mary Keaton
John R. Dula (1824-abt. 1862) (killed during Civil War)
William L. Dula (abt. 1826)
Ann Eveline Dula (abt. 1827) m. Micajah Hendrix Eliza Dula (abt. 1833-aft. 1880) we now believe that Eliza did not marry>BR> Thomas C. Dula (1845-1868) (hanged for the murder of Laura Foster)

In May of 1841 Thomas P. Dula enrolled four children into the Wilkes County School System in District 55. They were: William, John R., Sarah C., Ann E. and Eliza. The committeemen for District 55 provided a certified list to the County School Board for "each free white children over five years of age and under twenty-one residing in their district. The committee for District 55 in 1841 were: Thomas Kendall, J. C. Horton and Elbert K. Walsh.


Children of John "Jack" Dula and Mary Privett
Sarah Dula (1830)
Thomas W. Dula (1832-1924) m. Laura E. Laxton (abt. 1841-aft. 1920)
Ann Dula (1834-) m. William Ferguson, Jr. (1829-1893) (her first cousin)
William Dula (1837-) Franklin Dula (1840-aft. 1860)
James Horton Dula (1843-1919) m. Orilla Dula (1856-1936), d/o Harrison Harvey Dula and Cynthia (Sintha) Triplett

In 1841 John Dula enrolled three children into the Wilkes County School System in District 24. They were: Thomas, Sarah and Ann. The committeemen for District 24 provided a certified list to the County School Board for "each free white children over five years of age and under twenty-one residing in their district. The committeemen for District 24 in 1841 were: John E. StClair, Thomas Carlton and William B. Brown.


Children of Jefferson Dula and Ally "Polly" McGee
Thomas Dula (was probably killed during Civil War)
Bennett Dula (abt. 1831-1862) (died during Civil War)
Calvin Dula (abt. 1834-1922) m. Mary Broyhill
Amanda Dula (1836-aft. 1880)
Sarah Dula (1838-1907) m. John Ambrose Foster (1844-aft. 1880)
Lindsey Dula (abt. 1840-1862) (died during Civil War)
Lavina Dula (abt. 1842)
Lowery Dula (1842-aft. 1860) m. Martha Jane Harris
Mary Dula (abt. 1847)

In 1841 Jefferson Dula enrolled three children into the Wilkes County School System in District 24. They were: Bennett, Calvin and Mandy. The committeemen for District 24 provided a certified list to the County School Board for "each free white children over five years of age and under twenty-one residint in their district. The committee for District 24 in 1841 were: John E. StClair, Thomas Carlton and William B. Brown.


Children of Riley Dula and Susanna Thorington
Jane Roxana Wilson (Ann) Dula (abt. 1852) m. John Baxter Richards


Children of Bennett J. Dula and Minerva Adeline Brown
Ann Pauline Dula (abt. 1843-aft. 1860)
Granville Dula (abt. 1846-aft. 1860)
Clarissa Dula (1849-aft. 1880)
Floyd C. Dula (1853-1914) m. Orlena or Mary Cook
Bennett Dula (abt 1855-aft. 1870)
Lloyd Henderson Dula (1857-1929) m. Ora Lula Sanders
Queen Victoria Dula (1865-aft. 1900) m. James S. Allen

Fourth Generation

Children of William Hulme Dula and Sarah Howard Witherspoon
Caroline Dula
Colonel Thomas Joshua Dula (1831-1906) m. Mary Emma Howell (1840-1914)
John W. Dula (abt. 1833-aft. 1880) m. Martha Austin (1842-aft. 1880) (served during Civil War)
William Hulme Dula, Jr. (abt. 1835)
Ebenezer P. Dula (1838-1844)
Dr. Felix G. Dula (abt. 1841-aft. 1860)
Elizabeth Evaline Dula (1846-1919) m. Columbus A. Tuttle (1845-1930)
Sidney Alexander Dula (1844-aft. 1860)


Children of Thomas Beasley Dula and Amanda Caroline Jones
Selenia Dula m. William M. Davis
Anna Eveline Dula m. Micajah Hendrix (1828)
Jane Dula Thomas M. Dula (1833-aft. 1870)
Clarissa Dula (1835-aft. 1880)
William M. Dula (1840-aft. 1870)
Falina Dula (1842)
Albert J. Dula (1845)
Adelia E. Dula (1847)
Julia A. Dula (1847)
John L. Dula (1850)


Children of James Alfred Dula and 1) Elizabeth Evelyn Corpening
Julius Abram Dula (1834-1915) m. Anna Rebecca Harshaw (1844-1928), d/o Alfonso Harshaw and Lucinda Corpening
Mary Elizabeth Dula (1836)
Susan Adeline Dula (1838)
Josephine Elizabeth Dula (1843-1913)
Aurelius James Dula (1843-1913) m. Mary Sherrill McKee, d/o Ed Mckee (1844-1889)
William Thomas Dula (1846)


James Alfred Dula and 2) Harriet Harshaw
Samuel Dula (1852-1940) m. Annie Johnson
Alexander Dula (1852-1919) m. Minnie Gaither
Kelly Caroline (Carrie) Dula (1853-1934) m. Jim Anderson
Wallace Dula (1858-bef. 1967) m. Ida Davis (1881-1967)
Callie Dula (1861)
Edward Vine Dula (1864)
Emma Dula (1865)
Grant G. Dula (1874-1947) m. Lucy Powell

Harriet came to the Belvoir plantation as a slave when James Alfred Dula purchased her from one of the Harshaw plantations nearby. She had with her two children, Solomon and Amanda. James Alfred Dula was know to his family as "Squire." It is said that at his death James left a sum of money for the children he fathered by Harriet to retain legal counsel to help them keep the property he had passed to them. (Caldwell County Hertiage, published 1983)


Children of James Wesley Dula and Margaret Bradshaw
Seth Thomas Dula (abt. 1842-1863) m. Mary Hartley (killed during Civil War)
Jones Simpson Dula (1845-1886) m. Elizabeth Triplett, d/o Asa Triplett and Belinda Ford (1849-1944)
Catherine Dula (abt 1849-aft 1870) m. William Ananias Presnell (abt. 1849-aft. 1870)
Harriett Dula (abt. 1852-aft 1900) m. George Harvey Austin (abt 1849-aft 1900)
Sarah E. Dula (1852-1910) m. W. Finley Greenfield (abt. 1853-aft. 1910)

Seth enlisted in Co. I, 26th NC Regt. on July 25, 1861. Present and accounted for until wounded at Gettysburg, PA, July 1, 1863. Deserted on an unspecified date because "he heard his wife had a little one, and he could not resist going home to see it." Returned to duty on an unspecified date. Court-martialed and sentenced to be shot. Sentence remitted on a unspecified date and he rejoined his company. Present or accounted for until killed at Bristoe Station, VA, October 14, 1863, while "leading the charge." (NC Troops 1861-1865 A Roster, Volume VII, 1979, Weymouth T. Jordan, Jr. Ed.)


Children of Sidney Patterson Dula and Jane Eliza Connelly
George Thomas Dula (abt. 1847-aft. 1860) m. Sallie Threadgill
Robert Byron Dula (1848-aft. 1870) m. Josephine Carr
Adolphus W. Dula (abt. 1850-aft. 1860) m. Georgianna Adams
Adelaide Louise Dula (1852-aft. 1880) m. John Marshall Powell (1851-1912), s/o John Powell and Mary Suddreth
Myra E. Dula (abt. 1854-aft. 1870) m. James Z. Gapin
Laura J. Dula (1855-1950) m. Lewis W. English
Ella Martha Dula (abt. 1860-aft. 1870)
Rutherford S. Dula (abt. 1862-aft. 1870) m. Gabrielle Madison Hunt Caleb Conley Dula (abt. 1864-aft. 1870) m. Julia Womack
Ralph Dula


Children of Larkin Dula and Sarah Jane Houston
William S. Dula (abt. 1858-aft. 1870)
George J. Dula (abt. 1859-aft. 1870)
Alice C. Dula (abt. 1863-aft. 1870)
Amanda A. Dula (abt. 1866-1870)
This family moved to Madison Co., IN by 1858.


Children of Harrison Harvey Dula and Cynthia Triplett
Frances Elvira Dula (1817-1920) m. 1) William Wallis Cottrell (1837-1962), s/o of James Cottrell and Frances Edmisten;
2) William Adlophus Triplett (1848-1928), s/o William Triplett and Mary Penley
Anna A. Dula (1839-1916) m. James Kelly Hendrix (1849-1916)
William Carson Dula (1841-1917) m. 1) Cordelia Ann Jones (1841-abt. 1885), d/o Andrew Jackson Jones and Rebecca Foster;
2) Acksey McCloud (she had a son named Tennison when she married Wm. C. Dula)
Eloise Dula (1844-1910) m. William Henderson Holder (1841-1928)
Edie Caroline Dula (1844-1926) m. William Henry Harrison Anderson (1840-1927)
Pernina Dule (1849-1889) m. Joseph H. Jones (1844-1934), s/o Andrew Jones and Rebecca Foster
Selena Dula (1851-1935) m. Hilary Stowe Triplett (1840-1926), (died in Annadale, Minnesota), s/o Wm. Triplett and Selene Penley
Alphus Dula (1853) (did not marry)
Orilla Dula (1856-1936) m. James Horton Dula (1843-1919)


Children of Thomas Maguire Dula and Anny Triplett
Martha Dula (1846-1920) m. William Franklin Barlow (1848-1921)
Dicie Dula (1848-aft. 1850)
Ellen Dula (1850-1891) m. Sidney Larkin Walsh (1855-1941)
Rurainey E. Dula (1853) m. William W. Church
Franklin Lafayette "Tate" Dula (1854-1943) m. Mary Victoria "Tory" Jones (1869-1932), d/o Joseph Jones and Pernina Dula
Edith E. Dula (1857-aft. 1900) m. James Avery Hall (1857-1928)
Jane Sophena Dula (1860-1926) m. William T. Land (1857-1928)
John Thomas Dula (1863-1945) m. Savannah Adeline Hendrix (1867-1954)
Jesse Crisman Dula (1866-aft. 1880) m. Mary Henrietta Tugman


Children of William Leander Dula and Thensay Ledosia Prior
William H. Dula (1859)
Riley Lafayette Dula (1861-1939)
John Marshall Dula (1867-1939) did not marry
Harrison Dula
Mary Jane Dula (1869-1947) did not marry
Eliza O. Dula (1872-1947) m. Melvin Bumgarner
Martha Dula (1876)


Children of George Anderson Dula and Mary Eliza Stennett
John Dula
Thomas Stennett Dula (1857-1932) m. Mary Cornelia Messick (1862), d/o James Messick and Mary Triplett
William Lee Dula (1862-1945) m. Julia Malone Messick (1874-1944), sister of Mary Cornelia
George Anderson Dula (1864-1929) m. Isabell Adkins

This Mary Eliza is NOT the daughter of Thomas P. Dula and Sarah C. Keaton, as previously reported.


Children of James Horton Dula and Orilla Dula
Cread Dula (1886) m. Verna Lee "Beadie" Bryant, d/o Thurman Bryant and Nancy Dula
Mary Lou Ellen Dula (?-1984) m. James Horton Turnmyre
Annie Dula (1876-1967) m. Frank Gilbert
John William Dula (1879-1959) m. Mary Smith, d/o Winnefred Smith and Claudine McDaniel
Emma (Fannie) Dula (1883-1974) m. Jefferson Gilbert (1891-1951)
Fannie Dula (1883)


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A Transcript of Wilkes County School Census 1840-1850, published by George F. McNeil, 1993
1830, 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910 US Federal Census Records, Wilkes County, North Carolina
North Carolina Death Certificates, 1909-1975
George F. McNeil's Wilkes County Graveyard Database, July, 12, 2008
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