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Winkler Family

If you visit Old Salem, don't miss the Winkler bakery! Traditional breads, Moravian sugar cake, and scrumptious cookies are baked daily, and the tantalizing fragrances waft down the street.

First Generation

Christian Winkler was born in 1766 in Canton Bern, Switzerland, and died in Salem in 1839 He traveled in Europe as a young man, and in 1792 joined the Moravian congregation at Neuwied, Germany. In 1799 he came to America, to serve as a leader of the Single Brothers at Nazareth PA. From there he moved to Lititz PA, and in 1807 was asked to come to Salem to take charge of the bakery. In December 1807 he married Elizabeth Danz (1783-1836).

Second Generation

Children of Christian Winkler and Elizabeth Danz
Carl August Winkler (1808-1826)
Christian Heinrich Winkler (1810-1851) m. Ruffina Amelia Reich (1811-1896)
Wilhelm (William) Parmenio Winkler (1812-1866) m. 1) Paulina Maria Fisher (1819-1858); 2) Sarah Ann Elizabeth Phillips (1830-1879)
Matilda Amalia Winkler (1815-1900) m. Jacob Friedrich Siewers
Ludwig Benjamin Winkler (1821-aft. 1870) m. Augusta (abt. 1826-aft. 1870) living in Stockton, CA. 1870
Henriette Angelica Winkler (1824-?) m. Johann Dietrich Tewes

Wilhelm Parmenio Winkler took over the bakery business from his father.

Third Generation

Children of Christian Heinrich Winkler and Ruffina Amelia Reich
John Christian Winkler (1842-1843)
John Henry Winkler (b & d 1845)
Mary E. Winkler (prob. 1846-1867) m. Lyman Lewis
George Winkler (ca. 1848-1870)
Leonora Winkler (ca. 1848-aft. 1895) m. ? Semons
Henry Christian Winkler (1851-1866)


Children of William Parmenio Winkler and Paulina Maria Fisher
Charles Augustus Winkler (1838-1893) m. *Alice Warren Nichols Giersh (1840-1930)
Sarah Rebecca Winkler (ca. 1841-?) m. Jesse R. Pinkston
Samuel Thomas Winkler (1843-1845)
John Christian Winkler (ca. 1845-?) m. Sarah ?, moved to Missouri
Caroline (Carrie) Elizabeth Winkler (ca. 1848-?) m. William Swicegood
Mary Alice Winkler (ca. 1850--?)
Peter Alpheus Winkler (ca. 1853-?)
Margaret Anna Winkler (1857-?)

* Alice was the daughter of James Nichols and Ann Leonard of Wilmington NC. Her father died before her birth, and her mother later married Alexander Eugene Giersch; his will names Alice as a daughter, and she is buried as Alice Warren Giersch Winkler. At the time of her marriage to Charles A. Winkler, her family was living in Thomasville NC.


Children of Wilhelm Parmenio Winkler and Sarah Ann Phillips
James Lewis Winkler (1862-1879)
William Henry Winkler (1862-?)

James Lewis Winkler died of "typhoid pneumonia" at age 16, and his mother died only a week later. The surviving twin, William Henry, does not seem to be in Forsyth County in 1880. Does anyone know what happened to him?


Three babies are buried at Salem Moravian, probably sons of either Christian Heinrich or William Parmenio Winkler. Can anyone help us place these?

John Christian Winkler 8 Sep 1842 - 11 Feb 1843
Samuel Thomas Winkler 26 Mar 1843 - 29 Dec 1845
John Henry Winkler 12 Mar 1845 - 4 May 1845

Fourth Generation

Children of Charles Augustus Winkler and Alice Warren Nichols
Catherine Winkler (ca. 1860-?)
Mollie Winkler (ca. 1861-?)
Mattie Winkler (ca. 1861-?)
Jessie Winkler (ca. 1863-?)
Claudia Augusta Winkler (1866-1958) did not marry
Minnie Winkler (ca. 1868-?)
Parmenio Eugene Winkler (1869-1895)
George Winkler (ca. 1872-?)
Bessie Winkler (1873-1956) m. Robert C. Spaugh (1871-1932)
Henry Christian Winkler (1875-1898)

Charles and Alice reportedly had eleven children. The list here is compiled from census records. Who is the missing child?

Charles Augustus Winkler carried on the bakery tradition in this generation. After his death, his widow Alice took over, and expanded the business to include new items. She also added a summer ice cream parlor, and used that space in the winter to sell oysters.

Alice Winkler continued to run the bakery until 1915. In 1921 she deeded the property to her daughter Bessie and husband Robert Spaugh, who sold it in 1927. The next twenty years saw the end of the bakery business, and several changes of ownership of the building. Part of the property was acquired by the newly formed Old Salem corporation in 1950, and the remainder in 1964. The bakery was restored in 1968.


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