Deed Book 1,
page 550

Thomas Boyer's Heirs Ex Parte State of Land in Fall of 1850

Cleark and Master in Account which Tennison Jarvis and Mary his wife, of full age and Jincey E. Boyer, Sarah A. Boyer, Esther A. Boyer and Nancy A. Boyer, infants who have for their Guardian Daniel Reich. Amount of sale of land Sept 20th, 1850, $140.00.

Deduct cost of this Petition. $44.26
Amount for distribution $95.74
Divide this balance between five children 5) 95.74
give to each share $19.15
to Wit To Mary Jarvis and Tennyson her husband $19.15
Jincey E. Boyer $19.15
Sarah A. Boyer $19.15
Esther L. Boyer $19.15
Nancy C. Boyer $19.15
Total $95.75

We Tennison Jarvis and his wife Mary who is one of the children and heirs at law of Thomas Boyer, deceased, have this day made the above settlement with D. H. Starbuck, Clark and Master of Forsyth County of Equity and received from him the above sum of Nineteen Dollars and seventy five cents ($91.15) in full of the share of said Mary Jarvis in and to the proceeds of sale of land, belonging to the heirs of said Thomas Boyer deceased, sold by said Cleark and Master on the 25th day of Sept., 1850. And we and each of us do hereby release and acquit for ourselves and our heirs, and executors, and administratros, said D. H. Starbuck and his heirs from any all indemify said Starbuck on account of having pad the same to us. Witness our hands and seals this 15th day of December 1851.

Attest: C. L. Banner

Tennyson Jarvis (seal)
Mary (mark) Jarvis

State of North Carolina, Forsyth County

This day personally appeared Tennison Jarvis and wife Mary in open Court and in the presents of each other acknowledged the due execution by them of the foregoing receipt, release, and quit claim; whereupon the Court appointed J. M. Stafford one of their number to take the privy examination of the said Mary Jarvis and examined her privately and seperately and apart from her said husband, touching her free and voluntaryly execution of said deed, release, quit-claim and receipt, and returned and reported to said Court, that upon the examination of the said Mary Jarvis, she says that she executed said Deed, release, and quit-claim, freely and voluntarily and of her own accord, without the force, fear or coercion of her said husband, and thhat she now freely and voluntarily assent therto. Whereupon it was ordered by said Court, that said deed, release, receipt and quit-claim be, together with this certificate recorded and registered.

Dec., 15th, day 1851.
A. J. Stafford, C.C.C.

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