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Boyer Family

First Generation:

Jacob Bucher (1701, Bern, Switzerland -1760, PA) m. Elizabeth Steffen, (1705, Bern, Switzerland-?). Jacob and his sons, Henrich and Jacob arrived from Switzerland on the Mercury, May 29, 1735. His wife and other children are not listed as passengers.

Second Generation:

Children of Jacob Bucher and Elizabeth Steffen
Henry Bucher (1729-1796) m. Ann Catherine Soell (1743-1821), d/o Adam and Sarah Soell
Jacob Bucher (c 1731-?) m. 1) unknown, 2) Anna Maria (Mary Ann) Neuben (1746-1791)
Barbara Bucher (1733-?)
Joseph Bucher (1735) (died as an infant)
Joseph Bucher (1737-?)
Rudolph Bucher (1739)

Third Generation:

Children of Henry Boyer/Bucher and Ann Catherine Soell
Elisabeth Boyer (1762-?) m. 1) John Gordon, 2) Nathan Peddicord
Jacob Boyer/Bougher (1765) m. Anna Ring
Margareth Boyer (1767-?)
Henry Boyer (1769-?) m. Margery Mulligan
Mary Boyer (1771-1772)
Adam Boyer (1773-bef. 1794) m. Rosina Frey Petry (1757-?) (widow of Adam Petree) (1748-1793)
John Boyer (1775-bef. 1837) m. Olive " Molly" Watkins
Joseph Boyer (1777-aft. 1850) m. Barbara Petry (1782-after 1850) (moved to KY)
Abraham Boyer (1780-1784)
Isaac/Isiah Boyer (1782-bef. 1843) m. Anna Snider (?-by 1843)
Robert Boyer (1785-bef. 1850?) m. 1) unknown (?-bef. 1845); 2) Delilah Roberts (moved to KY, then IL where he married Delilah in 1845)

Henry and Catherine Boyer were the sponsors for Adam Spoon (Spainhouer), son of Adam and Mary Spoon, October 27, 1783, Shiloh Lutheran Church, Lewisville, NC

This indenture made the twenty second day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety five between Jacob Boun of the County of Stokes, State of N. Carolina of the one part, and Henry Boyer of the County aforesaid of the other part. Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of thirty seven pounds current money of the said State to him in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath given granted bargained & sold & by these presents doth give grant bargain & sell unto the said Henry Boyer Jun. Grant a tract of land lying and being in the said County of Stokes on Muddy Creek beginning at a pine running south seven chains and forty seven links to a pine, East twenty four chains to a hickory, South two and a half chains to a post oak, East twenty eight chains and forty links to a Water Beach on said Creek, thence up side Creek as it meanders to a Maple being the corner of a tract conveyed by Fred. Wm. Marshall to said Boun. Then West fifty three & a half chains to the beginning, containing forty seven acres be the same more or less being part of a tract of land conveyed by said Marshall to said Boun. To have and to hold to the said Henry Boyer and his heirs and assigns forever. An the said Jacob Boun for himself his heirs executors and Adms. doth hereby covenant and agree to and with the said Henry Boyer Jun. his heirs and assigns & shall and may forever hereafter peaceably and quitely have, hold occupy posses and enjoy the said land & premises together with all its appuntenances, rights, privileges & Improvements without molestation from any person Whatsoever to himself & his heirs executors & adam. to warrant & defend the said land & premises and Demand of all personal whatsoever. In witnesseth whereof the said Jacob Boun hath known to set his hand & seal the say written first above. Signed sealed and acknowledged before us Wm. Thorton and Robt. Elrod. Witness: Jacob Boun (seal). Stokes Co. NC, Sept. Term 1795. The execution of the above Deed was duly proved in Open Court by the Oath of Robert Elrod, and Ordered to be Registered. Test: Robt. Williams, CC

Lebenslauf of Henry Boyer

Fourth Generation:

Children of Elizabeth Boyer and John Gordon
Rebecca Gordon (1784-?)
Mary Gordon (1786-?)
Henry Gordon (1793-?)


Children of Jacob Boyer and Anna Ring
Mary Boyer (1791-bef. 1842) (possibly married Philip Whitmore)
Sarah Boyer (1793-bef. 1842)


Children of Henry Boyer and Margery Mulligan
Mary Boyer (1796-?)
Elisabeth Boyer (1798-?) m. John Cherry
Catherine Boyer (1801) m. William Goodman
William S. Boyer (1803) m. Martha Ann Tyre
Jane Boyer m. John Kemper
Sarah Boyer
Jesse Boyer m. Elizabeth Tyre
Nancy Boyer m. Manoah Singleton

This family moved to Rutherford County, TN by 1803.


Children of Adam Boyer and Rosina Frey Petry
John H. Boyer (1795-aft. 1850) m. 1) Anne Sutherland (1800-?); m. 2) May (abt. 1799-aft. 1850 (moved to Morgan Co., IL)
Jacob Boyer (1796-?)


Children of John Boyer and Olive "Molly" Watkins
Thomas Boyer (1800-1842) m. Elizabeth Harper (1805-1861) (m. 1829)
William Boyer (1801-1845) m. Loreta/Harriett Harper (1813-1845)
*Elizabeth Boyer (abt. 1805-aft. 1880) m. Henry Beroth in 1840, his second wife
Catherine Boyer (1807-1849) m. John Harper (1806-1874)
John Boyer (1810-1871) m. Anna Holder (1811-1889)
Henry Boyer (1817-aft. 1850) m. 1) Margaretha Waterson (?-bef. 1848); 2) Mary "Polly" Alspach (1807-aft 1850)
Daughter m. Hire

*Previously we showed Elizabeth Boyer Beroth dying in 1861. However, she still seems to be around in the 1870 and 1880 census records. Does anyone have an exact death date?


Children of Joseph Boyer and Barbara Petry
James Boyer m. Mary Neet in 1822, Adair County, KY
William Boyer (1802-?)

Joseph Booyer (age 72) and Barbara Booyer (age 68), born in NC, listed in the 1850 Adair Co, KY Census.


Children of Isaac/Isiah Boyer and Anna Snider
Lorenzo Dow Boyer (1813-?)
Joseph Boyer (1815-aft. 1880) m. Amanda E. Alberty (1828-1911)
Lydia Boyer

Anna Boyer's Will was proven in Stokes County, NC June Term, 1843. She bequeathed to her son Joseph the plantation, stock, household furniture and the family Bible. To her daughter Lydia, she left "wearing apparel, etc." Witnessed by Jno. Blackburn, Philip Whitmore and Elizabeth (x) Harper.


Children of Robert Boyer and his first wife, name unknown
Cynthia Boyer (abt. 1810-aft. 1850) m. Isaac Hines (abt. 1813-aft. 1850)
Ann Boyer (abt. 1811-aft. 1850) m. Aaron Samples (abt 1812-aft. 1850)
Delilah Boyer (abt. 1814-aft. 1850) m. Jeremiah Youngblood (abt. 1798-aft. 1850)
Polly Boyer (abt. 1820-aft. 1850) m. Brazil Roberts (abt. 1826-aft. 1850)
Joseph Henry Boyer (1822-1875) m. Jane Ward
Mahala Boyer (abt. 1824-aft. 1850) m. William Culbertson/Clavenon (abt. 1826-aft. 1850)
Hulda Boyer (abt. 1827-aft. 1850) m. William Ledbetter (abt. 1821-aft. 1850)
Sarah Boyer m. John Edwards in 1833
Elizabeth (Betsy) Boyer m. 1) Mr. Palmer; 2) John Ward in 1841

This family moved to Kentucky before 1810 and stayed at least until 1827, then moved into Illinois in Macoupin, Sagamon and Morgan counties, IL. Robert and Delilah Boyer are buried in Morgan Co., IL. I was unable to identify Sarah and Elizabeth Boyer in the 1850 census.

Fifth Generation:

Children of Thomas Boyer and Elizabeth Harper
Mary Jane Boyer (photo) (1829-1914) m. Tennison Jarvis (1827-1863)
Janey/Jensy E. Boyer (1833-1901) m.Elisha M. H. Vogler (1830-1863)
Sarah A. Boyer (1835-1907) m. George Franklin Reich (1833-1906) (moved to Texas)
Esther L. Boyer (1840-aft 1850)
Nancy R. Boyer (1844-aft. 1880)
*Lucinda Mariah Boyer (1845-aft. 1880?)

Lucinda Mariah Boyer is either the illegitimate daughter of Elizabeth Harper Boyer, or the illegitimate daughter of Mary Jane Boyer before her marriage to Tennison Jarvis or Thomas Boyer didn't die in 1842. Her name is not mentioned in the settlement of Thomas Boyer's estate. We have a death date of 1842 for Thomas Boyer, can anyone confirm that? It is an interesting note that in the 1910 census record, the last census that Mary Jane Boyer Jarvis would appear in, she states she had 8 children, 5 of which are living. I have record of seven children being born to Mary Jane and Tennison Jarvis. The 1880 Forsyth County Census shows Jensy Vogler, age 47 and a sister living in the same household named "Boyer Vogler" and is not identified by her first name. It could be either Nancy or Lucinda Mariah.

Thomas Boyer's Estate Settlement


Probable children of Elizabeth Boyer prior to her marriage to Henry Beroth
Polina E. Boyer (1830-1885) m. Kelian Brewer (abt. 1832-aft. 1850)
Nancy Lavenia Boyer (1835-aft. 1880)
Melissa J. Boyer (1835-1850)
Reyford T. (Ralph?) Boyer (1838) probably died during Civil War
Henry F. Beroth (1841-aft. 1880) (Henry Beroth's child)
Mariah C. Beroth (1846-1914) (did not marry) (Henry Beroth's child)

There are several NC land and deed records which indicate that this Elizabeth Boyer was a single woman or a widow as early as 1838. She is listed as "one of the heirs at law" of John Boyer. Since John Boyer's wife was Olive Watkins, then I have assumed she is John Boyer's daughter and single. In several land records Elizabeth is never listed as John's wife, nor the wife of any other Boyer.

One document, a Deed of Gift, signed by a Elizabeth Boyer, made me question if these are indeed her children. Why would a mother of 3 girls and one son bequeath what appears to be all of her material belongings to a child of Adam McKnight and Nancy West? I did not find any other document that connects the McKnight and Boyer families. The Deed of Gift reads as follows:

"Know all men by these presents that I Elizabeth Boyer of the county aforesaid for .....good reasons....... have this 12 day of July 1838 given and bequeathed unto Juliana McKnight, daughter of Adam McKnight all the following property forever to wit: one bed, a ..... cupboard, 4 chairs, 1 glass and all the kitchen furniture, one pot and oven, seven light pewter plates, ten earthen plates, one ax and one maddock, one sow and pigs, one barrell...., all of which the said Julian shall have and hold as her own property. Nevertheless the named property shall remain in the hands of her parents in trust until she arrives at the age of eighteen years. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal. Elizabeth (x) Boyer"

Elisabeth Boyer married Henry Beroth on January 22, 1840 in Stokes County, NC. Record # 01 020, Bond # 00037273. John Harper is Bondsman, John C. Blum, Witness. The 1850 Forsyth County Census, Household # 207/207 shows: Elizabeth Beroth, Head of Household. Polina E. Bowyer, 19. Nancy L. Bowyer, 15. Reyford T. Bowyer, 12. Henry T. Bowyer (s/b Beroth), 9. Maria C. Barroth (Beroth), 4. The mortality schedule shows that Malissa A. Bowyer (born 1835) was also a member of this household before her death in March, 1850.

Who is Mary/Mariah Boyer (born abt.1835) that married William T. Ketner (1838-1862) in 1862 and 2) Thomas Slater? Nancy Slater who is the gr-gr-granddaughter of Mary (Polly) Boyer has a deed transaction that lists: Mary (Polly) Slater, Paulina Brewer, Elizabeth Beroth, & John Boyer. She also found the reference to the a court case where Mary Boyer Slater petitioned for the return of her dower property after the death of her husband Thomas and the court appointment of her "Uncle John Boyer" to appraise the estate.

Rayford Boyer, age 35, enlisted June 11, 1861, Forsyth Co., NC, as a Private into "K" Company, NC 21st Infantry. He died on January 29, 1862, Manassas, VA.

Ralph A. Boyer, age 22, enlisted June 11, 1861, Forsyth Co., NC, as a Private into "K" Company, NC 21st Infantry. He died on January 29, 1862, Manassas, VA.


Children of Henry Boyer and 1) Margaret Waterson
William Boyer (1841)
Mulvina Boyer (1844)
Alpha M. Boyer (1847)


Children of John Boyer and Mary (Polly) Southerland
Elizabeth Ann Boyer (1830/1) m. Joseph Roberts (lived in South Dakota)
Thomas B. Boyer (1838-aft. 1880) m. Mary Etta (Marietta) Dunn (1843-aft. 1880) (moved to Oregon)


Children of William Boyer and Loreta/Harriett Harper
Decatur Boyer (1831-aft.1854) m. Florina Alspach (abt. 1831-aft. 1850)
Julia Boyer (1832-1845)
Lavina Elizabeth Boyer (1835-1914) m. Henry Wshington Shore (1831-1906), s/o Thomas Shore and Lydia Chitty
Madison Boyer (1837-1845)
Caroline Boyer (1839-1914) m. Marion F. McKnight (abt. 1832-1861), s/o George and Lydia McKnight
Olive Victoria Boyer (1841-1893) m. Irvin S. Miller (1835-1896), s/o John and Elizabeth Miller
Margaret Sophia Boyer (1845-1915) m. James Wilson Inscore


Children of John Boyer and Anna Holder
Louisa Boyer (1835-1906) m. Salathiel Hire (m. in 1857)
John T. (Jack) Boyer, Jr. (1838-1904) m. 1) Elizabeth Jane Harper (1842-1891),
2) Rosa A. Ferguson Cuthbret (1843-?)
Emmeline/Emiline Boyer (1840-1926) m. Francis (Frank) W. Harper (1848-1881)
Joseph Boyer (1845-?) (not at home in 1850)
Sarah Boyer (1846-bef. 1860)
Junius Boyer (1848-1889) m. Malinda S. Crater (1844-1925)

Previously we incorretly stated on this page that Francis (Frank) Alexander Reich married Sarah Boyer. Frank Reich moved to Iowa with his parents sometime after 1850 and before 1860. In 1860, 1870, and 1880 Frank Reich was living at home with his parents and siblings. The 1910 census for Appanoose, Iowa shows that Frank's wife was named Pearl W. and that he had married only once at the age of 35 or about in 1885. Sarah Boyer, dau. of John and Anna died before 1860.


Children of Joseph Boyer and Amanda E. Alberty
Margaret Boyer (1846-1934) m. William H. Hartley (1842-1911)
John M. Boyer (1849-1926)m. Laura Jane Potts (1852-1913)
Allen Boyer (1850-bef. 1900)
Kezia Boyer (1852-1932) m. Noah Adam Nifong (1852-1917)
Thomas Howard Boyer(1856-1924) m. 1) Cordelia Harper (1859-1892);
2) Mary Burkhardt Brandon (1855-1937), widow of William F. Brandon
Lydia Jane Boyer (1858-1946) m. Charles Watson Brinkley (1861-1938)
Samuel Worth Boyer (1860-1935) m. Lizana Jane Livengood (1868-1924)
James William Boyer (1863-1927) m. Mary Alice Hunt (1874-1918)
Eliza Boyer(1867-bef. 1900)m. Peter Monroe Binkley (1862-1940)
Emily (Emma) Boyer (1869-1955)m. Samuel P. Binkley (1859-1918)
Charlie Evander Boyer (1873-1959) m. Jennie Cornelius Huffman (1874-1938)

Sixth Generation:

Children of Caroline Boyer and Marion F. McKnight
Lydia McKnight (abt. 1857-bef. 1870?)
Ella L. (Olly) McKnight (abt. 1861-aft. 1880)

In the 1860 Federal Census, Forsyth Co., NC, Caroline McKnight, age 20, is found in two households. The first, is the household of Marion McKnight who appears to be her husband. In that same household is a child, Lydia, born about 1857, who appears to be the child of Caroline and Marion. In the same census, Caroline McKnight, age 20, is in the household of her parents, John and Anna Boyer. In the 1870 census Caroline McKnight is head of the household with daughter Ella L., age 9. It is possible that Ella L. and Lydia are the same child. They are living next door to Joseph Boyer.


Children of Olive/Olivia/Olla Boyer and Irvin S. Miller
John William Miller (1864-1865)
Frank Edward Miller (1868-1899) m. Mary Ellen Crouse
Adelaid Miller (1874-1950) m. Robinson Dora Elizabeth Miller (1876-1956)
Bessie Antoinette Miller (1878-1887)


Children of Margaret Sophia Boyer before her marriage to James Inscore
Frances (Fannie) Boyer (1861-?) m. Edgar Good
Mary Victoria (Molly) Boyer (abt 1866-?) m. John Wesley Binkley (abt. 1859-aft. 1880)


Children of Margaret Sophia Boyer and James Wilson Inscore
John Decatur Inscore (1869) m. 1) Martha E. Baily; 2) Dolly Soloman or Shahan
Julie Ann Inscore (abt.1872)
Dr. George Henry Inscore (1874-?) m. 1) Fannie Tanner and 2) Martha
Laura Inscore (1877) m. William Atkins
Robert Brison Inscore (1880) m. Ann Price (married for only three months)
Emma Gertrude Inscore (1883) (twin) m. William Franklin Inscore
Virginia Mae (Jennie) Inscore (1883) (twin) m. Charles H. Holmes
Lewis Wilburn Inscore (1886-1920) m. Mary Elizabeth (Liza) Posten


Children of Junius Boyer and Malinda S. Crater
Walter Boyer (?-bef. 1900)

"Junius Boyer, (died) Jan. 3, 1889 at his home about nine miles west of Salem, in the 41st year of his age, of penumonia. Mr. Boyer for the past two years served as general storekeeper and gauger in the internal revenue service. He was a well-known and highly respected citizen and leaves a wife, one child, two sisters, and a brother, John Boyer, the ex-sheriff of Forsyth County". (Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, NC) 1851-1892, Robert M. Topkins)


Children of Thomas B. Boyer and Mary Etta (Marietta) Dunn
Charles W. Boyer (1861)
Margaret (Maggie) B. Boyer (1864) m. James H. Watkins
Florence Boyer (1866) m. 1) James Carter (1866); 2) John Powell (1862-?); 3) Allison Lathrop (1862)
Walter Enoch Boyer (1867) m. Alice E. Yeager (1867)
Edward Boyer (1869)
Charles C. Boyer (1871)
Richard Boyer (1873) m. Hulda Frazer (1873)
Thomas Oliver Boyer (1875)
John C. Boyer (1878) m. Nettie R. Wunder (1888)
Frederick A. Boyer (1880) m. Elsie Hough
Fannie A. Boyer (1882) m. Charles Cole
Carrie Alice Boyer (1884) m. Walter James Hanby
The first two children were born in Missouri, others born in Oregon.


Children of John M. Boyer and Laura Jane Potts
John Wesley Boyer (1877-1939) m. Ada Cordelia Newsom (1877-1947)
William A. Boyer (1879-1930) m. Rosa Rominger (1884-1943)
Thomas Boyer (abt. 1882-aft. 1900) m. Addie Todd
Mandy Boyer (1884-aft. 1900) m. J. A. Forbis
Carrie L. Boyer (1887-1968) m. Benjamin Shelton
Emma R Boyer (1888-1981) m. Samuel Shelton


Children of Thomas Howard Boyerand Cordelia Harper
John Thomas Boyer (1885-1967) m. Martha M. (Mattie) Marshall (1883-1967), d/o Zachariah Marshall and Laura Chafin
Laura G. Boyer (1887-1966) m. Jesse Lindsey Long
Sallie Boyer (abt. 1888-aft. 1900)

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Who is..... ...

Enrich (Henrich?) Boyer - died in June, 1869/1870, Forsth County, NC? (Listed in the Mortality Schedule)


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