October 8, 1796

At Hope, the married Brother, Henry Boyer (sen.) who died yesterday was buried. He had once been a communicant in the Hope Congregation but had gotten into such indifference and lazyness that he entirely withdrew himself from the congregation and our church. He was often visited during the time of his disease and admonished seriously and charitably to turn as a sinner to the Savior, and especially to invoke Him for forgiving the sin of his disbelief in Him. At one of these visits he told us the cause, when for the first time, even before he belonged to the Moravian Church he had seriously prayed to God, with the intent to change his life. To wit, during the last war he was wrongly reported as a spy and carried into the camp of Lord Cornwallis, and he already stood at the tree, to which he was supposed to be bound and on the other side (across from) the soldiers (stood) with loaded guns, when he was released by the mediation of some friends who had just come to that place. The Savior blessed these visits of Br. Kramsch with him so much, that this poor patient called day and night, often in a very concerned way, to the Savior for mercy and forgiveness of his sins, and we hope and wish that the merciful Savior has preferred mercy to justice and will hae fulfilled his wish and desire. He age was 67 and 7 months.

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