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Campbell Family

Hats off to Maureen Girard who has probably identified John Campbell's Mother. For months Maureen searched and re searched, finding only dead ends. Thankfully, she did not give up. Recently a group put our heads together and came up with the theory (based on known facts) that Mary Hamilton, sister of Horatio Hamilton, was the mother of John Campbell. Maureen wrote to the Moravian Archives and recently received a response from Richard Starbuck, Archivist.

In his letter to Maureen he writes, "the memoir of John Campbell's daughter, Elisabeth Maria Campbell Jarvis, states that her great uncle was Horatio Hamilton.  Since John Campbell was a nephew of Horatio Hamilton, which of Horatio's sisters was John Campbell's mother?   Our records do not say; however, they provide a strong suggestion.  The enclosed memoir of Horatio's unmarried sister, Mary Hamilton, states:  'Having been disappointed in a premeditated [i.e., arranged] marriage, she concludes to remain single. . . .'   That statement strongly suggests that your speculation is correct:  that John Campbell was the son of Mary Hamilton, and that her brother Horatio Hamilton not only took in his unmarried sister but also at least informally adopted her son.  That would explain why on Nov. 7, 1787, Horatio Hamilton asked Salem's Elders Conference for permission 'to send to our school his son, a boy of twelve years' (Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, v. 5, p. 2190).  None of our records name the 12-year-old boy; however, the age does fit Horatio's nephew John Campbell.  It should be noted that our records do not say that John Campbell actually came to school in Salem, which leaves the impression that Horatio Hamilton did not follow up on his request.  Our 1982 explanation to Dolores S. Miltenberger that there were two Horatio Hamiltons in the area was wrong." Congratulations, Maureen!! And thanks to Richard Starbuck!

Children of John Campbell (1775-1857) and Anna Regina/Rachel Weidman (1775-aft.1850)
Elisabeth Maria (Marie) Campbell (1803-1843) m. James Jarvis, Jr. (1800-1847)
Ann (Nancy) Campbell (1805-1886) m. David Zimmerman (1811-1888)
Regina Maria Campbell (1808-1843/1850) m. Mark York
George Waitman Campbell m. Ester Horney (moved to IL)
Sally Campbell m. John Burcham
Milton Campbell (?-aft. 1819)
Mary Magdalena (Polly) Campbell (1815-1897) m. John M. Vawter (1815-1874)

15 Aug 1818.  Will of Israel Robinson.  September Term 1819.  Wife Jane, "to raise and educate my children."  Three sons, Jacob, Michael and Charles.  Two daughters Mary and Elizabth.  Executors: Wife Jane and father Jacob Robinson.  Witnesses:  John Fair, Wm. Robinson, Jurat and Milton Campbell.  Signed:  Israel (X) Robinson.

Children of Regina Maria Campbell and Mark York
Nancy R. York (1836-1872) (buried at Waughtown Cemetery)
Manuel York (1843)

John Jarvis, son of Elisabeth Maria Campbell and James Jarvis, Jr., is listed with David and Nancy Campbell Zimmerman in 1850 Forsyth County Census. In 1860, John C. Jarvis is listed with the John M. Vawter and Mary (Polly) Campbell Vawter family. Also in the same Vawter household is Nancy R. York, a daughter of Regina Campbell and Mark York.

Nancy R. York died October 13, 1872 in Waughtown, at the residence of her uncle, J. M. Vawter, Esq. in the 33rd year of her age.) -- Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, North Carolina) 1851-1892. Published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society


Maureen Girard is THE Campbell researcher who relentlessly pursued the identity of John Campbell. Marureen's e-mail is :


Will of George Weidman, Rowan County Wills, dated 14 Jan 1798, proved May, 1798.

Will of John M. Vawter, Waughtown, Forsyth County, NC Wills, W-274, dated Dec 14, 1857 and republished 19 October, 1874 as Last Will and Testament

Death Notices from People's Press (Salem, North Carolina) 1851-1892, An Indexed Abstract, Compiled and Edited by Robert M. Tompkins, published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society, 1997

Personal communcations with Maureen Girard. Maureen furnished the information on the Jarvis/Campbell/Weidman line and is interested in corresponding with other researchers. Her email address

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