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Zimmerman Family

First Generation

Johann Christian Zimmerman was born Nov 4, 1726 in Hof, Nassau-Dillenburg, Germany, and died Mar 14, 1793 in Friedberg NC. He immigrated on the Neptune in September 1751, and in 1758 married the widow Anna Catharina Meyer Jensen (1739-1808), daughter of Matthias Meyer & Anna Barbara Binckele (who later married Johann Valentin Frey). Christian and Catharina moved from PA to NC in 1758. There they bought 570 acres near the Friedberg Meeting House on the south side of Frey's Creek adjacent to settler Adam Spach's property. Moravian records indicate that Christian and Catharina were threatened by Indians shortly after their arrival and were invited by Br. August Gottlieb Spangenberg to take shelter in the fort at Bethabara in 1760 for several months.

Second Generation

Children of Christian Zimmerman and Anna Catharina Meyer
Margaretha Barbara Magdalena Zimmerman (1759-1844) m. Johann Heinrich Petree (1755-1804)
Johannes Zimmerman (1760-1807) m. Rosina Hoehns (Hanes) (1758-1825)
Christian Zimmerman (1762-1836) m. 1) Sarah Frey (1766-1786), 2) Catharina Wesner (1768-?)
Benjamin David Zimmerman (1763-aft. 1836) m. Elizabeth Reinhardt, lived Lincoln Co. NC
Anna Susanna Zimmerman (1765-1837) m. 1) Caspar Gunther (d. bef. 1786), 2) Conrad Kroehn (Green) (1763-1826) error corrected 12/10/10
Regina Elisabeth Zimmerman (1767-1844) m. 1) Jacob Miller (1761-1803), 2) Johann Heinrich Krieger (1753-1828) error corrected 12/10/10
Matthias Samuel Zimmerman (1769-1835) m. 1) Elizabeth Butts (ca. 1779-ca. 1814), 2) Susanna Butts (ca. 1787-ca. 1838; lived Lincoln Co. NC, later moved to Gibson Co. IN
Catharina Zimmerman (1771-1843) m. Johann Adam Fishel (1768-1843)
Joseph Zimmerman (1772-1845) m. Catharina Fiscus (ca. 1782-?), moved to Morgan Co. IN
Daniel Thomas Zimmerman (1774-1855) m. Elisabeth Knauss (1777-1814)
Sarah Zimmerman (1777-1843) m. John Beroth (1772-1831)
Anna Zimmerman (1780-1781)
Christina Zimmerman (1782-1829) m. Johannes Schultz (1772-1840) error corrected 12/10/10

Third Generation

Children of Johannes Zimmerman and Rosina Hoehns
Anna Zimmerman and Maria Elisabeth Zimmerman, twin girls b. & d. 1787
John Zimmerman (1788-1852?)
Christian Zimmerman (1789-?) m. 1) Mary Ebert, 2) Sally Amburne
Elisabeth Zimmerman (1792-1856) m. Jacob Foltz (1775-1845)
Phillip Zimmerman (1794-?)
Sarah Zimmerman (1796-?) m. Jacob Schneider (who were his parents?)
Catherine Zimmerman (1798-1849) m. Johannes (John) Rothrock (1779-1827)
Rosina Zimmerman (1801-1870) m. Philip Reich (1799-1870)


Children of Christian Zimmerman and Catharina Wesner
Johannes Zimmerman (1792-1814)
Elisabeth Zimmerman (1794-?)
Catharina Zimmerman (1796-1800)
Johann Christian Zimmerman (1799-?)


Children of Benjamin David Zimmerman and Elizabeth Reinhardt
(This family moved to Lincolnton, NC)
John Zimmerman (ca. 1789-1830)
Christian R. Zimmerman (1790-1792)
Daniel Zimmerman (1794-1795)
Catharina Zimmerman (b. & d. 1797?)
Immanuel Zimmerman (1798-?)
Martin Zimmerman


Children of Matthias Samuel Zimmerman and Elizabeth Butts
Elizabeth Zimmerman m. James Adams 1818 in Gibson Co. IN
Daniel Zimmerman (1803-1884) m. 1) Sarah A. Monroe (1813-1840), 2) Letitia Clinton (1824-?), 3) Catherine Eby
John Zimmerman (1805-1900) m. Elizabeth Ennes (1816-1894)
David Zimmerman m. Elizabeth Brown
Katherine Zimmerman

Children of Matthias Samuel Zimmerman and Susanna Butts
William Zimmerman
Joseph ? Zimmerman
Mary Ann Zimmerman (1819-?) m. Jeptha Williams (1820-?)
Samuel Martin Zimmerman (1820-1857) m. Frances Ellen Pritchett (1831-1916)
Sarah Zimmerman m. French E.W. Hillman
Eliza Jane Zimmerman (1827-?) m. William Armstrong


Children of Joseph Zimmerman and Catharina Fiscus
Elisabeth Zimmerman (ca.1798-?) m. David Darnall Lee (1797-1865)
Johannes Zimmerman (1805-1856) m. Barbara Hester (1817-?) (lived in Stokes Co. NC)
Susanna Zimmerman (1809-?)
Catherine Zimmerman (b. 1810/1815) m. Ellison Townsend (Morgan Co. IN)


Children of Daniel Thomas Zimmerman and Elisabeth Knauss
Sara Zimmerman (1798-?)
Elisabeth Zimmerman (1800-?)
Thomas Daniel Zimmerman (1802-1851) m. Susannah, surname unknown; lived Davie Co. NC
Anna Susanna Zimmerman (1805-?) m. David Todd (1804-aft. 1850)
George Zimmerman (1809-1875) m. Elizabeth Link (1815-1865)
David Zimmerman (1811-1888) m. Nancy Campbell (1805-1886)

In 1850 Daniel Zimmerman (born 1774) is living with his daughter Anna Susanna Todd and her family.

Fourth Generation

Children of Christian Zimmerman and Mary Ebert
Solomon J. Zimmerman (ca. 1811-?) m. Clementine Fisher (1811-1899)

Children of Thomas Daniel and Susanna Zimmerman
Daniel Zimmerman (1828-1900) m. 1) Margaret Phillips, 2) Phebe J. Shutt(1841-1914)
Sally Zimmerman (1832-?)
Elizabeth Ann Zimmerman (1835-1922) m. Matthew Markland (1830-1903)
Thomas Zimmerman (1837-1851)
Jackson Zimmerman (1840-1894) m. 1) Emily Bailey, 2) Sarah Elizabeth Satterfield (1850-1922)
Susan Zimmerman (1844-?). Did she marry James H. Sides in 1865?


Children of George Zimmerman and Elizabeth Link
Mary Zimmerman (1835-1891) m. Jacob L. Clodfelter
David Zimmerman (1837-1868) m. Nancy Evans (1838-1868)
Joseph Zimmerman (1840-?)
Eli Zimmerman (1844-1911) m. Amanda Wagoner (1844-1907)
Sarah Zimmerman, died in childhood
Polly Zimmerman
Alexander (Alec) Zimmerman (ca. 1848-?)

Previously we showed Joseph dying as a baby in 1841, but he's still with his family in the 1850 census, age 10. Another source says he died in the Civil War. Can anyone confirm this?

Fifth Generation

Children of Solomon J. Zimmerman and Clementine Fisher
Martin V. Zimmerman (1835-1862) m. Susan Paulina Sink (1844-1899); she m. 2) Timothy Transou in 1882
George Romulus Zimmerman (1838-1850)
Julius A. Zimmerman (ca. 1841-1862)
Anna C. Zimmerman (ca. 1844-?)
Samuel R. Zimmerman (ca. 1846-1864), killed in Civil War
Johanna S. Zimmerman (1849-1888 or 1886?) m. David Alexander Tesh (1851-1911), her sister's widower
Rosina Elizabeth Zimmerman (1851-1872) m. David Alexander Tesh (1851-1911) in 1871
John S. Zimmerman (1854-1937) m. Agnes C. Ebert (1860-1917)
Catherine S. Zimmerman (ca. 1856-?)
Lewis William Zimmerman (1858-1920) m. 1) Abigail Spaugh (1856-1883),
daughter of John Solomon Spach and Anna Green; m. 2) Susanna ? (1882-1907); m. 3) Emily E. Heath (1881-1955)
Julia Zimmerman (ca. 1861-1932) m. James F. Spaugh (1865-1899),
son of George Simon Spach and Elizabeth Craver


Children of Daniel Zimmerman and Margaret Phillips
Fanny S.L. Zimmerman (1853-?)
Jounious M. Zimmerman (1854-?)
David C. Zimmerman (1856-?)
Henry Jackson Zimmerman (1858-?)
John Peoples Zimmerman (1860-1937)
Eliza A.B. Zimmerman (1863-?)

Children of Daniel Zimmerman and Phebe Shutt
Ida Alzena Zimmerman (1866-?)
Martha Jane Zimmerman (b. & d. 1867)
Cicero Columbus Zimmerman (1870-1948) m. Mittie Beeding (Beaton) (1879-1956)
Emma V. Zimmerman (1872-?) m. Nat Sidden
Susan Carrie Zimmerman (1875-1957) m. Rynard Foster (1872-1959)
Lelia Luella Zimmerman (1877-1898)
Minnie May Zimmerman (1879-?)
Daniel Alexander Zimmerman (1881-1898)
Cora Gertrude Zimmerman (1881-1963)


Children of Jackson Zimmerman and Emily Bailey
Georgeanna Zimmerman (1872-1943) m. Luther Hartley

Children of Jackson Zimmerman and Sarah Elizabeth Satterfield
Cornelia Albertine Zimmerman (1877-1960) m. Louis Alexander Bradwell (1876-1970)
Betty Zimmerman (1878-1961) m. George Minor (1873-1951)
Jesse Garfield Zimmerman (1880-1966) m. Minnie Waller (1880-1969)
Ottie Daniel Zimmerman (1882-1950) m. 1) Sandry Garwood (1886-1909), 2) Julia Camilla Frances Sprinkle (1887-1956)


Children of David Zimmerman and Nancy Evans
Joseph F. Zimmerman (1862-1865)
Junius Lindsay Zimmerman (1864-1954) m. Beatrice Estelle Evans (1878-1971)
Washington Meachum Zimmerman (1866-1950) m. Ida O. Thomas (1866-1956)


Children of Eli Zimmerman and Amanda Wagoner
Joseph Lindsay Zimmerman (1867-1947) m. Emma Amanda Wagner (1867-1902)
William C. Zimmerman (1869-1959) m. Florence Mertie Shupping (1876-1973)
Henry Sidney Zimmerman (1871-1943) m. Mary Delilah Hege (1874-1946)
Franklin Edward Zimmerman (1873-1956) m. Ada Victoria Elizabeth Tesh (1876-1946)
Emanuel Jackson Zimmerman (1875-1963) m. Lula Beatrice Craver (1879-1969)
Flora I. Zimmerman (1877-1910) m. William Franklin Miller (1875-1951)
Julian Pinkston Zimmerman (1879-1964) m. Lewis Phillip Reich (1877-1952)
Mary E. Zimmerman (1885-1941) m. Olin Charles Perryman (1877-1953)
Ada V. Zimmerman (1888-1889)


Thanks to B. Zimmerman and Anthony Collins for information on this family!

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Stokes and Forsyth Co. NC census records

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