Elizabeth Cheshire's Family

Elizabeth Cheshire's son, Richard Cheshire, was born August, 1730 in Maryland. Elizabeth, a spinster, placed Richard into indentured service and apprenticed him to Josias Hendon on April 6, 1734 in Baltimore County, Maryland. His term of indenturedship was until his twenty-first birthday or a period of 17 years. He moved with the Hendon family to Bladen County, North Carolina which is in the Cape Fear region. It is believed that Richard married (a FitzRandolph? ) and had four sons:

Herman H. Robinson of Bladen State of NC County. NW Branch of Cape Fear River 50 acres. Undivided parcel which devised to the heir of late William Cheshire granted patent to Richard Lyon Sep. 27th 1753 and conveyed to Richard Cheshire by deed dated Jan 1. 1760 descended to William Cheshire Eldest son of Richard P. to Sophia present wife of Harris Kirksey and other heirs Rec. 3/3/1838

Children of Richard Cheshire and (FitzRandolph?)
William Cheshire (1750-1820) m. Sarah Christian McRee, d/o Robert and Jane McRee
Randolph Cheshire (1753-1832) m. Mary Dunham (?-bef. 1850)
Nicholas Cheshire (1757-after 1820) m. unknown FitzRandolph (stayed in Bladen Co., NC)
Richard Cheshire II (1759-1851) m. 1) Polly Bryan (?-bef. 1828), d/o of Philmon Bryan; 2) Prudence

John Harrison of Bladen County, Elizabethtown, NC Will 1785

Second Generation

Children of William Cheshire and Sarah Christian McRee
John Cheshire (abt. 1782)
Robert Cheshire (moved to GA)

In 1820 John Cheser is living in Tatthall County, Georgia. In 1830 a John Cheser is listed again in Tatthall Co. GA and his age is between 50-60.


Children of Randolph Cheshire and Mary Dunham
Tirpin M. Cheshire (1786-1861) m. Lucy Williams (Cherokee Indian) (living in Randolph Co., GA 1850)
Phillip Wood Cheshire (1790-1879) m. Sarah Fasons (1804-aft. 1850) (living in Randolph Co GA 1850)
Missy Cheshire (1794)
William Cheshire (1810) (moved to MS)
James Snowden Cheshire (1789-1863) (died Ft. Deposit, Lowndes Co., AL)
Lucy Cheshire (1805-1870) m. Nathaniel Graves
Mary A. Cheshire (1807)
Ruth B. Cheshire (abt. 1802) m. Owen Carroll, Jr.(m. in Bladen Co., NC)
Richard Jesse Cheshire (1803-?) (moved to GA) (was he living in Monroe Co NC in 1825?)
Prudence Cheshire (abt. 1802-?) m. Flex Singletary

1850 Randolph Co GA


Children of Nicholas Cheshire and unknown FitzRandolph
William Chshire (1790-after 1870) m. Olivia
Catherine (Caroline?) Cheshire (1795) m. Hezekiah Johns (lived in Hamilton Co FL)
John R. Cheshire (1800-after 1858) m. Tabatha Hall
James Cheshire (1814-?) m. Fatima Johns
Handen Cheshire (1816-1902) m. Nancy
Barnabas Cheshire (1820-?) m. Mary Florence Lavell
Amos Cheshire (1822-?) m. 1) Elizabeth Lee; 2) Elizabeth Smith Ross


Children of Richard Cheshire and 1) Polly Bryan
James Cheshire (1789-1863) m. 1) Nancy Singletary, d/o Ithamar Singletary and Ann Bryan; 2) Elizabeth Allen
William Cheshire (abt. 1790)
Nicholas H. Cheshire (abt. 1792)
Catherine Cheshire (abt.1794)
Melsey/Mosely Cheshire (abt. 1796) m. Allen
Bryan Cheshire (1800)
Alice Cheshire (1814-abt. 1880) m. Harmon Singletary

Children of Richard Cheshire and 2) Prudence
Harriet Cheshire (1828)
Mary A. Cheshire (1832)

Third Generation

Children of Phillip Wood Cheshire and Sarah Fasons
William Cheshire (1823-aft. 1850) m. Martha (living in Randolph Co GA 1850
Dunham Cheshire (1821)
Thomas Jefferson Cheshire (1827) m. Franses Susan Chapman (1833-?)
James"Tom T" Cheshire (1829)
Samuel Cheshire (1830)
Elizabeth Cheshire (1833)
Martha Cheshire (1834)
John O. Cheshire (1836)
This family lived in Randolph co., GA


Children of Tirpin Cheshire and unknown
William James Cheshire (1815-1873) m. Catsy Ann Allen
Joseph Travis Cheshire (1817-1896) m. Abigail McDonald (m. 1837 Randolph Co GA)
Francis McKinnie Cheshire (1821-aft. 1860) m. Sarah Musslewhite (living in Randolph Co GA 1860)
Emily Canniston Cheshire (1834-aft. 1850)
Sarah Ann Cheshire (abt. 1837) m. Rev. Samuel Crawford Martin (1825-?) (moved to Brazos Co Texas) Robert H. Cheshire (1841-aft.1862) m. Mary Ann Brown (Surrendered, Appomattox, Va. Apr. 9, 1865
Edward S. Cheshire (1842-1926)
Samuel Cheshire (1847-?)
Tirpin Cheshire (1849-?)


Children of Handen Cheshire and Nancy Unknown
Eliza M. Cheshire (1841-?)
Mary M. Cheshire (1845-?) m. George W. Sistrunk
Sarah C. Cheshire (1848-?) m. S.D. Sistrunk
Susan Cheshire (1850-?) m. William Henry Dyess
William J. Cheshire (1853-?)
Walter Robert Cheshire (1853-1916) m. Mary Victoria Ellis (1856-1904)
Milton Cheshire (1856-?)
Auroria Cheshire (1857-?)
Jane Cheshire (1858-?)
Elvina Cheshire (1860-?)
Laura L. Cheshire (1862-?)
Emma M. Cheshire (1865-?)
Anna F. Cheshire (1869-?) m. Franklin Smith


Children of James Cheshire and 1) Nancy Singletary
Lenora Cheshire (1816) m. Samuel Cain
Louisa Cheshire (1816-1899) m. James William Howell (lived in Newton Co TX)
s/o Marmaduke and Nancy Regan
Watson Cheshire m. Harriet Howell


Children of Children of James Cheshire and Elizabeth Allen
Annie May Cheshire (1825) m. Franklin Bennett
Elizabeth Cheshire (1828) m. Cyrus Lyons McKythen
James Clinton Cheshire (1830) m. Louisa Bird
Mary Cheshire (1832)
Martha Cheshire (1836) m. 1) Alex Craxton; 2) John Bird; 3) Fulbright
Sarah Cheshire (1838) m. Stephen Castars
Permelia Cheshire (1843) m. John Whaley
Lourena Cheshire (1846) m. Henry Bonhams

Fourth Generation

Children of Thomas Jefferson Cheshire and Franses Susan Chapman
William Henry Cheshire (1857)
Samuel (Stonewall) Jackson (1859-1922) m. Nancy Jane Turner (1856-1937)
Jefferson David Cheshire (1862-1944) m. 1) Sarah Catherine Turner; 2) Selena Joanna Anderson (1897-1938)
Robert Cheshire (1865) m. 1) Mandy Joiner
Mary Cheshire (1866)
Anna Cheshire (1869) did she marry Mr. McMickles?


Children of Joseph Travis Cheshire and Abigail McDonald
*Edward McDonald Cheshire (1838-?) (died in Civil War)
John M. Cheshire (1840-aft. 1861) m. Matilda C. Miller (Surrendered, Appomattox, Va. Apr. 9, 1865)
Murdock Shaw Cheshire (1842-1925) m. Orpha Ann Bass (1847-1921), d/o James C. Bass & Gennette Culbreth
(surrendered, Appomattox on 9 April 1865)
Mary Isabella Cheshire (1844-1896) m. Andrew Jackson Grubbs
Archibald Phillip Cheshire (1846-?) did not marry
William Thomas Cheshire (1852-?) m. Susan A. Bass
Joseph F. Cheshire (1856-?)
Cornelia J. Cheshire (1859-?)

*Cheshire, E. W.--Enlisted as a private in Co. K, 7th Regt. Ga. State Troops Oct. 21, 1861. Mustered out at Camp Brown,Ga. Apr. 20, 1862. Enlisted as a private in Co. E, 13th Regt. Ga. Inf. May 16, 1862. Died in General Hospital at Staunton, Va. Dec. 10, 1862. Buried there in Thornrose Cemetery.

Randolph Volunteers


Children of Walter Robert Cheshire and Mary Virginia Ellis
Clayton Floyd Cheshire (1878-1952) m. Priscilla E. "Cilla" Bailey
David Quincy Cheshire 1881-1905) m. Ida Lennie Nelson
Geolin Leola Victre "Lela" Cheshire (1888-?) m. Benjamin Franklin Williams
John L. Morgan Cheshire (1892-1953) m. 1) Mary Hammock and 2) Annie Severence
Joseph Handen Cheshire (1884-?)
Susan Virginia Cheshire (1886-?)
Robert Osten Cheshire (1890-?)
Ellis Walter Cheshire (1895-?)
Charley Ralph Cheshire (1900-1938)

Fifth Generation

Children of Murdock Shaw Cheshire and Orpha Ann Bass
James Joseph Cheshire (1870-1940) m. Fleta Henry
Robert Edward Cheshire (1871-1951) m. Viola Lemacks
Murdock Alonzo Cheshire (1873-1920) m. Della Gregory
Janetta Abigail Cheshire (1877-1959) m. John West, s/o Wm. Lawson West
Tabitha May Cheshire (1879-1927) did not marry
William Thomas Cheshire (1880-?) m. Addie Craig
John Bell Cheshire (1882-?) m. Roxie Ann Panthea
Mattie Elizabeth Cheshire(1883-1913) m. J. P. White
Stephen Leander Cheshire (1885-1939) m. Loutrissie West, d/o Wm. Lawson West
Annie Tempy Cheshire (1888-1935) m. Robert Parrish


Thanks to James F. (Jim) Cheshire for his contributions to the Cheshire family history. Jim's e-mails are: jcheshire@sw.rr.com or joysjim@earthlink.net

The microfilm file of the L.D.S. that has all of S.M. McAllister's work has a family history of the Howell family written in 1887. It shows that Richard Cheshire, son of Richard and FitzRandolph, married Polly Bryan. She was the widow of George Lyons. Poly was the daughter of Philmon Bryan.

Personal communications with Sharon Sigletary. Sharon's email address is: ssingle@mailhost.primenet.com

Cheshire Family History compiled by Jeanette McAllister, Hartselle, AL

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