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George Donner Family

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History of the Early Settlers of Sangamon Co., Illinois, Pages 257 and 228:

"A family named Donner lived near Salem, Rowan County, NC, in the latter part of the 18th century. The parents were German Speaking but it is not know whether they emigrated from Germany or were born in this county. They had three sons and three daughters, all born in North Carolina, and moved to Jessamine County, KY, about 1811. They moved with their children to Decatur County, IN, and in 1828 came to Sangamon County. Both died at a very advanced age and were buried about three miles east of Springfield, near the Bennett School House.

They were prominent and well known people and the name of Donner is linked with the early history of this State (Illinois). The elder Donners were people of means and they were of the old Orthodox Quaker faith. Mr. Donner being a preacher in that church. He and his wife were known everywhere and were greatly beloved by all with whom they associated."

Sangamo Journal, July 4, 1844

Died - In Germany Prairie (Ilinois), June 27th, George Donner, aged 92 years and four months. Truly it can be said, an honest man has left us. During his long life he has sustained the character of an upright man, in the strict sense of the word. This is more than with justice can be said of many who are buried with great parade, encased in costly tombe, and spoken of in lour applause; - While we were preparing his humble bed beneath the tall trees of the forest, and a few of us stood around in quiet sadness, there were none to call to remembrance an act of meanness, none who might not wish their last end to be like this.

Third Generation:

Children of George Donner and Mary Huff
Ann Mary Donner (1778-1847) m. John Dick, Jr. (1772-1838)
Lydia Danner (1783-1871) m. James Walters (?-1830)
Elizabeth Donner (1785) m. William Walters
Capt. George Donner Jr. (1786-1847) m. 1) Susannah Holloway; 2) Mary (Blue) Tennant;
3) Tamzene Eustis (died Donner Lake, Alder Creek, CA)
Tobias Donner (1788-1846) m. Nancy Bettis (1799-1860)
John Donner (1790-1879) m. Sally Lame (1800-1852), d/o Joseph Lame (1765-?) and Mary Lame (1768-?)
Jacob Donner (c1790-1846) m. Elizabeth (Blue) Hook (c1800-1847) (died Donner Lake, CA)
Susannah Donner (1796-1855) m. Micajah Organ (1793-1866)

Fourth Generation

Children of Lydia Donner and James Walters
Noble B. Walters (1807-1859) m. Elizabeth Davis
George Walters (died in Texas)
Matilda Walters (1811-1890)
Pollard K. Walters (1813-1891)
John Walters m. Monima Henderson (died in CA)
David Walters (1819-1892) m. Annie
James Walters m. Nancy Baldwin
William T. Walters (1822) m. Sarah Green
Mary AnnWalters (1825-1890) m. James B. Clack

This family lived in Sangamon, IL


Children of Elizabeth Donner and William Walters
Greenberry Walters (1808-1875) m. Elisabeth Griffiths (married in IN)
William Walters, M.D. (1818-1915) m. Olive I. Armington (died in Miami, KS)


Children of Capt. George Danner Jr. and 1) Susannah Holloway
Mary "Polly" Donner (abt. 1810-1896) m. George Weaver (buried Pell Cem., Libertyville, Iowa)
William Donner (1812-1867) m. Elizabeth Hunter (buried Oak Hill Cem., Sangamon, IL)
Elizabeth Donner (?-1850) m. Absolom S. Harmon (died in Sangamon, IL)
Sarah Donner (1813-1849) m. John Torrence (1811-1849) (died Atlanta, Logan, IL)
Susannah M. Donner (1818-1894) m. Barnabas Marshall (buried Hurds Chapel, Laclede, MO)
Lydia Donner m. John Vancil (m. in Sangamon County, IL)

Captain George Donner, Jr. was captain of the ill-fated Donner Expedition. For an excellent treatment of the Donner Family and history of the survivors, visit The Donner Party website by Kristin Johnson.


Children of Capt.George Donner, Jr. and 2) Mary (Blue) Tennant
Elitha Cumi Donner (1832-1923) m. 1) Perry McCoon (c1821-1851);
2) Benjamin R. Wilder (1821-1898) (died in CA)
Leanna Charity Donner (1834-1928) m. John App, s/o Mathias J. App


Children of Capt. George Donner, Jr. and 3) Tamzene Eustis
Francis Eustis Donner (1840-1921) m. William R. Wilder (1823-1886)
Georgia Ann Donner (1841-1911) m. Washington Alexander Babcock
Eliza Poor Donner (1843-1922) m. 1) Sherman Otis Houghton (her first cousin's widower)


Children of Jacob Donner and Elizabeth (Blue) Hook
George Donner (c1837-1874) m. Margaret J. Watson (died in CA)
Mary Martha Donner (1839-1860) m. Sherman Otis Houghton (died in CA)
Isaac Donner (1841-1847) (died at Alder Creek {now Donner Lake} CA)
Lewis Donner (c1841-1847) (died at Alder Creek {now Donner Lake}
Samuel Donner (abt. 1845-1847) (died at Alder Creek {now Donner Lake}


Children of Tobias Donner and Nancy Bettis
Greenberry Donner (1822-1864) m. Mary Ann Scantling (parentage not proven)
Louisa Donner (1824-aft. 1850) m. 1) Seward Morain/Moraign (?-bef. Oct. 1844); 2) Ezekiel McFarland (abt. 1824-aft. 1860)
Jonathan C. Donner (1826-1909) m. Louisa Porter
Mary Ann Donner (1831-1906) m. Joseph W. H. Parker
Sarah A. Donner (1831-1845)
Elizabeth Donner (b & d 1834)
Barbara Donner (abt. 1836-aft. 1860) m. Isaac S. Webb (abt. 1829-aft. 1860)
George Washington Donner (1837-1916) m. Lyddia Puls Ambrose (lived in Glenwood, Burwell, Iowa)
Nancy J. Donner (abt. 1839-aft. 1860) m. John Byrne (abt. 1832-aft. 1860)
James Donner (b & d 1842)

Most of these children lived in Dewitt and Menard Counties, IL.


Children of John Donner and Sally Lame
Elizabeth Donner (1819)
Levi Donner (1821-1863) (died during Civil War)
James Donner (1823-1846)
Nancy Donner (1825-1849) m. ? Wiley
William Donner (1828-1847)
John Donner, Jr. (1830-1866)
Sarah Donner (1833-1913) m. M. M. Lucas
Lydia Donner (1835-1847) (died in Iowa)
Mary Donner (1837)


Children of Susannah Donner and Micajah Organ

William R. Organ
George L. Organ (1820) m. Mary Foster
Atha Organ (1823-1904) m. Elijah A. West
Hezekiah B. Organ (1825-1888) m. Catherine A. Gates
Susan Organ (1827-1891) m. David H. Patton
Daniel F. Organ (1829-aft. 1870) m. Elizabeth Kossner (abt. 1835-aft. 1870)
Jordan S. Organ (1832-1911) m. Margaret C. Wineman
Thomas H. Organ (1834) m. Hannah J. Brown
Elizabeth Talbot "Betsy" Organ (1837-1869)
Sarilda Organ (1839) (twin) m. Edgar Cincebox
Serena L. Organ (1839) (twin) m. George C. Houchens

Fifth Generation

Children of Sarah Donner and John Torrence
Susan Tamzin Torrence (1840-1913) m. William Henry Baker
William Absalom Torrence (1842-1878) m. Isabelle Rebecca Hawes
George Washington Torrence (1843-1913) m. Jennie Overly
Margaret Clarecy Torrence (1845-abt. 1913) m. Edward Todd
Eliza Ann Torrence (1847-1869) m. J. W. Taff
infant (buried 1850)

William A. Torrence received a bayonet wound while fighting in the Civil War and never fully recovered. My grandmother said she never really knew her father that well as he was ill so much of the time and he died as a result of the wound when she was only 4 years old.

Muster and Descriptive Roll of Company B - Tenth Cavalary. William A. Torrence , Private 20 years 5' 9 1/2', Dark Hair, Hazel Eyes, Complexion Fair, Occupation Farm, Born Illinois, Enlisted October 23, 1862 at Springfield, IL by Capt. Keys for 3 years. Residence at enlistment Rochester, Sangamon, IL.


Children of Louisa Donner and 1) Seward Morain/Moraign
John Henry Moraign (1842-aft. 1900) m. 1) Lucy Reynolds; 2) Cyntha Holliday/Holoway; 3) Mary Ellen Trenary
J. W. Morain/Moraign (abt. 1844-aft. 1850)

Patty Carter is a descendant of Louisa Donner and Seward Morain/Moraign and would like to correspond with anyone interested or related to this branch of the Donners. Patty's e-mail address is:

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