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Danner Family

Jacob Danner immigrated to Philadelphia in 1748 from Palatinate (via Rotterdam) aboard the Patience and Margaret, arriving September 25th. Johann Georg Danner, a wheelwright's son from Schaffhausen, Switzerland, arrived in PA that year and was living with the Christian Benner in the Franconia Township. Johann Georg placed an advertisement seeking his brother, Jacob Danner, who had arrived the previous year. From the "Church Records of Goshenhoppen" of Rev. Geo. M. Weiss we have found he baptized "Jacob Danner's four sons and J. Danner's daughter."

Jacob Danner settled in North Carolina in present day Surry County, where his sons were all living and where they served in the Revolutionary War (except for Samuel). Jacob is believed to be buried in a small family plot belonging to his son, George, in Stokes County, NC. Surry County was divided and the land that George Danner had laid in Stokes County. It was situated on the South Fork of Muddy Creek. When he sold the land he reserved a half acre for a cemetery for his family. The Deed reads "where said George Danner's father, mother, brother and sister are buried."

First and Second Generations

Children of Jacob Danner (1727- bef. 1795) and his unknown wife
George Donner (1755-1844) m. Mary Huff, d/o Valentine Huff
Jacob Danner, Jr (1756-1796) m. Catherine Fischel (no children)
Samuel Danner (1757-?)
Frederick Danner (1759-1839) m. Catherine Shermer (1755-1844), d/o Peter and Magdalina "Mollie" Shermer

Children of Frederick Danner and Catherine Shermer
Frederick Danner (1781-1850) m. Mary M. (1788-aft. 1850)
Peter Danner (1783-1851) m. 1) ?; 2) Susannah (abt. 1789-aft. 1850)
(Peter and Susannah are listed in the 1850 Watauga County Census)
Christina/Christeaney Danner (1785-?) m. Peter Miller (1752-?) (born in Germany)
Samuel A. Danner (1786-1881) m. Nancy Garner (1790)
John Danner (1788-1871) m. Sarah Gregory (1781-1856) (died in Merced Co., CA)
Catherine Danner (1791-1861) m. Hail Munday (moved to Denton Co., Texas in 1851)
Adam Danner (1793-aft. 1850) m. Susan G. Liggon (1803-aft. 1850)
Jacob Danner (1795-1884) m. Sarah Allen (1795-aft. 1850)
Sarah Danner (1797-?) m. Sterling Gregory (brother to Sarah Gregory)

Fourth Generation:

Children of Frederick Danner and Mary M.
Margaret (Peggy) Danner (1804-after 1870) m. Bryan Jarvis (1796-1849)
Mary Magdalene Danner (1807-aft. 1850) m. William May (1805-aft.1850)
Samuel Danner (1808-1899) m. 1) Margaret (Peggy) Baity (1810-bef. 1860); 2) Phisa Myers (1833-1915)

Mary M. Danner, 72 years of age, is enumerated with the widow Margaret Danner Jarvis, 1850 Surry County Census. Frederick Danner was afflicted with cancer for 7 years before he died in Surry County, NC, 1850. (Mortality Schedule)


Children of Peter Danner and 1) unknown
Frederick Danner (1812-1888) m. Susannah Hately (1815/1819 -1896), d/o Moses and Catherine Hately
Catherine Danner (1813-?) m. James Ward
Mary Danner (1814-after 1850)


Children of Peter Danner and 2) Susannah
Adaline Rebecca "Becky" Danner (1824-1904)
John Danner (1828-1905) m. Jane Charlotte Isaacs (1832-1916), d/o Elijah Isaacs and Sally Hartly
William Danner (1832-?)
Jane Danner (1835-?)
David Danner (1837-?)
Peter Danner Jr (1845-aft. 1860) m. Phoebe Sophina Shull


Children of Christina/Christeaney Danner and Peter Miller
Joseph Miller (1813-aft/ 1850) m. Rosena (?)
Martin Miller
Frederick Miller (1817-1886) m. Lucinda Danner (1818-1863) (his cousin: who does she belong to?)
Patience Miller


Children of Samuel Danner and 1) Nancy Garner
William Danner (died in infancy)
Malinda Danner (1813-?)
Alexander Danner (1815-1884) m. Rachel S. Sherrill
Nancy Danner (1818-1846)
John Danner (1820-1869) (lived in Texas)
Samuel Stanley Danner (1823-?) (did not marry; lived in Arizona)
Frederick Danner (1825-aft.1870) m. 1) Martha E. Perkins (?-1855); 2) Harriet Pearce (?-bef. 1870);
3) Mrs. Lucinda Waldron (abt. 1825-aft. 1870); 4) Mrs. Ellen Eagleston
Lydia Eve Danner (1828-1863) m. E. M. Alexander (1816-1900)
Mary Carmile Danner (1832-?)


Children of John Danner and Sarah Gregory
John Erwin Danner (1821-1847) m. Carolina Moore
Nathan Stanley Danner (1822-1892) m. Manerva Pearce (1835-aft. 1870) (living in Merced Co., CA in 1870)


Children of Adam Danner and Susan G. Liggon
John Danner (1825) m. Sarah Malindy Whitaker (not listed in 1850 Census)
James A. Danner (1830) m. Nancy E. Hoots
William H. Danner (1833)
Lydia Danner (1836)
Anna C. Danner (1838)
Samuel Danner (1840)
Frederick Danner (1842-1912) (his grandaughter was Mary Atlas Harris)
Isaac Danner (1843)

James Danner (1830) was a man of "conscientious scruples as to fighting and wars." James was drafted to fight during the Civil War but refused to do so. He was eventually court martialed but stood by his beliefs. They gave him his choice of fighting or be executed by a firing squad. He told them to fire away. He was executed by the firing squad.


Children of Jacob Danner and Sarah Allen
Frederick Danner (1821-1913) m. Elizabeth "Bettie" Reavis (1824-1915)
Sarah Danner (1831-aft. 1850)
Eli Danner (1835-1895) m. Delia (Sarah) Slater (m. 1864, Surry Co., NC, died Greene Co., IN)
Rebecca Danner (1836-aft 1850) m. Franklin Hollars
Mary Danner (1839-afat. 1850)


Children of Frederick Danner and Mrs. Lucinda Waldron
Fred E. Danner (abt. 1858-?) (born in MO)
(this family living in Merced Co., CA, 1870)

Fifth Generation:

Children of Mary Magdalene Danner and William May
Penelope May (1830)
Lydia May (1834)
Samuel A. May (1836-aft. 1880) m. Nancy M. Williams, d/o Gabriel and Nancy Williams
Sally C. May (1837)
Rosannah J. May (1840)
Frederick L. May (1842)
Nancy B. May (1844)
Barbara J. May (1847)
Amanda E. J. May (1849)


Children of Samuel Danner and 1) Margaret (Peggy) Baity
Mary P. Danner (1831-?)
Francis M. Danner (1833-aft. 1860) m. Rebecca Cranfill
Sarah C. Danner (1835-?) m. Jacob Jeffres (married in Davie Co.)
Lydia Danner (1838-?)
Louisa M. Danner (1840-?) m. Alvin Harp
Lucy J. Danner (1842-aft. 1860)
Quintilla J. Danner (1843-aft. 1860) (female)
Rachel Danner (1846-aft. 1860)
David Danner (1850-aft. 1860) (had two sons, Wm. and Elwood) (moved to Muncie, Indiana)


Children of Samuel Danner and 2) Phisa Myers
Martha A. Danner (1862-?)
Emma Danner m. T. W. Thomas
Frederick Tidden Danner (1876-?)
two other children who died young


Children of John Danner and Jane Charlotte Isaacs
Mary Ann Danner (1856-aft. 1880) m. Harley Brown
Sarah L. Danner (1858-aft. 1880) (nothing else is known)
Elizabeth Caroline Danner (1861) m. Robert Kilyan/Killian (moved to Montana after 1900)
William Carroll Danner (1867-1927) m. Julia Ann Hollars (1867-1954), d/o Franklin Hollars and Rebecca Danner
James Danner (1869-1946) m. Margaret Elizabeth Kill (went to MO when he was seventeen)
Wiley W. Danner (1873-aft. 1880) (nothing else is known)
Thomas Danner (1878-aft. 1880) (nothing else is known)


Children of Frederick Danner and Susannah Hately
Elizabth Caroline Danner (1838-aft. 1880)
Mary J. Danner (1840-aft. 1860)
Sarah K. C. Danner (1842-aft. 1880)
Anderson Allen Danner (1844-1921) m. Susan Elizabeth (1839-?)
John Mack Danner (1846-aft.1895) m. Martha Jane Love (1843-aft. 1880)
Nancy Ellen Danner (1846-aft. 1860) (twin)
Francis Frederick Danner (1849)
Susan Melissa (1853-aft. 1860)
Rebecca C. Danner (1853-aft. 1880)


Children of Frederick Danner and Elizabeth "Bettie" Reavis
James Noah Danner (1841-1903) m. Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Booe (1853-1935), d/o John Calhaun Booe and Eliza Louisa Little Beeman
Elvina Danner (?-bef. 1860) (died when she was about 16 years of age)
Luvena Danner (1857-?) m. Caswell Harris, s/o Nathan and Nancy Harris
Martha Elizabeth Danner (1859-?) m. Joseph Harris, s/o Nathan and Nancy Harris; 2) Gaston Cain
Frederick Eccau (Ece) Danner (1863-1951) m. Florence Brogden (1866-1947) (buried Bear Creek Cem., Davie Co., NC)
Jacob Asbury (Berry) Danner (1865-1950) m. Adar Reavis
Jennie Danner (1874-?) m. Andrew Ham


Children of John Danner and *Sarah Malindy Whitaker
Martha Lonsey Danner (1852-1859)
Caroline Lava Danner (1854)
Anderson M. Danner (1857-1924)
Rush Danner (1860-1882)
Wylie Lee Danner (1862-aft. 1900) m. Myrtie
John Henry Danner (1864-aft. 1910) m. Edner O.
James (Jim) M. Danner (abt. 1867-1929) m. Minnie (abt. 1875-aft. 1910)
Sallie Danner (1868-1938)
Joseph Green Danner (1870-aft. 1880)
Julie A. Dannier (1872-aft. 1880)
Josephus William Danner (1873-1951)

*Named Sarah B. Danner in the 1880 US Federal Census, Liberty, Yadkin Co., NC

All of the children were born in Surry County, NC. John and Sarah Malindy migrated to Fannin County, Texas in the early 1880's. The information on this line provided by Will Price. Will's e-mail address is:

Sixth Generation:

Children of James Noah Danner and Sarah Elizabeth "Bettie" Booe
Rachel Louisa Danner (1874-1957) m. Robert Lee (Bob) Griffith
Mary Viola Danner (1876-1934) m. 1) Henry Lakey and 2) Marshall Beck
John E. Danner (1878) died as an infant
Samuel W. Danner (1880-1968) m. Pearl Felder (was a Methodist and then Baptist pastor)
Robert Lee Danner (1882-1962) m. Ella Harris
James Harvey Danner (1885-1968) m. 1) Pearl Delk and 2) Virginia Hutchings (a Methodist minister)
Flossie Beatrice (1891-1895)
Emma Elizabeth Danner (1900-1987) m. Robert P. Ireland

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1850 Surry County Census Records

A History of the Danner Family - Jacob Danner and his four sons, George, Samuel, Frederick and Jacob Jr., by J. D. Danner, Willows, California

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