Thomas Douthit/Douthid Family

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Third Generation
Children of Thomas Job Douthid and Mary Phoebe Jones

Rebecca Douthit (1782-1853)
Jesse Douthit (1784-1837) m. Levy (Deliverance) Cummons
William Douthit (1786-1816) m. did he marry Dilly Bevel?
Elizabeth Douthit (1788)
David Douthit (1789-1842) m. 1) Margaret Koch/Cook (1790-1832) m. 2) Eliza A. J. Brendle
Mary Douthit (1790) m. possibly, Jacob Schoer. Douthit researchers think she might have married Jacob Sehner
John Douthit (1791-1796)
Levi Douthit (1793)
Kezia/Kessiah Douthit (1795-1844)
Nancy Douthit
Phoebe Douthit (1804-1851)
(the following children not listed in Here Comes the Douthits
Stephen Ellis Douthit (1808-1865) m. Mary B.
Emily Douthit
George Grandison Douthit

(Stephen Douthit, living in Davidson County, NC, 1850, age 41, farmer, 5000 acres, born in Davie County. Also, L. M. Douthit, female, age 37, born in Stokes County. Jane Douthit, 18; A. S. Douthit, 13 (female); Edward Douthit, 12; Jacob Douthit, 11; Emeline Douthit, 8; Amanda Douthit, 6; James Douthit, 3; and, Stephen Douthit, age 1.

Fourth Generation:
Children of David Douthit and 1) Margaret Koch/Cook

Mary Douthit m 1) James Hery Lee
John Milton Douthit (1830-1862)
Rebecca Douthit m. Lewis Craver


Fourth Generation
Children of David Douthit and 2) Eliza Brendle
Eleanor/Ellen Catherine Douthit


Fourth Generation
Children of Stephen Ellis Douthit and Mary B.

Thomas E. Douthit


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