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Douthit/Douthid Family

Robert Andrew Douthit, born 1683, Coltrain, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, was a Quaker and his wife belonged to the Presbyterian Church in which thieir son, John (born 1709), was baptized and brought up. When John was 15 years old, he came to America with his parents and they lived in Monocacy, Maryland. He was a weaver by trade and worked in PA, NY and MD. In 1738 he married Mary Scott of Maryland who was a daughter of Joseph Scott.

Who is Thomas Doudith - ...."Thomas Doudith was listed in 1734 as not burning his tobacco properly and in 1735 (Solomon Hedges) was named Constable for Monocacy Hundred (MD), replacing Thomas Doudith, possibly a relative, who was incapable of duty." -- Pioneers of Old Monocacy, The Early Settlement of Frederick County, Maryland 1721-1743, Grace L. Tracey & John P. Dern

Second Generation:

On May 2, 1740 John Toudith had his daughter Eliesabetha baptized by Pastor Stover at Manaquesen with Heinrich and Eliesabetha Bischoff standing as sponsors. John Douthet settled just north of Robert Wilson on land he had surveyed in Feb., 1742. His 50 acres, which he called "Douthet's Chance" began "at a white oak standing about 50 perches easterly from Flat Run, a branch of Toms Creek." In 1750 John Douthet conveyed this land to Alexander MacKeen who had it enlarged by a resurvey. In passing, we should note a David Doudeth who signed Joseph Wood's 1745 petition for a rerouting of the Monocacy Manor Road. -- Pioneers of Old Monocacy, The Early Settlement of Frederick County, Maryland 1721-1743, Grace L. Tracey & John P. Dern

Children of John Douthid (1709-1784) m. Mary Scott (1721-1794)
Eliesabetha (Nancy) Douthit (1738-1790) m. Stephen Riddle (1730-1807)
Rev. John Douthid, Jr. (1740-1813) m. Eleanor Davis (1741-1806) d/o James and Elinor Davis
Mary Douthit (abt. 1742 - bet. 1784/1794) m. Philip Howard (?-1808)
William Douthid (1746-1799) m. 1) Sarah Jobe (m. in 1772), d/o Thomas Jobe;
2) Susannah Harper; 3) Zelpha Fentor (or Jones?)
James Douthid (1749-1780) Mary Markland (1753-1804)
(Mary Markland Douthit married Resin Williams after the death of James in 1780)
Thomas Job Douthid (1753-1819) m. Mary Phoebe Jones (1759,MD-1828)
Isaac Douthid (1756-1823) m. Maria Sarah Frey (1758-1822)
Sarah Douthid (1759-1821) m. Christopher Elrod
Rebecca Douthid (1762-?) m. Thomas Hill
Abraham Douthid (1762-1828) m. 1) Mary Catharine Star/Stoehr (1762-1794), d/o Casper Stoehr;
2) Mary Beroth (m. in 1805); 3) Nancy Jarvis
Jacob Douthid (1765-?) m. Elizabeth Hill

Third Generation:

Children of James Douthid and Mary Markland
Nancy (Anny) Douthid (1775-1862) m. Henry Alspach (1769-1841)
John Douthid (1777-1851) m. Nancy Ellen/Mary
William Douthid (1778-179?)
James Douthid (1781-1785) (born after the death of his father)


Children of Isaac Douthid and Maria Sarah Frey
Philip Douthit (1783-1821) m. Margaret Cooper (or Cook?) (1786-1852)
John Peter Douthit (1784-1796)
Elizabeth Douthit (1788)
George Douthit (1792-1850) m. 1) Rutha Reed; 2) Rachel (Floyd) Perry (1804-1882), widow of John Perry
Benjamin Douthit (1798-1875) m. Maria "Polly" Ryley


Children of Abraham Douthit, Sr. and 1) Mary Catherine Star/Stoehr
Jacob Douthit (1786-?) m. Sarah Flemmons
Mary Douthit (1787-?) m. John Brindle
Rachel Douthit
Anna "Peggy" Douthit (1789-?)
Solomon "Casper" Douthit (1791-?)
Sarah Douthitt (1792-?)
Catherine Douthit (1794-?) m. Basil Flemmons
Abraham Douthit, Jr. (1796-1863) and m. 1) Valinda Jarvis (abt.1799-1839),
2) Martha Alburty
Rebecca Douthit (c.1798-?) m. Thomas Hill


Children of Abraham Douthit, Sr. and 2) Mary Beroth
Henry Douthitt (1806-1874) m. Clarissa Peake (abt. 1812-bef. 1870), d/o Samuel and Rachel Peak
Eunice (Unus) Douthitt (abt. 1804/10)
Valinda (Lenny) Douthit (abt. 1807-bef. 1860) m. Daniel Alberty (abt. 1810-aft. 1860)

Abraham Douthit's Will, 1828

Fourth Generation

Children of Philip Douthit and Margaret Cooper (or Cook?) (born in Culpepper County, VA)
George Douthit (1811-1894) m. 1) Nancy Sprinkle (1813-1876), 2) Lucretta Blackburn (1837-1909),
widow of Jacob Boner
Ann Douthit (1814-?)

(Philip and Margaret are buried at the Old Hope Moravian Cemetery, near Clemmons, Forsyth County, North Carolina.


Children of George Douthit and 1) Rutha Reed
William H. Douthit (?-bef. 1857) m. Elizabeth Perry, she m. 2nd, Jesse Stockwell in Richland County, IL
George Washington "Wash" Douthit (?-1854) m. Susan Perry (Susan m. 2nd William Hall, 1857)
Martha Susanna Douthit m. 1) Iry/Ivy Adamson; 2) Elijah Poynter, 1849, Jasper County, IL
John M. Douthit (1824-1851) m. Lydia Lough, she m. 2nd Mortimer Philips, Clay Co., IL
Isaac Daniel Douthit (?-1908) m. 1) Melvina/Melvira Stites; 2) Sarah Ellen Humphreys
Benjamin F. Douthit (abt.1834)

Fifth Generation

Children of George Douthit and 1) Nancy Sprinkle
Laura Ann Douthit (1837-aft. 1880) m. J. A. Frank (1829-aft. 1880)
Thomas Byron Douthit (1839-1911) m. Julia Jenkins (George and Julia adopted Ervin Springer-Douthit)
Mary Emaline Douthit (1841-?).
Sarah E. Douthit (1843-?)
Olivia Gertrude Douthit (1846-1881) Thomas Miller Bessant (1846-1901), s/o Calton W. Bessant and Rebecca Click
Victoria Adelaide Douthit (1848-1893) m. Emanual Jacob Spach (1828-1925)
Augusta Virginia Douthit (1853-1923) m. Thomas Miller Bessant (m. in 1882)


Children of George Douthit and 2) Lucretta Blackburn Boner
George Washington Douthit (1881-1963)

(Lucretta, widow of Jacob Boner, brought two children to the marriage - Willie Boner (b.1869) and Jennie Boner (b. 1871)


Children of Abraham Douthit Jr. and Valinda Jarvis
Nancy Douthit (1817-?) m.Henry Alburty Jr.
Thomas N. Douthit (1819-aft. 1860) m. Sarah Alburty (1824-aft. 1860) d/o John H. and Rebecca Alberty
Henry Burton Douthit (1823-1882) m. 1) Matilda Angeline Clark (1829-1872); 2) Elvira Foley
Susannah Douthit (1822-aft. 1860) m. John S. Alburty (1828-aft. 1860)
Elizabeth Douthit (1825-1890) m. Jesse Adams (1826-1875)
Andrew Douthit (1828-1916) m. Mary (Polly) Reynolds (1830-aft. 1900), d/o Berry Reynolds and Anna Hutchinson
Zeddock Douthit (1835-1895) m. 1) Sarah Jane Pryor (?-bef. 1866; 2) Thirza Marie Hancock (?-aft. 1900). Thirza married 2nd W. E. Snider in 1900. BR> Amos Douthit (1835-?)


Children of Henry Douthitt and Clarissa Peake
Deliah Douthit (abt. 1839-aft 1870) m. William A. Hancock
Harrison Douthit (abt 1842-aft. 1860) (probably died during Civil War)
Martha Douthit (abt. 1845-aft. 1870) m. Albert W. Evans
This family lived in Newton Co., MO

Sixth Generation

Children of Thomas Douthit and Sarah Alburty
Mary Douthit (abt. 1844-aft. 1860)
Henry Douthit (abt 1847-aft. 1870) m. Annie
William A. Douthit (1849-aft. 1870)
Nancy Douthit (abt 1852-aft. 1860)
John Thomas Douthit (abt. 1854-aft. 1870) m. Eliza Alberty (1854-1909), d/o John S. Alberty and Susannah Douthit
George N. Douthit (1856-1924) m. Mary Elizabeth Fields
James Douthit (abt. 1858-aft. 1860)
This family lived in Washington Co., AR


Children of Andrew Douthit and Mary Reynolds
Sarah Douthit (abt. 1853-aft. 1860)
Susan A. Douthit (female) (1857-aft. 1870) (twin)
James F.Douthit (1857-aft. 1870) (twin)
Thomas A. Douthit (1858-aft. 1870)
Judith Carolina Douthit (1860-1879) m. Louis Albert Griffith, s/o Zenith Clark Griffith and Lucinda Melvina Bodenhamer
Nancy J. Douthit (1862-aft. 1880)
Margaret E. Douthit (1866-aft. 1880)
Sanford J. Douthit (1868-aft. 1880)
William C. (1870-aft. 1900) m. Bertha R.
Abramhan Lee Douthit (1873-aft.1880)


Children of Henry Burton Douthit and Matilda Angeline Clark
Mary Elsie Douthit (1849-?) m. Josephus Emmerd Woodcock
Nancy Jane Douthit (1851-1875) m. William H. Pryor
Robert Henry Douthit (1852-1926) m. 1) Cordelia Craigo (1858-1891); 2) Betty Stansberry
William Andrew Douthit (1854-1917) m. Nellie Ellen Juniper (1854-1920)
James Perry Douthit (1857-1927) m. Levina Strayer (1855-?)
John Ephradi Douthit (1859-1923) m. Joannah Lois Butts (1860-?)
Martha Angeline Douthit (1862)
Lucy Myra Douthit (1864) m. William Townsend
Frances Douthit (1866-1868)
Fletcher L. Douthit (1869)


Children of Zeddock Douthit and Sarah Jane Pryor
Mary E. Douthit (1856-1862)
Martha L. Douthit (1858-1860)
Laura A. Douthit (1860)

Children of Zeddock Douthit and Thirza Marie Hancock
Rosa E. Douthitt (1868-1868)
Patsy A. Douthitt (1869-1910)
Sarah E. Douthitt (1870-1870)
James A. Douthitt (1871-1872)
George Washington Douthitt (1873-1919)
Nancy E. Douthitt (1875-?)
John Douthitt (1876-1878)
Mabe Douthitt (1880-1880)

Seventh Generation

Children of Mary Elsie Douthit and Josephus Emmerd Woodcock
Rosanna Woodcock (abt. 1874)
Clarence Woodcock (abt. 1876-aft. 1900)
Emmerd Woodcock (abt. 1879)


Children of Nancy Jane Douthit and. William H. Pryor
Henry Pryor (1867)
Millard F. Pryor (1869-aft.1900) m. Fannie B.
Johnny Pryor (1871)

After Nancy Jane's death William H. Pryor married Sadie Prudence Pool Alburty. Sadie was the widow of Edward H. Alburty.


Children of Robert Henry Douthit and Cordelia Craigo
Ona Belle Douthit (1875-1942) m. Thomas Armstrong (1867-?); 2) William H. Comer
Elzie Douthit (1877-1943) m. Gertrude Mae York (1880-1966)
Henry Lester Douthit (1880-1954) m. Susan Myrtle Loving (1889-1919); 2) Anna Gregg
Thomas Lemuel Douthit (18821946) m. Olive Ogle (1889-1967)
Osa Almire Douthit (1887-1967) m. 1) Archibald Bedford (1876-1916); 2) James S. Holmes
Ola Angeline Douthit (1887) m. John Risley
Anna Dorn Douthit (1889-1945) m. 1) Levi Andrew Smith; 2) Arthur Moss
Charles Roy Douthit (1889-1911) m. Sarah Anna Stinson (1892-1914)


Children of William Andrew Douthit and Nellie Ellen Juniper
Cora Ellen Angleine Douthit (1879-1918) m. John L. Everetts
Mannie May Douthit (1882-1943) m. 1) Charles Augustus DeOrleans; 2) Edward James Grinstead


Children of James Perry Douthit and Levina Strayer Maude Douthit (1879)
Ruth Douthit
May Douthit
Arthur J. Douthit


Children of John Ephradi Douthit and Joannah Lois Butts
Ira Lee Douthit (1878-1881)
Charles Burton Douthit (18811926) m. Ethel May Costello (1884-1941)
Albert Eugene Douthit (1883) m. Sidonia Dejaegher
Lucy May Douthit (1886) m. Raymond Hazen Wolfe


Children of John Thomas Douthit and Eliza Alberty
Sarah S. Douthit (1877-1920) m. Thomas J. Roberts
Nancy E. Douthit (1878-1878)
Cora Douthit (1878-1878)
Della May Douthit (1883-1932) m. Benjamin Louis Rimmer III
George T. Douthit (1885) m. Cassie Branham
William Calvin Douthit (1890)
Andrew Bruch Douthit (1894-1969) m. Eunice Merritt
Henry Loren Douthit (1897-1939) m. 1) Millie E. Stotts; 2) Edna Maxwell


Thanks to Rosalind Treadwell for information concerning the Andrew, Zaddock, and Henry Burton Douthit lines. Rosalind's e-mail

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    Personal communications with Dewey K. Griffith

    Personal communications with Rebecca Fry Harris. Rebecca's email address is:

    Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, Adelaide L. Fries

    LDS Ancestral File # K238-VL, JGTG-TB

    Marylanders to the Carolinas, Henry C. Peden, Jr.

    Douthit Family in America, by Marilyn Gibson, Arcata, CA

    Notes on the Thomas Jefferson Wilkinson Family, by Imogene Springer

    Here Come the Douthits, Coast to Coast Across two Centuries, compiled by Ruth Long Douthit; narrated by Davis Douthit.

    Douthit Ancestry Newsletter published by Jan Douthit Weir, 2015 Eisenhower Drive, Louisville, CO 80027 or Assoc. Ed. Phyllis Fulk 1321 Riverview Drive, Horseshoe Bend, AR 72512

    Grace A Kayser is a Douthit researcher who submitted a lot of information for these pages. Grace would like to correspond with any Douthit researcher, especially those interested in the John Douthit, Jr. line.

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