Eaton Baptist Meeting House Records

"October the fifth ye 1772--

At the Constitution of the reagular Baptist Church in North Carolina Roan County in the Forke of the Yadkin there was ten members. Their names are as followeth

William Cook, the minister
James Tompkins -
Ebenezer Fairchild -
Abraham and Triphena Adams -
Thomas Easteb -
Susanna Easteb -
David Reavis - Jemima Reavis -
Jesse Reavis

There has been added sence Mary Easteb by letter November the 22 year 1772

Elesabath Tompkins added by letter

Veara Bra added 1772 by letter

Benjamin Cutbeard added by baptism on the seaventh day of March 1773

fifteen members in the whole. (1773) June the fifth at out quarterly meeting there was added by Baptism John Eaton and Elesabeth his wife there was also aded James Reavis and his wife by letter September the 17 (?) 1773 at a meeting held a Boons Ford on the Yadkins there was aded into the Church fore members by baptism there names was

Nicholas White
Hannah Lews
Bathelem Canday
Leah Garrawood

nineteen in the whole."

From the Eaton Baptist Meeting House Records, November 24, 1772 to April 25, 1812.

Original in Wake Forest College Library, Winston-Salem, N.C.

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