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Reavis Family

Edward Reavis was living in Virginia when his first wife, Hannah, died. Hannah Alley was probably the daughter of Thomas Alley, Sr. Edward's sister, Francis Reavis, married Thomas Alley, Jr. After Hannah's death, Edward married Sarah Gilliam in Virginia. Edward and most of his family moved to Northampton County, NC about 1747. Edward died in Northampton County 1751/2.

Sarah Gilliam Reavis, the widow, moved most of her family to Surry County, NC about 1770/2. Records show that they were members of the Dutchman's Creek Baptist Church. Sarah's name does not appear on church records after November, 1778.

First Generation

Children of Edward Reavis (1680, England-1751, NC) and 1) Hannah Alley
Edward Reavis, Jr. (1715-1752) m. Mary Isham
Agnes Reavis (1717) m. William Riddlehurst Thompson (1720-1776)
Samuel Reavis (1717-1789) m. Nancy Jones
James Reavis (1719, Henrico Co, VA.-1804, Rutherford County, NC) m. Elizabeth Street,
d/o Wm Street of Henrico Co, VA
Thomas Reavis (1723-1758) m. Ann
William Reavis (1725-1784) m. 1) Jamry Jordan; 2) Mary Jordan


Children of Edward Reavis and 2) Sarah Gilliam, d/o Jesse Gilliam
Mary Reavis (ca. 1730-?)
Jesse Reavis (1735-1830, NC) m. 1) Fortune Jordan, d/o of Arthur Jordan,
2) Prudence Webb; 3) Mary Gibbons (abt.1774-aft. 1850)
Judith Reavis
John Reavis (1745-1842) m. possibly Ms. Ridings

(Arthur Jordon, father of Fortune Jordan, died in Northampton County, NC in 1752)

Second Generation

Children of Edward Reavis, Jr. and Mary Isham
Isham Reavis (1748-1835) m. Ann Jones (died in Saline County, MO)
Lucy Reavis (c1750)


Children of Thomas Reavis and Ann
Henry Reavis (1752-1837) m. Polly Bickerstaff (died in Madison County, IL)
Harris Reavis (1754-1838) m. ? (died in Fayette County, IL)
Allen Reavis (abt.1760) m. Nancy White Ragland


Child of Samuel Reavis and Nancy Jones
Lewis Reavis (1766-1843) m. Sarah Wyche, d/o Peter Wyche and Elizabeth Jenkins
Mary Reavis m. Hartwell Hyde
Lucy R. Reavis m. Lewis Parham
Hannah Reavis m. Benjamin King, M.D.
Thomas Reavis m. Elizabeth Marshall
Nancy J. Reavis m. John Brame
Sarah J. Reavis m. 1) Turner Moss 2) Capt. William Beauergard
Elizabeth Reavis m. Rowland Harris
Samuel J. Reavis m. Martha (Patsey) Harris
William J. Reavis m. Elizabeth Wiggins

Samuel moved from Northampton Co where he lived in the lowlands of the Roanke River, owned much land. He made the decision to move frm NH Co as he watched his bros and sis move with their family toward the West. The Northampton area was "Malarial, or subject to chills and fever" as the settlers called it, and members of the family (Samuel esp) were afflicted by it, and he had lost slaves with the ailment. Samuel's desire was to find the highest ground. Old Grandville area now present town of Henderson was high enough to drain into Nutbush Creek and the upper Roanoke and S into Sandy Creek and the Tar River. So that is where he decided to move, locality known as Chalk Level at the corssing of two ancient Indian Trails.

He built at Rock Spring (the street still bears his name), his sons Whitfield, Samuel, Jr and Lewis established homes at Chalk Level near the present high school. Twenty two yers after their arrival in 1789, Lewis built a store and in 1822 a large house.


Children of James Reavis and Elizabeth Street
Elizabeth Reavis (1745-ca. 1815) m. James Doyle
Edward Reavis (1747-?) m. Sarah Reavis (m. 1793)
David Reavis (1748-1826,MO) m. Gemima/Jemima Reid (1750-1841)
(members of Eaton Baptist Church
George Reavis (ca. 1750-1825) m. Sarah Pearson, d/o John Pearson and Hannah Simpson
Joseph Reavis (1755-1805) m. Mary/Mollie Reavis, d/o Judith Reavis;
granddaughter of Edward Reavis and 2) Sarah Gilliam
James Reavis, Jr. (1762-1803) m. Martha Morgan (lived in Rutherford County)
David's will written September 17, 1826, Cooper County, MO


Children of Jesse Reavis and 1) Fortune Jordan
David Reavis (1758-?) m. 1) Mary Daniel, possibly d/o James Daniel,
2) Patience Holman
John Reavis (ca. 1760)
Susan Reavis
Edward Reavis (ca. 1772) m. Mary Haddock (married 10-13-1795 Surry Co., NC)

Children of Jesse Reavis and 2) Prudence Webb
Nancy Reavis (1802-aft.1850) m. Mr. Gibbons (?-bef. 1850)

Children of Jesse Reavis and 3) Mary Gibbons (m. 1806)
Jesse Marshall Reavis (1808-1884) m. Mary Garman, widow of Shadrack German/Garmon (m. 1830 Surry Co., NC)
Joel Reavis (1816-1907) m. Mary Steelman (?-bef.1850)


Children of John Reavis and possibly Ms. Ridings
Elizabeth Reavis m. Burgess
Prudence Reavis m. Thomas Lundy
Samuel Reavis (ca.1785-1860) and 1) Nancy Wilkins, 2) Sally Cranfill
John Reavis
David (Davie) Reavis (1798-ca.1872) m. Nancy Cain (1799-?),
d/o Daniel Cain and Elizabeth Hutchins
Nancy Reavis m. John Pharr
Jesse Reavis (1794-1849) m. 1) Alsey Cain; 2) Polly (Brogdon?) Cain, d/o Thomas Cain, Jr.
Polly Reavis (1797-?) m. Asa Reavis
Temperance Reavis m. Enoch Reavis
Mary Reavis, m. Owen
Rachel Reavis m. Hammond
Joseph Reavis m. Susie Masters


Children of William Reavis and Jamry Jordan
David Reavis
James Reavis
Zachariah Reavis (1757) m. Deborah


Children of William Reavis and Mary Jordan
Samuel Reavis m. Nancy Goodin
Leah Reavis m. Luke Huskey
Isaac Reavis m. Hannah Wallace
Elizabeth Reavis m. Avery Parham
William Reavis m. probably Ms. Turner
Frances (Frankey) Reavis
Mary Pritchard Reavis

Third Generation

Children of Isham Reavis and Ann Jones
Martha Reavis m. 1) Strickland; 2) Goodwin
Matilda Reavis
Edward Reavis (1767-1844) m. Telpha Parker (lived in MO)
Daniel Reavis (1769-1834) m. Lucy Rollins
(Daniel died on a steamer on the Mississippi River)
Mark Reavis (1772-1836) m. Lucy Bradley (died in Boone County, MO)
Charles Reavis (1774-1836) m. Polly Ingram (died in Sangamon Co., IL)
Rebecca Reavis (1778-1817) m. Royal Potter,
s/o Thomas Potter and Nancy Greene (died in Bond County, IL)
Isham Reavis (1781-1835) m. Tabitha Stricklin
(died in Gibson Co., IN, crushed to death by a falling pile of lumber)
William Reavis (1786-1855) m. 1) Elizabeth Strickland; 2) Catherine Hensley
Solomon Reavis (1788-1833) m. Polly Green

Most of the children born in Rutherford County, NC

The First Deed of Emanncipation: "Know all men by these presents, that I, Isham Reavis, of Saline County in the state of Missouri, do by these presents, for and in consideration the hitherto faithful servitude of my servant woman, Patience, about the age of 36 years, and for the further consideration of the sum of sixty dollars to me in hand paid, in receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, have this day liberated, emancipated and set free and at liberty the said Negro woman, Patience, and her young child, named Elizabeth Jane, about 18 months old, and also all her future increase; and the said woman and child are hereby set free and emancipated from myself and my heirs; and from all persons claiming title to them under me.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my seal, this 15th day of December, 1827." s/Isham Reavis Wit: Jas. Stevens, Wm. Gleason, Geo Chapman

Another Reavis Slave Story


Children of Thomas Reavis and Elizabeth Marshall
Martha Ann Reavis m. Grandison/Granderson Latte/Latta
Nancy Caroline Reavis m. Grandison/Granderson Latte/Latta


Children of Henry Reavis and Polly Bickerstaff
Pheraby (Ferabe) Reavis m. Joshua Renfro (married in Madison Co., IL)
Mary Reavis m. Aquilla Low
Elizabeth Delilah Reavis m. William Burgess
Isham Reavis (1779-1844) m. Mary Reavis, d/o Harris Reavis
(died in Pleasant Mound, Bond Co., IL)


Children of Harris Reavis
Mary Reavis m. Isham Reavis (born in Surry County, NC, died in Bond Co., IL)
Martha (Patsy) Reavis m. Aaron Casey (died in Warren Co., KY)
Noah Reavis m. Lany Willoby (married in Warren Co., KY)
John Reavis (?-1845) m. Martha M. (Patsy) Coffee (died in Montgomery Co., IL)
Hiram Reavis (?-1885) m. Lucy Ward (died in Montavello, MO)
William Reavis (?-bef. 1870) m. Ruth Eliza Coffee (died in Montgomery Co., IL)
Sarah Reavis (1789-?) m. Joseph Wright (m. in 1808, Warren Co., KY)
Frances (Franky) Reavis (c1800) m. Simon Landers (m. 1820, Bond Co., IL)


Children of David Reavis and Gemima/Jemima Reid
Rhoda Reavis (1769 -1850) m. George Russell
Nancy Reavis (1770-?)
Jonathan Reavis (1773-1818) m. Mary Leevills
William Reavis (1775-1867) m. Betsy Burge
Mary Reavis (1778-1806) m. Allen Doyle
Edward Reavis (1779-1845) m. Elizabeth Doyle
Elizabeth Reavis (1782-?) m. Rev. John Longan
Joseph Reavis (1784-1840) m. Eleanor Kelly
Hannah Reavis (1786-?) m. Dr. David Doyle
James Ashley Reavis (1789-1876) m. Mary Bagwell
Samuel D. Reavis (1792-1857or 1877) m. Rebecca Steelman
Sarah Reavis (179?-?) m. Joel Ponton
Andrew Ashley Reavis (1797-1840) m. Susan Shores


Children of George Reavis and Sarah Pearson
James Revis (c 1777-?)
John Revis (1775-1851) m. Elizabeth Fowler
Thomas Revis (1775-1851) m. Mary Roberts
Mary Revis m. John Johnson

We are still searching for documentation, especially marriage dates and names.  These families lived in the area of Buncombe and Madison counties, and went mostly by REVIS. Data not warranted to be accurate or authentic, research ongoing. Looking for more descendants and their input. Barb at:


Children of Joseph Reavis and Mary/Mollie
William Reavis (1789-1869) m. Nancy Jane (Jennie) Steelman (1796-1862),
d/o Charles Steelman and Jane Cresson
Sarah/Sallie Reavis m. Charles Steelman
William/Bill Reavis m. Jane Steelman  (married Feb., 1813, Surry Co., NC)
David Reavis
Asa Reavis (c1797-1886) m. Polly Reavis
Joseph Martin Reavis, Jr. (ca. 1799-1877) m. Elizabeth Axom (1810-1894), d/o Joseph and Nancy May

Surry County Court P & Qs, February 16, 1790 - "Ordered Joseph Reavis, being charged with begitting a bastard mail child on the body of Mary Gallion by her own oath before William Head, Esq., stands chargeable with the maintenance of same."


Children of James Reavis, Jr. and Martha Morgan
Wilson Reavis
Morgan Reavis m. Nancy Bagwell (granddaughter of Lunsford Bagwell)
Mary/Polly Reavis m. Nicholas Nanny
Elizabeth Reavis m. Thornton Brown
Washington Reavis
Lucinday m. Claton Brown
Nancy Reavis m. Daniel Green Brown


Children of Edward Reavis and Mary Haddock
John Reavis


Children of Joel Reavis and Mary Steelman
Rosanna Reavis (1838)
Jesse Granville Reavis (1841) m. Sally Anne Padgett Jarvis (1842-?) (Photo)
Abraham Reavis (1843)

Abraham Reavis was a resident of Yadkin Co., NC when he enlisted in Wake County, NC in 1862. He served in "A" Co., NC 1st Battn SharpShooters. He was court martialed in 1864 in Salisbury from February thru December but was obviously returned to duty as he was listed as a prisoner of war in 1865. He was confined at Newport News, VA and took the oath of Allegiance on June 16, 1865. -- Civil War Research and Genealogy Database.

Giles Reavis was a resident of Yadkin Co., NC when he enlisted in Wake County, NC in 1862. He served in "A" Co., NC 1st Battn SharpShooters. He deserted on March 1, 1864 and was dropped from the rolls in August. He was arrested in December, 1863 and confined and court martialed in January, 1865 at Castle Thunder Prison, Richmond, VA. He surrendered April 9, 1865 at Appomattox Court House, VA. -- Civil War Research and Genealogy Database. (Giles's relationship to Abraham, if any, is not known unless "Giles" is Granville..


Children of Samuel Reavis and Nancy Wilkins
Samuel Reavis, Jr. (1815)
Betty Reavis (1817) m. John Reavis
George Reavis m. Catherine Joyner
John Reavis (1823-1888) m. Francis Harbin
Alexander Reavis (1828) m. Maria Rebecca Padgett (1831)


Children of Jesse Marshall Reavis and Mary Garman
James Reavis (1831) m. Hare
Malissa (1833) m. Steelman
Sally Reavis (1835)
Joel Preston Reavis (1836) m. Earnhardt
Jesse Franklin Reavis (1838) m. Hutchens
John Porter Reavis (1841) m. Hutchens
Nancy Ann Reavis (1845) m. Whitaker
Rufus Reavis (1848) m. Cleary


Children of David (Davie) Reavis and Nancy Cain
John H. Reavis m. Mary Hutchins
Elizabeth Reavis (1816) m. Green Cranfill
William Reavis (c1820) m. Rebecca Upton
Polly Reavis (1824)
Anderson Hutchins Reavis (1826-1903) m. Elizabeth G. Foote/Fort (ca.1827-1911),
d/o Henry Foote and Mary Wright
Andrew W. Reavis (1826-11865) m. Elizabeth Cobb
David Reavis (1828-1914) m. Mary Ann Gabard (1832-1913), d/o Will and Nancy Gabard


Children of David Reavis and 1) Mary Daniel
Solomon S. Reavis (?-ca. 1830) m. Sarah Madden
Mary Ann Reavis/Polly (did not marry)
Lucy Reavis (1784-1860) m. Abraham Haynes
Ruth Reavis m. Wade
James Reavis
Simeon (Sims) Reavis
Calvin Reavis
Abel Reavis m. Mary Garner
John Reavis (?-1850) m. Betty Dunson


Children of David Reavis and 2) Patience Holman
Johnson Reavis (1810-1877) m. Delana Hill
David Reavis (?-1902)
Isaac Newton Reavis (1816-1912) m. Roseannah Glascock
William Reavis
Rebecca Reavis m. John Leach
Morgan Reavis (1824-1891) m. Mary Ann Moore
Hardy Reavis (abt. 1826-1918) m. 1) Mary Thompson, 2) Elizabeth Brown

Fourth Generation

Children of William Reavis and Nancy Jane Steelman
Catherine Reavis (1816)
William Reavis (1824)
Asa Reavis (1827)
David Reavis (1828-1914) m. Mary Ann Gabard (1832-1913)
d/o Wm. Gabard & Susannah Foster; granddaughter of John Gabard & Margaret Lucas
Rosannah Reavis (1835)

Asa and David Reavis enlisted into the CSA on October 27, 1863 and mustered into Company "H" NC 3rd Infanty. Both are listed as deserters on November 15, 1863 at Raccon Ford, Virginia. -- Civil War Research and Genealogy Database.


Children of Andrew Ashley Reavis and Susan Shores
Gilbert Shores Reavis m. Mary Stokely
Martha J. Reavis m. John French
Emily E. Reavis m. F. L. Longan
David Barton Reavis m. Sarah Lea
Judith Reavis m. J. B. Longan
Joseph C. Reavis m. E. McKinney
Mary E. Reavis m. J. Alexander


Children of Joseph Reavis, Jr. and Elizabeth Axom
Caswell Revis (did not marry)
Monroe Revis (did not marry)
Andrew Revis (1840) m. Elizabeth Lowe
William Revis
Mary Revis (1844)
Joseph Martin Revis (1845) m. Delilah Clementine Ray (1850-1922)
Samuel Smith Revis (1849-1933) m. 1) Lucinda Dowell; 2) Clementine Kerley/Curley;
3) Mary Ann E. Earp, d/o Thomas Earp and Elinor (Nellie) Pierson)

Joseph and Elizabeth Reavis found on 1860 Wilkes County, NC Census, household # 363. Joseph's son, Andrew, enlisted into CSA in Wilkes County, NC in March, 1862 and in April was mustered into Company "F" NC 52nd Infantry. Andrew's records show that he was hospitalized, furloughed, AWOL, returned, taken prisoner and confined at Point Lookout, MD where he took the OOA in 1865. -- Civil War Research and Genealogy Database.


Children of Thomas Revis and Mary Roberts
Mary Reavis m. Samuel Smith
Rebecca Reavis m. Nathan Carter
James Benjamin Reavis m. Melissa Estep
William Revis m. Frances (Fanny) Shepherd
Robert W. Revis m. 1) Ellen Coates; 2) Frances Wilson
Elizabeth Revis m. Thomas Massey
Sarah Revis m. Buckner White
Mahala Revis m. Thomas Dockery
George Larkin Revis m. Candacia Edwards


Children of Morgan Reavis and Nancy Bagwell
Jonathon H. Reavis (ca. 1833-1914) m. Elizabeth Ellen (ca. 1841-1906) (both buried in Midvale, Idaho)


Children of John Reavis and Frances Harbin
Mary Malinda "Linnie" Reavis m. Levi J. Todd


Children of Anderson Hutchins Reavis and Elizabeth G. Foote
Cynthia Reavis (1852)
Mary Ann Reavis (1856)
Nancy Reavis (1859)
Henry Reavis (1860)
Marion Ellis Reavis (1863)
Isak L. Reavis (1865)
Phoebe Emeline Reavis (1865-1935) m. William A. Reavis (her cousin)
Harriet Reavis (1867)
Lillie Reavis (1869)


Children of Lucy Reavis and Abraham Haynes
Samuel W. Haynes/Hanes (1815, NC -1890/1900, TN) m. Elizabeth Riddle
William W. Haynes/Hanes m. Nancy
Abraham Empson Smith Haynes m. Margaret Catherine Reed
Lucy Conway Haynes/Hanes m. George W. Glascock, Jr.
Rachel Haynes/Hanes m. Thomas B. Dawson
Lydia Haynes/Hanes m. Jacob Runnels
Mary Haynes/Hanes m. Hastings
Ruth Inda (Ruthenda) Haynes

Do you know the parents of Abraham Haynes/Hanes? If so, please contact Barb at:

Fifth Generation

Children of David Reavis and Mary Ann Gabard
Jane (Elizabeth) Reavis (c. 1856) William Alford Reavis (1857-1891) m. Phoebe Emeline Reavis (his cousin)
Susan Reavis (c. 1860)
James D. Reavis (1863)


Children of Samuel Smith Revis and 2) Clementine Kerley
Joseph (Little Joe) Andrew Revis (1885-1975) m. Nora Estep (1888-1969)
William Regulas/Regulus "Kill" Revis (1887-1968) m. Dorothy Mae Estep (1894-1950) (two children)

"Kill" Reavis as described to me by his niece, Bertha Viola Reavis Hodges, as "Uncle Kill" was named after the incidents succeeding his parents' divorce. Family legend has it that on the way to Wilkesboro to get the divorce, Samuel took Clementine down from the wagon for one last commemorative "fling," the result being nine months later, William Regulas (named after the star in the constellation of Leo) Reavis. Samuel refused to acknowledge paternity, which caused some social consternation in the county. It is believed that in early 1888, Clementine appeared at Samuel's house in Moravian Falls (still standing) carrying young William in swaddling clothes. She knocked on the door and when Samuel answered, she pulled a  .44 pistol from under her apron and demanded, "Mr. Reavis, is this child your son or not?!?" To which he then replied prudently, "Yes, Ma'am!" She then took Little Joe with her, whom Samuel had kept after the divorce. Henceforth, William became "Kill" Reavis. Bertha Viola Reavis Hodges' father was "Little Joe." Both children grew up with Clementine in Wilkes County. -- Lynne Revis --


Children of Samuel Smith Revis and 3) Mary Ann E. Earp
Birdie Revis
Nellie Revis (1891) (twin)
Samuel Marvin Revis (twin) (1891-1972) m. 2) Virginia Ruth Yates d/o John E. Yakes and Kitty May Ayers
Essie Revis
Beulah Revis
Walter Smith Revis m. Dorothy Louise Revis, d/o Lenard Monroe Revis


Children of Samuel W. Haynes/Hanes and Elizabeth Riddle
Milly Frances Hanes (ca. 1840) m. Benjamin Smith, s/o C. and Lucinda Smith
William Stephen S. Hanes (1841-ca.1877) m. Matilda Georgia Hendrix,
d/o John Hendrix and Catherine Stafford
John Franklin Hanes (1842-1913) m. Sarah E. Walker
Sarah R. Hanes (1842) m. Willie P. Mangrun
Allexandrea Hanes (1843-1850/60)
George Melvin A. Hanes (1843) m. Sarah
Selvey Hanes (1844-1850/60)
Abraham Melvin Hanes (1845) m. Sarah A. Panter
Lucy Hanes (1850) m. Philip A. Nelson
Nancy M. Hanes (1852)

Sixth Generation

Children of William Alford Reavis and Phoebe Emeline Reavis
Genet Emmeline (Nettie) Reavis (1889-1985) m. John Henry Hauser Jr

Who is....

John and Tillie Reavis, parents of Elizabeth "Bettie" Reavis (1824-1915), who married Frederick Danner (1821-1913)


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