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Fulp Family

First Generation

George Fulp was reportedly born in Germany in 1718. He must have immigrated prior to 1755, since his son Michael states on his Rev. War pension application that he was born in Lancaster Co. PA. George Fulp's funeral is mentioned in the Moravian Records, where it is noted that he lived 16 miles from Salem, in the Belews Creek community. He had arranged before his death for one of the Moravian ministers to conduct his funeral service. His wife's name was Mary.

Second Generation

Children of George and Mary Fulp
Michael Fulp (1755-1836) m. Phebe Scott (1758-1840)
Valentine Fulp
Mary Fulp
Catherine Fulp
Peter Fulp (1761-1814) m. Elizabeth Raper (1761-1840), d/o Thomas and Martha Raper

Third Generation

Children of Michael Fulp and Phebe Scott
George Fulp (1778-1852) m. Jenny Walker (1784-1842)
Valentine Fulp (1780-?) (moved to Claiborn Co., TN by way of Washington Co., VA)
Jane Fulp (1782-?)
Phebe Fulp (1784-?)
Sally Fulp (1786-?)
Solomon Fulp (1788-?) m. Nancy Locke (moved to TN)
Peter Fulp m. Nancy Faire (abt. 1792-?)
Elizabeth Fulp (1792-?) m. James Holbrook
Polly Fulp (1794-?) m. Henry Fidler
Anna Fulp (1796-?) m. Richard Studdard
(Caroline) Abigail Fulp (1798-?) m. Johann George Krieger (1793-?)
Michael Fulp (1800-?) m. Sally Randleman (1799-?)


Children of Peter Fulp and Elizabeth Raper
Bethenia Fulp (1786-?) m. Charles Quillin (abt. 1800-?)
Martha Fulp (1788-?) m. Benjamin Ziglar (abt.1785-?)
Michael Fulp (1790-1870) m. Sally Preston (abt. 1792-?)
Thomas Fulp (1792-?) m. Elizabeth Sullivan (abt. 1793-?)
George Fulp (1794-1856) m. Elizabeth Hester (1800-1862)
Archibald Fulp (1794-?) m. Martha Jane Crews (abt. 1798-abt. 1846)
Peter Fulp (1798-?) m. Abigail Hester (1806-1862)
Franklin Fulp (1800-?) m. Margaret Carson (abt. 1805-?)
Lewis Fulp (1803-?) m. Milly Crews (abt. 1805-?)
Reuben Fulp (1806-?) (did not marry)

Fourth Generation

Children of George Fulp and Jenny Walker
Cynthia Fulp m. George W. Lewis
Emily Fulp m. Thomas Campbell
Michael Fulp - did he marry Ezabila Studard and/or Cynthia Fulp?
Polly Fulp m. Emanuel Fulp
William Walker Fulp (1802-1867) m. Elizabeth Piner Booth (1810-1884)
Margaret Fulp (1807-1861) m. Newton C. Dawson (1811-1872)
George Valentine Fulp (1811-1877) m. 1) Elizabeth Brinkle (Brinkley?) (1813-1844), 2) Sarah Hilton (1815-1892), widow of James Crews
Eliza Ann Fulp (1824-1891) m. 1) John S. Jones (ca. 1826-bef. 1860), 2) John Mustin (ca. 1792-1874)


Children of George Fulp and Elizabeth Hester
John W. Fulp (1820-?) m. Lucinda Cofer
Elzy Fulp (1821-?) m. 1) Jane Fair, 2) Mary Catherine Parham
Nancy Fulp (1822-?). Did she marry William Thomas?
Franklin J. Fulp (1823-1886) m. Susan Larramore (1830-1905)
Peter H. Fulp (1829-?) m. Elizabeth ?
Stephen Fulp (1832-1915) m. Nancy Bundy, moved to Indiana, died Missouri
Jemima Fulp (1833-1910) m. William Crim (1816-1893)
Malinda Fulp (1835-?)
Mary Ann Fulp (1840-1900) m. John H. Fare (1833-1908)


Children of Archibald Fulp and Martha Jane Crews
Susanna C. Fulp (ca. 1828-?)
Mary Fulp (ca. 1832-?)
Louzena Fulp (ca. 1833-?)
Martha J. Fulp (ca. 1836-?)
Susan G. Fulp (ca. 1838-?)
Thomas Lewis Fulp (ca. 1839-?)


Children of Peter Fulp and Abigail Hester
Jemima Fulp (1821-1881) m. John Emanuel Crews (1821-1900)
Martha Fulp (1825-1898) m. Reuben Crews (1820- aft. 1900)
Jasper Fulp (abt. 1830-?) m. Mary Eliza Coffer
Anna Fulp (abt. 1832-?)
Emily Fulp (abt. 1834-?)
Louisa F. Fulp (abt. 1837-?) m. William Hezekiah Starbuck (abt. 1832-1863), s/o John William Starbuck and Mary Susan Hester
Ruth J. Fulp (1838-1911) m. Robertson A. Stafford (1837-1912)
Nancy M. Fulp (abt. 1841-?) m. Benjamin R. Parham (1842-1914)
Julia Fulp (abt. 1844-?)


Children of Franklin Fulp and Margaret Carson
Bethenia Fulp (ca. 1831-?)
Willis Fulp (ca. 1833-?)
Edward Fulp (ca. 1836-?)
Elizabeth Fulp (ca. 1837-?)
Loretta Fulp (ca. 1839-?)

Fifth Generation

Children of William Walker Fulp and Elizabeth P. Booth
Nancy C. Fulp (abt. 1828-aft. 1850)
John W. Fulp (abt. 1833-aft. 1850)
Martha J. Fulp (1838-1904) m. Francis A. Nading (1840-1902)
Margaret Melissa Fulp (1841-1916) m. Charles MacAnally Lasley (1837-1889), s/o John E. Lasley and Sarah Elizabeth MacAnally
Louisa B. Fulp (abt. 1844-aft. 1860)
Elizabeth (Lizzie) Fulp (1851-1916) m. Henry Clay Fulton (1844-1912)

Additional children included April 21, 2008. Thank you, Jack Jones.


Children of George Valentine Fulp and Elizabeth Brinkle/Brinkley
John Alfred Fulp (1835-1914) m. Sarah A. Vance (1832-1910)
Eliza Fulp (1837-1839)
William W. Fulp (1839-1899) m. Laura A. Vance (1846-1919)
Nancy Margaret Fulp (1844-1903) m. James Allen Lowery (1845-1932)


Children of Franklin Fulp and Susan Larramore
David H. Fulp (abt. 1850-?)
William M. Fulp (1851-1922)
Martha J. Fulp (abt. 1853-?)
James Wesley Fulp (abt. 1854-?)
George B. Fulp (abt. 1856-?)
Doctor F. Fulp (abt. 1857-?)
John Calvin Fulp (abt. 1859-?)
Yancy A. Fulp (abt. 1861-?)
Peter Fulp (abt. 1863-?)
Jesse Fulp (abt. 1868-?)


Children of Jasper Fulp and Mary Eliza Coffer
Samuel Otto Fulp (1858-1926) m. Velna P. Walker (1864-1953)
Regina J. Fulp (abt. 1859-?)
Agatha Fulp (abt. 1861-?)
Susan A. Fulp (1863-?)
James C. Fulp (abt. 1865-?)
John P. Fulp (1868-1947) m. Elmira Ardelia Linville (1869-1963), d/o Emanuel Linville and Ann Elizabeth Mitchell
Neamata A. Fulp (1869-?)
Aurelius G. Fulp (1873-?) m. Louisa
Walter Jenkins Fulp (1876-1959) m. Annie Young (1879-1960)

Sixth Generation

Children of John Alfred Fulp and Sarah A. Vance
Mary E. Fulp (1860-1883) m. John C. Teague (1860-1937)
Dewitt F. Fulp (1862-1881)
John William Fulp (1865-1941) m. Nannie Louis Linville (1871-1952)
Sarah Margaret Fulp (1868-1946) m. Aurelius G. Martin (1870-1951)


Children of Nancy Margaret Fulp and James Allen Lowrey
Elizabeth Louisa (Lizzie) Lowrey (1874-1961)
George Allen Lowrey (1876-1876)
Anna (Annie) F. Lowrey (1877-1964)
John Wesley Lowrey (1879-1969) m. Martha Kerr Stockton (1885-1951)
Alie Boyd Margaret Lowrey (1885-1974) m. Herbert Dewitt Stafford (1886-1946)


Children of William Walker Fulp and Laura Ann Vance
Infant Son (Unnamed) (1872-1872)
George Virgil Fulp (1874-1951) m. Rosa E. Griffith (1877-1967)
Hepsa Elizabeth (Betha) Fulp (1878-1959)
Martin Vance Fulp (1880-1938) m. Maude Lee Hooker (1881-1929)
Mary Ethel Fulp (1883-1884)


Thanks to Richard Fulp for helping with the descendants of George Valentine Fulp and Elizabeth Brinkley. Richard's e-mail address

Thanks to Gray Harmon for information on this family, also to Kevin Singer, whose WorldConnect page was very helpful. Forsyth County census, marriage and cemetery records

Stokes County Heritage, volume I, article 470 by Richard V. Fulp.

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