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Harbaugh Family

Yost Harbaugh (Herbach) was born in Europe between 1685 and 1705. In his first recorded deed, Joost Harbough bought 100 acres in Maxatawny Township (at the time it was Philadelphia County, then York Co, PA). It appears that he married his first wife, Maria Margretha Klein, in 1725 and the records indicate that the first three children are born in Europe.

First Generation

Children of Yost Harbaugh (1695/1705) and 1) Maria Margretha Klein
Johan George Harbaugh (b. 1726 -1787) m. Catharina Williard (widow Bender) (1721-1791)
Ludwig Harbaugh (1727-1809)
Jacob Harbaugh (1730-1818)
John Harbaugh (1735-1803)
Henry Harbaugh (1740-1779) (did not marry)
Yost Harbaugh (1741-1779, Washington Co, MD) m. 1) Eva Bahn and m. 2) Elisabeth Eshelman (widow)

Children of Yost Harbaugh (1695/1705) and 2) Mary Liz (died 1795)
Leonard Harbaugh (1749-1822)
Mary Elizabeth Harbaugh (1753-1825)
Anna Margaret (b. ca. 1755/1757) m. William Bailey
Anna Catherine (1759-1833)

Second Generation

Children of Johan George Harbaugh and Catharina Williard (widow Bender)
George Harbaugh Sr (1747) m. 1st) Elizabeth Binchele (1749-1780) m. 2) Maria Barbara Oyler
Anna Margaret Harbaugh (1749-1795)
John Harbaugh (1750-1823)
Juliana Harbaugh (1752) m. Peter Christ
Anna Maria Harbaugh (1754-1837)
David Harbaugh (1756-1784)
Anna Regina (1759-1849)


Second Generation

Children of Yost Harbaugh and wife unknown
Julia Johanna Harbaugh (1764-1849)
Eva Harbaugh (1766-1854)
Anna Catherine Harbaugh(1769-1850)
Anna Mariah Harbaugh (1774-1831)
John Harbaugh (1776-1838)
Marie Margaret Harbaugh (1778-1847)
Jacob Harbaugh (1781-1830)
Susanna Harbaugh (1784-1807) m. John Ther (?)
Elizabeth Harbaugh

Third Generation

Children of George Harbaugh Sr (1747) and Elizabeth Binchele (1749-1780)
George Harbaugh Jr (b. 1771) m. Amy Hall
Jacob Harbaugh (1773-1850)
Elizabeth Harbaugh (1775-1855) m. Marcus Fetter
John Harbaugh (1778-1854)
Infant daughter (b. Jan. 10, 1780, died the same day)

Children of George Harbaugh Sr (1747) and Maria Barbara Oyler
Anna Marie (b. 1782)
Benjamin Harbaugh (b. 1783)
Daniel Harbaugh (1785-1845)
Marie Barbara Harbaugh (1787-1789)
Frederick Harbaugh (1791)

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