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Binkley Family

First Generation

Peter Binckele was born in 1704 in Guggisberg, Canton Bern, Switzerland, son of Christen Binckele or Binggeli and Elsbeth Berg/Burri. In his Moravian memoir he said that his father died when he was about 9, and when he was 13 his mother moved into Alsace. He was living with his brother in the Steinthal district of Germany when he met and married Anna Maria Werle (1704-1748). They came to America in 1736 on the Princess Augusta. They lived at Warwick (Lititz) and then near York, PA, where Anna Maria died in 1748. Peter married Anna Margaretha Geiger (1722-1803), widow of Johannes Schemel, in 1749, moved with her to Monocacy Maryland in 1763, and finally settled near Bethania NC in 1772. He died there in 1793, survived by 11 of his total of 23 children from the two marriages.

Peter Binkley's Will.

Second Generation

Children of Peter Binckele and Anna Maria Werle
Maria Binckele (1725-?)
Catharina Binckele (1727-after 1791) m. George Hönig (Honey) (d. before 1791), moved to Stoverstown VA
Peter Binckele (1728-?) probably died in childhood
Christman Binckele (1729-?) probably died in childhood
Anna Binckele (1731-?)
Sarah Binckele (1733-1820) m. 1) Leonard Moser (ca. 1714-1782), 2) Edward Nathaniel Bartley
Margaretha Binckele (1735-after 1791) m. Hans Ulrich Vollenweider (also appears as Wolleweller, Fulwider and Wollewether; lived Augusta Co. VA)
Christina Binckele (1738-?) m. Caspar Fischer, lived Cumberland TN
Elisabeth Binckele (1740-?) probably died in childhood
Anna Barbara Binckele (1741-?) probably died in childhood
*Johannes Binckele (1743-ca. 1801) m. Johanna Jacobina Lyd/Leedy (1744-?); lived Robertson Co. TN
Johann Adam Binkley (1744-1837) m. Maria Magdalena Weller (1744-1826), lived Cheatham Co. TN
unnamed twin infants (b. & d. 1745)

*Some older Binkley family material states that Johannes also married Anna Schor.
This is a different John Binkley, son of Johann Adam Binkley (see below).


Children of Peter Binckele and Anna Margaretha Geiger
Elisabeth Binckele (1749-1780) m. George Harbaugh (1747-?),
  s/o George Harbaugh (Herbach, Herbock) and Catherine Williard (widow Bender)
Christian Binckele (1751-1799) did not marry, referred to in his father's will as "simple-minded"
Johann Peter Binckele (1753-1819) m. Susanna Margaretha Dull (1759-1822)
Anna Maria Binckele (1755-1759, PA)
Friedrich Binckele (1757-1834) m. Elizabeth Dull (1764-1849)
Joseph Binkley (1761-1794) m. Catharina Holder (1762-1816)
unnamed infant, ca. 1763
Anna Maria Binckele (1764-1790). Records of the Moravians in NC 5:2312 refers to her as a single woman and simple-minded.
Jacob Binckele (1767-?) m. Maria Barbara Demuth

Third Generation

Children of Johannes Binckele and Johanna Jacobina Lyd/Leedy
*Peter Binkley (c1764-1811) probably m. 1) Anna Christina Geiger (1769-bef. 1799), d/o Johann Adam Geiger and Maria Margaretha Fidler; 2) Catharina Helsabeck (1766-?)
Jacob Binkley (1766-1846) m. 1) Sarah Frey (1773-1833); reportedly married again in Robertson Co. TN after her death - who was the second wife?
Elizabeth Binkley (c1768-aft. 1850) m. Joseph Childress (ca. 1765-ca. 1800)
John Binkley (c1772-?) m. Elizabeth Wright
Joseph Binkley (c1773-1815). Did he marry Susanna Fessler?
Friedrich Binkley (1774-1857) m. Adeline Shackleford (1789-1868), d/o Roger & Nancy Carter Shackleford
Abraham Binkley (1775-?) went to Missouri
**Daniel Binkley (1777-1825) m. Catherine Wolff
Heinrich/Henry Binkley (1779-?) went to Missouri
Johannes George Binkley (1781-?) m. Nelly Earthmann in 1807 in Davidson Co. TN
Maria Catherine Binkley (1784-1863) m. Johann Heinrich (Henry) Frey (1777-?), moved to Robertson Co. TN
Sarah Binkley (1786-ca. 1870/1880) m. Johann Petrus (Peter) Frey (1778-1854), lived Montgomery Co. TN

*This entry was changed on June 9, 2001, based on new information received from Sara Tarpley. We now think that this is NOT the Peter Binkley who married Salley King, and that the latter Peter was the son of Johann Adam Binkley and Magdalena Weller.

**Marriage bond Stokes Co. NC for Daniel Binkley and Chaty Woolf, 1797. Previously we had her listed as Catharine Moser. We can't find good documentation for this. If the Moser family claims her, then was she previously married to someone named Woolf or Wolff?

Children of Johann Adam Binkley and Maria Magdalena Weller
Jacob Binkley (1766-?) probably died before 1772, as there is a later son Jacob also
John Binkley (ca. 1768-?) m. Anna Schor/Shore, d/o Frederick Shore and Barbara Ries
Peter Binkley (1770-1839) m.
Jacob Binkley (1772-?)
[NOT the person who m. Lucinda Smith]
Elizabeth Binkley (1774-?) m. Benjamin Darrow
Frederick Binkley (1777-?)
Joseph Binkley (1779-ca. 1840) Catherine Carpenter
Henry Binkley (1782-1859) m. 1) Anna Carpenter (1789-1828), 2) Mary Bennett (1782-1843);
   3) Drusilla Best? [maybe a prvious married name] (1810-?);lived Cheatham Co. TN
Adam Binkley (1785-?)
name unknown, born October 1788
George Binkley (1790-?)

Some errors were corrected in this family 10/21/07, thanks to Sara Binkley Tarpley.


Children of Johann Peter Binckele and Susanna Margaretha Dull
Margaretha Binckele (1780-?) m. Adam Hauser (1775-bef. 1860)
Johann Peter Binckele (1782-1846) m. Susannah H. Stoltz (1784-1850); was she d/o Henry and Elizabeth Stolz?
Elizabeth Binckele (1785-?) may have died in infancy
Christiana (or Christina?) Binckele (1786-1843) m. Capt. Johann Lorenz Hauser (1782-1833)
Johannes (John) Binckele (1793-ca. 1843) m. Sarah Mock (1795-1871)


Children of Friedrich Binckele and Elizabeth Dull
Susanna Binkley (1787-?)
Johannes Binkley (1789-bef. 1860) probably the John Binkley who married Elizabeth Hudson (ca. 1790-aft. 1870)
*Jacob Binkley (1792-?) m. Elizabeth ? (1793-?)
George Binkley (1795-?)
Sarah Binkley (1797-?)
Nicholas Binkley (1804-1864) m. Juliet N. (1820-1904) (possibly his second wife)

*Previously we listed (Jeremiah) Jacob Binckele (1792-?) m. Martha Elizabeth Pryor (1793-?). The marriage of Jeremiah J. BRINKLEY to Martha PRYOR took place in Halifax Co. NC in 1832. Jacob BINKLEY and wife Elizabeth appear in census records in Forsyth Co. NC in 1850 and 1860. We now think that Jeremiah and Martha Brinkley are probably unrelated.


Children of Jacob Binckele and Maria Barbara Demuth
Maria Margaretha Binkley (1791-?) may have died young
Johannes Binkley (1792-?)
Anna Elizabeth Binkley (1793-?) Catherine Binkley (1788-1879) m. Thomas Jefferson Menees (d. 1859)
David Binkley (1801-1869) m. Rebecca Adams (1801-1868), moved to Grayson Co. TX

Information on Catherine and David added 10/21/07, thanks to Sara Binkley Tarpley. Although solid proof is lacking that Catherine is the daughter of Jacob and Maria Barbara, several lines of circumstantial evidence support this conclusion.

Fourth Generation

Children of Friedrich Binkley and Adeline Shackleford
Henry John Binkley (1806-1893) m. 1) Nancy Emiline Gleaves (1808-1844), 2) Nancy Mills (1827-1886)
John Henry Binkley (1807-1848) m. Mary Walker (ca.1810-?)
William Blackman (Black) Binkley (1809-1898) m. Caroline N. Wilson (1814-1865)
Joseph Shackleford Binkley (1810-1887) m. 1) Martha A. Buchanan Steele (1811-1859),
  d/o Samuel Steele and Patience Shane, 2) Elizabeth Ivey Holland (1820-1879)
  d/o Jaret and Elizabeth Ivey, 3) Mrs. Hettie Foot Elllis Young
Franklin Carter Binkley (1812-1877) m. Indiana A. Massey
Frederick Marshall Binkley (1815-1884) m. Catherine Crockett (1830-1876)
James Guthrie Binkley (ca, 1820 - bet. 1880-1900) m. Susan Daniel (1831-1914)
Andrew P. Binkley (1816-1821)
Jasper Newton Binkley (1826-1895) m. 1) Amanda J. P. Yarbrough (ca. 1831-1853); 2) Cornelia Snell (ca. 1835-1869); 3) Cornelia C., maiden name unknown, previously married to Alexander Moore
Nancy L. Binkley (1818-1868) m. John Dickson (1810-1894)
Almedia Binkley (1820-1907) m. Jacob Kirk (1816-1890)
Robert Foster Binkley (1822-1860) m. Isabella Steele (b. 1833)
Sarah B. ("Sallie") Binkley (b. 1828) m. Alfred Bass (b. 1825)
Martin David Binkley (1831-1879) m. Mary Emma Caskey (1840-1927)

Thanks to Sara Binkley Tarpley for additional information on this family, 10/21/07

Chuck Demastus includes Frederich Binkley and the Shackleford line at his Demastus Genealogy page


Children of John Binkley and Anna Shore
Henry Binkley (1798-?)
Magdalene Binkley (1801-?)
Jacob Binkley

Baptisms of these three are recorded at Hope Moravian Church. Were there other children?

This family was added on November 25, 2003.


Children of Johann Peter Binckele & Susannah H. Stultz
Sarah Binkley (1802-?) maybe the Sarah who m. David Elrod
Daniel Binkley (ca. 1806-?) maybe m. Carmila Rhodes in 1848
Margaret (Peggy) Binkley (1808-?) m. Samuel Black
Mary Binkley (1810-1881) (living with her brother Benton's family in 1850)
Nancy Binkley (1814-1894) m. Thomas Warner (1822-1906)
Benton Binkley (1818-1901) m. Sarah L. Warner (1819-1908)
Millie (Amelia?) Binkley (ca. 1821-after 1880) m. Jacob Whitman (1818-1876)
Martha Susannah (Patsy) Binkley (1828-1913) m. Jacob Irvin Warner (1826-1913)


Children of Johannes Binkley and Sarah Mock
Cherhannah (Johanna??) Binkley m. ? Yates (named as Cherhannah Yates in her father's will, 1843
Sarah Binkley
Mary Binkley (1814-1898) m. Thomas Bran
Henry Binkley (1817-?)
Emanuel Binkley (1819-?) m. Rachel Taylor
William Binkley (1825-1827)
Peter Binkley (1829-1908) m. Henrietta Hauser (1835-1891)
Margaret Binkley (1832-1912) m. Thomas Lewis Smith (1831-1915)
John Binkley (ca. 1836-?)
Keziah Binkley (ca. 1839-?)

This family was added on November 25, 2003.


Children of Jacob Binckele and Elizabeth
*William Binkley (1811-1909) m. Mary Miller (1810-1881)
*John James Binkley/Brinkley (1815-?) m. Mary (Polly) Yokley (1816-?)
Jacob B. Binkley (1826-1884) m. Antoinette M. Long (1831-1899), d/o John Long and Mary Craver
Rachel Binkley (ca. 1828) m. H.H. Thorpe/Tharpe in 1852, Stokes Co., NC
Margaret Binkley (ca. 1829) m. Thomas Long in 1854, Stokes Co., NC
Elias Binkley (1832-1895) m. Maria Susannah Hauser (1834-1919)
Frederick Binkley (1836-1905) m. Catherine D. Long (1836-1910), d/o John Long and Mary Craver

*Were other children born in the long gap between 1815 and 1825?? Or do William and John James Binkley not really belong with this family? James (not John James) and wife Polly appear in the 1850, 1870 and 1880 census records as BRINKLEY, in 1860 as BINKLEY. We are assuming here that this is the John James attributed to Jacob and Elizabeth, but this remains to be documented. We have added their children to the families listed in the next generation in hopes that someone will be able to give us more information on them.

Fifth Generation

Children of Benton Binkley and Sarah L. Warner
Amanda S. Binkley (1840-1902) m. Eugene A. Harper (1852-1926)
Peter Coston Binkley (1843-1863)
Jonas Perry Binkley (1847-1921) m. Cynthia Leah Craft (1846-1930)
Thomas Benton Binkley (1849-1853)
Rev. Daniel Alvin Binkley (1855-1927) m. Laura Ann Jarvis (1856-1932)
Sarah Ellen Binkley (1859-?) m. William Harvel


Children of Emanuel Binkley and Rachel Taylor
Susanna Binkley (ca. 1847-?) m. James A. Brewer (1850-1906)
Eugene Binkley (1856-1923) m. Emeline Snow (1861-1924)
Permelia (or Amelia?) Binkley (ca. 1855-?)
Amanda Binkley (ca. 1860-?) m. Peter Cline, s/o Eli and Nancy Cline

This family was added on November 25, 2003


Children of Peter Binkley (1829-1908) and Henrietta Hauser
Marih (Mariah?) Ellen Binkley (1853-1877)
Columbus Hampton Binkley (1855-1938) m. Sally D. Wilhelm (1854-1934)
Sally C. Binkley (1856-?)
Richard E. Houston Binkley (1858-?) m. Georgett Russell
William A. Binkley (1861-1938) m. Lessie Warren (1862-?)
Junius Wesley Binkley (1863-1925) m. 1) Sarah Frances Pilcher (1859-1896), 2) Lilly Weir (d. 1930)
Peter E. Binkley (1865-?) moved to Danville VA
George Dewey Binkley (1868-1899) m. Emily Elizabeth Carter
Mary L.C. Binkley (1871-?) m. Dee Branson
Emma A. Binkley (1873-?)
Delia Binkley (1876-?) m. ____ Murphy
*Laura L. Binkley (1877-1909) m. Henry Smith

*Laura was brought up by Peter and Henrietta, but may possibly be their granddaughter rather than daughter. Marih Ellen Binkley who died in 1877 may be her mother.

This family was added November 25, 2003


Children of William Binkley and Mary Miller
Sarah Binkley (ca. 1834-?)
Jacob Wesley Binkley (1835-1913) m. Margaret Eliza Lowder (1849-1934)
Frederick Binkley (ca. 1838-?)
date corrected 5/15/02
John Binkley (ca. 1843-?) maybe moved to Iowa
Erwin Binkley (ca. 1845-?)
Mary J. Binkley (ca. 1848-?)


Children of James Binkley/Brinkley and Mary Yokley
Lewis William Brinkley (ca. 1835-?). Did he marry Nancy Sheets in 1861?
Thomas Henry Brinkley (ca. 1837-?) [Thomas M. in 1850, Henry in 1860]
Mary Brinkley (ca. 1839?-?). Did she marry James G. McKnight in 1867?
Eliza J. Brinkley (ca. 1845-?)
Jacob Brinkley (ca. 1846-?) m. Emily Brandon in 1868, d/o William and Lydia Brandon
James E. Brinkley (ca. 1849-?)
Emma Brinkley (ca. 1851-?)
Julia Brinkley (ca. 1853-?)

This family was added to the web page on November 25, 2003. As indicated above, we have some doubts about whether they really belong with the Binkleys since three of four censuses between 1850 and 1880 spell the name Brinkley rather than Binkley.


Children of Jacob Binkley and Antoinette Long
John Wesley Binkley (1859-1926) m. Mary V. Boyer
Mary Jane Binkley (1860-?) maybe died young
Peter Monroe Binkley (1862-1940) m. 1) Eliza Boyer; 2) Etta Finch (1874-1910)
Elizabeth J. Binkley (ca. 1864-?) m. William H. Waggoner
Martha Binkley (1865-1948) m. Charles L. Hanes (1868-1900)
Jacob Andrew Binkley (1870-1949)


Children of Elias Binkley and Maria Susannah Hauser
Antoinette Binkley (ca. 1855-?)
Thomas J. Binkley (ca. 1857-?)
Julia Binkley (1859-1930) m. Jacob Hamilton Swaim (1859-1930)
Martha E. Binkley (ca. 1862-?) m. John W. Stephens
Mary S. Binkley (ca. 1866-?)
Florence Augusta Binkley (1869-1956) m. 1) William T. Stewart, 2) Jesse V. Pitts (1863-1937)


Children of Frederick Binkley and Catherine Long
Samuel P. Binkley (1859-1918) m. Emily Boyer (1869-1955)
Joseph Elias Binkley (1866-1937) m. Addie Evelyn Bolen (1876-1946)
Lydia P. Binkley (ca. 1867-?) m. William T. Hix
William Gerome Binkley (1869-1945) m. Lydia M. Pegram (1889-1934) d/o John E. Pegram and Mary Ellen Hester
Ada E. Binkley (1872-1895)
Thomas E. Binkley (ca. 1876-?) moved to Iowa

Sixth Generation

Children of Jonas Perry Binkley and Cynthia Leah Craft
Albert B. Binkley (1874-1891)
Sarah E. Binkley (ca. 1876-?)

This family was added on November 25, 2003. Were there additional children born after the 1880 census?


Children of Rev. Daniel Alvin Binkley and Laura Ann Jarvis
Robert Lee Binkley (1877-1902) m. Ora unknown (1875-1943)
Charles Benton Binkley (1880-1945) m. Minnie Ransom (?-1914),
  d/o James Ransom and Mary Culler
Walter Binkley (1880-1943)
Bessie Sarah Jane Binkley (1882-1961) m. Lamb Archibald Reynolds (1874-1958)
Daniel Oscar Binkley (1884)
James Marvin Binkley Sr. (1887-1957) m. Anna Alspaugh (1890-1970), d/o John A. Alspaugh and Edna Petree
Robah Binkley (1889-1955) m. Allee Aderholt
Bertha Mae Binkley (1891-1945) m. John Daniel Humphreys (1867-1930),
  s/o Van Buren Humphreys and Margaret Perkins
Loula Bell Binkley (1894-1983) m. 1) Benjamin Sprinkle (1892-1933); 2) William Lee Spaugh (1890-1936), her sister Estelle's widower?
John Paul Binkley (1896-?)
Estelle Margaret Binkley (1898-1933) m. William Lee Spaugh (1890-1936), s/o Charles Spaugh and Dora Alspaugh


Children of Jacob Wesley Binkley and Margaret Eliza Lowder
Lewis Chalmus Binkley (1867-1896)
Charlie Anderson Binkley (1871-1873)
Mary Emma Binkley
Luther Albe Binkley
Olesta Arthur Binkley (1886-1968) m. Ida Reich (1888-1961)

Updated February 12, 2003


York Co. PA church records

Jurney, James, Ancestry and Descendants of Johann Peter Frey, privately printed, Bellevue WA 1991

Personal communications with Faith Berghofer. Faith's email address is:

Personal communications with Linda Cassidy Lewis. Linda's email address is:

Personal communications from Pasty Binkley Haws. Patsy contributed information for the Johann Peter Binkley (b.1782) and Susannah H. Stultz line. Her email address:

Personal communications from Bridget McCartney Rogier and Bob Carney

Personal communications from Sara Tarpley. Sara contributed information for the Friedrich Binkley (b. 1774) and Adeline Shackleford line. Her email address: See Sara's Binkley Branches page for MUCH more information. Also contact Sara to join the Binkley group on Yahoo.

We also thank Judy Binkley Lambert, Joan High, Steve Binkley, Rebecca Helmick, Karen Hunter, Barbara Shore, Carl Dickerson, Robin Morris, and other correspondents who have helped us with this large and sometimes confusing family.

Forsyth County cemetery, census, and other records

The Binkley DNA project is well under way, with representatives of this and other Binkley families. If you are a Binkley or Pinkley male with an interest in your ancestry, please consider participating. The more participants, the more we can learn about these families>

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