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Kyger/Geiger Family of PA and MD

Johann Valentine Geiger Jr. arrived in America in 1717 aboard the same ship as his father-in-law, Anton Jacob Henckel and his future sister-in-law, Maria Catherine Henckel. He was the son of Johann Valentin Geiger and Maria Barbara Bauer of Ittlingen, Kraichgau, Germany.

First Generation

Children of Johann Valentin Geiger and Maria Barbara Bauer
Johann Valentine Geiger Jr. (1685-1762) m. Johanna Frederica Henckel (1694-1740 , PA),
d/o Anton Jacob Henckel); 2) Maria Elizabeth Schmidt, d/o Rev. John George Schmidt
Andreas Geiger (abt. 1687)
Maria Catharine Geiger (1689)
Maria Elisabetha Geiger (died young)
Johann Wilhelm Geiger (1692-1761)
Johann Jacob Geiger (1694-1772) m. Anna Elisabetha
Maria Barbara Geiger (abt. 1697)
Maria Barbara Geiger (abt. 1699)
Anna Margaretha Geiger (1701)
Johann Georg Geiger (1702-1739) m. Maria Catherine Henckel (1711-1785),
(1728, Johann Georg Geiger, Hanover Township. Believed to have arrived in America in 1727)
Anna Maria Geiger (1705)
Johannes Geiger (1707-1708)
Johann Martin Geiger (1711)

Second Generation:

Children of Johann Valentine Geiger Jr.and 1) Johanna Frederica Henckel
Anthony Geiger (abt. 1716-1753) m. 1) Mary Barbara Geiger (1724-1774), d/o Jacob Geiger and Anna Maria Mais
Valentine Geiger III (1718-1777) m. (Widow) Sarah Venato (1724-1764)
Maria Barbara Geiger (1719) m. Johann Nicholas Seidle
Christopher Geiger (abt. 1720-1805) m. 1) Mary Barbara Geiger (1724-1774), d/o Jacob Geiger and Anna Maria Mais
Mary Margaretha Geiger (1721-1794) m. Benjamin Lindler
Susanna Catherine Geiger (1724) m. John Stoneburner
Anna Barbara Geiger (1737-1766) m. George Kast/Caust


Children of Johann Valentine Geiger Jr. and 2) Maria Elizabeth Schmidt
Johannes Dietrich Geiger (1742-1782) m. Elizabeth Linsenbucker, d/o Paul Linsenbucker
Johann Heinrich Geiger (1744-?) m. Elizabeth
Benjamin Geiger (abt. 1747) m. Elizabeth
Charles (Carl) Geiger (1749-1828) m. Anna Maria Dilbon


Children of Joh. Georg Geiger and Maria Catherine Henckle
(after George's death, Catherine married Johann Peter Apple in 1740)
Georg Geiger/Kyger m. Mary Beeler, d/o Christopher Beeler & his second wife Elizabeth Sheely/Schule (widow)
Johann Valentine Geiger m. Hannah Miller, d/o Michael Miller
Catherine Geiger m. Bernhard Renn
Maria Eliesabetha Kyger (bap. June 16 1737) m. John Coppersmith/Kupperschmidt
Johann Jacob Kyger (bap.) March 4, 1739


Third Generation

Children of Maria Catherine Henckle Geiger and Johann Peter Apple (d. 1779)
Eva Rosine Apple (bap. 1742) m. House/Horse
Johann Peter Apple (bap. 1744 -d. 1775) m. Elizabeth (their dau. was Susannah Apple)
Maria Charlotta Apple (bap. 1750) m. Sebastian Moyer
Maria Catherine Apple m. Conrad Matthias/Matthews
Anna Magdalena Apple m. Michael Birely/Byerly

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