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Henckel/Hinkle Family

First, Second, and Third Generations:

Ludwig Henckel (1535, Allendorf, Hesse Darmstat, Germany)
Caspar Henckel (1576-1650/51, Allendorf)
Matthias Henckel (1605, Allendorf)

Fourth Generation

Herr Georg Henckel (1635, Germany-1677/78) m. Anna Eulala Dentzer (1640-1699/1700)

Fifth Generation:

Children of Herr Georg Henckel and Anna Eulala Dentzer
Elizabetha Catherine Henckel (1667-?)
Anthony Jacob Henckel (1668-1728) m. Maria Elizabeth Dentzer (1672-1743/44)
Johannes Christianus Henckel (1671-?)
Johann Konradus Henckel (1674-?)
Johann Grogr Henckel (1675-?)
Philip Conrad Henckel (1678-?)

Sixth Generation:

Anton (Anthony) Jacob Henckel, a Lutheran pastor from the northern region Kraichgau area east of Heidelberg, was almost fifty when he arrived in 1717. Most of his children were christened at the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Daudenzell, Germany. He had been ordained in Germany and had served 25 years as a pastor with various congregations in the upper east Heidelberg. He was probably responsible for organizing the first Lutheran congregations in Pennsylvania. He lived at Falckner's Swamp in today's Montgomery Co., PA and served the German communities throughout present-day Philadelphia and Montgomery Counties. He died in a fall from horseback in August, 1728 at the age of 60. Anton Jacob and Maria Elizabeth are buried at St. Michael Evangelical Lutheran Church, Germantown, Philadelphia, PA.)

Children of Rev. Anton (Anthony) Jacob Henckel and Maria Elizabeth Dentzer
Johann Nicholas Henckel (b. & d. 1693)
Johanna Frederica Henckel (1694-1740) m. Johann Valentine Geiger (1685-1762)
Johann Melchoir Henckel (1695/96-1706)
Johann Gerhard Henckel (1697/98-1736) m. Anna Catherine (?-1789)
Maria Elisabeth Henckel (1699-1746) m. Elias Kuhn, probably lived Frederick Co. MD
George Rudolph Henckel (1701-1803) m. unknown
Anna Maria Christina Henckel (1703/04-1708)
Johann Justus Henckel (1706-1778) m. Maria Magdalena Eschmann (abt.1710/1712),
d/o Abraham Eschmann of Oley PA
Benigna Maria Henckel (1707-1708)
Jacob Anthony Hinkle (1708-1750/51) m. Anna Margaret (1711-1800, PA)
Maria Catherina Henckel (1711-1785) m. 1) Johann Georg Geiger (1702-1739);
2) Johann Peter Aple (Apple) (m. in 1740)
Johann Phillip Henckel (1713-1713)

Seventh Generation:

Children of George Rudolph Henckel and unknown
George Henckel (1734-1803) m. Anna Maria Plummer (?)
John Balthasar Henckel (1737-1804)
Philip Christoph Henckel (1740-1810), probably didn't marry
Jacob Henckel - living in Rowan Co. NC in 1797
Margaret Henckel
Henry Henckel


John Justus Henckel lived in PA until 1750 when he sold his property and moved with his family to North Carolina, settling in what is now Davidson Co NC. In 1760 he moved once again and came to Germany Valley which then was on the frontier of West Augusta County, VA. Later it was in Rockingham, and since then has been in Pendleton County, WVA

Children of Johann Justus Henckel and Maria Magdalena Eschmann
Anna Maria Elizabeth Hinkle (1731-1824) m. Moses Elsworth; died Champaign Co. OH
Jacob Henkel (1733-1779) m. Mary Barbara Teeter (1734-1814), lived West Virginia
Catherine Henckel (1735-?) m. Adam Biffel, probably in Wythe Co. VA by 1785
Rebecca Hinkle (1736-?) m. Paul Teeter (?-1784)
Anna Margaret Hinkle (1741-1805) m. George Teter (?-1798)
Maria Magdalena Hinkle (1743-1829) m. John Skidmore (abt. 1736-1809)
Elizabeth Hinkle (1745-?) m. Christian Weiston Roleman (1736-1824)
Susannah Hinkle (1747-bef. 1810) m. Philip Teter
Hannah Hinkle (1750-1780) m. Andrew Johnson
John Justus Hinkle Jr (1752-1794) m. Christina Negley (1755-after 1794;) (A copy of his Will)
Abraham Hinkle (1749-1815) m. Mary Catherine Teter, lived Augusta Co. VA
Isaac Hinkle (1754-1824) m. Mary Cunningham

Most of this family settled in Rockingham Co. VA (now Pendleton Co. WV)


Children of Jacob Anthony Hinkle and Anna Margaret
John Justus Hinkle (1733-1816) m. 1) Elizabeth Levering (1732-1782); 2) Rachel Grove
Anthony J. Hinkle III (1735-1814, NC) m. Maria Magdelena Zwecker (abt. 1740-after 1811),
d/o Wendel Zwecker
Mary Barbara Hinkle (1737-1817) m. 1) John Conrad (?-1769), s/o Matthias Conrad; 2) Isaiah Evans
Phillip Hinkle (1739-1814) m. Mary Johnson (abt. 1743-1827)
Captain Charles Hinkle (1741-1783) m. Elizabeth Johnson, d/o Casper Johnson
Peter Hinkle (1743-1775) m. Salome Hartman (1749-aft. 1775)
Michael Hinkle (1745-1790) m. 1) Rebecca Spurgeon; 2) Sarah Beecham
Henry Hinkle (1746-?) m. 1) Catherine Losh, 2) Dorothea Nagel
Benjamin Hinkle (1751-?) m. Susannah Bryan (1751-1810); 2) Mary Ann Harwood

Did Salome Hartman Hinkle marry Jacob Bleyer on Dec. 2, 1776?

Eighth Generation:

Children of Jacob Henkel and Mary Barbara Teeter
Rev. Paul Henkel (1754-1825) m. Elizabeth Nagley (1757-1843),
d/o Balthaser Nagley and Christina Raisch
Moses Hinkle (1757-?) m. Margaret Montgomery (1760-?) (moved to Clark Co, Ohio, 1814)


Children of John Justus Hinkle Jr and Christina Nagley
George Hinkle
Jacob Hinkle
a daughter m. Whitemen
Mary Hinkle
Molly Hinkle
Sarah Hinkle
Elias Hinkle
Abraham Hinkle
Christina Hinkle


Children of Isaac Hinkle and Mary Cunningham
Jesse Hinkle
John Hinkle
William Hinkle
Solomon Hinkle
Adam Hinkle
Catherine Hinkle m. Martin
Judy Hinkle
Phebe Hinkle m. Leonard Harper
Mary Cunningham Hinkle m. John Dice
Hannah Hinkle (?-abt. 1832) m. Henry Jones

In an email dated January 30, 1999, from Donna Bartholow, she clearly states that Hannah Hinkle and Henry Jones did not move to Texas. Instead, Henry Jones and children moved to Franklin County, MO., quite possibly after Hannah died about 1832. There is located in Holt County, MO a town called Jones Point where both Jones and Hinkles resided and operated a ferry across the Missouri river for the wagon trains moving west. The Jones family continues below. Donna Bartholow's email address is:


Children of Anthony Hinkle and Maria Magdalena Zwecker
Wendel Hinkle (1757-1838) m. Elizabeth Fox, moved to Burke Co. NC, later KY and finally Sullivan Co. IN
Nathan Hinkle (1759-1848) m. Rebecca Ledford, d/o William Ledford and Elizabeth McCurry
Joseph Hinkle (abt. 1761-1793) m. Lydia Cook, descendants in Indiana and Ohio
Catherine Hinkle (1767-?) m. John Fuchs (Fox), lived Davie Co. NC
Anthony Hinkle (1770-1850) m. Barbara Rittenbough or Rittenhouse?; was in Rowan Co. NC in the 1790-1800 period
Henry Hinkle (1771-?) came to Rowan Co. NC but left by about 1808. Did he marry Catherine Sain?
Elizabeth Hinkle (1773-aft. 1850) m. George Smith in Rowan Co. NC, d. Sullivan Co. IN
George Hinkle (abt. 1774-?) m. Frances Shaffer in 1795, Rowan Co. NC, lived KY and IN
Margaret (Rebecca?) Hinkle (1775-1831) m. Jacob March
Peter Hinkle (1781-?), supposedly lived in Tennessee


Children of Charles Hinkle and Elizabeth Johnson
Casper Hinkle (1762-?) m. Antonia/Fania/Fanny Robertson
William Hinkle (1765-1767)
Catherine Hinkle (1766-?) m. John March
Charles Hinkle (abt. 1769-?) m. Susanna March in 1797, d/o George March and Amelia Adams
Conrad Hinkle


Children of Peter Hinkle and Salome Hartman
Anthony Hinkle (bef 1775-bef. 1840) m. Catherine (Chaty) Frey (1775-aft. 1840),
d/o Johann Michael Frey and Dorothea Schmidt, moved to TN by 1820
Mary Hinkle (1769-?) m. Daniel Clinard
Peter Hinkle (1776-1833); referred to in his father's will as a child yet unborn; m. Amelia Clodfelter (1778-1861), moved to Cape Girardeau Co. MO


Children of Michael Hinkle and Rebecca Spurgeon
William Hinkle prob. married Eleanor Hunter 1793 Rowan Co. NC, moved to Shelby Co. KY
Margaret Rebecca Hinkle (1775-1830) m. Jacob Maertz/March (m. in 1797, NC)
Anthony Hinkle (aft.1780-bef.1860) (died in Gasconade Co. MO)
John Hinkle (abt. 1785-aft. 1840) (died in Washington Co. IN)
Michael Hinkle (probably died in Adair Co. KY about 1814)
Jennett Hinkle
Jacob Hinkle


Children of Benjamin Hinkle and Susannah Bryan
Joseph Hinkle (1778-?) m. Sarah Wilson (m. 1802), moved to Lincoln Co. TN
Daniel Hinkle (1779-?)
Johannes Hinkle (1782-?) m. Vinnie Burgess (m. 1813)
Margaretha Hinkle (1784-?) m. Richard Whiteaker (m. 1819)
Alexandria Hinkle (1786-1856) m. William Stephens (m. 1802)
Susanna Hinkle (1788-?) m. James Nicholas (m. 1806)
Barbara Hinkle (1790-1820)
Phoebe Hinkle (1792-1827) m. Joseph Sparks (m. 1811, NC)
Nancy Hinkle (1794-?) m. Daniel Call (m. 1816, NC)
Benjamin Hinkle (1796-?)
Elizabeth Hinkle (b. & d. 1798)
Samuel Hinkle (1801-?) m. Laura D. Bell (m. 1843, TX)
Morgan Hinkle (1803-1875) m. Jane Frances Ansley Heathman (m. 1843, Lowndes Co, AL)

Ninth Generation:

Children of Casper Hinkle and Antonia/Fania/Fanny Robertson
Susanna Hinkle (1788) m. John Jacob Shoaf
Mathias Hinkle (1794-1870) m. Maria Barbara Shoaf (1794)


Children of Moses Hinkle and Margaret Montgomery
Rev. Jesse Hinkle
Susannah Hinkle m. Daniel H. Armentrout
(there are other children)


Children of Hannah Hinkle and Henry Jones
Mary Ann Jones m. Simeon Harmon
Elizabeth Catherine Jones m. Thomas Huston Duncan
Margaret Jane Jones m. William B. Duncan
Emily Emma Jones m. Uriah T. Cranmer


Children of Barbara Hinkle (did not marry)
Levi Hinkle
Bryant Hinkle (1809-1897)

1810 - Rowan County, NC - Bastardy Fine $50 - State vs. Aquilla Cheshire - Friday, Feb. 10, 1810 - Ordered that Aquilla Chesher pay the fine for Fornication $50 unto the Office, that he give Security to Support the child and to indemify the County and that he also pay forthwith to the said Barbara Hinkle the sum of five pounds for her expenses in support of the child for the first year, and additional sum of Four pounds at or Immediately after this next August Court, & if the payments be not made in due time Execution to I give in her favour if applied for by herself in person on or by Order Duly attested.


Children of Rev. Paul Henkel and Elizabeth Nagley
Rev. Ambrose Henkel (1786-?) m. 1) Catherine Hoke (1795-1815);
2) Veronica Frances Hoyl; 3) Mary Fite
Rev. David Henkel (1791-1831) m. Catherine Hoyl (abt.1794-1847)

The Rev. Paul Heinkle and his wife Elizabeth were sponsors for Rebecca Greim, dau. of Carl Greim and Barbara Frank. There is also a notation that the Rev. Paul Heinkle was probably the pastor of Leonard's Church (Lutheran) from 1800 to 1805. -- Early Pilgrim German Records (Leonards's Church), by Donald H. Hege

Tenth Generation:

Children of Mathias Hinkle and Maria Barbara Shoaf
Phoebe Hinkle (1815)
Solomon Hinkle (1817)
Mathias Hinkle (1825-1888)
Elizabeth Hinkle (1822-1869)
David A. Hinkle (1827-1899)
Alexander Hinkle (1832)
Emmanuel Hinkle (1833-1899)
Christian Hinkle (1838-1870) m. Correnia Emiline Shoaf (1838-1827)
Christena Hinkle (1824-1877)


Children of Rev. Ambrose Henkel and 1) Catherine Hoke
Noah Isaiah Henkel (1814-1885) m. Mary M. Zirkle (1816-1896)

Children of Rev. Ambrose Henkel and 2) Veronica Frances Hoyl
Gerhardt Ambrose Henkel (1828-?)
David Hieronymous Henkel (1830-?)

Children of Rev. Ambrose Henkel and 3) Mary Fite
Mary Katherine Henkel
Arianne Elizabeth Henkel
Eleanora Caroline Henkel
Paul Philip Henkel


Children of Rev. David Henkel and Catherine Hoyl
Susan A. Henkel (1815-?) m. Philip J. Bennick (1809-1872)
Elizabeth Leah Henkel (1818-1862) m. Henry Ingold
Rev. Polycarp Cyprian Henkel (1820-1889) m. Rebecca Fox
Rev. Socrates Henkel (1823-1901) m. Eleanora Carolina Henkel (his cousin)
Cicero Henkel (1825-1877) m. Eleanora Little
Flora Henkel (1827-1901) m. Laban M. Fox (1820-?)
Eleanora Henkel (1829-1913) m. Peter Little (1827-1864)

Eleventh Generation
Children of Christian Hinkle and Correnia Emiline Shoaf
Solomon Hinkle (1860/64) m. Fanny Leonard
Barbara Hinkle (1865) m. David H. Sink (m. 1881)
Alpheus Hinkle (1866)
Lucy Hinkle (1867) m. Ed Trexler
Emma Hinkle (1869)

Delphine Hinkle (1868) m. Timothy Paul Lucas and Joseph Holder
Mary Lee Hinkle (1870) m. Craig Alan Lucas and John Scott

Who is this Jacob Hinkle?
Lincoln County (NC) - Hannah Hinkle married Jacob Hinkle about 15 years ago and by him had three children. He led a life of dissipation and debt, and about three years ago abandoned her and the children. She has no hope for his return and prays the legal status of a feme sole. (Undated) signed, Hanah Hinkle. Subscribing neighbors: J. Sadler, John Dietz, J. Phillips, Robert Johnson, W. Rankin, Alexr Moore, John Abernathy, Battee Abernathy, Frederick Leinberger, Darious Kimbrel, Henry Conrad, Thomas Rutledge. Referred to committee by the House on 24 Nov. 1813. Endorsed: Granted Alimony.
Abstract by Haywood Roebuck, published in The NC Genealogical Society Journal, Volume I, No. 2, April, 1975.


Personal communications with Donna Bartholow. Donna's email address is:

Personal communications with Harry E. Hinkle . His email address is:

Another Hinkle Family line can be found on the Catawaba County NC USGenWeb Project. Derick's email address is:

People Named Hanes, Jo White Linn

Pioneers of Old Monocacy, The Early Settlement of Frederick County, MD, 1721-1743, Grace L. Tracey & John P. Dern

Wills Records, Rowan Co., North Carolina

Marriage Records: Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, #CD4

Junkin, William Sumner and Minnie Wyatt Junkin, compilers. The Henckel Genealogy 1500-1960. Ancestry and Descendants of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel 1668-1728, Pioneer Evangelical Lutheran Minister, Emigrant from the German Palatinate to Ameria in 1717. published 1964 by the Henckel Family Association.

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