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McBride Family

We are assuming because of circumstanial evidence that William, John and James McBride are brothers and/or sons of Manasses McBride. If you have any information, corrections, or additions and are willing to share, please contact Judy Cardwell at: Judy researched and contributed information for the McBride Family. Click Here for descendants of John McBride, the brother.

Manassas McBride first appears in Prince Edward Co.,Va. in 1747 when he buys a tract of 300 acres on Falling Creek. His name then appears on the 1784 Surry County Tax list. According to Ransom McBride -"I believe they were members of a religious group (Quakers? Baptists?) that came from Pennsylvania." Manasses/Minassith McBride (born about 1728 in Ireland and died about 1799, married a Ms.Austen/Austin/Astin in 1735 who was a daughter of William Austen who was born about 1710.

First Generation

Children of Manasses McBride and Austen
William McBride (1753-1818) m. Keziah Cockerham (1753-1836)
d/o Daniel Cockerham Jr and Martha Chandler
James McBride (ca.1750-1808) m. Sarah
Mary McBride (1776-?) m. William Purdom (married in 1795)
Mildred McBride m. Andrew Mock (married in 1806)
Thomas McBride
unknown female McBride
unknown male McBride
unknown female McBride

Second Generation

Children of William McBride m. Keziah Cockerham
Martha "Patsy" McBride (1775-?) m. Anthony Jennings (1773-bef.1850)
Samuel McBride (1777-?) m. Mary Cook (d/o John Cook), 2) Lucille
Jane McBride (1779-?) m. Unknown Cook
Daniel McBride (1781-1822) m. Elizabeth Green (c1782-?),
d/o Thomas Green and Fanny Martin
William Astin McBride (1786-1797)
Mary McBride (c1787-after 1850) m. John Gilbert Patterson (1776-after 1850)
Martin Chandler McBride (1788-1844) m. Elizabeth Gray,
d/o George Gray and Sarah Benge
Keziah McBride (1791-1857)
Elizabeth McBride (1793-1873) m. Lewis Carrinder (1805-?)

Children of James McBride and 1) Sarah
Ann "Nancy" McBride (1772-1848) m. John Chambers (1755-1804)
Mary McBride m. Zebediah Baker
Sarah McBride (1774-1850) m. Thomas Rash (1771-c.1840), s/o Daniel Rash and Ruth Muncy
William McBride (1777-aft. 1850) m. Elizabeth Heathman
Elizabeth "Betsy" McBride (1778-?) m. Thomas Clark, s/o John T. Clark and Barbara
James McBride (ca. 1779-1820) m. Agnes Rash, d/o Daniel Rash and possibly his second wife, Barbara Wallace
Jane "Jean" McBride (ca. 1783-1834) m. Levi Rash (1771/1773-1822), s/o Daniel Rash and 1) Ruth Muncy
Martha McBride (1784-?) m. Charles Bucey/Busey
Rebecca McBride m. Robert Johnson
Lydia or "Lidda" McBride (1788-1850) m. James Jarvis of Wilkes County
Ruth McBride m. Thomas Dillard

Third Generation

Children of Daniel McBride and Elizabeth Green
William McBride (1806-1894) m. Icy Ann Frost (died c.1850)
John McBride (1808-1889) m. Elizabeth Gray (1793-?),
d/o William Gray and Rachel Curry
Martin Green McBride (1811-1880) m. Martha "Patsy A" Martin
Thomas McBride (bet. 1806/1814-bef. 1880) m. Sarah "Sally" Green
Daniel L. McBride Jr (1815-1880) m. Clarisa "Clary" Sale (?-bef. 1860)


Children of Samuel McBride and Mary Cook
Wiatt McBride (1802-?)
John C. McBride (1804-?)
Sarah "Sally" McBride (1806-?) probably m. Jacob Hauser in 1824, Surry Co, NC
Keziah McBride (1809-1859)
Clary McBride (1810-?)
Elizabeth McBride (1811-?)
William McBride (1814-?) m. Elizabeth (1815-?)
Lewis Hawkins McBride (1815-?)
Caleb McBride (1818-?)
Jasper McBride (1818-?)
Brison McBride (1820-?)


Children of Anderson McBride and Nelly Axsom
Mary McBride (c.1832) m. Joel Park, s/o Spruce M. Park of Yadkin County (m. 1851)
Elisabeth A. McBride (c. 1834)
Nancy M. McBride (c. 1836)
Sarah L. McBride (c. 1840)
Ann J. McBride (c. 1843)
Thursey D. McBride (c. 1844)
Temperance E. McBride (c. 1846)
John H. McBride (c.1849)


Children of Mary McBride and John Gilbert Patterson
George Patterson (1822-?) m. Sarah (1826-?)


Children of Martin Chandler McBride and Elizabeth Gray
George T. McBride (1810-1835) m. Eliza Nance (1815-?)
Sarah McBride (1813-?)
William McBride (1815-?) m. Elizabeth Alspaugh in 1838


Children of Lewis Carrinder and Elizabeth McBride
Caroline Carrineder (1833-1909) m. Ira Wilson Reece (1831-1911),
s/o John Reece and Elizabeth Crutchfield


Children of Elizabeth "Betsy" McBride and Thomas Clark
Thomas Clark Jr
Barbary Clark
John Clark
Jane/Jinsey Clark
Rebecca Clark
Timothy Clark
Henry Clark
William Clark
Nancy Clark
Wiley Clark
Harrison Clark
Lindson Clark
McBride Clark
Hugh/Uriah Clark (Note: This family moved to Hamilton County, IN, (Fall Creek Twp) about 1834.)

Fourth Generation

Children of William McBride and Icy Ann Frost
Elizabeth McBride (1832-?) Martha "Patsy" McBride (1834-1919) m. William Albert "Abner" Davis,
s/o Wm. Davis and Eliz. Angel
John McBride (1837-?) Mary McBride m. Henry Armstead Davis (brother to William Albert Davis)
Daniel (1850-?)


Children of John McBride and Elizabeth Gray
Rachel or Machiel McBride (1831-?) m. Noah Sparks
Sarah or Sarrow McBride (1832-?) m. Andrew H. Gilliam
Mary McBride (1835-?) m. James Clingman "Clem" Armstrong
Willaim McBride (1837-?)
Elizabeth "Betty" McBride (1837-1922) m. Hyram/Hiram "Columbus or Lum" S. Douthit (1840)
Nancy McBride (1841-?) m. Thomas M. Armstrong
Martha McBride (1843-?) m. John M. Perkins
Franny McBride (1844-?) m. Thomas Welborn
Daniel La Fayette "Fayet" McBride (1845-?) m. Maryann Almeda Harris
Martin Green McBride (1848-?) m. Sarah Jane Harris (1848-?), d/o Charles Harris and Frances Baugess
Samuel McBride
Diana McBride (1850-?) m. V. D. Swaim
Jane McBride (1852-?) m. Thomas Benjamin Parks
Edwin "Ed" McBride (1854-?)
Emaline McBride
John McBride


Children of Thomas McBride and Sarah "Sally" Green
Gray McBride m. Emliy Hendrix
John McBride
Thomas McBride
Susanna "Susan" McBride
Martin McBride

Children of Martin Green McBride and Martha "Patsy A" Martin
Dianah Elizabeth McBride


Children of Caroline Carriender and Ira Wilson Reece
Lewis Winifield Reece (1852-?)
Ira Wilson Reece Jr (1855)
Luther Sanders Reece (1858) m. Sarah America Dobbins
Enoch Sexton Reece (1860)
Nevada Emma Reece (1864)
Cora Elizabeth Reece (1869)
Ila Belle Reece (1872)
Newton Dallas Reece (1874)


Children of William McBride and Elizabeth
Henry C. McBride (1839)
Nancy C. McBride (1842)
John Calvin McBride (1844)
Kisiah E. McBride (1849)
(living with this family in 1850 is Elizabeth McBride, age 60)


Children of George Patterson and Sarah
Mary J (1843)
John Q Patterson (1846)
James B. Patterson (1849)


Children of Daniel L. McBride Jr and Clarisa "Clary" Sale
Elizabeth McBride (1840)
Martha McBride (1842)
Cynthia McBride (1844)
Caroline McBride (1848)
Matilda McBride
Clarrisa Aminda "Minda" McBride
Daniel McBride Jr
James McBride


Children of George T. McBride and Eliza Nance
Martha Jane McBride (c. 1834-?)
Clementine McBride (c. 1838-?)

(If George died in 1835, then whose child is Clementine, living with Eliza and Martha Jane in 1850?)

Fifth Generation

Children of Elizabeth "Betty" McBride and Hyram/Hiram "Columbus or Lum" S. Douthit
John Francis Douthit (1861-1960) m. 1) Dorcas Adelaide Brown, 2) Emma G. Davis
William Augustus Douthit (1869-1845) m. Lillie Jane Curry
Columbus C. Douthit (1880-1926) m. Callie Gray


Children of Martin Green McBride and Sarah Jane Harris
Joseph "Joe" Tyre McBride (1870-1953) m. Margaret Ann Yale
Mary Ann Almenda McBride (1873-?) m. John T. Miles
John Robbins McBride (1876,-1956) m. Ida Spicer
Robert William McBirde (1880-1959) m. Mary Lou Nina Edwards
James Walter McBride (1883-1959) m. Mrytle S.
Martin Edgar McBride (1885-?)
Frances Victoria McBride (1867-?) m. John Q. Brown
Charles Quincy McBride (1889-1935) m. 1) Kizzie F.; 2) Pearl Brown

This family lived in Wilkes County, NC

If you have any information, corrections, or additions and are willing to share, please contact Judy Cardwell at: Judy researched and contributed the information for this McBride Family.

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