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Mock Family

First Generation

Johannes Mock, the immigrant, and brother to Alexander Mock and Peter Mock, was born in Germany ca. 1712 and came to America in 1752. On September 23, 1752, John, his wife and 4 children, his brother Alexander and possibly his wife, and their ten year old brother Peter Mock, qualified at Bedford County, PA, having came from Rotterdam, Germany aboard the ship Andrew.

The name of John Mock's first wife is unknown. He was second married to Juditha Weber Rippel, widow of Christian Rippel. Juditha was the daughter of Melchior Weber (born 1659 in Heimsheim - d. 1735 and Anna Maria born 1672 - d. 1717). John Mock died September 14, 1784 and was buried in Reading, PA. Juditha was born July 4, 1713 and died in Reading PA, March 29, 1792, and is also buried in Reading.

Does anyone have a date for the marriage to Juditha, or a death date for Christian Rippel? Her will names her seven children with Christian Rippel, but we would like to establish how many of the Mock children are hers, if any.

Alexander Mock was an early settler in the Rowan County area, and was the father of at least one son, Devault or Devaulter Mock. The name of Alexander Mock's wife is unknown.

Peter Mock (ca. 1742-1817), a shoemaker, and his wife Barbara Martin figure in several land transactions in Rowan and Iredell County NC in the 1786-1796 period.

Second Generation

Children of John Mock
George Mock m. to unknown
Theobald Mock
Philip Mock (b. 1752 PA?) m. 1) Anna Maria Clinard (abt. 1753 -1780), d/o Johann Philip Clinard;
2) Maria Magdalena (?); 3) Johanna (Hannah) Walk (1772-1852); d/o Martin Walk & Elisabeth Fiscus)
Godleip (Gottlieb?) Mock
Jacob Mock (1753-1836) m. Julianna Kappus (1767-1835), d/o Peter and Marie Kappus


Children of Alexander Mock and his unknown wife
Devaulter Mock (1755-1798) m. Phoebe Clinard, d/o Johann Philip Clinard


Children of Peter Mock and Barbara Martin
Peter Mock, Jr. (abt. 1766-1826) m. Catherine Carn (1776-1856)
Henry A. Mock (abt. 1765-1840) m. Catherine Black
Andrew Mock (did he marry Mildred Mcbride, in 1806, Surry County?)
John Mock (abt. 1770) m. Catherine Graves (1770-bef. 1822), d/o of Conrad Graves and Mary Fraser
Jost Mock
Lewis Mock (1799-1891) m. Mary Denny, d/o James Denny and Hannah Sparks

Andrew Mock age 60 is living with wife Mildred in Forsyth County in 1850, suggesing birth about 1790. Is he the son of Peter and Barbara, or a grandson? Likewise, Lewis Mock born 1799 seems marginally too young to be theirs, if the other children were really born in the 1760s and 1770s. Is he a grandson instead?

Third Generation

Children of Philip Mock and Anna Maria Clinard
Mary Mock (abt. 1777-1817) m. 1) Reuben Stanley (1768-1804) ; 2) Jonas Enochs
Jacob Mock (1778-1844) m. Juliana Tise (1778-1843)
John Mock (abt. 1780-1830) died in Alabama


Children of Philip Mock and Maria Magdalena
Philip Mock Jr (1784-1824) m. Christiana Hoover (1786-1862)
Catharina Mock (1785-1846) m. Peter Tise (1773-1843)
David Mock (1787-1859) m. Elizabeth Hoover (1787-1845)
Elizabeth Mock (1789-?) m. Moses Welborn
Sarah Mock (1791-?) m. Joseph Hussey
George Mock (1793-1827) m. Amelia Myer (1797-1865)
Solomon Mock (1796) m. Catherine Harrison
Moses Mock (1798-?) m. Jane Williams
Margaret Mock (1802-1847) m. William Spurgeon (1799-1837)


Children of Jacob Mock and Julianna Kappus
Phillipina Mock (1786-1854) m. Johann Peter Hartman (1772-1847)
Philip Mock (1788-1851) m. Rebecca Walk (1792-1845)
Jacob Mock, Jr. (1790-1841) m. Sarah Spach (1790-1843),
d/o Johann Adam Spach & Catharine Tesch
Adam Mock (1792-1856) m. 1) Sarah Pickett (1800-1834); 2) Nancy Ripple (1817-1906)
Maria Mock (1794-1844) m. George Jacob Knauss (1792-1853)
Catherine Mock (1800-1856) m. Johannes Spach


Children of Devaulter Mock and Phoebe Clinard
Mary Mock (1776-?) m. Adam Cappass (Kappus? Coppass?)
Catharine Mock (1778) m. 1) Felix Houck (in NC) m. 2 Matthew Whickar (in Greene, OH)
John Mock (1780-1862) m. Mary Horney (1780-1858), d/o Wm. Horney & Hannah Chipman
Daniel Mock (1784-1865) m.1) Harriet Harris (in Ohio), 2) Ruth Lindsey, 3) Nancy Lindsey
(Ruth and Nancy Lindsey, daughters of Jeremiah Lindsey and Mary Ward)


Children of John Mock and Catherine Graves
Mary (Polly) Mock m. David Hudson (m. in 1815)
Sarah (Sally) Mock (1791) m. John Binkley
Anna Mock (1792)
Nancy Mock (1793) m. Champion T. Harris
Barbara Mock (1795-1841) m. Tennyson Cheshire (1791-1853)
George Mock (1802-1881) m. Lucinda Pippen, d/o Arthur Pippin and Mary Hudnall (died in IN)
John Mock (1806-1894) m. Betsy Pippen (sister to Lucinda) (died in KS)

Fourth Generation

Children of Jacob Mock and Juliana "Euly" Tise
Peter Mock m. Phoebe Jones
Elizabeth Mock m. Joseph Raper
John Madison Mock m. Louzena Chadwick
Mary Mock m. Samuel Yokley Sr.
Sarah Mock m. Andrew Linesay
Christina Mock (1816-1866) m. Harrison Echols (1814-1883)
Susan Mock m. James Campbell
Margaret Mock


Children of Philip Mock Jr and Christina Hoover
Margaret Mock (ca. 1809-1873) m. 1) Davis Raper (ca. 1808-1852), 2) Jonathan Gardner
George Mock
Hannah Eliza Mock m. Dempsey Brown (m. 1838, Davidson Co., NC)
Charles Mock
Christina Mock m. William Clinard

People's Press, May, 1851 - On Saturday evening, 19th ult., at the residence of her father, in Davidson County, Miss Leonora Mock, daughter of Charles Mock. The deceased had just passed her 18th years, and died of consumption.


Children of Catharine Mock and Peter Tise
Jacob Tise m. Sylvina Reitzel Gorsett
Mary M. Tise m. Absalom V. Brown
Peter M. Tise m. Mary Welborn
Elizabeth Tise m. John Kendall
Margaret Tise
Lucinda Tise m. Jacob A. Clodfelter


Children of David Mock and Elizabeth Hoover
David Mock
William Mock
Franklin Mock
John L. Mock
Margaret J. Mock m. B. Whitworth
Westley Mock
Mary Mock
George Mock


Children of Elizabeth Mock and Moses Welborn
Philip Welborn
John C. Welborn
Mary Welborn
George Welborn
David M. Welborn m. Catherine Bodenhamer
Jacob Welborn m. Phoebe Jane Spurgeon, d/o Wm. Spurgeon & Margaret Mock
Thomas Welborn


Children of Sarah Mock and Joseph Hussey
Eliza Hussey
John Hussey


Children of George Mock and Amelia Myer
Hannah Mock
John Mock
Mary 'Mollie' Mock (1819-1877) m. Moses Tesh (1818-1872, NC)
Philip Mock (1824-1894) m. Mary (Polly) Newsom (1820-1902)
Jacob Mock (maybe 1825-1852?)
William "Will" Mock


Children of Solomon Mock and Catherine Harris
Squire Mock


Children of Margaret Mock and William Spurgeon
Christina Spurgeon m. George W. Charles (?)
Sarah Spurgeon m. George W. Charles (?)
Joseph Spurgeon m. Mary A. Clinard
Phoebe Jane Spurgeon m. Jacob Welborn, s/o Moses Welborn & Elizabeth Mock
Caroline E. Spurgeon
William Spurgeon


Children of Philip Mock and Rebecca Walk
Anna Elizabeth Mock (1813-?) m. ? Beard
Solomon Adam Mock (1817-1885) m. name unknown
David W. Mock (1818-?) m. Nancy Holder (1818-?)
Sarah Maria Mock (1819-?) m. Solomon Hinkle (1817-1860), s/o Mathias Hinkle & Barbara Shoaf
Philip Briton Mock (1824-?)
Johann Mock (1827-?)
Hannah Jemima Mock (1829-1844)


Children of Adam Mock and 1) Sarah Pickett
Dr. John Anderson Mock (1826-1910) m. Rosanna Paulina Rothrock (1833-1881)
William Franklin Mock (moved to California)
Jeremiah Mock (1829) never married (moved to California)
Noah Phillip Mock (moved to California)
Peter Wesley Mock (1834-1899) m. Mariah Knouse (1827-1894)

Children of Adam Mock and 2) Nancy Ripple
Henry Christian Mock (1836-1864) m. Cornelia Siceloff (1840-1866)
Belinda Katherine Mock (1837-1856) never married
Andrew Martin Mock (1839-1857)
Eliza Jane Mock (1840-1920) m. Jacob W. Long (1832-1912), s/o Daniel Long and Phebe Hartman
Leander Nicholson Mock (1842-1917) m. Jane Knouse (1841-1928), d/o John Knouse & Eve Charity Spach
George Washington Mock (1844-1861? or 1864?) (died in Civil War)
Joseph James Mock (1846-?) (went to Chicago in 1866)
Nancy Pauline Mock (1849-1892) m. Jonas Knouse (d. 1911)
Jacob Jackson Mock (1851-1883)
Thomas Jefferson Mock (b. 1852) m. Mary Lang (1854-1926) (moved West in 1876)


Children of Jacob Mock and Sarah Spach
John Jesse Mock (1812-1886) [date corrected 5/12/01] m. 1) Sarah (Sallie) Kimel (1811-1871),
d/o Bernhard/Barnabas Kimel and Catharine Weaver
2) Louise (Lucy) Crouch (1834-1896), d/o Charles Crouch and Catherine Glasscock
Jacob Mock Rev. m. Maria Spach (1821-1913),
d/o George Spach & Catharina Seitz
Catherine Eliza Mock (1820-1859) m. Daniel Fishel (1805-1881)
Sarah Lucetta Mock (1828-1860) m. 1) David Ader, 2) Leander N. Hill (d. 1860)
Angelina Mock (1825-1884) m. William S. Linville (1821-1890)
Nathaniel Mock (1814-1887) m. 1) Maria Catharina Tesch (1819-1858),
d/o George Tesch & Maria Sarah Boeckel; 2) Regina Rothrock (1811-1892)


Children of John Mock and Mary Horney
Lydia Mock (1801) m. John Lucla (?)
Hannah Mock m. 1) David Gaff and m. 2) John Calhoun
Sarah Mock m. Samuel Oglesbee
Phoebe Mock (1803-1883) m. Abraham Blessing
Deborah Mock (1808) m. Jacob Peterson
Mary Mock (1813-1883) m. William Payne Jones
James Mock
Catherine (Katie) Mock m. Henry Compton
Cynthia Mock (1820) m. Perry Kilgore
Daniel Mock (1812-1885) m. Elizabeth Robinson
John Mock Jr. (1822) m. Mary Eliza Pearson
Hezekiah Mock (1824-1893) m. Hulda Chaney

Fifth Generation

Children of Peter Mock and Phebe Jones
Elizabeth Mock (ca. 1824-?)
Jacob D. Mock (ca. 1827-?)
Aquilla Mock (ca. 1829-?)
Andrew L. Mock (1835-1896) m. Paulina Lehman (1843-1921)
Julian Mock (ca. 1838-?)
James H. Mock (ca. 1843)

Also see the note below regarding Christian Sylvester Mock.


Children of Philip Mock and Mary (Polly) Newsom
Martha Jane Mock (1846-1906)
George Henry Mock (1847-1925) m. Addie Shouse (1853-1945), d/o David Shouse and Henrietta Pfaff
Amelia Catherine Mock (1849-1907) m. William A. Nading (1833-1892) (lived in Yadkin Co, NC)
Jacob Henry Mock (1850-1929;
birthdate corrected 3/26/04) m. Martha "Mittie" Thomasson (1865-1954)
John Carter Mock (1853-1924) m. Martha Ann Sprinkle (1856-1940)
May Ellen Mock (1855-1924) m. Jacob Clark Doub (1851-1936)
Philip 'Fip' Turner Mock (1857-1935) m. Ellen Thomason (1861-1943)
Lenora Ann Mock (1858-1939) m. Edwin F. Shore (1852-1933)
Sarah (Sallie) N. Mock (1861-1940) m. Columbus Francis Mickle (1850-1930)


Children of Dr. John Anderson Mock and Rosanna Paulina Rothrock
Samatha A. (Symathia) Mock (1852-1935) m. John H. William (b. 1852)
Margaret May (Maggie) Mock (1854-1932) m. Samuel Weldon Brown
John Martin William Anderson Mock (1857-1939) m. Mary Elizabeth Transou (1867-1953)
Delos B. Mock (1860-?)
Sarah V. Mock (1864-1928)
Alonzo D. (Lonnie) Mock (1866-1951)
Carrie Cornelia Mock (1868-1943) m. Pleasant Henderson Underwood (1854-1924)

Information on this family was updated on March 12, 2018. Thank you, Weldon Brown!


Child of Adam Solomon Mock and unknown wife
Laura Ann Mock (1841-1906) m. Joseph Bonaparte Siceloff (1835-1898)


Children of Leander Nicholson Mock and Jane Knouse
John Mock m. Addie Wilson
Jacob Mock (d. 1948) m. Agnes Saunders
Robert Mock m. Eugenia Roberts
Carrie Mock (1885-1958) m. Theodore Wesner (1876-1931)
Emory Mock (d. 1967) m. Adelia Berrier


Children of John Jesse Mock and 1) Sallie Kimel
Catherine Matilda Mock (1836-1909) m. Ephraim Weisner (1935-1925), s/o David Wesner and Anna Maria Hanes
Alexander Benjamin Mock (1838-1902) m. 1) Louisa Rominger (1841-1883); 2) Alice Norman (1859-1935)BR> Paulina Louisa Mock (1839-1870) m. David Sink
Lewis Mock (ca. 1840-1863, died of injuries received at Gettysburg)
Mary Elizabeth Mock (1850-1918)) m. John Joseph Shore (1851-1941)

Children of Jesse Mock and 2) Louise (Lucy) Crouch
Sarah Catherine Mock (1876-1940) m. Lewis Hamilton Swaim (1872-1940)

Louise (Lucy) Crouch and Malthus Crouch, s/o Richard Crouch and Anna Evans, had a son named Lewis Charles Crouch (1861-1910) who married Annie Louise Mock.


Children of Rev. Jacob Mock and Maria Spach
Johanna Catherine Mock (1844-1924) m. William T. Vogler (1843-1926)
Anna Louise Mock (ca. 1861-1911) m. Lewis Charles Crouch (1862-1911)
Emma Mock m. Joseph Smith
Samuel Mock m. Mary Redline


Children of Lucetta Mock and David Ader
Flora Ader m. William Mitchell
Cicero Ader


Children of Angelina Mock and William Linville
Frances Linville m. Charles Church
son, name unknown


Children of Nathaniel Mock and 1) Maria Catharina Tesch
Christian Sylvanus Mock (1841-1866)
Edward George Mock (1845-1878) m. Cornelia Cassler (1845-1878)
Juliana/Julian L. Mock (1849-?) m. Charles Albert Shutt (ca. 1852-1881)
Sarah E. Mock (1858-1893) m. Alexander John Hege (1853-1947)
Jacob Alexander Mock (b. & d. 1858)

Christian S. Mock is profiled in Christopher Watford's The Civil War Roster of Davidson County, but his parents are given there as Peter and Phoebe Mock. However, census records show Nathaniel Mock with a child Christian S. age 9 in 1850 and 19 in 1860, which would fit the dates for Christian Sylvanus, whereas Peter and Phoebe do not have a child named Christian in the 1850 census. We believe therefore that the Watford book is probably in error here.

Who is.... Sarah Mock found in the Bastardy Bonds, Rowan County, North Carolina, Nov. 7, 1809, Bondsmen: Charles Hayes, Jacob Graves and And. Hunt??


Many thanks to Thomas F. Mock, a contributor to this web page. Tom is actively researching the Mock family and welcomes correspondence from others also interested. Visit his NEW Descendants of Mack/Mock often. Tom's email address is:

Personal communication from Jane Schweizer. Jane's email address

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Mock History, by Mrs. C. T. Grey of Texas

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