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Moorefield Family

Henderson Moorefield was born about 1825 in Virginia. Jeff Moorefield, a direct descendant, is actively researching his family. Jeff submitted biographical sketches and research notes for the Moorefield family and they can be read if you Click Here. If you have additional information please contact Jeff at:

In an e-mail dated Aug. 23, 2000, Pat (Moorefield) Seaver identified the parents of Henderson Moorefield as Allen Moorefield and Mary Harris. She also included his siblings:

Children of Allen Moorefield and Mary Harris
Henderson Moorefield (1825-1900) m. 1) Paulina Ashby (abt. 1822-aft. 1860); 2) Nellie Corn (1819-aft. 1900) or widow Nelly Tilley
Lucinda Moorefield (1827) m. James H. Southern
Josiah (Joseph/Joe) Moorefield m. 1) Letha Mayes; 2) Mary Stratton; 3) Martha Culberson; 4) Malissa
William Moorefield (1833) m. Nancy Caroline Wood
Elizabeth Moorefield (1836) m. James Blizzard
Mary J. Moorefeld (1838/44) m. David Walker Welch
Nancy Moorefield (1839) m. John W. Gwynn/Guynn/Guinn
Elijah Moorefield (1841)
Jackson Moorefield (1848) m. 1) Elvira B. White; 2) Margaret Hommel; 3) Eliza Hawn
Sarah Moorefield (1851) m. James Caswell Housley

First Generation

Children of Henderson Moorefield and 1) Paulina Ashby
John Moorefield (1849-1941) m. Susan Francis Priddy (1854-1931), d/o George Priddy and Sarah Hawkins
Martha Moorefield (abt. 1851-abt.1900) m. Silas Snider Priddy (1853-1893), s/o George Priddy and Sarah Hawkins
Allen Moorefield (abt. 1855-aft. 1870)
James Wesley Moorefield (1856-1936) m. Zilla Murphy Priddy (1869-1934), d/o George Priddy and Priscilla Jewel
Richard Moorefield (abt. 1858-aft. 1870)
Pleasant Moorefield (1860-1935) m. Nancy Wood (1851-1922)
Walter Henderson Moorefield (1862-1933) m. Mary Ann Corn (1861-1919), d/o Richard and Naomi Corn

This family in Stokes County, NC 1860. Previously most of the above children were recorded as children of Nellie Corn Moorefield, Henderson's second wife. But Paulina is still living in 1860 and appears to be the mother of all the children listed above. Pleasant Moorefield is not listed in the 1860 census, possibly because he was born after the census was taken.

This generation of children modified on April 6, 2002 and on January 4, 2007. The 1900 US Federal Census, Snow Creek Township, Stokes County, NC, Nellie Moorefield is clearly identified as the step-mother of Walter Henderson Moorefield.


Second Generation:

Children of John Moorefield and Susan Francis Priddy
Wesley Moorefield m. 1) Unknown Ayers; 2) Lottie Tucker
Lurinda Moorefield (1870/79-1937) m. Jack Taylor
Paulina Moorefield (1870/79-?) m. 1) Matthew Hill; 2) John Spencer
John Franklin Moorefield (1872-1941) m. Mary Frances Josephine Wall (1887-1977)
Cora Moorefield (1874-1951) m. Ed Clark
George Henderson Moorefield (1874-1957) m. Bess Webster (1880-1937)
James Robert Moorefield (1878-1971) m. Nannie Lawrence
Pinkney Moorefield (1880/84-1884)
Noel V. Moorefield (1890-1892)
Bib B. Moorefield (1893-1922) m. Lottie Tucker
Percy Marion Moorefield (1895-1982) m. Carrie Minerva Hill (1898-1981), d/o Joel Isaac Hill and Amy Tuttle
Nannie Hester Moorefield (1893-?) m. Pete Cruise, s/o Ulyssess G. Cruise and E. Virginia Williams
Dora Murphy Moorefield (1880/89-1959) m. 1) Jewel Cruise (brother of Pete), 2) Luke Blackwell


Children of Martha Moorefield and Silas Snider Priddy
Dora Murphy Priddy
Lucy Priddy
Martha (Maggie) Priddy (1879-?) m. Enoch Moore
Sallie A. Priddy (1884-?)
Sam Priddy m. Maggie
Lewis Thomas Priddy (1872-1948) m. 1) Ada Lee Frye, 2) Luzanie Spencer
George Henderson Priddy (1874-1904) m. 1) Nancy Elizabeth Wood (1878-1964)
Daniel Snider Priddy (1875-1950) m. Elizabeth Young (1882-1969)
John William Priddy (1877-1950) m. 1) Nancy Elizabeth Wood
Noah David Priddy (1888-1965) m. Lula Mae Oakley (1888-1974) Emma Priddy


Children of Walter Henderson Moorefield m. Mary Ann Corn
Richard Henderson Moorefield (1889-1985) m. Minnie Hester Mabe (1895-1974)
Betty Moorefield (1891-1934) m. Gilmer Mabe (1891-1936)
John Wesley Moorefield (1898) m. Hester Tilley
Bertha Moorefield m. Tom Mabe
Hester Moorefield m. Settle Oakley


Children of James Wesley Moorefield and Zilla Murphy Priddy
Hassell Akers Moorefield (1900-1978) m. Nannie Idol
Nina May Moorefield (1900-1988) m. Hughes Carter
Della Murphy Moorefield (1889-1973) m. Dale Taylor
Bessie Roberta Moorefield (1896-1982) m. James Byron Gwyn, Sr.
Jettie Hester Moorefield (1892-1975) m. Joseph Daniel Franks, Sr.
Lemuel Elmer Moorefield (1886-1967) m. Sarah E. (1895-1971)
Lester Bunyan Moorefield (1887-1940) m. Etta Idol
Essie Cammie Moorefield (1902-1987) m. Ray Dilley
Elsie Mildred Moorefield (1905-1938) m. Charles Adams
Eunice Deldie Moorefield (1907-1989) m. James Newton Chambers
Gladys Eugenia Moorefield (1909-1996) m. John Kress, Jr. (1902)


Children of Pleasant Moorefield and Nancy Wood
John Will Moorefield (1880) m. Fannie Hicks
James H. Moorefield (1882) m. Manie Ayers
Jesse Oliver Moorefield (1883)
Nannie L. Moorefield (1885) m. Abe Young
Lillian H. Moorefield (1887) m. Ham Flincham
Mary F. Moorefield (1891) m. Roy Hartman

Third Generation

Children of John Frank Moorefield and Mary Frances Josephine Wall
Thelma May Moorefield (abt. 1908)
John Oliver Moorefield (abt. 1909)
Otis Dwight Moorefield (1910-1989)
Joseph Clanton Moorefield (abt. 1917)
Anita Moorefield (abt. 1919)


Children of Percy Marion Moorefield and Carrie Minerva Hill
Margaret Alene Moorefield (1921-?)
Boyd Harrelson Moorefield (1923-2007) m. Frances Jeanette Poore
Talmadge Percy Moorefield (1925-2001) m. Helen Faye Lewis
John Vincent Moorefield (1938-?) m. Dale McKay Jarvis
Linda Loy Moorefield (1940-?) m. Thomas McCoy, Jr.


Children of Richard Moorefield and Minnie Mabe
Ersie Mae Moorefield
Maggie Naomi Moorefield
Paul Jones Moorefield
Beulah Ferline Moorefield
Mary Margaret Moorefield
Charles Henderson Moorefield
Billy Broadus Moorefield
Lola Jean Moorefield


Rowan, Stokes and Surry County - Moorefield/Morefield Marriage Bonds

Personal communications with Jeffery Moorefield. Jeff's email address is:

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