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Hill Family

William Hill was born in Virginia in 1710, son of Sion Hill and Elizabeth Marriott. He married Susanna Smathers in 1736. William moved to Surry Co., NC (present-day Stokes County) about 1760. He settled on a large farm west of what is now known as the Voss farm in Walnut Cove. William Hill served in the Provincial Congress which met in Hillsboro on August 20, 1775. He died in Stokes County, NC in 1784 and is buried in the Voss Family Cemetery.

Wlliam's son, Robert Hill, served as a Private in the Revolutionary War and was commissioned Captain in 1781 under Major Joseph Winston and Col. Robert Smith. After the war he was known as "Major" Robert Hill.

Children of William Hill and Susanna Smathers
William Hill
Thomas Hill
Major Robert Hill (1752-1832 or 1834) m. Martha Halbert of Caroline Co., VA (1749-?). (Buried in Voss Cem.)
Ewell Hill
Elizabeth Hill
Daniel Hill
Jessie Hill
James Hill
Joshua Hill
Joel Hill

Second Generation

Children of Capt. Robert Hill and Martha Halbert
Suzannah Hill (1770) m. Edmund Samuel (1767 [1764?] -1835)
William Hill (b. 1773, died young)
Caleb Hill (1775-1838) m. Mary Flynt (m. 1797)
Elizabeth Hill (1777-1853) m. Tandy Matthews (1777-1856) m. 1797, Stokes Co., NC
Joel (Joe) Hill (1779-1857) m. Mildred (Milly) Golding (abt. 1794-aft. 1860) (m. 1812)
Sally Hill (1782)
Patsey Hill (1785). Did she marry Wm. G. Haynes in 1810, Stokes Co., NC?
*Robert Hill (1786?-1844) m. Elizabeth Vest (1787-1869). Was he born 1786, or was he the twin of Patsey, born December 1785?
**Ann Frances Hill (1788-abt. 1830/33) m. Thomas Davis (1789-1862)
John Hill (1797-1861) m. Julia Crawford (abt. 1801-aft. 1860)

*Primitive Baptist Minister, served in State Legislature and US Congress
** Ancestor of Thomas Henry Davis, founder of Piedmont Airlines in Winston Salem, NC

To view slaves belonging to the Hill family, search (Hill) at Slaves and Slaveowners of Stokes County, North Carolina

Third Generation

Children of Suzannah Hill and Edmund Samuel
Katherine Nancy (Kathy) Samuel (1794-1864) m. Joseph Davis Marshall (1791-1858)
Suzannah Samuel (1803-1880) m. Richard Marshall (1801-1866)


Children of Joel (Joe) Hill and Mildred (Milly) Golding
Robert W. Hill (abt. 1815-1886) m. Arena Agnes Stoval (1823-1844) (2 sons, George and William) (Robert was Baptist minister)
Sarah Golding (Sally) Hill (1816-aft. 1886) m. James Madison (Matt) Covington (abt. 1809-1888), s/o James Covington
John Gideon Hill (1817-1897) m. Susan Frances Poindexter (1828-1890)
Martha M. Hill (1819-1872) m. Samuel Fulton (1792-1872), his second wife in 1850
Joel Felix Hill (1821-1899) m. Harriett Kiser (1833-1884)
Caleb Hill (1823-1891) m. Sallie F. Rierson (1837-1913) (m. 1861)
Elizabeth Hill (1826-1847) m. Samuel S. Blackburn
Isaac Luther Hill (1829-1847) m. Mary Fulton (1826-1895)
Frances Jane Hill (1830-1902) m. James Madison Hardy (abt. 1817)
James Stadler Hill (1832-1919) m. Mary Lettitia Banner (1844-1921)
Thomas Davis Hill (1834-1856)
Dr. Lauriston Hardin Hill (1837-1921) m. Minerva V. Rierson (1831-1892) (m. 1862)
Joel (Joe) Hill purchased the farm where his grandfather lived.


Children of Robert Hill and Elizabeth Vest
William Hill moved to Kentucky
Charles W. (Charlie) Hill (1808-1884) m. 1) Lucy Briggs (1810-bef. 1849); 2) Martha C. Briggs
Sarah Hill (1809-1880) m. Amer Jackson (1797-1870)
Joel Hill (1812-1885) m. Emily Davis (1816-aft. 1857)
Martha Hill (abt. 1813) m. Hugh Callahan (m. 1842)
William Hill (abt. 1814)
Frances Hill (1819-1899) m. 1) Robert Brinkley (?-1847); 2) William Oates Matthews
Robert Hill (1822-1895) m. 1) Mary A. Slaughter (or James?), 2) Mary Elizabeth Jones
Elizabeth Ann Hill (1824-1908) m. Archibald Farris (1823-1891)
John Hill (1827) m. Nancy Simmons
Caleb D. Hill (1833-1880) m. Emily Jane Goodman (1841-1915)

This Surry Co. NC family from Jo Martin's WorldConnect page; added 2/27/04 and updated Oct. 7, 2006


Children of John Hill and Julia Crawford
Selena Hill (abt. 1820-aft. 1850) m. Constantine H. Nelson (?-bef. 1850) (m. 1838 Stokes Co., NC)
Samuel Hill (abt. 1835-aft. 1860) m. Margaret D. Tuttle (abt. 1840-aft. 1860), d/o Peter Tuttle and Susannah Eason

Fourth Generation

Children of John Gideon Hill and Susan Poindexter
William Poindexter Hill (1847-1920) m. Cora Elizabeth Ogburn (1856-1943), d/o Charles B. Ogburn and Tabitha Ingram Moir
Ann Eliza Hill (1850-1922) m. Albert Conrad Wharton (1846-1909), s/o Albert C. Wharton and Catherine Elizabeth Conrad
Mary Hill (ca. 1854-?)
Joel Hill (1855-1910) m. Julia Ida Ragsdale (1868-1911) (lived in Lexington, NC)
Sarah J. Hill (abt. 1859-?) m. R.T. Steadman
David J. Hill (1864-1926)
Frank Gideon Hill (abt. 1868-1899)
Alice Hill (1872-?)

Charles Jackson Ogburn operated, in partnership with W. P. (William Poindexter) Hill, the Ogburn and Hill Tobacco Company. The Ogburn and Hill Tobacco Company had one five story-building and two three-story factories. On August 23, 1912 a fire destroyed part of the plant. Charles decided to retire and he and his cousin and partner, W.P. Hill, sold the company on September 19, 1912 to R. J. Reynolds.


Children of Martha M. Hill and Samuel Fulton
Isaac Hill Fulton m. Susan B. Coles (moved to Sherman Co., TX)
Sallie Fulton (1853-1861)
James Fulton
Joel Fulton (1859-1878) (shot down by a Texan named Hairston in Walnut Cove)


Joel Felix Hill purchased a large farm about two miles west of the old Hill farm. He served for more than twenty years as Secretary to the congressman from his district, as well as clerk of Indian affairs in Washington, D.C.

Children of Joel Felix Hill and Harriett Kiser
Ciscero Hill (1853-1854)
Joel Hill (1855-1914). Superintendnt of Schools in Davidson County.
Fannie Hill (abt. 1856-aft. 1860) Susan Frances Hill (1857-1904) m. I. G. Ross
John Hill (1858-aft. 1860)
Sarah Louise (1860-1937)
Thomas Hill (1861-1940)
Dr. Lee Hill (1863)
Robert Hill (1866-1897)
Jimmie Hill (1871-1910)
Caroline Hill (1868-1893)


Children of Caleb Hill and Sallie F. Rierson
Minerva Jane Hill (1862-1933) m. Nathaniel Petree (1858-1944)
James Thomas Hill (abt. 1864-aft. 1900) m. Emma
Caleb H. Hill (abt. 1865-1900)
Joel Isaac Hill (abt. 1866-1937) m. R. Amy Tuttle (abt. 1878-1960)
Robert W. Hill (abt. 1867-aft. 1880)
Sarah E. Hill (1869-1900) m. John J. Pepper
Martha M. Hill (abt. 1872-aft. 1880)
Samuel P. Hill (abt 1874-aft. 1880)

Fifth Generation

Children of William Poindexter Hill and Cora Elizabeth Ogburn
William Poindexter Hill (1883-1953) m. Mary Pollard (1898-1971)
Elizabeth Moir Hill (1892-1966) m. Agnew Hunter Bahnson (1886-1966)


Children of I. G. Ross and Susan Frances Hill
Frank S. Ross
Harriett Louise Ross (1889-1950) m. N. Spencer Mullican
Martha Ross


Children of Joel Isaac Hill and Amy Tuttle
Gilbert Stadler Hill (1897-1966) m. Ann Louise Murphy (1900-1977)
Carrie Minerva Hill (1898-1981) m. Percy Marion Moorefield (1895-1982)
Mary Louella Hill (abt. 1901-aft. 1920)
James C. (or K?) Hill (abt. 1903-aft. 1930) m. Grace
Annie M. HIll (abt. 1904-aft. 1920)
Sally B. Hill (abt. 1906-aft. 1920)
Isaac Spencer Hill (abt. 1909-aft. 1930)


Daniel Mahar provided information on Hill/Fulton branch. e-mail address: Richard Barnes, e-mail address:

Brenda Lewis

Hill family members participated in the Division of Surry County, NC

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