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Pfohl Family

First Generation

The ancestors of the Pfohl family were residents of Bohemia, from which country they removed in 1632 to Poland, sixty miles north of Breslau. In that district of Poland at Bojanowa, lived George Pfohl. He married Justine Klohin or Klose. Their son George Thomas Pfohl at an early age went to live among the Moravians in Herrnhut, Saxony, united with that church, married Marie Margaretha Otin or Ott, became a minister of the gospel and served in that capacity for more than fifty years. It is their son Christian Thomas Pfohl, that came to America.

Christian Thomas Pfohl (1759-1838) was a Moravian minister who came from Ebersdorf, Germany, in 1791. His party, which included John Gambold and was escorted by John Lanius, arrived in Wachovia on November 24 of that year, and it is recorded in the Moravian diaries that their baggage didn't arrive until the following July 4th. In 1800 he married Elisabeth Fockel (1775-1850).

Second Generation

Children of Christian Thomas Pfohl and Elisabeth Fockel
Samuel Thomas Pfohl (1801-1874) m. Anna Elisabeth Schroeder (1806-1876)
d/o John Gottlob Schroder and Mary Ann Peddicord
Theodore Christian Pfohl (1804-1871) m. Anna Susanna Mickey (1806-1878)
Dorothea Elisabeth Pfohl (1806-1844) did not marry
Charlotte Frederica Pfohl (1808-1869) did not marry
Carolina Sophia Pfohl (1810-1890) did not marry
Gotthold Benjamin Pfohl (1812-1837) m. Jeanette Arianne Crenshaw
Charles Renatus Pfohl (1815-1882) m. Jane Adeline Buller (1825-1877) moved to Hope, Indiana

Third Generation

Children of Samuel Thomas Pfohl and Anna Elisabeth Schroeder
Clementina Louisa Pfohl (1828-1921) m. Edwin Augustus Meinung (1819-1891)
Emma Theresa Pfohl (1830-1862) m. Maximilian Eugen Grunert
Wilhelm Ludwig Pfohl (1834-?) m. Martha Ann Fogle (1842-?), d/o Jacob Fogle and Anna Turner
Augustus Friedrich Pfohl (1836-1905) m. 1) Elisabeth Siewers (1837-1866), 2) Jane Elizabeth Reich (1834-1920)
Christian Thomas Pfohl (1838-1909) m. Margaret Siewers (1838-1929)
d/o Jacob Siewers and Mathilda Winkler
Maria Elisabeth Pfohl (1842-1896) m. John Peter Landquist (1836, Christianstad, Sweden - 1879, Salem, NC)
Cornelia Caroline Pfohl (b. & d. 1844)
Charles Benjamin Pfohl (1846-1914) m. Mary Josephine Everhart (1845-1934)


Children of Theodore Christian Pfohl and Anna Susanna Mickey
Theodora Louisa Pfohl (ca. 1831-1851)
Edward Alexander Pfohl (1834-1896) m. Matilda Phillips (1833-1885)
William Jacob Pfohl (1837-1864)
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Julia Elisabeth Pfohl (1840-1933) m. Joseph Stockton (1842-1899)

Possible children of Gotthold Benjamin Pfohl and Jeannette Arianne Crenshaw
William Thomas Pfohl (1843-1903)
Henrietta Pfohl (ca. 1850-?)

William Thomas and Henrietta appear with Theodore and Anna Susanna in the 1860 Forsyth County census, but not in 1850. It has been suggested that they are actually children of Gotthold Benjamin Pfohl, who died in 1854.

Fourth Generation

Children of Augustus Friedrich Pfohl and Elisabeth Siewers
Constance Elizabeth Pfohl (1864-1941) did not marry
Frederic Siewers Pfohl (1862-1865)


Children of Christian Thomas Pfohl and Margaret Siewers
Bernard Jacob Pfohl (1866-1960) m. Sarah Traegar, d/o Joseph H. Traegar
William Siewers Pfohl (1868-1926) m. Ruby Jenkins (1890-1957)
Caroline Elisabeth Pfohl (1870-1959) did not marry
Samuel Frederick Pfohl (1871-1961) m. Rose Haas (1874-1957)
John Kenneth Pfohl (1874-1967) m. Harriet (Anna?) Elizabeth Whittington (1881-1971), d/o James M. Whittington and Bessie Benbow
Margaret Gertrude Pfohl (1877-1965) did not marry


Children of Charles Benjamin Pfohl and Mary Josephine Everhart
Herbert Augustus Pfohl (1871-1960) m. 1) Agnes Augusta Fogle ((1873-1903), 2) Mary Frances Greider (1883-1961)
Lewis Eberhardt Pfohl ((1875-1878)
Ernest Luther Pfohl (1878-1973) m. Fannie Doswell Brooke


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