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Lanius Family

First Generation

Johann Jacob Lanius was born in 1708 in Meckenheim on Hard, Germany, son of Johann Wilhelm and Catharina Lanius. In 1730 he married Juliana Kraemer (1712-1762), and they came to America the next year, on the Pennsylvania Merchant, settling in York Co. PA. They left many descendants in Pennsylvania and elsewhere, including a Canadian branch, and there are several researchers working on this family. Only one son, Johannes, came to North Carolina.

Second Generation

Children of Jacob Lanius and Juliana Kraemer
unnamed daughter, born and died on the voyage to America, buried at sea
John Jacob Lanius (1732-1788) m. 1) Barbara Wiest (1742-1780), 2) Anna Barbara Buehler
Elisabeth Lanius (1734-1794) m. Christopher Weider
Catherina Lanius (1736-1798) m. John Frederick Roemer
Heinrich Lanius (1738-1808) m. 1) Anna Margaretha Fischel (1745-1772), 2) Elizabeth Kunzel (1751-1815)
Juliana Lanius (1740-1812) m. John Michael Fischel (1736-1804)
Eva Lanius (1742-1801), did not marry; nurse in Sisters' House in Bethlehem PA
Maria Magdalena Lanius (1745-1797) m. Ephraim Culver
Wilhelm Lanius (1748-1814) m. Anna Elizabeth Heckedorn, no children
John Lanius (1751-1837) m. Catharina Rominger (1755-1845)
Johann Adam Lanius (b. & d. 1754)

John Lanius came to the Moravian settlement in NC for the first time at age 13, a tanner's apprentice. In 1769, along with three other boys, he got into some trouble; two of them ran away, and the other two planned to do the same but were caught. All were scolded, but two continued to be insolent and one of them fired a gun into a keg of oil. A whipping was ordered, and they caused no more trouble, but the church diaries record that John continued to be unhappy and homesick for his parents in Pennsylvania, and was permitted to return home. In 1772 he returned to NC and purchased land on his father's account and for other families from Yorktown. He settled in the Friedland community, and so far as one can tell, became a model citizen. He married Catharina Rominger in 1773.

Third Generation

Children of John Lanius and Catharina Rominger
Elisabeth Lanius (1774-1850) m. Christopher Butner (1769-1808)
Jacob Lanius (1776-1853) m. Christina Kroehn (1778-1849) moved to Georgia
Heinrich Lanius (1778-?) m. Elizabeth Schramm. Did he m. 2) Elizabeth Longworth?
Catharina Frederica Lanius (1780-1804) m. John Gambold (1760-1827)
Maria Salome Lanius (1783-1849) m. 1) John Holder (1773-1824), 2) Friedrich Jacob Schott (1785-1849)
Magdalena Lanius (1785-1841) m. Jesse Swaim (1780-1832)
John Lanius (1788-1856) m. Rebecca Eubanks (1799-1865), moved to Franklin Co. IL;
    descendants of this family spell the name Launius
George Lanius (1791-1817) m. Anna Catharina Bodenhamer (1790-1831)
Anna Rosina Lanius (1795-1817) m. Michael Swaim

Fourth Generation

Children of Jacob Lanius and Christina Kroehn
John Lanius (1801-1857) m. Anna Frey (1803-1851)
Anna Elizabeth Lanius (1803-?) m. Levi Phillips (1805-?)
Sarah Lanius (1805-?) m. Nathaniel Phillips (1807-?)
Eliza Lanius (1809-1879) m. Amos Steward (1810-1886), moved to Wayne Co. IN after 1870
Charles William Lanius (1811-1885) m. Elizabeth Rupel (Rippel?) moved to Arkansas
Anna Catharina Lanius (1814-?) m. ? Williams
Thomas Green Lanius (1816-1892) m. Harriet Elinor Chaffin (1820-1893), moved to Georgia
Phillipina Lanius (1820-?) m. ? Morgan


Children of George Lanius and Anna Catharina Bodenhamer
Mahelia (Mahala?) Lanius (1813-?)
Henry Lanius (1814-?). Did he marry Elizabeth Longworth in 1838, or was her husband his uncle Heinrich Lanius?
Catharina Lanius (1815-?) m. James Monroe Barham
Jonathan Lanius (1817-1872) m. Elvira Jones, lived Stoddard Co. MO


Personal communications from John Getz, Janey Joyce, and others. See the Ilgenfritz Family Page for more information on the descendants of Heinrich Lanius, from John Getz.

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Records of York Moravian Church, York Co. PA

Records of Old Moravian Cemetery, Bethlehem PA, Pennsylvania German Society Proceedings, Vol. 21

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