Rockingham County Marriages

Updated May 17, 2001

Samuel F. ADAMS and Frances REID... 10 Oct 1837
Fanney Alexander m. Absalom Gibson, April 8, 1797
Charles ALLEN and Sarah MANN.... 20 April 1842
Valentine Allen to Elizabeth Martin, Apr. 16, 1836 (bond)
John B. AMOS and Mary A. VADEN.... 8 Sept 1842
Benjamin ANGEL to Mariah PERRY, April 3, 1844
John H. APPLE and Missouri F. DONNELL... 5 April 1842
D.D. ASBURN and Mary P. GEURRANT.... 20 April 1853

John I. BARHAM and Sarah IRVIN... 20 July 1842
Allen BARNES and Martha RHODES... 11 Oct 1837
John BARNES and Ginnett CARTER.... 10 Nov 1842
David BARRIS and Mary MANN.... 3 May 1838
James BATEMAN and Rebecca NEWEL.... 20 Feb 1839
John W. BAUGHN and Martha MUSTIRE....25 April 1838
Thomas BERTON and Frances TOLLOCT... 22 Jan 1842
James C. BLACK and Sophria NOCROSS.... 14 July 1842
Thos. S. Black m. Emily Mondoville Joyce, 16 Dec 1850 (b): Wm. A. Harris
J. S. Blackwell (Jennie) m. J. T. (John Tillman) Robertson, 10 Feb 1879
Robert Blackwell m. Susan A. Courts, 16 Aug 1851
Sally Blag m. Samuel Fowler, Dec. 3, 1808
William BLESSED and Eliza MOORE.... 27 Mar 1841
Jarat BOLING and Elizabeth CARTER.... 10 Jan 1838
Joshua BONDS and Nancy RICKS.... 15 Nov 1837
Absalom Bostick and Dolly White  15 Nov 1822
Jonathan Bostick and Sarah A. Smith  9 Nov 1840
Sarah Bostwick and Peter F. Webster  6 Nov 1841
Jarat BOLING and Elizabeth CARTER.... 10 Jan 1838
Joshua BONDS and Nancy RICKS.... 15 Nov 1837
Benjamin F. BOULDIN and Elizabeth BOULDIN.... 26 Dec 1857
James H. BOWE and Kitty J. NANCE.... 3 Nov 1842
Richard BOWMAN and Mary COLLINS... 26 Dec 1868
Nancy Brickey m. James Lemond, January 3, 1801
W.R. BROWN and Shilly___SMITH... 10 Aug 1838
Hanna Burton m. Joseph Foster, Sept. 23, 1863
Jancy J. Busick m. William Westbrook (no bond date)

Daniel CAFFEY and Nancy GIPSON.... 17 Jan 1839
Margaret Caffey (Coffey?) m. Andrew Martin, October 7, 1825
Casey Cantrill m. Reuben Wright, April 27, 1791
Richard P. CARDWELL and Elizabeth M. DALTON... 7 May 1832
William F. CARSON and Sarah H. MORGAN..... 16 July 1832
Henry CARTER and Elizabeth LEMONS..... 22 Jan 1838
Ann Carter m. Alvis C. Webb, July 25, 1857
John CARTER and Elizabeth SHREVE.....19 March 1839
M.S. CARTER and Lucy Jane LEMONS....3 May 1838
Martin CAYTON and Litha Ann JONES....9 Dec 1850
John CHAMBERS and Sarah SMITH....11 Nov 1837
Elizabeth R. Charles m. Alexander Ellington, August 7, 1809
William CHRISTMAS and Elizabeth KEENBROUGH....23 Sept 1809
James S. CHURCHELL and Sarah HALL....16 April 1838
Owen CHURCHELL and Salley REED....9 Dec 1839
Sallie Adeele Clay m. Edmund R. Fowler, Dec. 1, 1863
Pleasant COBB and Ann BURTON.....8 Feb 1838
Jesse COE and Ellen PLUMMER....10 April 1838
Daniel COLE and Salley BLAIR....10 Feb 1838
George COLEMAN and Nancy WRIGHT...18 July 1838
George COLEMAN and Martha YOUNG....25 March 1839
Martha D. Coleman m. William W. Robertson, 17 Jan 1852, 
Bdsm:Robert A. Montgomery; wit: T. Wheeler
William COLEMAN and Mary HUDSON...24 Dec 1837
Henry C. COMMER and Martha F. GODSEY....16 Feb 1842
Pinckney CORAM and Sarah C. ELLINGTON....27 Sept 1841
Sarah Corum m. Baley (Bailey?) Martin, December 24, 1824
Susan A. Courts m. Robert Blackwell, 16 Aug 1851
Polley Covington m. Thomas Hopper, February 25, 1812
T.B. COX and Louisa COBLER....30 Dec 1840
Thomas F. M.COYLE and L. CARDWELL....16 May 1838
John CRAIG and Malinda MINER....7 April 1836
Elisha CRAWFORD and Elizabeth KNIGHT...1 Sept 1847
James CREANS and Elizabeth C. EVANS....17 Jan 1842
Anderson CROWDER and Elizabeth MANN...22 March 1838
Martha L. Crowder m. William Wood, May 27, 1845
Jane Cummins m. Ezekiel Wittey, June 28, 1791

Henry DALTON and Amanda ROSEBOROUGH ...29 Dec 1867
Alvis DANIEL and Jane Z. WATT....16 Aug 1838
William H. DENTON and Patsey BARNES....27 Oct 1837
Abraham Dilworth m. Rachel Hopkins, February 22, 1808
Harvey Dilworth m. Elizabeth Moore, January 7, 1833
John Dilworth m. Frances Settle, October 15, 1808
Thomas Dilworth m. May Jones, September 14, 1804
William DILWORTH and Mary WILLIAMSON....28 Nov 1837
Robert DOAK and Jane WATT....28 Jan 1831
Sarah Dodd m. William Martin, May 28, 1794
Rudolp DODD to Celia SHARP, April 24, 1834
Pleasant W. DODSON and Mary Ann M. TERRY...12 May 1842
Charles DOUGHERTY and Tabitha WINCHESTER...20 Nov 1837
Mary Dougherty m. Jesse Wharton, July 28, 1821
Loton DRESHILL and Eliza CURRIE......5 Jan 1842
Clarecy Ann Dye m. Sidney Witty, Jan 7, 1848

Alexander Ellington m. Elizabeth R. Charles, August 7, 1809
Farrow ELLINGTON and Sarah W. WELLS....19 May 1842
James T. ELLINGTON and Sarah M. ELLINGTON.....30 May 1837
Farrow Ellington m. Mary Tucker, May 22, 1814
Farrow Ellington m. Sibby Tucker, February 19, 1822
Maryan Elliott m. James W. Woodall, Aug. 17, 1849
James EVANS and Elizabeth HARP....17 Jan 1842

Joel FAGG and Jane SHARP.....18 Oct 1815
Mereith FARMER and Sarah C. SERCEY....23 Aug 1837
Susan Farrar m. John Lemons, September 11, 1824
Henry P. FEATHERS and Ann E. ADAMS....12 Feb 1851
Dabney Z. FERGIN and Elizabeth MILLS.....19 April 1839
William C. FERGIS and Margaret JONES....8 April 1839
Hardy FITTS and Elizabeth WALL....27 Nov 1834
Mary Ann F. Fitsgerreld m. John W. Foster, Aug. 30,  1845
David G. Flack to Elizabeth Martin, Sept. 26, 1850 (bond)
Samuel FORD and Rebecca BOATWRIGHT.....24 Jan 1838
Franklin FOSTER to Sarah STACEY, March 5, 1845
Judith W. Forrest m. Benj. (L.) Wesson, Nov. 24, 1835
James M. Foster m. Margaret E. Harrison , Dec. 18  1846
John W. Foster m. Mary Ann F. Fitsgerreld, Aug. 30,  1845
Joseph Foster m. Hanna Burton, Sept. 23, 1863
Tho. J. Foster  m. Analiza Hegwood, Aug 29, 1864
F(ountain) F. Foulks m. Jane McCollum, July 16, 1864
Keeny L. Fourd m. Mary R. Kearns, Apr. 25, 1849
Charles Fowler m. Nancy J. Terrel, Jan 31, 1860
Edmund R. Fowler m. Sallie Adeele Clay, Dec. 1, 1863<
Samuel Fowler m. Sally Blag, Dec. 3, 1808
Dr. Benjamin F. Foy m. Sallie M. Webster, Oct. 31, 1859
Pleasant FOY and Martha W. BASON.....28 March 1838
Caleb Francis m. Mary A. Harris, May 8, 1865
Harden FULCHER and Luvena GRIFFIN..... 21 April 1850

William D. GALLOWAY and Elizabeth CHOICE....10 Nov 1837
John GARNER and Lucinda HALL.... 25 Sept 1837
Elizabeth Galloway m. Joseph S. Gentry, January 4, 1802
Joseph W. Gentry m. Martha J. Humphrys, September 15, 1855
John W. Gentry m. E. J. Knight, December 18, 1866
Joel A. GENTRY and Suaan VAUGHN....3 July 1839
Joseph S. Gentry Elizabeth Galloway, January 4, 1802
Richard J. Gentry m. Lucet D. Henderson August 23, 1866
Absalom Gibson m. Fanney Alexander, April 8, 1797
Alexander Gibson m. Charlotte Jenkens, February 11, 1820
Dianna Gibson m. William Wright, August 5, 1807
John W. Gibson to Lucinday Martin, Aug. 20, 1850 (bond)
Isabella Gilliam m. Ephraem Womack, Dec. 26, 1868
James GILLIAM and Martha BERK....29 Sept 1840
Joseph H. Glenn to Lutitia Martin, Jan. 28, 1850 (bond)
Henry Goin to Poley Martin, Apr. 23, 1838 (bond)
George W. GOWINS and Elizabeth PARTIN....13 Sept 1838
William Grady to Nancy Martin, Jan. 13, 1834 (bond)
John Grant to Gilley Martin, Nov. 19, 1846 (bond)
Thomas GRAYER and ----- NICHOLS.....20 Oct 1806
John GRIFFIN and M. GRIFFIN...4 Jan 1820
Mary L. Gunn (age 20) m. John T. Robertson, Nov. 3, 1891

Jesse D. Hall m. Addie Wall.... Dec. 21 1817
Ulysses HAND and Mary DALTON....29 Feb 1836
William H. HAND and Emiley BLACK....26 March 1836
Mary A. Harris m. Caleb Francis, May 8, 1865
Margaret E. Harrison m. James Foster, Dec. 18  1846
Peter Haynes m. Elisabeth Lynch, August 26, 1817
Analiza Hegwood m. Thos. J. Foster, Aug 29, 1864
Jean Henderson m. Henry Moore, December 1, 1800
Lucet D. Henderson m. Richard J. Gentry, August 23, 1866
John Henry m. Elizabeth/Betsy Moore, January 31, 1801
Isabel Herron m. Baley (Bailey?) Martin, January 12, 1818
Isaac HOLT and Ruth IRON....28 July 1841
Hubbard HOOD and Sarah S. BAUGHN....10 Nov 1842
Ada Hopkins m. Enock Moore, July 17, 1822
William O. HOPPER and Henrietta WATKINS....25 Jan 1842
Rachel Hopkins m. Abraham Dilworth, February 22, 1808
Thomas Hopper m. Polley Covington, February 25, 1812
William HUDSON and Mary SUITS...6 Dec 1837
Martha J. Humphrys m. Joseph W. Gentry, September 15, 1855

John Irion to Anna Gann, Sept. 4, 1844
John Irion to Elizabeth Tumlin, Feb. 15, 1848
Thomas C. Irion to Martha B. Baugh, Mar 30, 1863
William S. IRELAN and Elizabeth HARDY....4 April 1840

John JACKSON Jr. and Harriet JOYCE....26 Feb 1839
Joseph JAMES and Nancy PITCHER...30 Aug 1837
Thomas S. JAMES and Gilley C. KEAN....15 Nov 1837
Zachariah JARRELL and Jane BOATWRIGHT.....16 Aug 1838
Nicholas JARRETT and Martha HEATHER...21 March 1836
Charlotte Jenkens m. Alexander Gibson, February 11, 1820
William JOHNSON and Adline SMOTHERS....28 Dec 1864
Moses JOHNSTON and Lucy A.M. HOLDERBY.....21 Dec 1866
Lewis W. JOINER and Elizabeth SHEPPERD....1 Aug 1840
Edward JONES and Elizabeth S. ENGLAND....10 May 1841
Hardey JONES and Ann MADERSON....1 Feb 1842
John JONES and Elizabeth LAGGETT...25 Aug 1842
May Jones m. Thomas Dilworth, September 14, 1804
Alexander M. JOYCE and Matilda VERNON ....19 Jan 1826
David Joyce and Harriet T. Martin  15 Feb 1849
Dillin Joyce and Charlotte Jyce (Joyce?)  15 Aug 1833
Elizabeth C. Joyce m. Josiah L. Wilson, 28 Nov 1857, (b) W.J. Montgomery
Emilia Joyce m. Tinsey Vernon, 16 Dec 1854
Felix G. Joyce and Mary Smith  17 Dec 1839
Mary Joyce m. Wm. Orrin 17 Oct 1819
Thomas H. JOYCE and Sarah PRICE....20 Aug 1842
Thomas Joyce and Tabitha Vernon,  25 Dec 1834
Thomas Joyce Jr m. Nancy Joyce  27 Dec 1792, (b) Peter Watson & Robt. Joyce (w) Elisha Joyce
John JUGE and Harriet HOBSON....17 Dec 1825
Stephen Jumper to Mary Martin, June 22, 1839 (bond)

Mary R. Kearns m. Keeny L. Fourd, Apr. 25, 1849
Asa KENNON and Jane LOVELESS...25 Aug 1853
William D. KERN and Margaret B. ROBERTSON....8 March 1862
William KING and Martha THOMAS...23 April 1842
Sally King m. Enoch Martin, March 5, 1810
E. J. Knight m. John W. Gentry, December 18, 1866
James M. KNIGHT and Martha A.E. COLEMAN....3 Aug 1836
John C. KNIGHT and Elizabeth ROBERTS.... 17 Feb 1844
Thomas KNIGHT and Elizabeth KING.... 30 April 1836
Joseph KYLE and Elizabeth KYLE.... 12 Sept 1837

Joseph LANE and Lucy HOPPER.... 1 June 1838
Andrew J. LANIER and Jane H. SMITH... 5 Jan 1839
R.W. LANSON and Bettie W. AIDEN... 15 April 1861
John W. LAWSON and Polly JORDAN ....28 July 1854
James LEE and Barbra MURPHEY.... 28 March 1836
Nicholas LENALL amd Maja LEMONDS... 30 Aug 1821 ****please see note at end of page****
William LEO and Nicey LEE... 11 Dec 1837
James M. LEWIS and Agness TERRY....5 Oct 1841
John LEWIS and Ann BARNES...27 Feb 1839
John LEWIS and Eveline T. EDWARDS....8 Dec 1840
William LEWIS and Sarah ROBERTSON...17 Jan 1842
James Lemond m. Nancy Brickey, January 3, 1801
Robert Lemond m. Elizabeth Johnston, November 20, 1822
Thomas Lemond m. Rachel Owen, February 24, 1807
William Lemond, Jr. m. Sally Owen, December 16, 1800
Jean/Jane or Betsy Lemons m. John Moore, October 31, 1809
John Lemons m. Susan Farrar, September 11, 1824
Nancy Linder m. William Webster, Jan. 25, 1808
Elisabeth Lynch m. Peter Haynes, August 26, 1817
Gilbert LOWE and Betsy NAPPIER... 21 Dec 1807
Moore LUMPKIN and Elizabeth DESY... 21 May 1838
John LUNLY__ and Elizabeth F. HAMBLETON.... 18 Feb 1859
Buckner LUTHERD and Nancy BAKER...9 April 1842
Rawley LYBASS and Julia Ann PASCALL...12 Dec 1864***please see note****
Rawley LYBASS and Julia Ann THOMAS...12 Dec 1864 *****

Richard Macorkel to Elizabeth Martin, Feb. 28, 1836 (bond)
Albert S. Martin to Georgiana Martin Sept. 8, 1846
Alfred Martin to Rhodey Martin, Nov. 31, 1836
Andrew Martin m. Margaret Caffey (Coffey?), October 7, 1825
Alexander Martin m. Margaret Sharp, 1810
Baley (Bailey?) Martin m. Isabel Herron January 12, 1818
Baley (Bailey?) Martin m. Sarah Corum, December 24, 1824
Charity Ann Martin to Stephen Smith, Apr. 23, 1842 (bond)
Elizabeth Martin to Henry H. Morton, Sept. 16, 1847 (bond)
Elizabeth Martin to David G. Flack, Sept. 26, 1850 (bond)
Elizabeth Martin to Richard Macorkel, Feb. 28, 1836 (bond)
Elizabeth Martin to Valentine Allen, Apr. 16, 1836 (bond)
Elizabeth Martin m. Leaven C. Witty, Dec. 23, 1835
Enoch Martin m. Sally King, March 5, 1810
Gilley Martin to John Grant, Nov. 19, 1846 (bond)
Haney E. Martin to Alexander Oakley, Jan. 4, 1839 (bond)
Harriet T. Martin m. David Joyce, 15 Feb 1849
Lucinday Martin to John W. Gibson, Aug. 20, 1850 (bond)
Lutitia Martin to Joseph H. Glenn, Jan. 28, 1850 (bond)
Mary Martin to Stephen Jumper, June 22, 1839 (bond)
Nancy Martin to William Grady, Jan. 13, 1834 (bond)
Poley Martin to Henry Goin, Apr. 23, 1838 (bond)
Rebecca Martin m. Elijah Witty, Jan 6, 1816
Richard Martin to Elizabeth Smith, Jan. 27, 1838 (bond)
Sally Martin to Moses C. Napier, Dec. 5, 1810 (bond)
Sarah Martin to Charles Webster, Feb. 6, 1838 (bond)
Walter Martin m. Jane Walker, July 13, 1791
William Martin m. Sarah Dodd, May 28, 1794
Sukey Mason m. Thomas Moore, September 24, 1806
John MATKINS and Elizabeth GROGAN...12 Jan 1824
James H. MAY and Francis E. ELLINGTON....5 Nov 1839
Mary McCarrell m. James Wolfinton, Apr. 18, 1792
John McCLAIN and Elly NELSON...26 Jan 1794
Jane McCollum m. F(ountain) F. Foulks, July 16, 1864
Philesia McDaniel m. Reuben Wright, July 28, 1809
Jennie McDonald and J.E. WINCHESTER, Oct 1866
Isaac McKEY and Mary C. DAVIS...21 Aug 1838
Peter McKINNEY and Elizabeth SANDERS...19 Jan 1841
Elizabeth Miller m. Thornton Westbrook, Sept. 6, 1828
G.W. MILLER and Rachael SHREVE...30 April 1839
Martin MILLER and Sarah CARRELL...15 Oct 1839
Levin MINER and Priscilla WALKER....4 March 1841
Rhoda Mobley m. Johnson Wright, April 12, 1809
James L. MONTGOMERY and Mary T. WALKER...27 May 1839
B.D. MOORE and Elizabeth J. GROGAN....11 Dec 1840
Elizabeth/Betsy Moore m. John Henry, January 31, 1801
Elizabeth Moore m. Harvey Dilworth, January 7, 1833
Enock Moore m. Ada Hopkins, July 17, 1822
Henry Moore m. Jean Henderson, December 1, 1800
John Moore m. Jean/Jane or Betsy Lemons, October 31, 1809
John MOORE and Nancy G. TUCKER....29 Nov 1842
Lilly Moore m. Elijah Reeves, January 8, 1798
Martha Moore m. George W(e)lls, June 29, 1843
Thomas Moore m. Sukey Mason, September 24, 1806
Thomas MOORE Jr and Eliza Z. KINGTH (KNIGHT?)...10 Jan 1842
Emily Mondoville Joyce m. Thos. S. Black, 16 Dec 1850 (b): Wm. A. Harris
Henry H. Morton to Elizabeth Martin, Sept. 16, 1847 (bond)
Henry H. MORTON and Elizabeth MARTIN....16 Sept 1847
Warren MORTON and Martha TAYLOR...1 Feb 1838
Elsey Murphey m. Taylor Wright, February 1, 1815
John MURPHEY and Mary LONDON...4 April 1839

Moses C. Napier to Sally Martin, Dec. 5, 1810 (bond)
William J. NASH and Ann C. BETHELL...17 Feb 1821
Thomas NEAL and Judith CHINANLT...6 Feb 1799
Francis NEWNAM and Patsy HARPER ...4 Dec 1810
Sylvester NEWNAM and Martha NOWLES...3 Feb 1838
James NICHOLS and Elizabeth PRUTT....5 June 1816
Dock NICKS and Margret LOMAX..3 June 1800
Stephen NIGHT and Poley/Polly HALL...28 Dec 1816
William NOBLIN and Susan N. COURT....24 Dec 1811
William NOLES and Salley ALLEN....6 Nov 1825
William NORMAS and Hanah OAKES...18 Nov 1823
Joel NORRIS and Sarah STRINGER...22 Aug 1801
John NORTH and Elizabeth HARRIS....19 Nov 1824
John NOWLES and Rachael GRADY...10 Aug 1814
Landy/Sandy NUEL and Margaret NICHOLS...10 Sept 1810
C.D. NWIN (?) and Martha SHANN...10 May 1866
Alexander Oakley to Haney E. Martin, Jan. 4, 1839 (bond)
John ORE and Elizabeth STEPHENS...14 March 1838
Wm. Orrin and Mary Joyce  17 Oct 1819
Henry W. OVERBY and T. NORMAN...25 Sept 1839
Rachel Owen m. Thomas Lemond, February 24, 1807
Sally Owen m. William Lemond Jr., December 16, 1800

Lewis PASCHALL and Eliza NEWMAN...27 Dec 1841
William PATTERSON and Dolly WILLSON...17 Feb 1851
John PAYNE and Jincey OAKLEY...25 Feb 1839
Isaac J. PEARSON and Mary L. CLEMMONS...4 Dec 1857
Thomas PEA__ (PEAY?) and Nancy SMITH....1823
Polly Pearson m. Berryman Wells, Aug. 29, 1822
Susan Peay m. Patrick A. Wells, Nov. 16, 1843
George W. PERSELL and Rebecca BROWN....4 Nov 1842
Denney PILKINTON and Charlotte PEOPLES....1 Feb 1842
Marey F. Pinick m. R(obert) J. West, Dec. 4, 1856
Nathaniel PIRKLE and Jean McNEALY...11 Nov 1800
Benjamin H. PLUMMER and Phoebe ESTUS...25 Oct  1837
John PLUMMER and Elizabeth WILSON...13 Dec 1826
William PLUMMER and Mary Ann PLUMMER...18 March 1836
Abraham M. POTTS and Susan WALL....11 Aug 1832
Steven PRATT and Mary DICKERSON...15 Aug 1842
Allen G. PRICE and Martha M. ROBERTS....27 April 1860
Isham A. PRICE and Elizabeth HUMMINS...1 April 1842
S.H. PRICE and Lucy PRATT...7 Sept 1836
Rawley PRIM and Martha NANCE...18 March 1836
John E. PRUITT and Martha J. NUNNALLY...11 March 1867
William PURSIL and Patsee YOUNG...23 June 1790

Elijah Reeves m. Lilly Moore, January 8, 1798
Aneselom REED and Martha T. WINCHESTER...12 March 1839
William H. RICE and Elizabeth BOWMAN....15 Jan 1838
Robert RICHARDSON and Elizabeth WRIGHT....27 June 1842
Richard A. ROACH and Delila ROBIN...25 Aug 1841
James M. ROBERTS and Ann W. COMBS....19 Feb 1840
Sarah Roberts m. W. J. Witherington, Feb. 11, 1850
Samuel ROBERTS and Nancy RAWLEY...28 Sept 1837
Thomas ROBERTS and Arreny HOPPER...30 April 1835
Thomas ROBERTS and Susan PURSELL....24 May 1838
Frances Robertson m. Isaac Wesson, Oct. 21, 1848
J. T. (John Tillman) Robertson m. J. S. Blackwell (Jennie), 10 Feb 1879
John T. Robertson (age 20) m. Mary L. Gunn (age 20), Nov. 3, 1891
William W. Robertson m. Martha D. Coleman, 17 Jan 1852, 
Bdsm: Robert A. Montgomery; wit:  T. Wheeler
Thomas ROSEBERRY and Elizabeth THOMASON....30 Nov 1841
Andrew D. ROSS and Delila JONES....15 Jan 1838
James SANDERS and Elizabeth GLENN....23 Dec 1845
Lewis C. SANDERS and Martha BARRETT...24 March 1848
Thomas I. SANDRIDGE and Louisa M. FEWELL...15 Jan 1848
Robert J. SAPP and Mary CUMMINGS...7 Feb 1843
Christopher SARTEN and Mary J. BURTAIN ....14 June 1843
Jesse SARTIN and Sarah BUTLER....27 Aug 1846
Kinchen SATTERFIELD and Susan MALCOM....6 Feb 1845
Jackson SCALES and Mariah A. BLACK ....12 Jan 1846
James SCALES and Charlotte DALTON....16 Nov 1837
James M. SCALES and Elizabeth A.N. LAPAR .....9 Nov 1825
Noah SCALES and Elizabeth A. CARDWELL...14 Aug 1827
Pleasant SCALES and Mary Ann NUMAN....21 April 1849
Rawley A. SCALES and Martha Ann....10 Dec 1844
Robert SCALES and Ann SMITH....20 April 1844
Robert E. SCARLETT and Martha C. SMITH.....31 Oct 1850
Pinckney SCOTT and Elizabeth Ann THOMPSON...18 Aug 1840
Edwardale SCRUGGS and Sarah PRATT....23 Nov 1848
Alexander SEARCY and Susan D. DALTON...9 May 1839
William W. SEARGEANT and Minerva A. HENDERSON...13 May 1850
Andrew SEMONS and Rebecca BURESS...10 Sept 1850
Abram SETLIFFE and Nancy JONES...6 Sept 1849
Benjamin SETTLE and Sarah P. CAMPBELL....17 Dec 1845
Frances Settle m. John Dilworth, October 15, 1808
A. H. SHARP and Massey MOSELEY....29 July 1841
Absalom S. SHARP and Susanna N. GODSEY...25 Sept 1842
Hubbard SHARP and Mary WESSON....25 Aug 1841
John SHARP and Minerva CARDWELL...15 May 1848
Joseph A. SHARP and Nancy SHARP...7 May 1827
Margaret Sharp m. Alexander Martin, 1810
Richard SHARP and Elizabeth OAKLEY....13 Jan 1840
John SHEPHERD and Margaret HAYES....16 April 1838
R.G SHOM and Mary Ann MINER....13 Dec 1838
Myres SHOMASTON and Julia NEWMAN....15 Jan 1839
William SHOPSHIRE and Sarah SHOPSHIRE...31 March 1851
A.J. SHRIEVES and Mary Ann COMER...7 March 1855
John SHRIEVES and Marth BOATWRIGHT...5 Oct 1843
Robert SHRIEVES and Elizabeth CARTER....3 Jan 1845
Thomas SHRIEVES and Eliza Ann RATLIFFE....10 Jan 1843
G. W. Shropshire to Elizabeth Oakley, Jan. 21, 1866
Betty Shropshire to M. T. Gilley, Oct. 3, 1898
Henry Shropshire m. Susan Colson, Oct. 11, 1839
James Shropshire to Anna Roland, Aug. 23, 1881
James Shropshire m. Maryon Pratt, Dec. 18, 1843
Joseph Shropshire, to Bettie Wells, Mar. 15, 1888
Lula Shropshire to Campbell T. Smith, Mar. 26, 1894
Nancy Shropshire m. Coleman Barnes, Sept. 12, 1845
Nannie Shropshire to Thomas Harger, Dec. 29, 1898
Mary Shropshire m. John Belton, June 28, 1847
Mary A. Shropshire, to Allen Belton, Aug. 26, 1888
P. T. Shropshire to Elizabeth Lewis, Apr. 6, 1890
Pleasant Shropshire to Nancy Vernon, Dec. 23, 1873
Robert Shropshire to Susan J. Roach, Mar. 18, 1889
Theney Shropshire to Samuel Oakley, Dec. 6, 1851
Walter, Shropshire, to Susann Seay, Sept. 4, 1881
William Shropshire to Sarah Gibson, Dec. 14, 1872
Wm. T. Shropshire to Martha Ann Turner, Oct. 9, 1865
Absalom SIMPSON and Sarah WILLIAMS....15 Jan 1827
C.R.S. SIMPSON and Elizabeth J. MILES...13 Dec 1848
James M. SIMPSON and Jane LYBASS...16 Jan 1842
James T. SIMPSON and Delila TAYLOR....13 Jan 1838
John H. SIMPSON and Martha A. ROBERTSON...11 Feb 1843
Martha Simpson m. Fewel Witty, Jan. 21, 1860
John SIMS and Usley RAY....23 Oct 1840
Henderson SISK and Sarah BURNES...13 Dec 1852
A.(Anson) A. SMALL and Harriet M. SMOTHERS...8 Sept 1853
Bryson SMALL and Sarah DULIN...23 Feb 1841
Nathaniel SMALL and Martha J. BRINCEFIELD...9 April 185? *****
Onestus SMALLWOOD and Sarah GAULDEN...7 Oct 1851
A.P. SMITH and Frances E. MAY...24 Aug 1848
Andres J. SMITH and Tabitha MORRIS....8 Dec 1846
Calender S. SMITH and Martha SHRIEVES...12 Aug 1845
Calvin G. SMITH and Priscilla M. HENDERSON...15 Oct 1849
Daniel SMITH and Joanna RHOADS....21 Jan 1843
Drury SMITH and Ann THOMAS...22 Dec 1847
Eldred H. SMITH and Matilda M. BLACK ....21 Aug 1839
Elizabeth Smith to Richard Martin, Jan. 27, 1838 (bond)
James SMITH and Mary Jane SMITH...11 March 1850
James C. SMITH and Anny KELLAM....11 April 1842
John SMITH and Jane A. ELLINGTON..31 Oct 1837
John SMITH and Elizabeth RAKESTRAW...5 Feb 1842
John R. SMITH and M.P. HUTCHERSON....10 Oct 1848
Joseph SMITH and Tenpey Jane FLOYD....18 Dec 1846
Joseph H. SMITH and Eliza BERNOM....29 Sept 1845
Joshua T. SMITH and Elizabeth LINDSAY....29 Aug 1837
Nathaniel H. SMITH and Eliza BRINCEFIELD...11 Feb 1840
Mary Smith m. Felix G. Joyce, 17 Dec 1839
Sarah A. Smith m. Jonathan Bosticvk 9 Nov 1840
Stephen Smith to Charity Ann Martin, Apr. 23, 1842 (bond)
Thomas SMITH and Sarah McCOLLISTER...3 Nov 1839
Walker SMITH and Jane DALTON...18 Sept 1846
William D. SMITH and Mary HENDERSON...26 Oct 1848
William H. SMITH and Nancy JONES...17 Dec 1843
John SMITHY and Elizabeth LOVELESS..._ Feb 1853
Noten SNEED and Emeline VAUGHN...13 Dec 1841
Richard SNEED and Sarah SIMPSON....16 June 1852
Z.P. SNEED and Sarah GLEAN.....27 Feb 1845
Jonathan SNETS and Nancy COLEMAN...3 April 1839
Thos B. SNUGGS and Sarah P. STRONG...8 Oct 1840
Anderson SOLOMON and Sarah BARKER....5 Oct 1850
Joseph SOLOMON and Martha CROWDER....3 March 1846
Reuben SOLOMON and Henrietta CLEMMONS...20 June 1839
William SOLOMON and Elizabeth HOLT...7 March 1849
Wm H. SPARKE and C.M. CHANCE....4 Oct 1845
Mathew T. SPARKS and Manerva WEEDON...6 Sept 1850
Calvin SPENCER and Elizabeth ODEL...25 Aug 1831
J.D. M. SPRINGS and Lerah WALKER...23 Feb 1845
I. STACEY and Eliza MULLINS....30 Oct 1849
John STACEY and Rosanah J. JONES...8 July 1844
William STADLEY and .Katherine PEARMAN...20 Aug 1849
Martin STALLINGS and Minerva McKINNEY.....15 June 1841
James E. STAPLES and  Ruth M. SCALES.... 27 April 1839
John H. STEWARD and Susan PROCTON.....4 Nov 1850
William STIER and Manerry BAKER...20 April 1848
Allen B. STIERS and Mackey RATLIFFE...14 Sept 1837
John STILL and Martha J. JOHNSON....12 Aug 1844
Bedford STIRES and Martha CURRIE....29 Jan 1842
John B. STOCKTON and Martha M. MEGEHEE...28 July 1841
James E. STONE and Ann WOOLLEN...10 March 1836
John D. STONE and Nancy J. HARDIE....24 April 1846
Orinton B. STONE and  Emily ROBERTSON....21 Nov 1840
Salathiel STONE and Elizabeth KEARN...21 Nov 1840
Henry STRADER and Sally MOLES...7 Sept 1844
James STRADER and Emila JOHNSON...4 April 1846
James M. STRADER and Sarah T. RATLIFFE....16 Jan 1843
Morres STRADER and Margret HEATH...6 Jan 1843
William STRAT and Mary LINDSAY...1 March 1842
Peter STRICKLEN and Druzilla McKINRY....25 Sept 1845
John STRONG and Sarah A.E. ADAMS....1 Dec 1841
William R. STRONG and Caroline M. HOPPER....20 June 1848
R.J.T. STUBBLEFIELD and Mary S. WATERS....2 Dec 1848
Tilman I. STUBBLEFIELD and Mary J. MOORE....30 Nov 1843
Wesley STUBBLEFIELD and Julia ANGEL....2 Oct 1848
Jesse SUTHARD and Mary SCRUGGS....4 Jan 1851
Michael SUTHARD and Mary Ann M. BARLOW...3 Aug 1853
Henry SUTHERD and Emily WILSON....12 Dec 1845
George A. SUTHORLIN and Ann C. ROBERTSON...7 May 1843
Nancy J. Terrel m. Charles Fowler, Jan 31, 1860
Eliza Thompson m. R. J. Witty, Mar 4, 1825
Mary Tucker m. Farrow Ellington, May 22, 1814
Sibby Tucker m. Farrow Ellington, February 19, 1822
John B. TALLEY and Lucinda T. PATTERSON....20 July 1843
William W. TALLEY and Sarah J. WILSON.....21 Jan 1845
Cabeb TATE and Ann E. TURNER.... 1851
H.G. TAYLOR and Mary S. FUGUAY...23 Dec 1853
James B. TAYLOR and Nancy WILLIAMS...19 Nov 1839
John W. TAYLOR and Molley MOORE....22 Dec 1866
John TERRELL and Catherine BRINSFIELD...8 Nov 1854
C. T. TERRY and Martha MOORE....2 May 1848
Camel THACKER and COBLAR/COBLER...2 Aug 1852
Eli A. THACKER and Unity GROGAN....3 Jan 1848
Fredrick THACKER and Elizabeth CRODOCK...30 Sept 1850
Isaac G. THACKER and Mary Ann BUTLER....10 Jan 1843
Joseph THACKER and Eliza BOMAN...11 Sept 1849
Abner THAKER and Elizabeth STANLEY....29 May 1839
James F. THOMAS and Eliza Ann RATLIFF...7 Feb 1853
Michael H. THOMAS and Martha Jane ROBERTS...25 Feb 1845
Nathaniel THOMAS and Charlotte SHARP...20 July 1849
Robert THOMAS and Nancy BATEMAN...3 Nov 1842
Robert E. THOMAS and Permealy HALL....2 Oct 1854
William J.M. THOMAS and Frances J. PATTERSON...4 Feb 1850
William Y. THOMAS and Matha E. RATLIFFE...21 March 1846
Pascal G. TUCKER and Rebecca HUTCHERSON ....14 Jan 1840
Paul TUCKER and Mary HODGES...29 Nov 1837
Theodine TUCKER and Mary CARTER...9 Nov 1843
Thomas J. TUCKER and Mary Ann LANDRETH....24 April 1848
Harden TURNER and Nancy THOMAS...6 Sept 1845
James P. TURNER and Alpha S. YORK...29 June 1848
Tyre TURNER and Mary GLENN....27 Dec 1849
William J. TURNER  and Elizabeth WEBSTER...3 Nov 1842
John TYLER and Rebecca FIELD...26 Feb 1839
John TYLER and Catherine E. WALTERS...15 Aug 1849
George THOMILSON and Lucy TULLOCK....5 Sept 1849
Alexander THOMPSON and Nancy HOPPER....5 Dec 1837
Garland THOMPSON and Arena WATKINS...21 Aug 1840
Hiram TILY and Rebecca STALLIONS...30 Dec 1835
Pleasant TODD and Charity FAGG...30 Oct 1814
William TOLLERCH and Martha THOMAS....22 Oct 1850

Freaderick C. VAUGHN and Nancy PERRY...5 Nov 1837
Elizabeth Vernon to John Rhodes, Jan. 30, 1828
John Vernon to Nancy Grogan, Dec. 13, 1834
John Vernon to Celia Hennis, Oct 6, 1817
John P. Vernon to Martha "Patsey" Murphy, Dec. 15, 1853
Nancy Vernon to Pleasant Shropshire, Dec 23, 1873
Nancy Vernon to Wm. D. Webb, Sept. 7, 1842
Obediah Vernon to Eliza. Jane Goolsby, Jan, 29, 1850
Richard Vernon to Marthat Jarrell, May 22, 1860
Salley Vernon to Geo. Pratt, Apr. 6, 1827
Tabitha Vernon m. Thomas Joyce,  25 Dec 1834
Tabatha Vernon to John Joyce, Dec. 25, 1834
Thomas Vernon to Leathe Cardwell, June 20, 1869 (nee Martin)
Tinsley Vernon m. Emilia Joyce, 16 Dec 1854
William Vernon to Ann Eliza Grogan, Nov. 2, 1867

Jane Walker m. Walter Martin, July 13, 1791
John WALL and Jane WALL ...12 May 1842
Loyd W. WALL and Leana HEATHER...8 Aug 1839
Mary V. Wall m. John W. Witt, Aug. 24, 1865
A.W. WARD and Wilmith W. ADAMS...24 Dec 1840
George W. WARD and Minerva COLLINS....17 March 1838
Margarett Wardlow m. Joel Wells, June 19, 1811
Jason WARE and Lucinda CHAMBERS...17 Jan 1842
Ned WARTERS and Polly WATERS.....28 Dec 1866
Joseph WASHBURN and Mary McKLEROY....17 Oct 1839
Hiram WATKINS and Mary LOVEN...14 June 1834
Joseph D. WATSON and Margaret S. MATEER...22 Dec 1837
Robert B. WATT and Nancy B. BAILEY....30 Nov 1840
Alvis C., Webb m. Ann Carter, July 25, 1857
Abner WEBSTER and Nancy WEBSTER....17 Jan 1832
Charles WEBSTER and Sarah MARTIN...6 Feb 1838
George W. WEBSTER and Elizabeth FOY....27 Oct 1842
Charles Webster to Sarah Martin, Feb. 6, 1838 (bond)
Matilda Webster (col.) m. Toney Webster (col.), April 17, 1867
Peter F. Webster m. Sarah Bostwick 6 Nov 1841
Polly Webster m. Thornton Wright, May 9, 1814
Sallie M. Webster m. Dr. Benjamin F. Foy, Oct. 31, 1859
Toney Webster (col.) m. Matilda Webster (col.), April 17, 1867
William Webster m. Nancy Linder, Jan. 25, 1808
Berryman Wells m. Tabitha Wells, Dec. 18, 1819, (b) Robt. Manzies, (w) J. Campbel
Berryman Wells m. Polly Pearson, aug. 29, 1822
George W(e)lls m. Martha Moore, June 29, 1843
Joel Wells m. Margarett Wardlow, June 19, 1811
Patrick A. Wells m. Susan Peay, Nov. 16, 1843
Benj. (L.) Wesson m. Judith W. Forrest, Nov. 24, 1835
Isaac Wesson m. Frances Robertson, Oct. 21, 1848
Jeremiah West m. Uptha West, Nov 3, 1790, (b) Thomas Mason, (w) Sam. Mitchel
R(obert) J. West m. Marey F. Pinick, Dec. 4, 1856
Thornton Westbrook m. Elizabeth Miller, Sept. 6, 1828
William Westbrook m. Jancy J. Busick (no bond date)
Jesse Wharton m. Mary Dougherty, July 28, 1821
Dolly White m. Absalom Bostick  15 Nov 1822
William M. WHITTEMORE and Elizabeth HENDERSON....3 July 1856
Roland S. Williams and Martha H. Bennett ....20 Oct 1865
Corindon WILSON and Wliza BROWDER....13 Oct 1837
Josiah L. Wilson m. Elizabeth C. Joyce  28 Nov 1857, (b) W.J. Montgomery
Urias WILSON and Lucy SANDERS....24 May 1842
William WILSON and Elizabeth ALLEN....25 Aug 1842
J.E. WINCHESTER and Jennie McDonald ... Oct 1866
John WINDSON and Edy COLE...5 Nov 1821
W. J. Witherington m. Sarah Roberts, Feb. 11, 1850
John W. Witt m. Mary V. Wall, Aug. 24, 1865
Ezekiel Wittey m. Jane Cummins, June 28, 1791
Elijah Witty m. Rebecca Martin, Jan 6, 1816
Fewel Witty m. Martha Simpson, Jan. 21, 1860
Leaven C. Witty m. Elizabeth Martin, Dec. 23, 1835
Sidney Witty m. Clarecy Ann Dye, Jan 7, 1848
R. J. Witty m. Eliza Thompson, Mar 4, 1825
James Wolfinton m. Mary McCarrell, Apr. 18, 1792
Tabitha R. WOODBURN and Jesse SHELLY....19 Aug 1834***incorrectly filed under the groom list****
Ephraem Womack m. Isabella Gilliam, Dec. 26, 1868
William Wood m. Martha L. Crowder, May 27, 1845
James W. Woodall m. Maryan Elliott, Aug. 17, 1849
Grant A. WRAY and Martha ROBERTS...29 Sept 1837
Grant A. WRAY and Octavia PRICE....18 July 1856
Johnson Wright m. Rhoda Mobley, April 12, 1809
Reuben Wright m. Casey Cantrill, April 27, 1791
Reuben Wright m. Philesia McDaniel, July 28, 1809
Taylor Wright m. Elsey Murphey, February 1, 1815
Thornton Wright m. Polly Webster, May 9, 1814
William Wright m. m. Dianna Gibson, August 5, 1807
William WRIGHT and Betsy HOLT....30 Oct 1810

Lewis B. YANCY and Harriet HOSON....29 Jan 1839
John B. YORK and P.B. ROBERTSON....25 Sept 1849


*****The Nicholas LENALL and Maja LEMONDS are:*****
Nicholas SMALL and Margry/Margy LEMONDS, proven by the James Nicholas SMALL BIBLE.

****Rawley LYBASS and Julia Ann PASCALL****
It is possible that Julia Ann was a widow, the reason for two different surnames. I believe, but have not proven, that her full name was Julia Ann THOMAS PASCALL.

(Nathaniel and Martha were both found as being single and living with their parents in the 1850 Census. Their first child James Alvis SMALL, my grandfather, was born 15 March 1852. I am saying that this marriage date would be 1851)***


This marriage record was developed by Faye Moran in March, 1998. Since March several individuals made contributions, mostly Louise Overton and Don Hoover.

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