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Friedrich Heinrich Schumann Family

First Generation

Friedrich Heinrich Schumann, a physician, was born in Germany in 1777 and came to America in 1801, settling initially in Hope, New Jersey, where he married Johanna Salome Leinbach (1781-1821) in 1802. In 1807 he wrote to the Moravian leadership in Salem, asking if there would be an opening for him in one of the North Carolina communities, and he was invited to take up the position of doctor in Bethania providing he would "limit himself to the practice of medicine and the sale of patent medicines". He and Johanna Salome arrived in June, 1808 with their two sons. In 1816 they moved to Salem, and he continued his medical practice there until his death in 1862 at age 84. His second wife was Theodora Schultz (1804-1870). They had no biological children, but adopted a child, Ellen Blickensderfer (1834-1920) who had come to Salem from Lititz PA in 1844.

Second Generation

Children of Friedrich Heinrich Schumann and Johanna Salome Leinbach
Parmenio Schumann (1803-?)
Timoleon Schumann (1807-1810)

These two sons are mentioned at the time of the Schumanns' arrival in North Carolina. Timoleon died in childhood and is buried at Bethania Moravian graveyard. The last mention of Parmenio in the Moravian records is a note that he came from Bethania to enter the boys' school in Salem in 1812.

Adopted child of Friedrich Heinrich Schumann and Theodora Schultz
Ellen Blickensderfer (1834-1920) m. Darius Henry Starbuck (1818-1887), s/o Reuben Starbuck and Mary Beeson

Third Generation

Children of Ellen Blickensderfer and Darius Starbuck
Mary Theodora Starbuck (1856-1924) m. Eugene Augustus Ebert (1850-1921)
Ella Starbuck (1859-1910) m. Seth Jones Montague (1850-1936)
Henry Reuben Starbuck (1866-1894)

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