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Ebert Family

First Generation

Johann Martin Ebert was born in 1724 in Unter-Anfrach, Anspach, Germany, immigrated in 1732, and settled in York Co. PA, where he married Eva Barbara Koerber (1729-1800) in 1749. They moved to Friedberg NC in 1773 and he died there in 1792.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Martin Ebert and Eva Barbara Koerber
John Martin Ebert (1750-1807) m. Johanna Catharina Hartman (1755-?)
John George Ebert (1752-1811) m. Rosina Spach (1758-1849)
Christian Ebert (1754-1762)
Anna Maria Ebert (1756-1780), m. Cornelius Schneider (1750-1804)
Rosina Ebert (1757-1831) m. Adam Tesch (1757-1819)
Samuel Ebert (b. & d. 1761)
Christian Ebert 1762-prob. 1783)
Christina Ebert (1765-1827), m. Cornelius Schneider (1750-1804)
Catharina Ebert (1767-1824) m. Johannes Wesner (1764-1832)

Third Generation:

Children of John Martin Ebert and Johanna Catharina Hartmann
Martin Ebert (1776-?) m. Salome Kastner (1786-?)
George Ebert (1778-1781)
Catharina Ebert (1779-1803)
John Ebert (1781-1825)
Christian Ebert (1782-1807)
Elizabeth Ebert (1785-?)
Daniel Ebert (b. & d. 1786)
Jacob Ebert (b. & d. 1787)
Christina Ebert (1789-?) apparently did not marry, but had a son Murchison Ebert
Maria Ebert (1791-1855)
David Ebert (1793-1801)
Philip Ebert (b. & d. 1796)

Previously we listed only two children for this couple, Martin and John. Thanks to Gene Poindexter, we now have a complete list from Hartman family files. There is one discrepancy, however:

John Ebert, identified as a single man, died in an accident when the walls of a well he was cleaning collapsed in 1825 (Records of the Moravians in NC 8:3762). He is buried at Friedberg. The Hartman material lists Johannes Ebert with the identical dates but states that he married Laura Shouse. We believe that this is a confusion with a much later John Ebert (1856-1931) whose wife was Laura Shouse (1863-1941). See below.

Martin Ebert's will dated December 1807 names five surviving children, Martin, John, Elizabeth, Christina and Maria.


Children of John George Ebert and Rosina Spach
Anna Maria Ebert (1778-1792)
Rebecca Ebert (ca. 1780?)
Catharina Ebert (1780-?) [maybe the same child as Rebecca?]
Christina Ebert (1782-1844) m. Michael Rominger (1780-1824)
Benigna Ebert(1785-1792)
Friedrich Ebert (1787-?)
Christian Ebert (1794-1871) m. Anna Tuttle (1793-1831)

A John Ebert appears in the 1810 and 1820 Stokes Co. census records, estimated birth between 1775 and 1784. Is he another son? Friedrich Ebert is referred to in the Moravian records as single in 1813, and still living in 1817, but doesn't appear in the 1820 census. John had at least four children by 1820, including (probably) one born in 1812, so he and Friedrich are probably different people.

Fourth Generation:

Children of Martin Ebert and Salome Kastner
Phillip Ebert (b. 1806)
Joseph Ebert (b. 1809)
John Rudolph Ebert (b. 1812)
Louisa Ann Ebert (b. 1815)
Catharina Ebert (b. 1818)
William Michael Ebert (1821-1849)
Benjamin Franklin Ebert (b. 1826)

Thanks to Patrick Barrett for information on this family.


Probable children of Christina or her sister Maria Ebert

Alfred Ebert (ca. 1817-?) m. 1) Rachel Isabella Reich (1814-1848); 2) Susannah Robertson (1813-bef. 1867) d/o William Robertson or Robeson and Urkey Beckham; 3) Anna Spach (1828-?), widow of James Echols

Murchison Ebert (1825-1894) m. Sarah Longworth (1830-1916)

In 1850, Murchison is living with the sisters Mary and Christina Ebert. Alfred is in the next dwelling. We have been told by a descendant that Murchison Ebert was Christina's son, but we aren't sure if Alfred was hers, Mary's, or perhaps a nephew or other relative.

William Ebert (1827-1907) m. 1) Janetta Susanna Reich (1830-1878), 2) Martha Faw (ca. 1840-?)

The card file in the Moravian archives says that William was the son of Maria Ebert and an unknown father, but his marriage license to Martha Faw identifies his parents as Abner and Christina Ebert.

James Ebert (ca. 1835-?)

In 1850 James is age 15, living with Alfred and Susanna, but Alfred isn't old enough to be his father.


Children of Christian Ebert and Anna Tuttle
John G. Ebert (1816? -?) m. Elizabeth Eaton
Mary Ebert m. Thomas Fountain Petree (1817-1900), moved to Moniteau Co. MO
Martha Ebert (1825-1895) m. Jefferson Gordon
Sarah Ebert (1826-?) m. Jesse Allen Gordon (1827-?)
Elizabeth Ebert (1828-?) m. Ashley Swaim

Martha and Sarah's descendants are discussed on Jo Martin's Family History page in the RootsWeb WorldConnect project.


Whose sons are the following?

Christian Ebert (1812-1884) m. Lucinda Elizabeth Rothhaas (1822-1883)
He can't be the son of either Christian or Friedrich, both of whom were still single in 1813. The unidentified John Ebert had four males under age 10 in 1820, and one female age 10-16. We suspect this is one of them.

Hubert Ebert joined the Friedberg Moravian congregation as a single man in 1838, and in 1841 moved to Salem where he worked as a clerk in the post office. In 1843 he moved to Randolph County NC.

Martin Marcus Ebert was born 24 Aug 1830; his birth is mentioned in the Records of the Moravians in NC, but his parents are not identified

John Alson Ebert 29 Oct 1835 - 2 Sep 1845 is buried at Old Mt. Vernon Methodist.

Martin L. Ebert (ca. 1838-?) m. Amanda P.Swaim (ca. 1842-?)
Martin and Amanda married in Forsyth Co. in 1865 and appear in the Forsyth Co. census in 1870. He is not in Forsyth in 1850 or 1860.

Fifth Generation:

Children of Alfred Ebert and Rachel Isabella Reich
Mary Jane Ebert (1844-1864) did not marry
Aurelia A. Ebert (1846-1909) m. Yearby Cassel (1823-1901)
Frana Ebert (ca. 1848?) m. Isaac H. Teague (1819-1910), his fourth wife

Mary Jane's death notice in the Salem Register, 1864, identifies her as Alfred's daughter from his first marriage. She is probably the Mary Ebert born about 1845 who is living with the Foltz family in 1860. Frana Ebert is identified in her marriage record as d/o Alfred and Rachel. However, neither of these children appears with Alfred and Susanna in the 1850 census.

Previously we had identified Aurelia as "Amelia" based on the 1850 census. Her marriage and burial records make it clear that her name was really Aurelia. The handwriting in the census could be interpreted as "Arelia".

Rachel Ebert died at 1 a.m. on January 11, 1848. The previous evening, the Friedberg pastor had visited her and had baptized her little child. Since we have exact birthdates for Mary and Aurelia from cemetery records, we think this baby was probably Frana.

Children of Alfred Ebert and Susannah Robertson
Sarah Ebert (ca. 1853-?)
Augusta Ebert (ca. 1854-?)
Luther Ebert (ca. 1857-?)


Children of Murchison Ebert and Sarah Longworth
John Evander Ebert (1853-1918) m. 1) Esther Harriet Brewer (ca. 1844-1880), d/o Henry and Martha Brewer; 2) Millie M. Holder (1857-1925), parents uncertain*
Nancy Christine Ebert (1856-1934) m. Calvin R. Williard (prob. 1859-1938)
Charles E. Ebert (ca. 1858-1944) m. 1) Emma May Blum (1857-1890), 2) Lecetta McCuiston (1862-1947), d/o Robert Dawson McCuiston and Elizabeth Stewart
William Ebert (ca. 1860-?) maybe died young
George Samuel Ebert (1861-1931) m. Margaret S. Hauser (1865-1888), d/o Calvin Hauser and Louisa Stoltz
Robert Wesley Ebert (1854-1942) m. Melissa L. Shields (1867-1941), d/o Franklin Shields and Martha Hendrix
James Ebert (ca. 1867-?)

*Millie Holder's marriage record gives her parents as James and Jane Holder, but the Forsyth Co. death index lists them as Jack and Nancy Holder. Can anyone give us a positive identification?


Children of William Ebert and Janetta Reich
Owen Ebert (1855-1864)
John William Ebert (1856-1931) m. Laura James Shouse (1863-1941)
Samuel A. Ebert (ca. 1859-?) maybe died young; not in the 1870 census
George S. Ebert (1860-1915) m. Adelia C. Lashmit (1864-1936)
Agnes C. Ebert (ca. 1862-1917) m. John S. Zimmerman (1854-1937)
Lee A. Ebert (1864-1940), appears as Robert L. in 1880
Laura Ebert (1866-1936) m. _____ Burke
Seymour Ebert (1868-1949) m. Bertha Nifong (1892-1971), d/o Noah Nifong and Kezia Boyer. Did he have a previous marriage?
Franklin S. Ebert (1871-1944) m. Addie L. Butner (d. 1921), d/o James Edward Butner and Mary Jones
Emily Ebert (ca. 1874-?)

Census records show a child Bartlett Ebert age 1 in 1860. In 1870 he is replaced by George age 10. Agnes appears in 1870 age 7 and in 1880 age 18, suggesting she was born about 1862. The Forsyth Co. cemetery records books show George born January 1860 and Agnes born November of the same year. Since the census records are consistent for George being born in 1860 and Agnes being about two years younger, we think the cemetery records book is probably wrong on her birthdate.

William apparently also had one child with Martha Faw. What was his or her name?


Children of John G. Ebert and Elizabeth Eaton
Emma Christine Ebert (1854-?) m. Eli Cox (1830-?)
James Ebert (1858-?)
Martha Ebert (1859-?)


Children of Christian Ebert and Lucinda Rothhaas
Leonora Adela Ebert (1842-1906) m. John Israel Nissen (1841-1899)
Francis Irwin Ebert (1844-1847)
Mary Frances Ebert (1847-1849)
Eugene Augustus Ebert (1850-1921) m. Mary Theodora Starbuck (1856-1924)


Children of Martin L. Ebert and Amanda Swaim
Joseph R. Ebert (ca. 1865-?)
Mary E. Ebert (ca. 1867-?)

William F. Ebert (1870-?) [error corrected 1/10/04]


Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission

Records of York Moravian Church, York Co. PA

Jurney, James, Ancestry of Alice Estelle and Effie Catherine Butner and Related Families, privately printed, Bellevue WA, 1992

Many thanks to Chip Harrell and Patrick Barrett for information on this family

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