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Conrad Family

First Generation

Johann Jacob Conrad (1717-1798) was the son of Hans Conrad and Veronica Staub, of Mietesheim, Alsace. He immigrated in 1737 on the ship St. Andrew's Galley together with his brother George, born 1706. By 1741 Jacob was living in Lancaster Co. PA, where he married Maria Catharina Royer (1725-1797), born in Böhl-bei-Landau, Pfalz, daughter of Sebastian Royer and Agnes Flockerth. Jacob purchased land in North Carolina in 1768, but died in Pennsylvania.

Second Generation

Children of Johann Jacob Conrad and Maria Catharina Royer
Jacob Conrad (b. & d. 1742)
Christian Conrad (b. & d. 1743)
Christian Conrad (1744-1800), m. Maria Boeckel (1743-1834) in 1768, came to NC 1769.
Johannes Conrad (1747-1802) m. Catharina Romig (1752-1824) 1777 in NC
Maria Conrad (1749-1751)
Johann Jacob Conrad (1751-1818) m. Catharina Weybrecht (1758-?) 1775 in PA, came to NC after that date
Johann Heinrich Conrad (1753-1754)
Elisabeth Conrad (b. & d. 1755)
Johann Heinrich Conrad (1756-1757)
Joseph Conrad (1759-1822) m. Anna Maria Selitzinger, remained in Pennsylvania
Freidrich Conrad (b. & d. 1761)
Elisabeth Conrad (1763-1767)
Friedrich Conrad (b. & d. 1764)
Gottfried Conrad (1766-1774)

Third Generation

Probable children of Christian Conrad and Maria Boeckel
Maria Catharina Conrad (1772-1830) m. Johann Christian Hauser (1766-?)
John Conrad (1774-1841) m. Catharina Spainhour (1775-1862)
Peter Conrad (1777-1850) m. 1) Maria Magdalena Schumacher? (1781-1818), 2) Catharina Spainhour (1787-1866)
Anna Magdalena Conrad (1782-1863) m. Peter Pfaff (1773-1865)

Christian Conrad came to NC in 1769 and settled on the land his father had purchased the preceding year. Maria Boeckel was originally listed on this page as Boeke. We now think she may be a Boeckel - but who were her parents? And were there other children in this family?

We are not entirely sure that John and Peter Conrad are their sons, but they fit nicely into the sequence of children. Also, Peter named a son Christian.


Children of Johannes Conrad and Catharina Romig
John Conrad (1778-1850) m. 1) Elizabeth Miller (1782-1837), 2) Mrs. Margaret Grimes (abt. 1806-?)
was she the Margaret Harris who married Benjamin Grimes in 1825?
Anna Elisabeth Conrad (1780-1781)
Jacob Conrad (1782-1839). Did he marry Catharina Krause in 1809? and/or Catharina Krieger?
Abraham Conrad (1784-1869) m. Phillipina Christina Loesch (1788-1847)
Isaac Conrad (1790-1832) m. Charity Wolff (1804-1857)


Children of Johann Jacob Conrad and Catharina Weybrecht
Johann Conrad
Jacob Conrad (1779-?)
Daniel Conrad (1783-?)
Leonard Conrad (1787-1865) m. 1) Annie Vest, 2) Rebecca Lash, probably d/o George Lash Jr. and Nancy Wall
Elisabeth Conrad (1789-aft. 1850) m. Martin Leinbach (1791-1848)

Johann Jacob and Catharina married in Pennsylvania in 1775, and probably didn't arrive in NC until 1777.

Fourth Generation

Children of John Conrad and Catharina Spainhour
Solomon Conrad (1804-1845) m. Anna Maria Leinbach (1805-1882). Who were her parents?
Joseph Conrad (1806-1889) m. Catharina Mickey (1804-1879)
Jesse Conrad (1808-1902) m. Nancy S. Leinbach (1808-1893)
Timothy Conrad (1809-1884) m. Mary Holder (1809-1884)
Ephraim Conrad (1811-1900) m. Sarah Delilah Holder, sister of Mary Holder; moved to Iowa, then California
Susannah Rebecca Conrad. (1813-1884) m. Solomon Pfaff (1808-1890)
Jonathan Conrad (1815-1889) m. Louisa Elizabeth Schultz (1827-1901), widow of Christian Thomas Conrad
*Christian Jacob Conrad (?-bef. 1835) m. **Mary Magdalena Phillips (1808-1839); Mary married 2nd Christian Benjamin Pfaff in 1835

*birth order uncertain
** Records at the Moravian Archives in Winston Salem, NC names the mother of Mary Magdalena Phillips as Mary Phillips. The father is not identified. Thanks to Ada McBride for this information.

Information on this family was updated 1/18/01, thanks to Bill Bigham! Thanks also to Phillip Crow, who sent information in January 2003 on Ephraim Conrad's family, and updated the information on Ephraim Conrad's wife in July 2014


Children of Peter Conrad and (maybe) Maria Magdalena Schumacher
Rebecca Conrad (abt. 1811-?) m. Singleton Church
Lydia Conrad (1811-1887) m. Josiah Leinbach (1812-1885)
Christian Thomas Conrad (abt. 1815-1861) m. Louisa Elizabeth Schultz (1827-1901)

Peter's will, dated 1842, refers to "daughter Rebecca's daughter Rebecca". Since Rebecca didn't marry Singleton Church until 1843, and did so as Conrad, this suggests that she may have had a child prior to marriage. In 1850 Rebecca Church age 39 is living with her stepmother Catharina and her brother Christian Thomas Conrad and his wife. There is no child Rebecca living with them.


Children of John Conrad and Elizabeth Miller
John Joseph Conrad (1805-1871) m. 1) Keziah Harding (1805-1838), 2) Elizabeth Stauber (1810-1900)
Frederick Thomas Conrad (1805-1830)
Isaac Conrad (1807-1850) m. Antoinette Malvina Transou (1821-1903)


Children of Abraham Conrad and Phillipina Christina Loesch
Julia Amelia Conrad (1824-1913) m. Beverly Jones (1811-1902), s/o Gabriel Jones and Mary Bryant


Children of Isaac Conrad and Charity Wolff
Catherine Elisabeth Conrad (1824-1878) m. Albert C. Wharton (1816-1868)

Are they also parents of John E. Conrad (1822-1852), buried in the Conrad-Lehman family cemetery in Vienna, Forsyth Co.?


Children of Leonard Conrad and Annie Vest
Joseph G. Conrad (abt. 1808-aft. 1870) m. Nancy Stolz (abt. 1816-aft. 1870). Who were her parents?
Sarah Conrad (1810-1898) m. Nathaniel Ketner (1810-1879)
Isaac D. Conrad (1814-1882) m. Sarah Maria Shamel (1817-1905)
Samuel Conrad; named in his father's will (1865) as deceased, but left heirs
Susan Conrad (1818-1855) m. Nathaniel Hartman (abt. 1812-?)
*Fizy or Fisa W. Conrad (1820-1905) m. George H. Flynt (1818-1893)

*Fizy appears in a Flynt family file as Sophia Elizabeth Conrad, but consistently in census records and Conrad family materials as Fizy or Fisa.

Children of Leonard Conrad and Rebecca Lash
Delphia Conrad (1827-1877) m. Milton Hartman (1821-1870)
John L. Conrad (1832-1862) m. Caroline L. Conrad (1836-1925)
Lucetta Conrad (1833-1873) m. 1) Lewis Hartman (abt. 1825-1865, 2) Joseph Brewer, s/o Henry Brewer and Elizabeth Boeckel
Julia Sybilla Conrad (1835-1902) m. Julius Abraham Transou (1832-1930)
James H. Conrad (abt. 1837-1911) m. Emily L. Gamble (1839-1911), d/o Andrew Gamble
Mary Ann Conrad (abt. 1844-?) m. Jesse Marshall (abt. 1840-?), s/o Tandy Marshall

Information on this family was corrected on December 3, 2000.

The published Forsyth Co. Cemetery records give James H. Conrad's birthdate as 26 Mar 1836, which is only a year later than Julia Sybilla, a short birth interval for this time and place. Census records suggest he may be a year or two younger.

Fifth Generation

Children of Solomon Conrad and Anna Maria Leinbach
*Harriet Conrad (abt. 1837-?)
Junius Conrad (1838-1895) m. Edna _____ (1839-1908)
Permelia Conrad (abt. 1839-?)
Reuben Conrad (abt. 1841-?)
Susan Conrad (abt. 1844-?). Did she marry J. Conder in 1866?

*Harriet was previously omitted from this family because she doesn't appear with them in the 1850 census but rather is living with Solomon's unmarried brother Jonathan Conrad and his mother Catherine. In 1860 she appears in duplicate records, with Mary Leinbach Conrad and also with the family of Joseph Conrad. She doesn't appear in the transcribed index to the 1870 census, and the widowed Mary is listed only with Permelia. In 1880, Harriet age 43 is living with Mary Conrad 75, listed as her daughter and insane.

Junius Conrad's age from cemetery records (b. October 1838) crowds the age estimated for Permelia from census records. Is he actually a few years older?


Children of Joseph Conrad and Catharina Mickey
John Lewis Conrad (1840-1862)
Jacob Carlos Conrad (1843-1887) m. Jane Elizabeth Ketner (1845-1919)


Children of Jesse Conrad and Nancy Leinbach
Caroline Lisetta Conrad (1836-1925) m. John L. Conrad (1832-1862)
Elvira Lavina Conrad (1837-1858)
James Conrad (abt. 1839-?); did he marry Martha Conrad in 1866?
Mary Jane Conrad (abt. 1841-?)
Eliza Conrad (abt. 1843-?); did she marry John Henry Shouse in 1866?
Lizana Susanna Conrad (1842-1911) m. Jacob Peter Conrad (1848-1927)
Christian I.? or J.? Conrad (1848-1854)


Children of Timothy Conrad and Mary Holder
Alpheus Sidonius Conrad (1834-1920) m. Sara Ann Hier (1839-1919)
Joanna Catharina Conrad (1836-1913) m. John William Grabs (1828-1901)
Jeremiah Bahnson Conrad (1839-1916) m. Melissa J. Stoltz (1849-1929). Who were her parents?
J. Wiley Conrad (1842-1925) m. 1) Alice (Unknown), 2) Delphia Augusta Conrad
Sarah Conrad (1844-1919) m. Junius I. Leinbach (1842-1923)
Edwin Alexander Conrad (1855-1941) m. Laura Rebecca Transou (1857-1939)


Children of Jonathan Conrad and Louisa Elizabeth Shultz
Catherine Conrad (1867-1957) m. James Thomas Luper (1858-1946)
Isabella Conrad (1869-?)


Children of Christian Thomas Conrad and Louisa Elizabeth Shultz
Jacob Peter Conrad (1848-1927) m. Lizana Susanna Conrad (1842-1911)
Melvina Lydia Conrad (1851-1938) m. Alexander Wesley Beroth (1849-1892)
Edwin Conrad (abt. 1853-?)
John Henry Conrad (1857-1935) m. Sarah Lawrence (abt. 1856-?) d/o William and Eliza Lawrence
Julius Ferdinand Conrad (1860-1936) m. Flora Evelyn Grabs (1860-1926)


Children of John Joseph Conrad and Keziah Harding
Augustine Eugene Conrad (1828-1917) m. 1) Permelia Shore (1825-1886), 2) Nancy Moore (1855-1925)
William Alexander Conrad (1829-1964) m. Eliza Jane Springs (1840-1887)
Elizabeth Ann Conrad (1830-1872) m. John Hendricks Kenyoun (1825-1903)
John Thomas Conrad (1837-1913) m. Sarah Catherine Kimbrough (1840-1913)

Children of John Joseph Conrad and Elizabeth Stauber
Alice Regina Conrad (1841-1906) m. Henry Calvin Eccles (?-1908)
Paulina Gertrude Conrad (1842-1845)
James Dallas Conrad (1844-1863), killed at Gettysburg
Sidney Francis Conrad (1846-1931) m. Isabella Buchanan (1845-1918)
Flora Olivia Conrad (1850-1922) m. Charles Watkins (1837-1900), s/o Abel Watkins and Hannah Teague


Children of Isaac Conrad and Antoinette Transou
John Calvin Conrad (1840-1909)
William Augustus Conrad (1842-1862) d. in hospital at Richmond VA
Sarah Elizabeth Conrad (1850-1855)

Antoinette Transou Conrad m. 2) William Matthews, with whom she had two children:
Sarah Eliza Matthews (1856-1931) m. William B. Glenn (1847-1892)
Francis Leon Matthews (1857-1945)


Children of Joseph G. Conrad and Nancy Stolz
Narcissa Conrad (abt. 1834-?) m. Jacob Wesley Beroth (1829-?)
Mary A.S. Conrad (abt. 1836-aft. 1870)
Lavinia Conrad (abt. 1837-?). Did she marry Jeremiah Tate or Martin Brinkley?
Charity E.T. Conrad (abt. 1840-?) m. Henry Brinkley
Martha L. Conrad (abt. 1843-?) m. 1) Coston Lafayette McKnight, s/o George McKnight and Lydia Elrod; 2) Solomon Shoaf
Delphia Augusta Conrad (1848-1926) m. J. Wiley Conrad (1842-1925), his second wife
Sarah Conrad (abt. 1852-?)
Joseph Conrad (abt. 1854-?)
John Conrad (abt. 1857-aft. 1870)

Charity Conrad was the mother of a child whose father was named as Theo (Theophilus) Luper, 1859 Forsyth Co. bastardy bond. She married Henry Brinkley in 1861.


Children of Isaac D. Conrad and Sarah Maria Shamel
Selesta Conrad (abt. 1837-?) m. Elisha McKnight (abt. 1834-?), prob. s/o George McKnight and Lydia Elrod
Calvin Conrad (1838-1895) m. Edna Brown (1839-1908)
Gideon Conrad (1844-1886) m. Mary Jane Livengood (1846-1909)
George Dallas Conrad (1847-1917) m. Clementine Rebecca Cornish (1851-1934)
Lewis Conrad (abt. 1850-?)
Augusta Conrad (1852-1937) m. John Livengood
Regina Conrad (1853-1926) m. Julius Sylvester Norman (1851-1943)


Children of John L. Conrad and Caroline L. Conrad
Elliot Monroe Conrad (1858-1894) m. Eliza Ziglar (1861-1950)
Rufus Virgil Conrad (1859-1956) m. Sarah Lee Ziglar (1863-1926)
error corrected Dec. 20, 2003
James E. Conrad (1861-1918) m. Minnie Dull (1868-1936)


Children of James H. Conrad and Emily Gamble
Walter G. Conrad (abt. 1864-aft. 1880)
Florence Conrad (1865-1932) m. John Wesley Whitman (1857-1925), s/o James M. Whitman and Mary Elizabeth Long
Lula Conrad (abt. 1866-1870)
Avery Conrad (1869-1870)
Robert L. Conrad (1874-1933)
Zib V. Conrad (1876-?)
James O. Conrad (1880-?)


Sixth Generation

Children of Jacob Carlos Conrad and Jane Elizabeth Ketner
Rosa Ellen Conrad (1868-1941) m. Frederick Walter Grabs (1869-1942
Reuben G. Conrad (abt. 1871-1857) m. Annie Victoria Ziglar (1875-1949)
William W. Conrad (abt. 1873-?)
Elbert Royal Conrad (1875-1955) m. Nina Lenore Mock (1883-1946
D.E. Conrad (abt. 1879-?)

This family added December 20, 2003

D.E. Conrad appears in the 1880 census as a daughter. What was her full name? And were there other children born after 1880?


Children of Alpheus Sidonius Conrad and Sara Ann Hier
Oliver J. Conrad (1863-1925)
Flora C. Conrad (1865-1880)
Frederick Ephraim Conrad (b. & d. 1868)
Lewis Timothy Conrad (1869-1928)
Eugene Armanious Conrad (b. & d. 1871)
Alla Johanna Conrad (1872-1878)
Deloria Leoria Ann Conrad (1875-1898)
Ellen Janette Conrad (1878-1946) m. Robert Newton Boose (1876-1953)

Thanks to Charles T. Binkley for information on this family!


Children of Jeremiah Bahnson Conrad and Melissa J. Stoltz
Mary C. Conrad (1867-1900) m. Edwin Peter Pfaff (1866-1940)
Roselia Conrad (1869-1870)
Charlie B. Conrad (1871-1879)
Arra E. Conrad (1873-1887)
Sudie Conrad (1878-1887)
Paul T. Conrad (1881-1887)
Flora A. Conrad (1884-1887)

The card file at the Moravian Archives says they had three sons and six daughters. As indicated here, nearly all these children died young. Can anyone identify the two missing children for us?


Children of Wiley Conrad and Alice
Sarah Conrad (abt. 1868-?)
Andrew Conrad (1870-?)
Children of Wiley and Delphia Conrad
Flora Viola Conrad (1873-1951) m. Jesse W. Atwood
Virgil W. Conrad (1875-1951)
Cyrus N. Conrad (1877-1945) m. Fannie O. _____ (1880-1944)
S.F. Conrad (female, born January 1880)

We don't have a death date for Alice, or a marriage date for Wiley and Delphia. Alice appears with Wiley in the 1870 census, but death records for both Flora Viola and Virgil give their mother as Delphia, suggesting marriage about 1871 or 1872.


Children of Edwin Alexander Conrad and Laura Transou
Luther Armenius Conrad (1879-1970)
Ruby Conrad (?-1983) m. Kenneth Pfaff


Children of Julius Ferdinand Conrad and Flora Evelyn Grabs
Addie E. Conrad (1883-1961) m. Thomas Hugh Fulcher (1876-1949)
Monnie Conrad (1887-1955) m. Jabbeth A. Southern (1875-1948)
Blanche Conrad m. Charles Elliott
Harvey J. Conrad. Did he marry Mamie Jenkins?


Children of Augustine Eugene Conrad and Permelia Shore
Ellen L. Conrad (1851-1918) m. J.W. Weisman
Julia A. Conrad (abt. 1854-?) m. George W. Bryan
William Joseph Conrad (1856-1941) m. Mollie Watkins (1866-1949)
Cora Elizabeth Conrad (1859-1897)
Henry Beauregard Conrad (1861-1885)

Children of Augustine Eugene Conrad and Nancy Moore
Eugene Moore Conrad (1892-1979) m. 1) Blanche Spaugh (1892-1914), d/o Lewis T. Spaugh and Fannie Moser; 2) Ruby Sprinkle (1896-1972)


Children of William Alexander Conrad and Eliza Jane Springs
John Springs Conrad (1860-1922) m. Sally Watkins (1859-1945)
Thomas Joseph Conrad (1861-1947) m. Elizabeth Brock (1869-1932)
Mary Elizabeth Conrad (1863-1886)
William Alexander Conrad (1865-1951) m. Adina Pfaff (1863-1921)


Children of John Thomas Conrad and Sarah Catherine Kimbrough
Laura K. Conrad (1860-1861)
John Orman Conrad (1862-1913)
Charles Joseph Conrad (1865-1898)
Annie Gertrude Conrad (1869-1949)
Ada Elizabeth Conrad (1872-1968)
Alexander Eugene Conrad (1874-1937)
James Thomas Conrad (1877-1944)
Cora Alice Conrad (1880-1933)


Children of Sidney Francis Conrad and Isabella Buchanan
William Broadus Conrad (1877-1891)
Dallas Kerr Conrad (1879-1880)
Frederick Sidney Conrad (1880-?)
Elizabeth Conrad (1882-?)


Children of Calvin Conrad and Edna Brown
Lucas Isaac Conrad (1866-1913)
Luther Conrad (1868-1878)
Robert Curtis Conrad (1872-1936) m. Della Sheets (1877-1936)
Mary Conrad
Titus Conrad


Children of Gideon Conrad and Mary Jane Livengood
Rufus Conrad (1867-?) m. Annie Missouri Shutt (1867-1924)
Cornelia (Nelly) Conrad (1869-1899) m. Thomas Virgil Ridings (1856-1902), s/o Alexander Ridings and Lisetta Holder
Eugene Conrad (1872-?)
Flouria Conrad (1874-?)
Albert Conrad (1876-?)
Martha Conrad (1879-?)

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Personal communication from Harvey Lineback, citing Moravian Archives, Bethlehem PA; Genealogy of Leinbach-Lineback Families; and The Beroth Roots

Thanks also to Dave Conrad, Cheryl Hunke, and Cleo McBride

The Heritage of Surry County, North Carolina

The Heritage of Yadkin County, North Carolina, p. 325, article by Frances Casstevens

Moravian Archives, Winston-Salem NC

Forsyth Co. wills and cemetery records

Winston-Salem Journal, various obituaries

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