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Dull/Doll Family

First Generation

Hans Peter Dull (born about 1641 in Ertzweiler or Irtzweiler, Germany) and his wife, Gertrude, had only one known child, Christopher or Christoffel. Christoffel married first Sarah Margaretha Schuch in Ertzweiler, Germany, about 1704/05, a daughter of Johan Peter Schuch. This family name appears as DOLL in some records. We have used DULL here throughout.

Previously we stated here that Sarah Margaretha was born about 1665, and that Christoffel married second Anna Maria Kappel also born about 1665. Both these statements were incorrect. We now think that Sarah was the mother of all Christoffel's children, and that she was born about 1686. Anna Maria Kappel was the wife of Johann Peter Schuch, and probably was therefore Sarah's mother.

Second Generation

Children of Christoffel Dull and Sarah Schuch
Anna Maria Margretha Dull (c 1705) m. Peter Mumbauer (1697-?)
Anna Catharina Dull (c 1708)
Johann Peter Dull (c 1709-1714)
Johann Christian Dull (c 1712) m. Maria Catharina Dromm, d/o Simon Dromm
Johann Peter Dull (c 1714)
Maria Engel Dull (c 1717)
Johann Abraham Dull. (c 1720)
Caspar Dull (c 1722 - bef. 1793, PA) m. Margaret unknown (c 1724-1790, PA)
(Casper Dull arrived on the Ship Samuel, 1739)
Johannn Nicholas Dull (1725-1813) m. Margaretha (died about 1797)

*Annette Burgert's book (cited below) gives baptismal records for most of the children in this family. They are the parents, not grandparents, of Johann or John Nicholas Dull who was baptized in May, 1725. If you copied information from our page prior to May 26, 2001, please correct your files.

Third Generation

Children of John Nicholas Dull and Margaretha
*Sarah Dull (1755?) m. Frederick Miller
Louisa Dull (1756-1841) m. Johann Jacob Kapp (1729-1807) (his third wife)
Susanna Margaretha Dull (1759-1822) m. Johann Peter Binkley (1753-1819)
Elizabeth Dull (1764-1840) m. Frederich Binkley (1757-1834)
Johann Frederick Dull (ca. 1766-1842) m. Aaltje Elrod (1764-1790)
George Dull (1767-1842) m. Catherine
Daniel Dull (1772-?) m. Mary (Sarah?) Purdom
Abraham Dull (1772-aft. 1810) m. Margaret Smith (?-aft.1810)
John Nicholas Dull (1775-1807) m. Susan Baugh
Mary Dull m. John Huffines

This family group has also been revised. We now believe that John Dull born 1799 and William Dull b. ca. 1803 were sons of George Dull, not sons of John Nicholas from a late second marriage. Also, Elizabeth's death was in 1840, not 1849, per cemetery records.

*Sarah Dull's birth year has been given as 1755. Since her sister Louisa was born in January 1756, we suspect it was actually a year or two earlier. A similar problem arises with Frederick, whose birth is given as 1766, and George, born February 1767. Is it possible that these aren't all children of John Nicholas and Margaretha?

The following children were previously listed for John Nicholas and Margaretha, but do not appear in a revised family group that we have recently received. Can anyone identify them, or provide documentation that they really do belong to John Nicholas and Margaretha?

Martin Dull (c 1747) m. Elizabeth
John Henry Dull (c 1749-1835) m. 1) Anna Elizabeth; 2) Rebecca
Jonas Dull (c 1753-1847)

Fourth Generation

Children of George Dull and Catherine
Elizabeth Dull (1797-1878) m. Christian Pfaff (1795-1883)
John Dull (1799-1884) m. Martha J. Bates (1803-1862)
Nicholas Dull (probably died before 1842) m. Jane Braun (1818-1890)
William Dull (ca. 1803-1887) m. 1) Thursey Joyner (d. before 1847), 2) Sarah Shelton (d. 1849)
Sarah Dull m. Henry Baugh, lived in Missouri
Nancy Dull m. Jesse Morris
Amelia (Milly) Dull (1810-1891) m. Thomas H. Poindexter (1807-1888)
George Dull (1814-1898) m. Mahalia Uptegrove (1822-1893), lived Montgomery Co. MO


Children of Daniel Dull and Mary (Sarah?) Purdom
Elizabeth Dull (1805-?)
Josiah Dull (1807-?)

Daniel Dull's wife is named Sarah in the Lutheran Church Records, 1805, 1807


Children of Abraham Dull and Margaret Smith
Sarah Dull (1809-?)


Children of John Henry Dull and Anna Elizabeth
Elizabeth Dull (1783) m. David Ehrman
Catarina Dull (1785) m. unknown Hassler
Henry Dull (1786)
John Dull
Salome Dull (1788)
Adam Dull (1789)
Jacob Dull (1794)
Anna Mary Dull (1797)

Children of John Henry Dull and Rebecca
George Dull (1828)
Emanuel Dull (abt. 1830)

Fifth Generation

Children of John Dull and Martha J. Bates
Elizabeth Dull (1825-1918) m. John Wesley Doub (1817-1877)
Minerva Dull (1826-1893) m. John B. Doub (1818-1891), no children
*Laura Dull
Louisa Columbia Dull (1829-1899) m. Isaac Helsabeck (1831-1891)
*Robert E.K. Dull (1833)
Edwin C. Dull (1833-1915) m. 1) Sarah Ann Shultz (1839-1860), 2) Nancy Florena Coltrain, widow of Jesse W. Atwood (1833-1892), and 3) Eveline E. Sink (1845-1905)
Martha A. Dull (1840-1927) m. John Henry Shore (1835-1865)
Mary Jane Dull (1844-1919) m. 1) William T. Shore (1839-1864)
[birth date corrected 12/31/03 per Moravian church records]; 2) Samuel B. Stauber (1806-1884); 3) Hamilton Addison Peddycord (1852-1916)

*John's will appears to name a daughter "Laura" Helsabeck, but no child named Laura appears in the 1850 census, whereas Louisa C. Dull is still at home, age 21. Isaac Edwin Helsabeck married Louisa C. Dull, Forsyth Co. marriage bond 1855. Are they really the same child?

*Robert E.K. Dull age 16 is listed in the 1850 Forsyth Co. census, but doesn't appear in the will, whereas the will names son Edwin Dull as executor. We suspect that "Robert" is the same as Edwin, based on the approximate age and failure to find Edwin as a teenager in 1850. Our reconstruction of Edwin's three marriages is based on census and cemetery records, plus his will, and needs verification. Can anyone confirm this, or correct our guesswork?


Children of Nicholas Dull and Jane Braun
Nancy Dull (ca. 1833-?) m. Jasper Morris in Missouri
Elizabeth Dull (ca. 1834-?)
Alfred Dull (ca. 1836-?)
John Dull (ca. 1838-?) m. Sarah Binkley, d/o Henry Binkley and Sibbie Logan
George Edward Dull (1841-1921) m. Emily Henrietta Hauser (1843-1920)


Children of William Dull and Thursey Joyner
Giles Henderson Dull (1834-1917) m. Mary C. Arey (1836-1913)
George Thomas Dull (1838-1931) m. Elizabeth Holder (1844-1914)
Elizabeth Ann Dull (1841-1915) m. Jacob Wesley Black (1849-1923), s/o Samuel Black and Margaret Binkley
William Ervin/Irwin Dull (1843-1929) m. 1) Nancy Mahalia Lakey (1848-1887);
2) Beathemia _______ (d. aft. 8 Jan 1929)

Thanks to a descendant of William and Thursey, we now have solid information on this family!

Child of William Dull and Sarah Shelton
Sanford Dull (ca. 1848-?) m. Louisa Sink

Could this possibly be the same person as Samuel Dull who married Jane Minerva Sink? If not, then who are Samuel's parents?

Sixth Generation

Children of Edwin C. Dull and Sarah Schultz
Eugene Luther Dull (1856-1860)
Cornelia Catherine Elizabeth (1858-1859)
Sarah Dull (d. 1860)
Rufus Seaton Dull (b. & d. 1860)

The Forsyth County 1860 census lists Rufus as age 1 and Sarah as age 1/2. The mortality schedule states that Sarah died age 6 months in May 1860, of croup, and that Luther age 2 died of typhoid fever in June 1860. However, Moravian church records give a birthdate for Rufus of March 28, 1860, which is inconsistent with a sister Sarah born ca. November 1859. Rufus died on December 16, 1860, and their mother Sarah died on December 27, per Moravian church records.

Children of Edwin C. Dull and Nancy Florena Coltrain Atwood
Ellis Dull (1866-?) not in the 1880 census, and not named in his father's will
Minnie Dull (1868-1936) m. James E. Conrad (1861-1918)
Lula or Luella Dull (1870-1947) m. Walter Lee Pfaff (1866-1940)
J.A. Dull (male, b. ca. 1873)
W.L. Dull (male, b. ca. 1876)

The 1870 census lists Mary Bell Dull age 9 and Jesse W. Dull age 8 as the oldest children in Edwin's household. These are probably actually Florena's children from her first marriage, to Jesse W. Atwood (a teacher in the Salem Boys' School, d. 1862). Mary Bell Atwood (1860-1940) m. Reuben Leinbach (1857-1932) and is named as step-daughter Mary Bell Leinbach in her father's will; buried as Mary Bell Atwood Lineback. Jesse W. Atwood appears as Jesse Dull age 7 in the 1870 census, but is probably Jesse Atwood age 18, in 1880, listed as nephew in the household of Martha Coltrain Marsh. He is buried as Jesse W. Atwood (1862-1920) at Mt. Tabor Methodist. Is his wife Viola Conrad (1873-1951, buried Olivet Moravian), and is she the daughter of Wiley and Delphia Conrad?

The clue that ties all these people together is that Edwin Dull's will also names William L. Marsh, who is his executor, and wife Mabel Marsh, but the abstract of the will doesn't identify their relationship. Mabel (1878-1954) is the daughter of Ferdinand and Henrietta (Spaugh) Reynolds. William Marsh age 11 appears in 1880 with his mother Martha Marsh, age 40. In the same household is Jesse Atwood age 18, identified as Martha's nephew. In 1870, Martha Marsh age 40 and William Marsh age 1 were in the household of Martha Coltrain age 61, and they were living very close to Edwin and Florena Dull.. Martha J. Marsh (1839-1909) is buried at Mt. Tabor Methodist as wife of J.S. Marsh. A Nancy F. Coltrain married Jesse W. Atwood in 1859. We believe that this is probably Nancy Florena, the second wife of Edwin Dull, and that she and Martha Coltrain Marsh are the daughters of William and Martha Coltrain or Coltrane, who appear in the 1850 Forsyth County census. William Marsh is thus Edwin's nephew by marriage.


Children of George Edward Dull and Emily Henrietta Hauser
Eliza Jane Dull (1866-1910) m. James Anderson Russell
George Van Buren Dull (ca. 1869-aft. 1920) did not marry
Ellen Elizabeth Dull (1870-1961) m. Caleb S.J. Thomas (1856-1924)
Joel Nicholas Dull (1875-1943) m. Sally Hicks (1877-1974)
Luther B. Dull (ca. 1878-?) went west, said to have been shot and killed in an argument over a mule
Mary Louise "Mame" Dull (ca. 1873-1946) m. James Anderson Russell, her sister's widower
Sarah "Sally" Dull (1879-1971) m. Jaspar Howard Moser (1874-1934)
Walter Henry Dull (1881-1884)
Coy Edward Dull (1884-1920) m. Lula Burke (1885-aft. 1920)


Children of Giles Henderson Dull and Mary C. Arey
John Henry Dull (1860-1941) m. Mary Virginia Craft (1871-1942), d/o Richard Craft and Jincy Harper
William Henderson Dull (1862-1950) m. Sarah Brindle (1866-1937)
[her name corrected 12/31/02]
Edwin Dull (1864-1946)
Ruth Catherine Dull (1866-1936) m. Emory Monroe Hartman (1861-1951)
Richard Grant Dull (1869-1939)
Mary B. Dull (ca. 1871-?)
Martha A. Dull (ca. 1875-?). Did she marry Thomas Martin?
Thursia E. Dull (ca. 1877-?). Did she marry John Dillon?
Robert Lee Dull (ca. 1878-?)


Children of George Thomas Dull and Elizabeth Holder
Elisabeth Justine Dull (1867-1954) (twin) m. William Harrison Harper (1861-1932)
Ellen F. Dull (1867-1949) (twin) m. Elisha A. Harper (1863-1940)
Charles W. Dull (ca. 1869-?)
John Wesley Dull (1870-1951) m. 1) Carrie Otelia Bryant (1879-1919); 2) Mary Estella Rominger (1889-1956)
Henry M. Dull (ca. 1874-?)
Lewis Dull (1875-1888)
Nancy C. Dull (1877-1879)
Margaret E. Dull (ca. 1879-?)
Walter Dull
Blane Dull
Robah Dull (1889-1955) m. Sarah J. Livengood (1888-1922), d/o Jacob Livengood and Emaline Brandon


Children of William Irwin Dull and Nancy Mahalia Lakey
Sarah Lula Dull (1874-1962) m. William Henry Massencup (1873-1928)
William R. Dull m. 1) Flora Warner (1866-1890), 2) Rosetta Warner (1874-1960), Flora's sister

Seventh Generation

Children of John Henry Dull and Mary Virginia Craft
John Henderson Dull
Mayme Dull (1893-aft. 1920) m. James G. Tuttle (1883-1938)
Lula Dull - possibly Lula Ellen Dull Craft, (1897-1920)
Richard Dull (1902-1978)


Children of John Wesley Dull and Carrie Otelia Bryant
Raleigh Dull (abt. 1898)
Leoma Dull (1899-1988)
Lewis Dull (abt. 1900-1946)
Lizzie Dull (abt. 1903)
Clara Dull (abt. 1907)
Marvin Dull (abt. 1913)
Johnsie May (abt. 1919)


The Record Book of Shiloh Lutheran Church - Lewisville, NC, 1777-1893, by Nelson Weller, Forsyth County Genealogical Society Journal, Volume XII, No. 3, Spring 1994

Will Records of Forsyth County, NC

Forsyth County cemetery, death and census records

Personal communications with Shirley A. Michael at:, and with other Dull family descendants.

Burgert, Annette Kinselman, Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America. Vol. II: The Western Palatinate, Birdsboro PA, The Pennsylvania German Society, 1985.

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