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Wolff Family

First Generation

Wilhelm Adam Wolff came from Germany to Pennsylvania on the Edinburgh in 1751 with his wife Maria Elisabetha (1725-1803), whose maiden name is unknown, and their infant son. They settled initially in York Co. PA but by 1759 they were living in Monocacy, Maryland, and in 1769 they moved to North Carolina, settling near Bethania. Wilhelm died in 1773. His son Friedrich Lorenz Wolff remained in Maryland after his parents and younger siblings moved to NC, but joined them in 1777.

Second Generation

Children of Wilhelm Adam and Maria Elisabetha Wolff
Friedrich Lorenz Wolff (1751-1826) m. 1) Hester ?, 2) Maria Barbara Huffman
Johann Adam Wolff m. Eva Barbara Petree. They separated in 1803 and he moved to Tennessee a few years later.
Johann Ludwig Wolff (1757-1842) m. 1) Catherine Diez (?-ca. 1780). 2) Anna Maria Moser (1755?-1847)
Anna Elisabeth Wolff (1759-?)
Johann Daniel Wolff (1761-?) m. Magdalena Lewis (Ludwig?)
Anna Catharina Wolff (1763-?) m. Peter Moser (1753-1821)
Gottlieb Wolff (1765-prob. aft. 1802), possibly moved to Cabarrus Co. NC around 1800

Third Generation

Child of Friedrich Lorenz and Hester Wolff
Daniel Wolff (?-1831) m. Martha Shepperd, d/o Jacob Shepperd and Pamela Pine

Child of Friedrich Lorenz Wolff and Maria Barbara Huffman
Rebecca Wolff (1810-1881) m. Solomon Speas (1808-1886)


Child of Johann Adam Wolff and Eva Barbara Petree
John William Wolff (1781-1795)


Children of Johann Ludwig Wolff and Catherine Diez
Daniel Wolff (1776-?)
Frederick Wolff (1779-?) m. Maria Krieger (1784-1867)

Children of Johann Ludwig Wolff and Anna Maria Moser
Christina Wolff (1783-?) m. Joseph Miller
William Adam Wolff (1792-1857) m. 1) Catherine Huffman (d. bef. 1845), 2) Tena or Christina, widow of John Cromer
Joseph Wolff m. Jane Huffman
Sarah Wolff (1793-1858) m. John Henry Spainhour (1790-1835)
Elizabeth Wolff m. William Craig


Children of Johann Daniel Wolff and Magdalena Lewis
Anna Elizabeth Wolff (1780-?)
Carl Ludwig Wolff (1782-?)
John Daniel Wolff (1787-?) m. Johanna Bench, moved to Ross Co. OH
Elkanah Wolff
*Adam Wolff maybe m. Lydia Transou (1809-1896)
Census records suggest as least two additional daughters

*Lydia Transou married an "Adam D.C. Wolff", but he is described in the Moravian records as a schoolteacher who came to Pfafftown NC from Virginia. Is he really Johann Daniel's son?

Fourth Generation

Children of Daniel Wolff and Martha Shepperd
William W. Wolff (1798-1876) m. Elizabeth Davis (1802-1872)
Ann Pine Wolff (1799-1835) did not marry
Charity Shepperd Wolff (1804-1857) m. 1) Isaac Conrad (1790-1832), 2) Pleasant Hunt (1808-1888)
Samuel L. Wolff (1807-1863) m. Margaret W. Doub (1818-1905), moved to Missouri
Jacob Hamilton Wolff (1809-1864) m. 1) Mary E. Bitting (1819-1845), 2) Eliza A. Roberts (1816-1876)
Martha Malinda Wolff (1812-1888) m. William Goslen (1807-1888)
Hester Eliza? Sarah? Wolff (1815-1865) m. Thomas Lovell (1812-1867)
Pamela Elizabeth Wolff (1815-1891) m. Henry Renatus Lehman (1811-1889)


Children of Frederick Wolff and Maria Krieger
Ludwig Wolff (ca. 1807-?)
Anna Catharina Wolff (ca. 1809-?) m. Clement Norman
Mary Wolff m. William Wilmouth
Elizabeth Wolff (ca. 1816-?) m. Lewis Grigg
Lawrence Wolff (ca. 1820-ca. 1842)
Charity [Gertraud?] Wolff (ca. 1821-?) m. Jesse Mahaffey
Henry Nathan Wolff (1823-1897) m. Rachel Isaacs (1823-1904)


Children of William Adam Wolff and Catherine Huffman
Mary Wolff (ca. 1829-?)
Henry Wolff (ca. 1831-?) m. Melvina S. Wall
William Wesley Wolff m. 1) Priscilla Shouse (ca. 1825-1855), 2) Margaret Shouse

Fifth Generation

Children of William W. Wolff and Elizabeth Davis
Mary Ann Wolff (1826-1904) m. Edward Samuel Butner (1818-1882)
Daniel C. Wolff (ca. 1828-1861)
Nathaniel Augustine Wolff (1830-1903) m. Aletha Gordon
William Henry Wolff (1833-1842)
Martha Elizabeth Wolff (1835-1842)
Sarah Wolff (1837-1906) m. Francis Augustus Butner (1830-1904)
Jacob Shepperd Wolff (1839-1842)
Charity Elizabeth Wolff (1842-?)


Children of Jacob Hamilton Wolff and Mary E. Bitting
Julia A. Wolff (1839-1884) m. Robert Alexander Hauser (1833-1901)
John A. Wolff (1841-1906) m. Cynthia Elizabeth Hampton (1837-1890)
Mary Wolff (b. & d. 1845)

Child of Jacob Hamilton Wolff and Eliza Roberts
Jasper Hamilton Wolff (1855-1900) m. Mary Lilly Wilson, d/o Virgil Angelo Wilson and Martha Ann Elizabeth Hauser


Children of Henry Wolff and Melvina Wall
Julia Wolff (ca. 1857-?)
Isaac E. Wolff (ca. 1858-?)
Solomon B. Wolff (ca. 1859-?)


Children of William Wesley Wolff and Priscilla Shouse
William Henry Wolff (1847-?) m. Antoinette Moser (1845-1926)
*Lizetta Ann Catherine Wolff (1848-?)
Sarah Wolff (ca. 1849-?) m. Joseph Reich. Is he the son of Emmanuel Reich?
Mary Augusta Wolff (1850-1932) m. Frank Cash
Julius Wolff (ca. 1854-?)

*Lizetta is listed in the Moravian Archives as their child, but does not appear in the 1850 census. Is she the same child as Sarah?

Children of William Wesley Wolff and Margaret Shouse
Amanda Elizabeth Wolff (1862-1934) m. Dewitt Benjamin Morris
Jenetta Wolff (1863-?) m. John M. Kiger, s/o Lewis Kiger & Paulina Geiger
Marion Lee Wolff (1870-?) m. Lula ?

Sixth Generation

Children of John A. Wolff and Cynthia Elizabeth Hampton
John Walter Wolff (ca. 1861-?)
William Jacob Wolff (1865-1922) m. Mabel Adams Brown (1871-1947).
Mary J. (Jettie) Wolff (ca. 1867-?)
Jasper A.P. Wolff (1870-1931) m. Mary Eunice Darlington (1878-1944)
Earnest Wolff (ca. 1873-?)
Stella Wolff (ca. 1876-?)
Oscar Wolff (ca. 1878-?)

The Wolff Family Photograph Gallery has a very nice photos of the John Walter Wolff home and Oscar Gwynn Wolff. (use your back button to return to this site.)

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Abstract of Title to Mabel A. Wolff's Lands 1762
Deed from George Kregar to Daniel Wolff's Heirs 1831
Transcription of the Original Survey 1843

Thanks to Paula Windsor Bennett and Dicie Jones Windsor for information on this family. Paula now has a web site: Brown-Jones-Windsor-Wolff Family Page and her new e-mail address is:

Records of the Moravians in North Carolina, 12 volumes; Publications of the North Carolina Historical Commission.

Forsyth Co. NC Cemetery Records

Stokes and Forsyth Co. NC census records and marriage bonds

Yadkin County Heritage

Surry County Heritage

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