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Lasley Family

John Lasley married Frances Bickley on December 20, 1772 in Louisa County, Virginia. John Lasley was born in 1744 and died in 1827. Frances Bickley was born February 19, 1756 and died January 4, 1838. They had 13 children. The John Lasley homestead was located in the southwestern corner of Louisa County (now Route #1, Keswick, Virginia) and is still occupied by Lasleys (1968). In 1968 the land was owned by Frank Hamilton Lasley, g-g-g-grandson of John and Frances Lasley. Frank H. Lasley is also in possession of the Lasley Family Bible. A family cemetery is not far from the home.

It is known that John Lasley was a local Methodist preacher. Francis Asbury, an early Methodist circuit riding preacher and who was elected the first Methodist Bishop in America, recorded in his Journal October 20, 1780: "On Friday I rode sixteen miles to John Lasley's, lectured on II Peter 1:4-49, to some inanimate souls." In November, 1794, Asbury again mentions John Lasley in his Journal: "Friday 7. Crossed one of the south branches of Rappahannock, called the Rapidan, and came thirty miles to J. Lastley's in Louisa County. Saturday and Sunday 8 and 9. Attended the quarterly meeting at Lastley's meeting house; we had a large congregation, a quickening sacrament, and life in the love feast." Lasley's name is mentioned four other times in Asbury's Journal, the last being November 6, 1804.

First Generation:

Children of John Lasley and Frances Bickley
Mary Lasley (1775)
Elizabeth Lasley (1 776-1790)
Joseph Lasley (1778-1844) m. Nancy Gentry (1798-1873)
William Lasley (1781)
James Lasley (1783-1804)
John Bickley Lasley (1785-1870) m. Susan Perkins (1787-1877)
Nancy Lasley (1787-1854) m. John Anderson (abt. 1782-aft. 1850)
Caroline Matilda (1789-1859) m. Mr. Lanford (?-bef. 1850)
Ira Ellis Lasley (1792)
Sallie Lasley (1794) m. William Crawford
Ivey Lasley (1794)
Jane Lasley (1796) m. Mr. Cannon
Manoah Lasley (1797)

Second Generation
Children of Joseph Lasley and Nancy Gentry
John E. Lasley (1815-1873) m. Sarah E. MacAnally (1811-?)
Menoah Lasley (abt. 1819-aft. 1850) m. Elizabeth Z. Vawter (1819-aft. 1850), d/o of John and Elizabeth Vawter
Harriet Jane Lasley (1821-1902) m. Beverly Sparks Vawter (1891-1885), died in Kansas
James William Lasley (abt. 1826)
Ivey Wesley Lasley (abt. 1837-aft. 1880) m. 1) Elizabeth Ann Tuttle (abt. 1836-1888); 2) Callie Highfill
James William Lasley (abt. 1826)
Joseph William Lasley m. Eliza Pegram (1827-1907)

Joseph Lasley, eldest son of John and Frances Lasley moved from Louisa County, VA to Stokes County, NC by 1813. The Stokes County marriage bond is dated Dec., 9, 1813. Two deeds in the name of Joseph Lasley were recorded in 1822. One for 218 acres on the north side of the Dan River, and another in the same year for 100 acres which adjoined the first tract. Joseph's home was located in an area southwest of Dillard and is relatively isolated (1968). This property was sold by the executor in 1873 when Nancy Gentry Lasley died.


Children of John Bickley Lasley and Susan Perkins
Edwin Daniel Lasley (1812-1888) m. Martha Williams
Emily Jane Lasley (1817-1852) m. John L. Morris (?-1855)
Hardenia Price Lasley (1819) m. Asley J. Bell
Erasmus Hill Lasley (1821-1859) m. Lucey Morris
Anjelina Bickley Lasley (1824) m. Manoah Lanfor
John Owen Lasley (1827-1864)

Third Generation

Children of John E. Lasley and Sarah E. MacAnally
Charles MacAnally Lasley (1837-1889) m. Margaret Melissa Fulp (1841-1916)
Nancy Ruhamah Lasley (1840-1904) m. Benjamin A. Mitchell (1834-aft. 1900), s/o William A. Mitchell and Elizabeth Wilson
Edward/Edwin Lasley (1842-1863)
Sarah I. Lasley (1844) m. Josiah Davis Young (1834-1923)
Mary Eliza Lasley (1846-1904) m. Samuel Huston Morris (1852-1923)
Joseph Nathaniel Lasley (1851-1927) m. Ruth Elizabeth Martin

John E. Lasley purchased 321 acres in Stokes County, near his father's land in 1840. In 1851 he purchased 247 acres from his brother Manoah. In 1857 and 1858 he sold the two tracts of land and moved to Forsyth County. He made his home about one mile southwest of Dennis, between Walkertown and Walnut Cove. The graves of John and Sarah are in the Love's Methodist Church Cemetery in Walkertown, NC.

An old cemetery said to be an old Lasley family cemetery is on the south side of the Dan River, about 1/2 mile from the river, on land owned (in 1968 by Hardy Duncan) which may have been part of the John E. Lasley farm. The cemetery is located about 1 1/2 miles southeast of Road #1685 and about half way between the river and Road #1707. Now at the edge of woods, and hardly discernable as a cemetery, close examination reveals evidence of a number of graves, but only one stone showed any inscription in February 1968. The inscription is not clear but the general impression is tat the name on the stone is "LASLEY" and the letters "JAN" could be made out clearly under the name. It is possible that this is the grave of Nancy Gentry Lasley who died in January of 1873. Additional evidence is necessary to identify the cemetery or the grave with any degree of certainty.


Children of Ivey Wesley Lasley and Elizabeth Ann Tuttle
John W. Lasley (1857-aft. 1880) m. Ida Taylor
Laura Ann Lasley (1860-1948) m. John H. Tuttle (1858-1933)
Sarah Edna (Edney) Lasley (1862-1918) m. John L. Redmon
James Wesley Lasley (1864-1921) m. Emma Jane Mecum (1865-1943)
Mary L. (Mollie) Lasley (1866-1897) m. James Samuel Neal
Gillie Alice Lasley (1868-1939) m. Calvin S. Matlock
Joseph W. Lasley (1870-aft. 1880) m. Rosa York
Samuel I. (Bud) Lasley (1872-aft. 1880) m. Gertie Yountz
Elizabeth (Betty) Lasley (1878-1926) m. Marion Noah

Children of Ivey Wesley Lasley and Callie Highfill
Nellie Lasley (1890-1891)
Percy Lee Lasley (1891-1893)
Kemp Kitchen Lasley (1898) m. Nellie Wood

The home of Ivy Wesley Lasley and Elizabeth Tuttle was just northwest of Walnut Cove on Fowler Road (#1936) about 1/4 of a mile west of Main Street (US311). The house which he built after the Civil War, and which was demolished in 1967, stood on a hill at the sharp curve of the road, overlooking Miles Creek Valley, where there is now a small airport (1968). His first home was further along this road, across the branch and up the hill a few hundred years away. A few years after his second marriage to Callie Highfill, Ivy Wesley moved to Guilford County in 1901 near the Guilford National Military Park (Battleground).

James Wesley Lasley, son of Ivey Wesley, lived across Miles Creek, west of his father's home near what is now Road #1935. Ivey Wesley built James's Wesley home and he lived there until 1901. When his father moved to Guilford County in 1901, James Wesley moved into the vacated home and lived there until his death in 1921.

Ivey Wesley Lasley family is buried in the Stokesburg Methodist Church cemetery near Walnut Cove.


Children of Menoah Lasley and Elizabeth Z. Vawter
Eliza Lasley (abt. 1844-aft. 1850)
Sarah E. Lasley (abt. 1846-aft. 1850)
John W. Lasley (abt. 1847-aft. 1850)


Children of Joseph William Lasley and Eliza Pegram
Erasmus Walter Lasley (abt. 1856-1933) m. Virginia Caroline Voss (1858-1959), d/o Albert Voss and Betty Hester
Martha J. Lasley m. Mr. Gant
Mary E. Lasley m. Harris Pegram
Gilla A. Lasley m. Haley Ingram
James Robert (Bud) Lasley m. Jennie Laws
Luzenia Lasley m. Jim Carruthers
E. Alice Lasley m. Thomas Gentry
N. Carolina (Callie) Lasley m. Stephen Angel
Joe Cephus Lasley (1861-1933) m. Annie E. Southern (1866-1953)

Joseph William died in Orange County, VA during the Civil War after contracting measles and pneumonia. His widow settled in Rockingham County and reared the children to maturity. She donated land for the Mt. Zion Methodist Church and cemetery and was one of the founders of the church. (Located between Stokesdale and Madison.) Her tombstone is unique in that the names of her nine children are listed on the back of the stone.

Fourth Generation

Children of Charles MacAnally Lasley and Margaret Melissa Fulp
Ellen Elizabeth Lasley (1866-1960) m. James Samuel Neal
Mary Alice Lasley (1868-1899) m. William J. Martin
William Edwin Lasley (1870-1920) m. Fannie Mitchell (abt. 1872-aft. 1880)
Cora Eliza Lasley (1871-1892)
Margaret Adelia (Maggie) Lasley (1873-1892)
Melissa Aurelia (Missie) Lasley (1873-1943)
Numa Albert Lasley (1877-1943) m. Lena E. Dalton (1882-?), d/o *John Z. Dalton and Susan Dalton
Fannie Edith Lasley (1878-1944), school teacher
Joseph Edgar Lasley (1879-1954) m. Viola Via (?-1943)
Charles MacAnally Lasley, Jr. (1875-1876)
Frank Andrew Lasley (1881-1957) m. Alice J. Wall (abt. 1888-aft. 1930), d/o Albert J. and Cora Wall (Frank was a dentist in Staunton, VA, 1920, 1930)
Ruth Adelaide Lasley (1882-1908)
Jesse Lasley (b. & d. 1884)

*John Z. Dalton was the son of Ewel Gallihue Dalton (1802-aft. 1880). Ewel Gallihue Dalton was the son of Nicholas Dalton and Rachel Hunter. Charles MacAnally Lasley family are buried in Stokes County in the Bethesda Methodist Church cemetery near Dillard.


Children of Nancy Ruhamah Lasley and Benjamin A. Mitchell
John William Mitchell (1858-1923) m. 1) Janeiro Easley; 2) Agatha Hawkins
Walter Irvin Mitchell (1860-1924) m. Ellen Stuart
Ida Alice Mitchell (1866-1923) m. Hancy Terrell
Edwin Lee Mitchell (1868-1940) m. Flora Juriah Hawkins
Benjamin Frank Mitchell (1874-1962) m. Sibbie Virginia Sheppard (1885-1961), d/o Cally Sheppard and Isabell Shelton
Mary Rebecca Mitchell (1871-1940) m. 1) Johnny Duncan; 2) Mr. Wall
Nancy Jane (Nannie) Mitchell (1876-1959) m. Charles Wagoner
Marvin Allen Mitchell (1878-1958) m. Mable Ellsworth Simpson


Children of Joseph Nathaniel Lasley and Ruth Elizabeth Martin
Claudia E. Lasley (1879-1897)
Charity (Chattie) Lasley (1881-1959) m. J. Walter Lackey
Joseph Edwin Lasley (1882-1921) m. Katie G. Mitchell (1885-aft. 1900)
James William (Big Jim) Lasley (1891-1965) m. Sarah Rebecca Smith (1894-)

Another Lasley cemetery is on a knoll a short distance northeast of the Joseph Nathaniel Lasley home which is at the intersection of Roads #1695 and #1707. The graves are mostly of the J. N. Lasley line and the cemetery is still in use (1968).


Children of Erasmus Walter Lasley and Virginia Caroline Voss
William A. Lasley (1881-1965) m. Eula Dawkins
Eliza Elma Lasley m. Wesley Eugene Landreth
Charles Wesley Lasley (1885-1963) m. Lucy Caroline Robertson (1884-1967), d/o William Robertson and Sarah Crews
Lorena A. Lasley (1888-1973) m. Irvin A. Boyles (1886-1943)
Junius Walter Lasley (1891-1971) m. Eva Dura Dwiggins (?-1996)
Virginia Edna Lasley (1897-1983) m. Daniel Byron Linville
James Curtis Lasley (1900-1961) m. Ruth Huff, d/o Robah Huff and Mae Hester


Children of James Wesley Lasley and Emma Jane Mecum
Flossie Pearl Lasley (1888-1942) m. Nathaniel Ried Voss
Matt Ivey Lasley (1890-1952) m. Ursula Bissett
Joe Cephus Lasley (1892-1949) m. Dora Bell Williams
Robah Olen Lasley (1894-1948) m. Iva Sprinkle
Ruben Oscar Lasley (1894-1932) m. Eliza Mae Rinehardt
James Mecum Lasley (1895-1952) m. Pauline Weisner
Betty Tuttle Lasley (b. & d. 1897)
John Archibald Lasley (1898-1967) m. Alice Tavis
Nancy Hammock Lasley (1900) m. Floyd A. Martin
Mollie Ruth Lasley (1901-1956) m. Lunsford Moore
Robert Wesley Lasley (1903) m. Lisabeth Dixon
Charles Glenn Lasley (1905-1960) m. Catherine Beachum
Jennie Florence Lasley (1907-1944) m. Don R. McGill


Children of Gillie Alice Lasley and Calvin S. Matlock
Faith H. Matlock (1899-1990)
Ida Birch Matlock (1896-1960) m. E. Leslie Cox


Children of Joe Cephus Lasley and Annie E. Southern
Lillian Lasley (1887) m. Samuel Miller
Essie Lasley (1889-1923) m. Benjamin A. Manion
Joseph William (Will) Lasley (1892-1981) m. Alice Styers (1898-1974), who are her parents?
Carl Thomas Lasley (1894-1965) m. Bessie Smith
Jesse Troy Lasley (1899-?) m. Vivian Julian
Alma Lasley (1900-?) m. Charles I. Delancey (1899-1968)
Eugene Lasley (1910) m. Lois P. Vaughan (1911-?)
Annie Lee Lasley (1906-1911)

Fifth Generation
Children of William Edwin Lasley and Fannie Mitchell
Charles Mason Lasley (1897) m. Alverta McGuire Hunt
William Ray Lasley (1900-1966) m. Martha (Mattie) Craft (1900-aft. 1923), d/o James C. Craft and Lillian E. Doub
Allen Woodrow Lasley (1909-1967) m. Virginia Barnett


Children of Numa Albert Lasley and Lena Dalton
Margaret Sue Lasley (1913-1986) m. W. Bruce Jones (1910-)
Elizabeth Frances Lasley (1917) m. W. Gurney Smith
Mary Ruth Lasley (1922) m. Charles R. Walker


Children of Benjamin Frank Mitchell and Sibbie Virginia Sheppard
Shirley Hill Mitchell (1911-1985) m. Dorothy Nelson

Hennis Freight Lines was founded in Mt. Airy, NC in 1933. The company was sold in 1946 to Mr. Shirley H. Mitchell. Mitchell's goal was to own the largest one-man owned trucking company in the world. In 1969 Hennis Freight was ranked 18th largest but a teamsters strike in 1970 sent the company into bankruptcy. At the time, it was the largest bankruptcy in American trucking history. The assets were sold to Spector Freight in 1975.


Personal communications with Jack Jones. Jack's e-mail address is:

A Record of the Lasley Family with particular reference to the Descendants of Joseph Lasley (1788-1844) of Stokes County, North Carolina, compiled by The Rev. and Mrs. Joseph W. Lasley, Winston Salem, North Carolina, 1968. Rev. Lasley cites several sources for his work, including the Journal of Francis Asbury and credits many living persons for their help. The record was provided by Jack and Robert Jones, direct descendants of John Lasley and Frances Bickley.

1850 US Federal Census, Louisa County, VA
Census records for Forsyth County and Stokes County, NC
Birth, marriage and death records, Forsyth County, NC

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