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Ackerman Family

First Generation

Johannes Ackerman was born near Eisenach, Saxony, about 1759, came to America as a Hessian soldier and then served with the Americans in the Revolution. After the war, he asked to become a permanent resident of the Moravian community. He married Barbara Christman (1759-1830) in 1787. He died on February 3, 1791, when he fell from his wagon and broke his neck. Barbara was left a widow with two small children. She did not remarry.

Second Generation

Children of Johannes Ackerman and Barbara Christman
Johannes Ackerman (1790-1864) m. Anna Johanna Spach (1796-1847)
Christina Elisabeth Ackerman (1789-1838) m. Johann Christian Burkhardt (1771-1846)

Third Generation

Children of Johannes Ackerman and Anna Johanna Spach
Allen Timotheus Ackerman (1818-1861) m. Ridelphia Kearney (1818-1875)
Romulus Alexander Ackerman (1821-1906) m. Serena Rebecca Snipes (1826-1894)
William Augustus Ackerman (1824-1911) m. 1) Jennet Elisabeth Spach (1826-1860), 2) Emily Florina Tesh (1837-?), d/o Henry Tesh and Susanna Barbara Rothrock
*Emma Elvira Ackerman (1826-1858) m. James Johann Paine
Edward Theophilus Ackerman (1830-1911) m. 1) Mary Elizabeth (Bettie) Davis (1825-1892), 2) Sallie Veach (1848-1928)
Edwin Ferdinand Ackerman (1832-1853) did not marry
Sophia Louisa Ackerman (1837-1863) did not marry

*Previously we stated that Emma Elvira apparently did not marry. This is incorrect (new information from Records of the Moravians in NC, volume 12). She married James Johann Paine in 1855, and they were the parents of at least one child, Rufus Gilbert Paine, born in March 1858 and died in June of that year. Emma Elvira died in December 1858.

Fourth Generation

Children of Allen T. Ackerman and Ridelphia Kearney
Sarah Louisa Ackerman (1844-1862) did not marry, died of consumption at age 18
Ellen Cornelia Ackerman (1846-1868) m. Henry Christopher Reich (1936-1905), s/o Emmanuel Reich and Agnes Christina Ruede


Children of Romulus Alexander Ackerman and Serena Snipe
Henry Nathaniel Ackerman (1852-1888) did not marry
Cornelia Ackerman (1855-1881) m. Jacob Blickensderfer, probably s/o Henry and Elvina Blickensderfer of Lancaster PA
Edwin Samuel Ackerman (1853-1898)
Ernestina Elizabeth Ackerman (1857-1859)
Charles Alexander Ackerman (1861-1881)
Anna Louisa Ackerman (1866-1899) did not marry
Ellen Ackerman (1868-1945) m. Francis William (Frank) Stockton (1866-1923), s/o Joseph H. Stockton and Julia Elisabeth Pfohl


Children of William Augustus Ackerman and Jennet Elisabeth Spach
James Theodore Ackerman (1850-?) m. Celestia Stoltz
Alice Ackerman m. George Brown
John William Ackerman (1857-?) m. Mary Lee

Children of William Augustus Ackerman and Emily Tesh
Irwin Sylvester Ackerman (1861-?)
Rufus Augustus Ackerman (1863-?) m. Letitia Payne
Nettie Ackerman (1869-)
Lee Ackerman (1873-)


Children of Edward Theophilus Ackerman and Mary Elizabeth Davis
Alice Victoria Ackerman (1857-1863)

Fifth Generation

Children of James Theodore Ackerman and Celestia Stoltz
Minnie Ackerman m. J. Perry Adams
Arthur Ackerman m. Lula Liggett
Alfred Ackerman m. Emma Woods
Cleveland Ackerman m Stella Jones


Children of John William Ackerman and Mary Lee
Allen Ackerman
Edwin Ackerman m Edith Rutz
Earle Ackerman
Alice Ackerman
Ralph Ackerman
Claude Ackerman
Naomi Ackerman


Children of Rufus Augustus Ackerman and Letitia Payne
Beulah Ackerman
Gladys Ackerman


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