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Spach/Spaugh Family

First Generation

Adam Spach was born January 20, 1720 at Pfaffenhofen, in Lower Alsace. When Adam was five years old his mother died and his father, a weaver of damask, brought his son up alone. In about 1733 (Adam Spach's thirteenth year) his father decided to migrate to America. When they reached America his father was not able to pay for Adam's full passage and a Mennonite gave the Ship L7 (seven pounds) for him, for which he had to serve for six years. He married Elisabeth Hueter in 1752 and shortly after, in 1753 moved his family to NC, staying near the Wachovia settlement. There they raised their family. Elisabeth Spach died in 1799 and Adam died two years later in 1801.

Patrick Barrett put together records for the Hutter/Hueter and Spach families and presents them on his Hutter Family History Page. Use your back button to return to this page.

The Spach surname changes to Spaugh in most families midway through the 19th century. For simplicity, we have kept the Spach spelling throughout this page.

Second Generation

Children of Adam Spach and Elisabeth Hueter
Johann Adam Spach (1753-1816) m. Catharina Tesh (1759-1829)
Maria Spach (1756-1777) m. Johann Anton Kastner (1743-1817)
Rosina Spach (1758-1849) m. John George Ebert (1752-1811)
Maria Elisabeth Spach (1760-1746) m. Gottlieb Strehle (1756-1816)
Johannes Spach (1762-1844) m. Catherine Barbara Lang (?-1819)
Johann Gottlieb Spach (1764-1814) m. 1) Martha Elisabeth Hege(1763-1812), 2) Juliana Strub (1771-1844)
Anna Johanna Spach (1766-1858) did not marry
Jacob Spach (1768-1856) m. Sarah Tesh (1772-1844)
Son - name unknown
Johann Joseph Spach (1771-1820) m. Sarah Lang (1770-1852)

Third Generation

Children of Johann Adam Spach and Catharine Tesh
Elisabeth Spach (1781-1804) m. Conrad Fishel (1777-1846)
Johann Spach (1782-1861) m. 1) Anna Catharina Knauss (1781-1847), 2) Elisabeth Butner (1798-1861)
Heinrich Spach (1783-?) probably died in childhood
Christian Spach (1785-?) m. Sarah Letterman
John Georg Spach (1786-1866) m. 1) Maria Sarah Schor (1792-1843)
2) Christina Kimel (1795-1858)
Susanna Spach (1787-1848) m. Conrad Fishel (1777-1846)
Sarah Spach (1790-1843) m. Jacob Mock Jr. (1790-1841)
Maria Magdalena Spach (1792-1837) m. Paulus Schneider (1791-1841)
Daniel Spach (1793-1881) m. Rebecca Wesner (1797-1887)
Anna Johanna Spach (1796-1847) m. Johannes Ackerman (1790-1864)
Catharina Spach (1798-?) m. Daniel Wesner (1799-?)
Anna Maria Spach (1800-1857) m. Tobias Boeckel (1799-1849)


Children of Johannes Spach and Catherine Barbara Lang
Elisabeth Spach (b. 1787?)
George Spach (1789-1866) m. 1) Catharina Seitz (1796-1827), and 2) Elisabeth Schott (1808-1847)
Joseph Spach m. Jane Lashmit, d/o Elias Lashmit and Maria Padget
Maria Spach (1793-1868) m. Jacob Seitz (1793-1840)
Catharina Spach
John Spach (1797-1868) m. Christine Matherly (1795-1858)
Fredrich Spach m. Lucy Maas, d/o Henry Maas (Moss) and Milca Peddicoart
Susanna Spach (ca. 1807-aft. 1870), probably did not marry
Jacob Spach (ca. 1809-aft. 1870) m. Elizabeth (Betsy) Chitty (1806-1879)
Andrew Spach (1812-1881) m. 1) Mary (Polly) Chitty (1806-1879), 2) Sarah Spaugh White, d/o John Solomon Spach and Anna Green, widow of Jacob White.


Children of Johann Gottlieb Spach and Martha Elizabeth Hege
Johannes Spach (1787-1863) did not marry
Joseph Spach (1789-?) m. Elisabeth Essig (1796-?)
Christina Spach (1792-1863) m. John Vogler (1783-1881)
Elizabeth Spach (1795-1877) did not marry
Samuel Spach (1797-?) m. Catherina Greter (1796-?)
Salome Spach (1799-1870) m. Solomon Mickey (1803-1880), her sister's widower
Gertrude Spach (1802-1830) m. Solomon Mickey (1803-1880)
Christian Spach (1804-1878) m. Nancy Swaim (1809-1878)


Children of Jacob Spach and Sarah Tesh
Johann Heinrich Spach (1791-1834) m. Elisabeth Seitz (1795-1869)
Elizabeth Spach (1792-1877) m. John Butner (1778-1857)
Sarah Spach (1795-1866) m. Joseph Rothrock (1785-1868)
Johannes Spach (ca. 1797-?) m. Catherine Mock (1800-1856)
David Spach (1799-1872) m. Friederica Charlotte Ebbeke (1808-1874)
Charles Benjamin Spach (1801-1859) m. 1) Maria (Polly) Burkett (1803-1834); 2) Eliza B. Burkett (1817-1875), moved to Indiana
Christian Spach (1803-1885) m. Catherine Hege (1811-1862)
Daniel Spach (1805-1882) m. Anna Catharine Fishel (1808-1888)
Rebecca Spach m. Mattheus Saur (Sowers)
Dorothea Spach m. Christian Bauer, moved to Indiana in 1838
Benjamin Spach (1813-1871) m. Henrietta Rebecca Transou (1815-1877)
Eliza Spach (ca. 1815-aft. 1870) did not marry
and two other unnamed children


Children of Joseph Spach and Sarah Lang
John Friedrich Spach (?-1823) m. Rebecca Volz
Joseph Spach (1799-1851) m. Elizabeth Miller (1800-1855)
Heinrich Spach (1802-1861) m. 1) Anna Catharina Holder (1809-1859), 2) Amelia (Milly) Brown, d/o John Brown and Matilda Knott
Anna Johanna Spach (1805-1834) m. Joseph Nading (1802-1883)
Salome Christina Spach (1807-1857) m. John Ledford Swaim
Thomas Spach (1811-1847)

Fourth Generation

Children of Johannes Spach and Anna Catharina Knauss
*Johannes? or Anna Rosina? Spach (b. & d. 1805)
Anna Johanna Spach (1806-1874) m. Christian Thomas Hauser (1803-1872)
Gertraud Spach (1808-?) probably died young
Lucy Spach (1810-?) m. Abraham Petree (1811-1899)
Sarah Spach (1811-1813)
Catherine Elizabeth Spach (1815-?) probably died young
Elizabeth Spach (1817-?) m. Henry Jacob Mickey (1823-?) Thomas Lewis Spach (1819-1865) m. Maria Louisa Butner (1818-1880)
Joshua Spach (1822-?) m. Christina Petree (1820-?)
Henrietta Dorothea Spach (1825-1880) m. John Joseph Hine (1824-1903)

*Records of the Moravians in NC 6:2834 refers to the funeral of the 6-month-old child of Johannes Spach, apparently male, who died after the bite of "some poisonous creature". Previously we listed this child as Johannes. However, there is a burial record for a 6-month old girl, Anna Rosina Spach, who died on 13 Sep 1805. We suspect that either the diarist or the translator mistakenly used a male pronoun, and that Anna Rosina was the child referred to.


Children of Christian Spach and Sarah Letterman
Johann Spach m. Isabelle Longworth
Samuel Spach
Christian Spach


Children of John Georg Spach and Maria Sarah Schor
Elisabeth Spach (1813-1893) m. William Thornton (1814-1879)
Adam Elijah Spach (1815-?) probably died young
Levi Spach (1817-1876) m. 1) Anna Elisabeth Tesh (1818-1847), 2) Janetta Martin (1816-1868), and 3) Mary Hanes Berry, d/o Solomon and Catherine Hanes; 4) Belinda Hardle
Thomas Spach (1819-1891) m. Melvina Louisa Lash (1822-1899)
Sarah Catharina Spach (1822-1851) m. Charles Renatus Reich (1821-1853)
William Spach (ca. 1824-1836)
Traugott Heinrich Spach (1825-1891) m. Nancy Hanes
Anna Maria Spach (1828-?) m. 1) James Echols, 2) Alfred Ebert

Children of Daniel Spach and Rebecca Wesner
Charlotte Catherine Spach (1819-1896) m. Christian Miller (1813-1845)
Allen Andrew Spach (1823-1905) m. Amanda Welfare (1820-1877)
Samuel Spach m. Annie Welfare
David Franklin Spach (1831-1865) m. Maria Elizabeth Kimel (1833-1857)
[middle name corrected 6/12/05]
Lewis Nathaniel Spach (1833-1865) m. Emeline Kimel (1832-?)
Selina Lisetta Spach (1828-1850)
Anna Elizabeth Spach (1837-1922) m. Jesse Hartman (1824-1895)

Who were the parents of Amanda and Annie Welfare? Were they sisters?


Children of George Spach and 1) Catherina Seitz
John Solomon Spach (1816-1872) m. Anna Green (Kroehn) (1816-1890)
Eva Charity Spach (1819-1878) m. John Solomon Knauss (1817-1882)
Maria Spach (1821-1913) m. Rev. Edward Jacob Mock (1822-1887)
Gottlieb Spach (1828-1908) m. Susanna Kritzfeezer (1826-1911)
Gertrude Spach m. Rev. David Z. Smith

Children of George Spach and 2) Elisabeth Schott
Anna Lucinda Spach (1831-1865) m. Jacob Hege (ca. 1832-1862)
Catharina Spach (probably 1833-1855) m. Jesse Hill
George Simon Spach (1839-?) m. 1) Elisabeth Craver, 2) Emma Coltrane
Martin Spach (1840-1862)
Franklin Spach (1845-1916) m. 1) Mary Permelia Shore (1845-1883), 2) Rachel Hine (1842-1928)


Children of Joseph Spach and Jane Lashmit
Benjamin Spach (1817-1874) m. Juliana Maria Crouse (1825-1904)
Jonathan Spach (1821-1864) m. Eliza J. Longworth
Polly Spach m. Hendrick Evans
Lydia Spach (died before July 1845) m. George Evans
Nancy Spach (ca. 1820-?) m. George Evans in 1845
Jane Spach (ca. 1836-?)


Child of Catharina Spach and an unknown father
Louisa Spach (1829-1879) m. Jonathan Fishel (1821-1891)


Children of John Spach and Christine Matherly
John Spach m. Fannie Haith
Hermena Spach


Children of Friederich Spach and Lucy Maas
Alexander Spach m. Jane Swaim
Samuel Benton Spach m. Sarah Green
Jane Spach (1835-1913) m. Franklin James (1835-1913), s/o David James and Louisa Boeckel
William Sanford Spach m. Cornelia Shoaf, d/o Henry Shoaf and Sarah Craver
Parthenia (or Birthania?) Spach (1841-1915) m. John Henry Shore (1815-1890)


Children of Jacob Spach and Betsy Chitty
Harrison Spach (ca. 1830-bef. 1870) m. Mary Ann Vogler
Louisa Spach (ca. 1835-?) m. 1) Henry White (m. 1860), 2) Eli Thomas Foltz (1814-1890) (m. 1867)
Jacob Adolphus Spach (ca. 1839-bef. 1870) m. Phebe Perryman
Julius Spach (ca. 1840-?) m. Cynthia Duncan
Jonas Spach (ca. 1842-?) m. 1) Nancy Vogler, 2) Susan L. Vogler (1837-1902), Nancy's sister
Elijah Elisha Spach (b. & d. 1844, twin of Elizabeth Eliza)
Elizabeth Eliza Spach (1844-1922) m. Sanford Joseph Foltz (1849-1830)
Moses S. Spach (ca. 1850-?) twin
Aaron N. Spach (ca. 1850-?) twin
Emma Spach (ca. 1853-1933) m. William Gardner

Moses and Aaron appear in the 1850 census age 5 months. Neither shows up in the 1860 census, and they aren't mentioned in the Adam Spach book, which suggests they both died in childhood.


Children of Andrew Spach and Mary (Polly) Chitty
Adam Theophilus Spach (1836-1855)
James Lewis Spach (1838-1905) m. Belinda Jane Faw (1843-1916)
Obediah Spach (1841-1891) m. Susan Spach (1841-1882), d/o Levi Spach and Anna Elisabeth Tesh
George Washington Spach (1844-1874) m. Susan Vogler (1837-1902)


Children of Joseph Spach and Elisabeth Essig
Gottlieb Wilhelm Spach (1815-?)
Timotheus Emanuel Spach (1816-?) m. 1) Jane Robbins, 2) Catherine Phillips
Henrietta Louise Spach (1818-?) m. James Arbuckle
Alexander Augustus Spach (1822-?) m. Rachel Keith
James Robert Spach (1825-?) m. Catherine Fulwider
Edward Spach m. 1) Martha Castrel, 2) Margaret Baker, 3) Sarah Ward


Children of Samuel Spach and Catherina Greter
Florina Louise Spach (1819-1858) m. Joseph Dawson Sidener,
s/o John Sidener and Elizabeth Pleake
Sophia Regina Spach (1825-?) m. Allison Remy
Lewis Augustus Spach (1829-?) m. Martha Clauder


Children of Christian Spach and Nancy Swaim
William Elias Spach (1830-1891) m. 1) Mary Ann Vawter (1835-1858), d/o John M. Vawter and Mary (Polly) Campbell
2) Leanna Reich (1839-1875), 3) Louisa R. Leinbach (ca. 1840-bef. 1879), 4) Cenith Davis (1846-1918)
James Bennett Spach (1831-1914) m. Caroline Martin (1844-1911)
Gertrude Spach (ca. 1834-1888)
Susan Spach (1837-1933)
Lucinda Spach (1840-1915) m. Crawford Tatum Phillips (1835-1894)
Samuel G. Spach (1841-1870) m. Sarah Louisa (Sallie) Vierling
Christian Sanford Spach (1850-1911) m. Susan Catherine Rominger (1849-1919), d/o Edmund Alexander Rominger and Phebe Teague


Children of Heinrich Spach and Elisabeth Seitz
Israel Spach
Phillip Spach (1821-1878) m. Christina Reid (1820-1897)


Children of Johannes Spach and Catherina Mack/Mock
Juliana Dulcena Spach (1823-1882) m. David Woosley (1821-1891), s/o William Woosley and Catherine Amburn
Elisabeth Caroline Spach (1827-1913) m. John Burk (1827-1906)
Catherine Heckedorn Spach (1833-1836)


Children of David Charles Spach and Charlotte Ebbeke
Selma Catherine Spach (1833-1863) m. Julius Kern (1819-1860)
Ernestine Eleanor Spach (1835-1858) m. William Nading (1826-1911)
Susan Caroline Spach (1838-?) m. Miles Griffith
Emelius David Spach (1841-?)


Children of Charles Benjamin Spach and Marie (Polly) Burkett
Sarah Ann Spach (1826-?) m. Tom Johnson
Elizabeth Spach (1830-?) m. David Pickett
Eliza Spach (1833-?)
Sanford Spach (1834-?)

Children of Charles Benjamin Spach and Eliza B. Burkhardt
Mary Jane Spach (1836-1918) m. William Wesley Phillips (1830-1909)
Nancy Catherine Spach (1839-?) m. John Pike (1838-?)
Charlotte Spach (1841-1852)
Dulcena Spach (1842-1895) m. Joseph McFall (1842-?)
Sophia Spach (1845-?) m. James Weinland (1845-?)
Lousia Spach (1847-1867)
Benjamin J. Spach (b. & d. 1854)
Martin Charles (Charles M.) Spach (1856-1928) m. Lettie Anna May (1859-1901)
Lucinda Ellen Spach (1858-?) m. Francis Pickard (1858-?)


Children of Christian Spach and Catherine Hege
Solomon Augustus Spach (1835-1862)
David Alexander Spach (1837-1900)
Emmanuel Jacob Spach (1838-1925) m. Adelaide Douthit
Rev. Wesley Spach
Theophilus THomas Spach (1843-1913) m. Maria Boeckel (1845-1916)
Elizabeth Caroline Spach (1845-1921) m. Rev. Thomas Stoltz (1836-1891)


Children of Daniel Spach and Anna Catharine Fishel
Susanna Regina Spach (1831-1898) m. 1) Henry Burk (1830-1848), 2) Christian Fishel
Sara Sophia Spach (1832-1848)
Benjamin Alexander Spach (1834-1863) m. Catherine Hill (1837-1901)
Antoinette Elizabeth Spach (1836-1882) m. Henderson Berrier (1833-1862)
James Adam Spach (1838-1863( m. Mary Elizabeth Berrier (1841-1908)
Timothy Sanford Spach (1841-1900) m. Sarah Hill (1845-1911)
Maria Christina Spach (1843-1928) m. Leander Hill (1833-1909)
Belinda Louisa Spach (1846-1922)


Children of Friedrich Spach and Rebecca Volz
William Edward Spach (1822-1904) m. Eunice Rebecca Marshall (1824-1896)


Children of Joseph Spach and Elisabeth Miller
Anna Lucinda Spach (1824-1877) m. William Carlos Strupe (1823-1907)
Jennet Elisabeth Spach (1826-1860) m. William Ackerman
William Spach m. Lucetta Strupe
Wesley Spach m. Susan Mildred Brown
Mary Magdalena Spach (1834-1908) m. 1) James Leander Shouse, 2) Jesse Brown (1844-1916)
Julia A. Spach (probably 1841-1864)


Children of Heinrich Spach and Anna Catharina Holder
John Edwin Spach (1827-1844)
Sarah Caroline Spach (1829-1908) m. John F. Doub (1829-1916)
Joseph Timothy Spach (1831-1847)
Anna Elizabeth Spach (1834-1844)
Henry Emanuel Spach (1836-1844)
Julius Herman Spach (1839-1841)
Lucinda Antoinette Spach (1841-?). Did she marry George Munch?
Nancy Salome Spach (ca. 1845-?)
Samuel Permanius Spach/Spaugh (1849-1914) m. Annie Jane Campbell (1855-1930)

Child of Heinrich Spach and Amelia Brown
Henry N. Spach (1862-1935) m. Martha Elizabeth Sprinkle (1864-1918), d/o Martin Sprinkle and Sarah Warner

, 2001-2007
Faye Jarvis Moran and Elizabeth H. Harris,


Personal communications with Dan Stevenson. Dan's email

Descendants of Adam Spach, Compiled by Henry Wesley Foltz

Will of Charles Chitty, 1836, Stokes County, NC

Forsyth Co. NC cemetery records

Forsyth Co NC census records

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