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Clayton Family

William Clayton/Cleaton was born in England between 1630/1640 and died in 1706 in Richmond County, Virginia. The name of his wife has not been found.

John Clayton (1788-1863) House, Stanleyville
Courtesy of City-County Planning Board of Winston Salem, NC

First Generation

Children of William Clayton/Cleaton and unknown
Mary Clayton/Cleaton (c1693-?)
William Clayton/Cleaton (c1695-?)
Elizabeth Clayton/Cleaton (c1697-?)
Hannah Clayton/Cleaton (c1700-?)
Alexander Clayton/Cleaton (c1701-?)
Stephen Clayton/Cleaton (1705-1784) (died in Stokes County, NC)

Second Generation

Children of Stephen Clayton/Cleaton and unknown
John Clayton/Cleaton (c1730-?)
William Clayton (c1733-1781, Surry Co., NC) m. Elizabeth (d. 1787)
Stephen Clayton/Cleaton, Jr. (c1735-?) m. Mary Dennum (c1736-?), d/o Hugh Dennum
Winifred (Winney) Clayton/Cleaton (c1740-?) m. Robert Kilgore, Jr.

Third Generation

Children of William Clayton and Elizabeth
Phillip Clayton (bef 1782-?) m. Mary unknown
William Clayton
Jesse Clayton
Mary Clayton m. unknown Rutledge
Ann Clayton
Elizabeth Clayton
Elener Clayton
Charity Clayton (c1778-?) m. William Lewis, Jr. (1773-1810)


Children of Stephen Clayton and Mary Dennum
Sarah Clayton (1754-?) m. Benjamin Banner, Sr. (1753-1840)
Stephen Clayton, Jr. (c1757-?)
John Clayton Sr. (c1759-1801) m. Charity Banner
Mary Clayton/Cleaton (1759/61-?) m. James Hill (1759/61-1826)
s/o William Hill and Elizabeth Williams
William Clayton/Cleaton (1760-1831) m. Sally Davis (died 1851, TN)
(d/o Morgan Davis)


Children of Winifred (Winney) Clayton/Cleaton and Robert Kilgore, Jr.
Charles Kilgore (1764-1844) m. Avarilla Simpson (1766-1857)
Rev. Robert (Robin) Kilgore (1765-1854) m. Jane Porter Green (widow of James Green)
William Kilgore (1769-1857) m. Virginia Jane Osborne (1776-1851)
Hiram Kilgore (1771-1851) m. Rebecca Renfro
Ralph Kilgore (1773-?) m. Nancy Gray
Esther Kilgore m. Lewis Green
Stephen Clayton Kilgore (1760/1770-1841/45) m. Rebecca Salyer (1770/80-1846/50) (lived in TN)

Fourth Generation

Children of Phillip Clayton and Mary
Nancy Clayton (1771-?) m. Thomas Daniel Smith
Elizabeth Clayton (1780-?) m. John Tatum


Children of John Clayton, Sr. and Charity Banner
Mary Clayton (c1781-?) m. Nathaniel Davis (c1777-bef. 1824), s/o Charles Davis
Eleanor "Kelly" Clayton (c1785-?) m. Richard Flynt (1779-1844), s/o Richard Flynt and Sarah Martin
Stephen Clayton (c. 1787-c1821/22)
John Clayton, Jr. (1788-1863) m. Elizabeth Moore, d/o Reuben Moore and Mary Ann Edwards
Charity Clayton (1786-?) m. James Garrett
William Clayton (1790-?) m. Sarah (ca. 1795-1838, TN), 2) Mary Ann Petty (ca. 1795-?)
Nancy Clayton (c1794-?) m. James McDavid
Ruth Clayton (1796-?) m. Levi Clinkscales (c1799-?)
Daus. Clayton (twins) (1800-?)


Children of William Clayton and Sally Davis
Stephen Clayton (c1788-?) m. Nancy Hill, d/o "Captain Big John" Hill and Obediance Collum/Cullum
Morgan Clayton (1792-1874) m. Mary Steel (1792-1874)

Fifth Generation

Children of John Clayton, Jr. and Elizabeth Moore
Mary Letitia Clayton (1817-1871) m. Gabriel R. Moore (ca. 1816-bef. 1870)
John Edward Clayton, Esquire (1821) m. Margaret (1815) (m. in 1850) (witnessed his father's will)
Elizabeth Jane Clayton (1822-1879) m. 1) Joseph McAnally in 1847, 2) William Terry in 1865 (widower of Eleanor and Charity Banner
Reuben Moore Clayton (1824-1865) m. Christina Adaline Banner (1828-1890)
William Franklin Clayton (1828-1885) m. 1) Maria Sullivan (1829-1869), d/o Thomas Sullivan,
2) Susan Sarah Grabs (1848-1922)
Matthew Columbus Clayton (1830-1920) m. Sarah McKinney (1840-1916)
Jackson Clayton
Gabriel Tucker Clayton (1834-1864) (died during Civil War, names his brothers (Matthew and Gideon) as execs. His will dated July 1863; Gideon died before he did.
Gideon Edwards Clayton (1837-1863) (died during Civil War, names his brothers (Matthew and Gabriel) as execs
Charity Eleanor Clayton (1841-1862) (listed as his dau. in John's will dated May 1862; a codicil added September 1862 refers to her death)

Some dates and spouses were added to this family on December 9, 2003


Children of William Clayton and Sarah
Abner H. Clayton (1826-1869)
Larkin Clayton (1829, TN-?)
William S. Clayton (183l-?)
Mary Angeline Clayton (1836-?) m. Thomas Cowan (ca. 1833-?)
Letitia Clayton (1838-?) m. Thomas McNutt

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Children of William Clayton and Mary Ann Petty
Thomas J. Clayton (1840-)

Sixth Generation

Children of Reuben Moore Clayton and Christina Adaline Banner
William Wilson Clayton (1851-1920) m. Eliza Adeline Ziglar (1850-1931)
Selestia C. Clayton (ca. 1852-?)
John P. Clayton (ca. 1855-?)
Benjamin E. Clayton (ca. 1859-?)
Mariah Clayton (ca. 1862-?)
Mary Clayton (ca. 1862-?)
Sarah E. Clayton (ca. 1866-?)
Lelia C. Clayton (ca. 1866-?)


Children of William Franklin Clayton and 1) Maria Sullivan
Sarah Frances "Fannie" Clayton (1857-1943) m. Alex J. Thompson Sr. (1850-1926)
Louisa E. "Ellen" Clayton (abt. 1859-aft. 1927) m. Williams (moved in 1899 to Bonham, TX)
Ailcy E. "Bettie Alice" Clayton 1961-1930) m. Samuel Dalton Irvin
Willie Albert Clayton (1864-1865)
Mariah Lucretia "Lula" Clayton m. John Lafayette Ashby (1852-?)

Children of William Franklin Clayton and 2) Susan Sarah Grabs
Minnie Clayton (1872-1946) m. Arline F. Messick (1874-1927)
Albert Clayton (1872-1926)
Daisy M. Clayton (1878-1904) (did not marry)
William F. Clayton, Jr.
John Walker Clayton (1883-1922)

Seventh Generation

Children of William Wilson Clayton and Eliza Adeline Ziglar
James (Jeff?) R. Clayton (1876-1939) m. Martha E. Stanley (1877-1970)
Lula Clayton m. Horace Thacker
Anna Elizabeth Clayton (1880-1956) m. Henry T. Masencup (1877-1950)
Bessie Clayton (1878-1950) m. ? Lemons
John Coleman Clayton (1885-1951) m. Bertha Chandler (1893-1956)

Mother: Elizabeth Priscella OGBURN (1825-1915)

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