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Grabs Family

First Generation

Johann Gottfried Grabs (b. 1716 Langenoels, Silesia, d. 1793 NC) m. Anna Maria Wolson (b. 1716, near Erfurt, Germany, d. 1786 NC) in the "Great Wedding" of May 1743. Together with other Moravian couples married at the same time, they immigrated in the same year on the Little Strength, part of the "Second Sea Congregation".

Second Generation

Children of Gottfried Grabs and Anna Maria Wolson
Wilhelm Grabs (1756-1825) m. Anna Barbara Pfaff (1758-1816)

Third Generation

Children of Wilhelm Grabs and Anna Barbara Pfaff
Anna Maria Grabs (1783-1854) m. 1) Christian Gottfried Schultz (1783-1816), 2) John Gambold (1760-1827)
Christian Henrich Grabs (1792-1857) m. Susannah Transou (1798-1863)
Johann (later John) Gottfried Grabs (1792-1872) m. Maria Matilda Shore (1798-1854)

Wilhelm and Anna Barbara were married in 1780, and there's a long gap between Anna Maria and the twins Christian Heinrich and Johann Gottfried. Were there other children in this family?

Fourth Generation

Children of Christian Heinrich Grabs and Susannah Transou
Levin Stephanus Grabs (1821-1891) m. Evaline Flynt (1820-1899), d/o Sandy Flynt and Maria Magdalena Salome Hauser
James Israel Grabs (1824-1902) m. Gazille Ellen Glasscock (1833-1900), d/o Julius Glasscock and Rachael Collet
Johann Wilhelm Grabs (1828-1901) m. 1) Emilie (Amelia) Sibylla Stoltz (1829-1876), 2) Joanna Catharina Conrad (1836-1913)
Alexander Alvenius Grabs (1830-1916) m. Jane Virginia Werner (1836-1908)
Edward Emil Grabs (1841-1862)


Children of John Gottfried Grabs and Maria Matilda Shore (1798-1854)
Julina Sophia Grabs (1819-1905) m. Isaac Spainhour (1813-1902)
Lewis Edwin Grabs (1820-1891) m. Lucy Harriet Spainhour (1825-1913)
Pamelia Charity Grabs (1828-1910) m. William Washington Spainhour (1819-1899)
Joshuanna Felicia Grabs (1832-?) m. James Wall , moved to Missouri

Lucy Harriet and William Washington Spainhour were siblings; Isaac Spainhour was their first cousin.

Note: These families have been pieced together partly from family information and partly from census records. We're not entirely sure we have all the right children with each brother. In particular, Joshuanna Felicia should appear in the 1840 census record, but there is not a corresponding child of the right age with either Christian Heinrich or Johann Gottfried. Is there another brother yet who is her father? There are a few other people named Grabs who appear in burial or census records who probably belong to this family too. Note however that the name Grubbs is sometimes confused with Grabs. If anyone can help here, we'd be most grateful.

Fifth Generation

Children of Levin Grabs and Evaline Flynt
Susan Grabs (1848-1922) m. William Franklin Clayton (1828-1885), his second wife
Mary Elisabeth Grabs (1852-1937) m. Augustus Gottlieb Fogle (1820-1897)
Frances Augusta Grabs (1855-1930) m. Rufus Edward Transou (1854-1915)


Children of James Israel Grabs.and Gazille Ellen Glasscock
Ellen Dundena Grabs (1859-1934) m. William Winfield Spainhour (1854-1918)
Flora Evelyn Grabs (1860-1926) m. Julius F. Conrad (1860-1936)


Children of Johann Wilhelm Grabs and Emilie Sibylla Stoltz
Minnie Olive Grabs (1864-1946) m. Edwin Thomas Strupe (1862-1954)
Frederick Walter Grabs (1869-1942) m. Rosa Ellen Conrad (1869-1941)


Children of Alexander Alvenius Grabs and Jane Virginia Werner
Laura Eugenia Grabs (1856-1938) m. Christian Frederick Reed (1859-1900)
Emily Odelia Grabs (1863-1945) m. Wesley Winfield Holder (1852-1930)


Children of Lewis Edwin Grabs and Lucy Harriet Spainhour
William Frank Grabs (1848-1935)
Mary Laura Grabs (1850-1893) m. William Henry Schaub (1846-1919)
John Solomon Grabs (1852-1943)
Lazarus Shore Grabs (1855-1938) m. Jane Paulina Kirby (1853-1945)
Virgil Theophilus Grabs (1859-1935) m. Alice A. Kreeger (ca. 1874-?)
Seth David Grabs (1861-1878)
Dora Alice Grabs (1867-1887)

Sixth Generation

Children of Lazarus Shore Grabs and Jane Paulina Kirby
Lula Mae Grabs (1877-1940) m. Simeon Wesley Pulliam (?-1937), s/o Benjamin W. Pulliam and Elizabeth Goff
Minnie Felda Grabs (1880-1972) m. Wade Ernest Boyles (?-1930), s/o Riley Robertson Boyles and Mary Newsome
Gertie Day Grabs (1883-1968) did not marry
Baxter Lee Grabs (1884-1919) m. Annie Pearle Love (1888-1948), d/o John Thomas Love and Hester Jane Spainhour
Hattie Ingram Grabs (1886-1981) m. Charles Eugene Hunter (?-1950), s/o John W. Hunter and Sally M. Gurley
Omnie Oliver Grabs (1888-1970) m. Catherine Viola Slate, d/o Rufus Samuel Slate and Sarah Margaret Spainhour
Grace Arp Grabs (1891-?) m. Thomas Gray Perry (?-1941)
Elsie Bernice Grabs (1893-?) m. Charlie Ross Newsome
Manly Belton Grabs (1896-1975) did not marry


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