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Clemmons Family

Peter Clemmons Sr. was born about 1680 in Northampton Virginia and died around 1721. The community of Clemmons, NC is named for his grandson, Peter Clemmons. Most of Peter's descendants eventually migrated to Kentucky and Illinois.

First Generation

Children of Peter Clemmons Sr.
Stephen Clemmons (bef. 1722-1786) (born and died in VA) m. Susannah Mason (abt. 1740-aft. 1782)
Mary Clemmons (?-bef. 1751)
Jane Brooks Clemmons

Second Generation

Children of Stephen Clemmons and Susannah Mason
Bridget Clemmons (?-1788) m. Ralph Justice
Stephen Clemmons Jr. (?-aft. 1798)
Mary Clemmons (?-aft. 1782)
Nanny Clemmons (?-aft. 1782)
Susannah Clemmons m. Meshack Mears
Peter Clemmons (1749-1815) m. Comfort Costen (1753-1828) (sister to Ezekiel Costen)
Siner Clemmons (1768-aft. 1785) m. Ezekiel Costen (1765-after 1785)

Third Generation

Children of Peter Clemmons and Comfort Costen
James Clemmons (1773-1834) m. 1) Lydia Dillon (1780-1830),
2) Esther Lindsey Hargrave (1795-1857), d/o John Lindsey of Davidson County
Susannah Clemmons (1775-?) m. William P. Hunt
Rebecca Clemmons (1777-1811) m. William Stanley (1767-1830)
Mary Clemmons (1778-1839) m. Richard Mendenhall (1774-?)
Peter Clemmons (1779-1846) (died in Milton Pike, IL) m. Eunice Richardson (1781-1869)
John Clemmons (1780-1849) m. 1) Rebecca Johnston (1782-1805); 2) Mary Huffman (?-1843)
Ezekiel Clemmons (1781-1835) (died in Pike, IL) m. Phoebe Reed (1786-?)
Sarah Clemmons (1783-?) m. David Huffman
Rachel Clemmons (1785) m. Micajah Clark Johnson
Comfort Clemmons (1786-1855) m. 1) Pleasant Chaffin (1787-?); 2) Col. Hiram Phelps (c 1798-1862)
Alphonsine (Saner) Clemmons (1789-1827) Joseph D. Douthit (1785-1817)
Lydia Clemmons (1792-?) m. Peter Dillon (1790-?)
Benton Clemmons (1793-1841) m. Martha (Patsey) Dillon (1792-1869)
Ann Clemmons (1795-?) m. Basil J. Jones

(The article that appeared in the Courier names a William as "William James" Clemmons born in 1793, son of Peter Clemmons. Can you help us determine William's correct family?)

Home of Peter Clemmons, built in 1800,
Courtesy of City-County Planning Board of Winston Salem, NC

Peter Clemmons was born in 1749 in Accomack County, Virginia. He lived for awhile in Kent County, Delaware and then came to Guilford County, NC in 1777. Being a staunch Quaker, he was opposed to war and slavery. He freed his slaves and decided to move his family to Rowan County. The tract of land on which he settled became Clemmons, North Carolina. (Note: Taken from an article written by Ann Ellis Sheek for the Courier.

More recent photo of Peter Clemmons home and the transcribed Wills of Peter and Comfort Clemmons
Thanks, Virgina!

Fourth Generation

Children of James Clemmons and Lydia Dillon
John Dillon Clemmons
Louisa Ann Clemmons m. John W. Blackwell


Children of Peter Clemmons and Eunice Richardson
Angelina F. Clemmons (1804-1887) m. Thomas Linster Hall (1802-1872)
Minerva Clemmons (1807-1888) m. Charles Bolin
Palinda Clemmons (1809-?) m. William Stokes
Almira Clemmons (1811-1888)
Diana Clemmons (1814-?) m. Benjamin Wheeler
Seiner Clemmons (1818-1821) m. James Robertson
John Richardson Clemmons (1822-?) m. Elizabeth Ann Thomas


Children of John Clemmons and 1) Rebecca Johnston
William Clemmons (1803-1832) m. Mary Hanes (1802-1870)


Children of John Clemmons 2) Mary Huffman
Eliza Clemmons (1810-1890) m. Evander McIver (1795-1860)
James Clemmons (1812-1836)
Rebecca Ann Clemmons (1815-1834)
Sarah Jane Irene Clemmons (1818-1903) m. Samuel Alexander Dalton (1794-1874)
Mary Parks Clemmons (1820-1910) m. William Scales
Angelina Clemmons (1823-1892) m. Henry Smith Anderson
Martha Emily Clemmons (1825-1893)

John Clemmons operated the inn or stagecoach tavern in Clemmons. Evidently he also owned land in Davidson County, because when that county was formed from Rowan in 1822, he was listed as one of the first Justices in the Davidson County history Pathfinders Past and Present. He also served as a representative of that county the General Assembly in 1824.


Ezekiel Clemmons (1781-1835) and Phoebe Reed
Thomas D. Clemmons (1805)
George Reed Clemmons (1807-?)
Betsy Ann Clemmons (1810-?)
John Peter Clemmons (1813-1882)
Ezekiel Coston Clemmons (1816-?)
William Alexander Clemmons (1818-?)
James B. Clemmons (1821-1823)
Annie Jackson Clemmons (1825-?)
Louisa L. Clemmons (1828-1848)


Children of Benton Clemmons and Martha Dillon
Junius Lynch Clemmons (1813-aft. 1906)
Nathan Clemmons (1815-1816)
Peter Coston Clemmons (1817-1890) m. Matilda Thomas (1833-1913)
Leonidas Dillon Clemmons (1819-1866) m. Sara Stevens
James Aurelius Clemmons (1821-1839)
Martha Carolina Clemmons (1823-1905) m. John Anderson Williams
John Alvinus Clemmons (1825-1901)
Sarah Louisa Clemmons (1828-1834)
Eliza Marie Clemmons (1831-1898)
Lysandra Ann Clemmons (1833-1910)

Junius Lynch claimed to have invented the telegraph wire and that his idea was stolen by Samuel F. B. Morse and Mr. Page to whom he had sent his theory 12 years previously. He was a student at Randolph-Macon College (VA) and became interested in the science of electricity or what little was known of it at the time.

Fifth Generation

Children of William Clemmons and Mary Hanes
Edwin Theodore Clemmons (1826-1896) m. Harriet Butner (1829-1910) (no children)
John William Clemmons (1830)

Vol. VIII, pg. 3951, Moravian Records - April 4, 1830, Palm Sunday. After Preaching at Hope there was a baptism of the child John William Clemons, son of neighbors William Clemons and his wife Sr. Maria Clemmons (maiden name Hanes, daughter of Philip), born January 4. We have been extraordinarly busy with house and garden duties.

Edwin Theodore Clemmons owned and operated a stagecoach line from the 1840's to 1875. Some of the routes ran through Clemmonsville. Other routes ran between Salem and Raleigh, Asheville and Edenton, Salem and Wytheville, Salem and Statesville, and Clemmons to High Point. Edwin Clemmons's last stagecoach, called the "Hattie Butner" was named for his wife. It is on exhibit in the Wachovia Museum in Old Salem.

Who are the following people mentioned in Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, North Carolina) 1851-1892?

Clemmons, Mrs. Betsey, accidentally shot and killed by her husband, John Clemmons, June 2, 1878, in Chapel Hill, leaving 8 children (6-13-78)

Clemmons, John, reported dead, after being wounded in an altercation with runaway Negroes, n.d. in Grayson County, Va. (8-3051)

Can you help?.....

"A pamphlet on the Hall family by Thomas Newberry Hall of Pittsfield, Illinois says:  "Thomas Linster Hall was born in 1802, and died 1872.  He was married to Angelina Clemmons in 1825.  She was born in North Carolina in 1804, and died near Detroit, IL. in 1886. (actually she died 7/31/1887)  She traced her ancestry to nearly the middle of the 16th century to Gregory Clements, who was a member of Parliament during the reign of Charles the First, of England.  He was in politics, a Liberal.  As there were two factions in Parliament, trouble naturally arose between them, the Liberals and the Royalists, which resulted in a ten years' war.  He was closely associated with Cromwell in the managemnt of the government's affairs. The Liberals overthrew the Royalist in 1659, and King Charles the First was tried and beheaded.  While Cromwell was protector of England, Clements was Minister to France.  Upon the accession of Charles the 2nd, 1669 (? date not clear), to the throne, Clements family and his two brothers moved to Virginia.  From this stock, Peter Clemmons, as they now spell their name, in the latter part of the 17th century, together with Daniel Boone moved to North Carolina and settled at the forks of the Yadkin River." However, we have not yet located information that spells out that connection.
(contributed by Will Smith)


Personal communications with Will Smith of Lenoir, NC. Will's email address is:

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Research compiled by Jean Clemmons Riess of Clemmons, NC

Article written by Ann Ellis Sheek

Death Notices from the People's Press (Salem, North Carolina) 1851-1892, An Index Abstract, Compiled and Edited by Robert M. Topkins, published by the Forsyth County Genealogical Society

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